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Foison Metal is Known for Producing Unmatched Quality of Engraved Business Cards

A generic card has no place in today’s competitive market. You can get your customized engraved card in Foison Metal at the lowest market cost. Our company specializes in designing high-caliber cards for all business types.

We are the most trusted distributor of laser engraved cards worldwide. Our company has been manufacturing business cards with various themes for several years. This enabled us to gain the loyalty of many customers worldwide.

Our five-star products have helped a lot of establishments improve their ratings. What made us popular is that we accept custom orders. You have the full luxury to choose the specifications and designs of cards you want.

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Foison Metal produces consistent grades of engraved card. We make sure that all your requests are followed.

User-Friendly Website

Foison Metal maintains a user- and mobile-friendly website that can be accessed hassle-free.


Foison Metal is recognized as the most reputable company producing hardwearing laser engraved cards.

Positive Reviews

Foison Metal’s engraved card is in demand because of its positive feedback from our previous customers.

Sturdy Materials

Foison Metal uses longwearing metal and stainless steel to produce an engraved card that will last for years.

New Designs

Foison Metal has a team of professional designers who create fresh designs of engraved card.


Foison Metal allows you to choose which color, style, material, and design you want for your engraved card.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Foison Metal is always online and ready to serve you with your concerns regarding our engraved card.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Tailors Clear-Cut and Smooth Finish Engraved Card for All Establishments Around the World

Engraved Business Cards

Versatile business cards with engraved designs made to meet your business needs.

Personalized Engraved Card

The best option to display your imagination is to check out our personalized engraved cards.

Engraved Card for Men

Show your masculinity by availing one of our top-selling engraved cards for men.

Laser Engraved Card

Our laser engraved cards have soft edges and incomparable texture.


Foison Metal manufactures engraved card that meets or even surpasses your expectations. We accept wholesale orders and deliver them before the expected delivery time. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Foison Metal’s leading teams pay attention to little details of our products, ensuring that they are of good quality. That led us to become the best supplier of engraved cards worldwide.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Mass Production

Foison Metal creates thousands of appealing engraved cards in one day.

Premium Service

Foison Metal provides you with premium quality products and services.


Our employees work to achieve the same goal, which is to provide clients with incomparable quality products.

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We will immediately work on your items upon receiving your orders and requests.

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Foison Metal is Undoubtedly the Best Supplier of Engraved Card

Foison Metal is a world-class company that delivers top-notch service and beautifully designed engraved card. Our company houses large and advanced machines so that we can accommodate your increasing requests for our products. Our company is meant to help starting businesses achieve success.

Engraved Card FAQs & Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is an Engraved Card?

Figure 1. Metal Playing Cards

An engraved card refers to a card that’s imprinted with specific and permanent details that are easily visible on its surface. Details on the Engraved Card depend on the type of the card. The card can either be a business card, financial card, or access card.

1.2 What are the uses of Engraved Cards?

There are different types of Engraved cards. They, therefore, have different uses as follows;

  • Engraved business cards-offer information about a business to a client.  
  • Financial cards-used in the transactions that are related to money 
  • Access cards-give access to premises, institutions, residential apartments, or homes that have installed systems that use unlocking engraved cards.
  • Engraved identification cards-use in identifying people and their. personal information

1.3 Where are Engraved Cards used?

Engraved Cards are used in different places depending on their purpose. They can be used in business premises, institutions, banks, churches, residential apartments, or even markets.

1.4 Who uses Engraved Cards?

There is no specific person who is meant to be using engraved Cards. Anyone can use an Engraved Card. Engraved card users use different types of cards depending on the purpose of the card that they require. The following are types of cards used by people based on individual interests.

  • Engraved Business Cards-used by people running the business and their clients. 
  •  Engraved Financial Cards-this these can either be debit or credit cards. They are used by people who transact money either from banks or PIN-related transactions.
  •  Engraved Access Cards–  This is used in accessing secure areas. Any person accessing a premise whose entrance is protected must use an engraved card.

1.5 What details should be on an Engraved Card?

Figure 2. Details found on Figure Engraved Card

Information embossed on an Engraved Card depends on the type of the card. Below are the details that should be printed on each of the following Engraved Cards.

Engraved business card-

  • Name of the business owner
  • What the business owner deals with
  • Name of the business
  • a personal email or cell phone number
  • Social media handles if need be.
  • Business Logo if there is.


