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Foison Metal Dominates in Creating Premium Engraved Dog Tags

Foison Metal’s mission is to make our furry friends’ identification easier. We are proud to claim that our Engraved Dog Tags are the best on the market today!

All products are crafted to perfection by skillful and experienced artisans which are professionally designed by our graphic designers. By this, we guarantee that the quality of each dog tag that we produce is of high quality and will enhance the sales of your company.

With Foison Metal, you don’t need to worry about anything, you can now start growing your business effectively and with confidence!

Things You Should Know About Us

True Product

Our Engraved Dog Tags are being enjoyed by clients the way it has been advertised

Top of the Line

 Clients always trust our Engraved Dog Tags as the best, compared to other brands

Customer Perks

Customers will receive free samples and layouts of Engraved Dog Tags alongside detailed assistance as perks in purchasing our products

Wide Selections

Select from wide variations of designs perfect for your Engraved Dog Tags. Choose any color or font you like and we’ll make them for you

Professionally Made

Our in house designers will surely work the magic for your distinct specifications of engraved dog tags

Happy Customers

Foison Metal guarantees that we have a lot of fruitful transactions from past customers, and we can't wait to include you in the list!

Same Day Production

Once the deal is finalized and the designs of engraved dog tags are confirmed, the production will immediately start to cater to you the fastest production time

Fast Service

Foison Metal immediately caters to your needs to save time and deliver products efficiently without them waiting

Our Featured Products

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Engraved Dog Tag

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Aluminum Engraved Tag

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In manufacturing high-quality laser engraved dog tags Foison Metal uses top-of-the-line superior technology to ensure that every item will pass quality standards. Every product is unique as it is made to order, guaranteed that it is 100% customized from the type of the material to the design.

We bring the absolute best of quality service to our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customer support team would be happy to assist you with your requirements.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Eco Friendly

Choose from matte, glossy, or eco-friendly, made from 100% post-consumer waste material

Five Star Ratings

Our premium services and quality products will surely drive five-star ratings to old and new clients

Happy Customers

Foison Metal aims to put a smile on our customers' faces


We always expand and research regarding our engraved dog tags to cater to clients as they upgrade their needs

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Foison Metal is the Most Trusted and World-Class Brand of Engraved Dog Tags

Premium engraved dog tags from Foison Metal come in a variety of forms and colors, and may be customized to include any themes or concepts. Our dedicated customer service staff will be happy to discuss your questions and will work with you to find the right solution. Then they’ll help you choose products to make that happen.

The Engraved Dog Tags FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is an engraved dog tag?

Engraved dog tag
Figure 1 Engraved dog tag

The engraved dog tag is metallic disks with a written label attached to it to indicate the owner, nature, or price of an item. It is made using a higher fiber laser that burns into the metal creating a contrast discoloration and marking that lasts. 

The engraved dog tag can be won by members of the armed forces or attached to a dog’s collar for identification purposes or licenses tags for dogs.

1.2 What are the benefits of acquiring an engraved dog tag?

The engraved dog tag is very important to your dog and military personnel. It helps in identification purposes and ensures that your dog complies with the law. The engraved dog tag can be beneficial in the following ways;

  • When your dog is lost, they help in identification purposes.

This is so because the owner of the dog can label the engraved dog tag by writing his name and address which will be easy to allocate the dog’s residence when the dog is found by a stranger who may be stranded.

Some engraved dog tags are microchipped and therefore will be easy to trace by scanning; they act as a GPS.

  • An engraved dog tag cannot be easily lost.

Engraved dog tags that are made of stainless steel, are waterproof, are not likely to fade out easily, and will therefore last longer so you will not have to keep replacing them repeatedly.

  • They have legibility and longevity qualities.

We make the engraved dog tag using a modernized technology where we apply cutting-edge technology which we use to engrave the dog tags. These cuts are deep, accurate, and clear and can therefore last longer. This cut will not allow any smudging or scratching to ruin the writings and alter the meaning.

  • The engraved dog tag is of appropriate weight and size.