Engraved financial card

 Personal Identification Number (PIN) –this is a number used to access one’s account to get cash at an ATM or any other PIN verified transactions

  • Issuer – Refers to an institution e.g banks that issues credit cards to cardholders.
  • Cardholder-a person who is issued with a credit card. This individual bears the responsibility for all transactions made on the Engraved card.
  • Bank Identification Number– It is also known as issuer Identification Number. These are the digits representing the institution that issues a financial card to the cardholder.
  • LOGO- Refers to a symbol representing the institution issuing a financial card to a cardholder.
  • The date when the Engraved financial card was issued.

Engraved access card-

  • Unique codes- These codes are embedded on a chip to identify a cardholder.
  • Microchip- Contains the unique codes that identify the cardholder.


1.6 What are the benefits of acquiring an Engraved Card?

  • Durable-Engraved cards are the most long-lasting cards ever. Due to the high intensity of heat used, the information embossed on it can’t be erased. The card can last for very many years as long as it is not altered. 
  • Smudge-free Engraved cards are not affected by water. They, therefore, don’t get wet, thus making them more durable. The information will remain intact and clear as it was before. 
  • Cost friendly– Most people have the perception that Engraved Cards are costly which is not true. Engraved Cards are pocket friendly as you can ever imagine even though they are a bit higher than the ordinary cards. You can find them at an affordable cost depending on the special customizations done on them.
  • Flexibility- Engraved cards are designed following the expectation of a cardholder. The blank cards can be easily customized to the client’s desire. 
  • Engraved cards can be customized- Various metals can be used in making engraved cards depending on a client’s choice. There is also room for a client to choose how his or her cards should be finished. This can either be shiny or rough. You can also choose the color of your choice and fonts to be used on the cards.
  • Appealing appearance- Engraved cards are very beautiful considering the various colors and types of fonts used on them.

1.7 Are there quality standards for making engraved cards?

Yes, there are quality standards followed in making engraved cards. They include;

  • Engraved cards should be made from durable and quality material
  • Engraved cards should have bright-colored engravings for clear visibility
  • The font engraved on the card should be readable
  • Engraved cards should be safe, the surfaces should be smoothened to avoid scratches.

1.8 For how long should an engraved card last?

Engraved cards don’t have a specific timeline for them to get spoilt. Engraved cards can last for as many years as you can ever imagine depending on the material used. 

Among aluminum, brass, and stainless steel you should consider using stainless steel. Stainless steel neither stains nor rusts when it comes in contact with water.

Also, the process in which the information is engraved on the cards, makes it scratch resistant making it readable even after very many years.

1.8 How is engraved card efficient from etched card or embossed card?

Engraved information neither wears nor fades compared to an etched card. Information on an etched card is likely to wear off within a short time hence the need to purchase another card. On the other hand, if an embossed card is damaged, the information won’t be read.

A card that is readable and durable for a lifetime is worth being considered. Engraved cards are more efficient compared to etched and embossed cards.

1.9 Does Engraved Card have any aesthetic value?

Engraved Cards are very appealing due to their creative nature. Different colors, font types, shapes, and sizes are used on the Engraved Cards making them more beautiful.

1.10 How safe is an Engraved Card?

Figure 3. Safety of Engraved Card

Engraved cards are made in a way that can’t make injuries. The edges are softened to avoid scratches while the surfaces are smoothened thus making them very safe.

1.11 Are the metals used to make engraved dog tags corrosion-resistant?

Yes, the materials used in processing engraved cards are resistant to corrosion resistance thus durable.

1.12 Is it possible for me to update the Information on my Engraved Card?

No, there is no room for updates of the engraved information. The information engraved is permanent and can’t be erased.

1.13 What other products does Foison Metal have?

Apart from Engraved Cards, we have various goods that we offer, among them being;

  • Herb Grinder cards
  • Perfume labels metal 
  • Aluminum
  • Safety signs
  • Warning signs
  • Dog tags
  • Metal numbers and letters
  • Metal  logos
  • Enamel pins

1.14 Where Can I Find an Engraved Card?

Many companies make Engraved Cards that you can purchase from.  Foison Metal being the best for your Engraved Cards, you have all the reasons to purchase from them. 

1.15 Why At should I purchase Engraved Card from Foison Metal?

Because we offer the best quality cards and offer delivery services on time. There are other more reasons why you should make your orders from At Foison Metal which include;

High quality-Our Engraved Cards are made with durable materials that last for very many years.

Affordable prices- We offer reasonable prices that are friendly to our customers. Apart from the affordable prices we also offer discounts upon purchasing goods in bulk.

Wide range of options- We have a wide range of options to settle at. You are in a position to choose materials and colors of your choice to be used on your Engraved Cards.

Unique customization-At Foison Metal we have a system that allows you to see how your customized engraved cards look like before you pay for them. You are in a position to choose and select the personalized font type, size, shape, and color that you are interested in.

2.0 Order and Payment

Figure 4. Order and Payment of Engraved Card

2.1 How much does an engraved card cost?

Normally, prices for Engraved Cards vary with sizes and the amount of information engraved on the cards. Large engraved cards are of higher prices compared to the small ones. But different countries have different prices because of different taxation systems.

2.2 How do I place an order?

We have certain procedures that should be followed for your order to be processed. They include; 

  • Get in contact with us

You should be in contact with us (Foison Metals). You can fill in your details, email us, or visit our social media handles through the indicated details.  This will enable us to reach back to you and offer the necessary support required.

  • Confirmation of artwork to be done

We come up with designs upon your agreement with us. In case you have an unfinished design, our designers will come up with a suitable engraved card.  If there is an existing piece you need us to work on, you’ll have to send it to us and give further directives.

  • Provision of  information about the engraved card

You can provide us with the specific size, type of material, shape, and details to be engraved on your cards.

  • Pricing 

We give out rates for the engraved cards you can negotiate then we come to an agreement.

  • Verification

Samples of the engraved cards will be sent to you to confirm whether they satisfy your need. If the samples are ok, the production process will proceed.

  • Delivery

After we are done with the production of your order, we will start organizing the delivery process. At Foison Metal we use means of transport that are best at your disposal.

2.3 How Do I Make Payment On Engraved Cards?

There is a channel for ordering on At Foison Metal website where prices of engraved cards are displayed. This is where you take the step of purchasing your engraved cards using the preferred option. Whenever you realize you have made a mistake while in the ordering process, you can cancel and order a fresh one.

2.4 What payment options do I have?

We have different options for payment. These payment options include the use of credit cards-bank, cash at hand, debit cards, bank transfers, or mobile payment.

2.5 What are the methods of payment that I can use to make payments for a Engraved Cards?

We have various methods of payment for our products.  We however are flexible to adopt the payment mode of your choice. These are the modes of payment in our list that you can use to order our product:

  • Pay pal transfer
  • Master card
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • E-check Bank Transfer
  • western union

2.6 How Secure Are These Payment Methods?

At Foison Metal, you are guaranteed secure and faster methods of payment. You will confirm the details before payments are done, thereafter a notification confirming the payment shall be sent to you.

2.7 Do You Allow Bargaining On engraved cards?

We don’t entertain the bargaining of prices on engraved cards. There is a price listing on every product, in this case (engraved cards) but we allow discounts upon ordering products in bulk. Reach out to our customer care services at any given time but not on holidays and weekends.

Yes, we can consider offering an extra discount for referrals on the purchase of engraved cards. You can kindly reach our customer care team for inquiries on discount issues.

2.8 How can I contact you for any inquiries?

Figure 5. Inquiring for Engraved Card

There are many platforms you can use to get in contact with us. You can find our details on our website. This will enable you to find our email address, social media handles, or cell phone number.

When you contact us we will be able to reach out to you and offer the support you need.

2.9 How long will it take before I receive my order?

For you to receive your order, it will depend on the specifications of your engraved cards. More complex cards take a longer period of time to be completed than simple engraved cards. Time will therefore depend on the specifications of the cards. After production is completed delivery takes between 7 days to 10 days.

2.10 How can I track my order?

Immediately after you purchase goods at Foison Metal, we usually give an order ID. It is with this ID that you will be able to track your order.  You will be able to know whether your order has been dispatched from the store and how it will be delivered. 

Apart from this you can contact us and enquire your order making a follow-up.

2.11 What is the minimum order that I can make?

At Foison Metal we encourage our clients to buy our goods in bulk because we give discount offers. But you can purchase from 100 pieces as a minimum order.

3.0 Design and Customization

Figure 6. Design and Customization of Engraved Card

3.1 Can I customize my engraved card?

Yes, At Foison Metal we give you room to choose the specifications of your choice. You are in a position to choose the color, shape, font type, and any details that you need to be engraved on your card.

We need to cater to our client’s interests as it helps us to get more clients working with us. We, therefore, encourage you to feel free to contact us and we will be humbled to serve you.

3.2 What size does the engraved card come in?

At Foison Metal, engraved cards come in different sizes. It depends on the order the client’s order and the type of card ordered. Some people prefer small cards while others love large or medium cards so we make our engraved cards according to the client’s preferences.

3.3 What shapes do engraved cards come in?

Engraved cards come in various shapes. It’s upon the client At Foison Metal to choose the shape of his or her interest. Engraved cards can come in a trapezium, rectangle, square, star, or even a triangle shape. This depends on the amount of information needed to be engraved on the card.

3.4 What are the colors of engraved cards?

Engraved cards come in all sorts of colors. They can be black, silver, stainless, white, red, gold, purple orange, and many other colors. You are therefore eligible to get engraved colors that suit your interests.

3.5 Can I change the font on my engraved card?

During the ordering process, you have to give specifications to be engraved on your card.  This includes; the font type of the details that you want. We can only use the font that you are comfortable with to satisfy your need.

3.6 Can you have an engraved card made with specific materials?

Yes, At Foison Metal we engrave on metal materials depending on your choice. You can choose any among the following materials: aluminum, gold, silver, steel bronze, or any other suitable to your interest.

3.7 Do you offer free samples for the different engraved cards?

Figure 7. Free samples for Engraved Card

At Foison Metal, we treasure our clients so much that we endeavor to satisfy their needs. For us to proceed in making your order for engraved cards, we make samples to ensure that we meet your needs effectively.

After you confirm that the sample is ok, we get the privilege to proceed with your order.

3.8 Can I have photos or images engraved on my Engraved Card?

Yes, it is possible At Foison Metal to engrave photos on your engraved cards.  We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our services which makes us be trusted. We are always pleased for serving our clients better.

3.9 What format do I use when submitting the design for the Engraved Card?

At Foison Metal, we recommend that you forward to us the designs using pdf, photoshop, Dxf, or ips files. 

3.10 Do you have braille Engraved Card?

Foison Metal Company caters to every customer’s need despite the status. Engraved cards can be personalized to meet the need of visually impaired customers to be able to read the engraved information.

3.11 Are the metals used to make engraved cards corrosion-resistant?

All the materials used when making engraved cards are corrosive resistant hence durable.

3.12 How can I maintain an Engraved Card?

Although engraved cards are known for their durability, you must maintain them in a way that you can. Maintenance will depend on the material used in making the engraved card as follows; 

  •  Engraved card made of aluminum- This can be maintained by removing oil stain or grease stain using a piece of cloth soaked in warm water. When you find it difficult to remove the stain, you can use a cleanser then you later rinse with warm water.

Remember to use a soft piece of cloth to do away with scratches on the surface of the engraved card.

  •  Engraved card made with stainless – it is mostly known to be used in acidic environments but can be used in any given environment because it is corrosive and heat resistant.

If it comes into contact with grease, dust or soot use a soft piece of cloth soaked in water mixed with a cleanser. This makes the engraved card to be in perfect condition. When it gets stains deep a soft piece of cloth in warm water mixed with club soda or vinegar.

  • Engraved card made with brass-it is the prettiest material that looks like gold and withstands harsh weather conditions. it is very easy to clean an engraved card made of brass. When stained you should use water with soap to do away the stains then dry it off with a dry cloth.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 8. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What is the shipping process?

For you to receive your order there are various steps followed for your parcel to be shipped. The following are steps to be followed;

  • Buyer requests for goods-this are the first step where you make an order specifying how your order should be made.
  • Arrangement for export-after your order has been made, it will be packed for export.
  • Shipment booking-we have to book for a shipment of the parcel packed.
  • Clearance-once the parcel reaches the buyer’s country, clearance should be before the buyer gets it. This is where payment of tax for the parcel is confirmed.
  • Delivery of goods-once clearance is done, the parcel will be delivered to the owner.

4.2 How can I track my Engraved Card order?

At Foison Metal, we ensure you receive your tracking number via your email. This number will enable you to know the status of your parcel. You will note every step taken on your parcel.

4.3 What couriers are recommended?

There are many courier services that you can use to transport your package.  You need to choose the ones that suit your need in terms of speed, best services, or even pocket-friendly.  The following are among the best courier companies that offer the best services.

DB Schenker






Blue Dart

4.4 What key factors do you consider when choosing a courier service?

There are various factors you need to consider when choosing a courier service. You should consider the following factors;

  • Insurance of the parcel—Before settling for a courier service, make sure it offers insurance to parcels in case of damage, theft, or when it gets lost
  • Delivery-a good courier service ensures that your parcel is delivered to you safely.
  • Cost of the parcel-choose a courier service that offers pocket-friendly prices and that can offer discounts to their clients.
  • Size and weight of the parcel
  • Services- a good courier service should have a good rapport with clients. They should always be willing to attend to you and offer the best services. After delivery, they should also give a hand in loading and offloading.
  • Speed- this is a very crucial factor to be put into considerations.  Delivery speed is very important to various businesses. You should research and compare the speed of different companies and settle for the one you feel it’s comfortable with.

4.5 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, At Foison Metal we offer our services all over the world. Despite the location, we ensure that your package reaches you safely by using the best means possible.

4.6 What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates At Foison Metal vary depending on the size of your package. Large packages call for higher prices than smaller packages. Large packages take more space in a container than smaller packages thus costing higher prices compared to small ones. When we use flight to transport your order, the weight of the goods matter.

A package with more weight will cost you more than a package with less weight.

4.7 Are my purchases insured with the courier companies?

Figure 9. Insurance of Engraved Card in Transit

In this case, At Foison Metal, we deal with shipping companies that are insured. These companies have the responsibility to ensure that your order is delivered safely.  They offer protection in case of damage,  loss, or theft. You are ensured of secure transit when you purchase from us.

4.8 Can I change my delivery address?

You have an opportunity to change the address to which your order should be sent.  This can only happen before your package is dispatched for shipment. Once your order has been released, there is no way through which we can help in changing your address. We encourage you to be sure of the address you send to us. 

This will avoid the last-minute rush which might cause misplacing of your package.

4.9 Where do you deliver?

We work with various clients all over the world. We are not limited to whom we work with, so we work with anyone despite the location. We ensure your order,  in this case, Engraved Cards reach your disposal. What you just and to do is to contact us and let us know.

In case there are no direct means of transport to your disposal we engage a third party that will ensure you receive your package safely.

4.10 Does shipping take place during weekends or holidays?

At Foison Metal, we work neither during holidays nor on weekends. Therefore, in case you want to work with us you can only find us during the weekdays.

4.11 How will I know if I have received my complete order?

Upon completion of making your order At Foison Metal, we proceed to pack your order.  In this case, we will send to you an email with all the details of the engraved cards that have been packed. You will thereafter, confirm your order when you receive your package.

4.12 How long will it take for me to receive my order of engraved cards?

Figure 10. Shipping period for Engraved Card

For you to receive your order, it depends on where you are and the mode of transport that will be used. Places that are near our company will receive their engraved cards earlier than those that are farther. Those who opt for air transport will also receive their order earlier than those who do the shipment.

4.13 Do you involve third parties to handle my shipment without involving third parties?

Yes, At Foison Metal, we can handle your shipment without involving third parties. This will only depend on the price offered for the contract. You can always b in contact with us to come up with an agreement.

4.14 How Can I Reduce the Shipping Cost For engraved cards?

We always advise our customers to buy engraved cards in bulk on the same order. This will call for discount offers thus paying less than the actual price.

4.15 Is There Specific Information That I Need to Know before shipping engraved cards?

Yes, there is crucial information that you should be equipped with before shipping engraved cards. It includes:

  • An address to which the package should be sent
  • Shipment period of the engraved cards
  • Tracking code of the engraved cards

4.16 Does Foison Metal Offer Warehousing Services?

We don’t offer warehouse services but we ensure the safety of your engraved cards. We recommend the best warehousing services. You can contact us for more inquiries.

4.17 What Information Is required at the Delivery Point Of engraved cards?

You will have to produce a message showing a notification confirming that they are the owner of the engraved cards. Apart from the notification, you show your original ID (Identification card).

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 12. Return and Replacement

5.1 What policy does foison Metal have for the return of Engraved Cards?

In case the order does not satisfy you, you can return them to us. Though, you should follow our return policy. We can only accept a return if you follow our policy within days. After seven days of delivery, we can’t accept a return. You are therefore advised to follow the policy rules to avoid inconveniences.

5.2 What replacement policies are there for Engraved Cards?

We have a return form that you will be required to fill. Through this form, you will be able to know whether we have acknowledged your request or not. Before acknowledging your request, we always confirm the status of the engraved cards. If the engraved cards are damaged we find the root cause of the damage.

If it is our fault which rarely happens, we issue a refund ASAP after approving the replacement request. In case the default occurred during shipment, the shipping company bears the burden of a replacement. We never approve a replacement request when you don’t have any reason why you have rejected the parcel.

5.3 How long does the replacement of Engraved Cards?

After your replacement request has been approved, it takes not more than 10 days to receive your replacement. The 21 days are exclusive of weekends and weekdays. In case of inquiries always feel free to contact us for more details.

5.4 Do you offer a warranty on Engraved Cards?

Yes, At Foison Metal we give a warranty for the engraved card, it depends on agreement terms. Before placing an order, it is important to get a clarification on the warranty period for the engraved cards. For more inquiries contact us for clarification.

5.5 Do you charge for return on Engraved Cards?

At Foison Metal, return charges depend on who caused the fault for the package to be returned. If the fault is on the manufacturer’s side, the charges will be paid for by the manufacturer. If the fault is on the customer, he or she will bear the charges

5.6 How does the return of Engraved Cards get back to the factory?

You shouldn’t be worried about how the engraved cards will get back to the factory. After approval of the return, the process used to deliver your parcel will also be used in getting your return to the factory.

5.7 How do I cancel an order that I made with an engraved card?

You will have to visit our website and fill a cancellation form.  In case the cancellation is approved, we will be happy to offer the necessary support needed.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 13. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do you have Conditions for Placing an Order after Cancellation?

No, we don’t but we advise you to make an order as soon as your cancellation process is done and approved. We approve your cancellation of engraved cards via your email address.

6.2 How fast Are You In Giving Notification On Dog Tags and Collars?

At Foison Metal, we are very prompt in getting back to our customers. We work with a big team, so upon contacting us you will be given immediate feedback by our customer service team.

6.3 How do I request Customer Service or Assistance?

At Foison Metal, we always have our contacts available to our customers. You just have to visit our website and contact us at any time exclusive of holidays and weekends. Our company does not offer services on weekends and holidays.

6.4 How long will it take to process the exchange or refund?

Once the package has been returned to us, At Foison Metal we precede on checking its condition. We then go ahead in making other engraved cards for a replacement. Time taken to process a refund will vary with the kind of specification needed on the engraved cards. If the specifications are complicated more time will be spent, unlike the simple ones which take less time.

6.5 How do I track the status of my refund?

Just like the previous order, at Foison Metal, we will issue you with a refund code for the parcel through your email address. You will use the emailed code to track your refunded package to know the status of transit.

6.6 What Cancellation Procedures Are Followed for engraved cards?

  • You have to get on our website and fill a cancellation form.
  • Then contact us as soon as possible to avoid charges on late cancellation

In case of any difficulties in canceling, reach us for further assistance.

6.7 What Causes Refund Of engraved cards?

  • Overpayment- At times you may make an overpayment of the engraved cards. In this case, you will be refunded or you can make a top-up and purchase other engraved cards.
  • Damage/theft- if your package gets damaged or stolen when on transit you will be refunded or whoever is responsible for the damage or theft will pay for your order to be made again.
  • Wrong package-if you receive a package that is not yours you will be refunded upon your request or wait for the transit of your package.

Always feel at ease to contact us for inquiries.

6.8 How will I know that my cancellation process has gone through?

When you fill a cancellation form on our website At Foison Metal, we will have to go through it before approval. If the cancellation meets approval status we email you stating the acceptance of your cancellation request.

6.9 Do I have to pay for the cancellation and refund process?

Yes, there are charges paid to cater for transit.  In case you cancel your order while on transit you will be responsible for the charges incurred. But if the cancellation is made before transit At Foison Metal we can consider owning up the charges.

Send us a free inquiry request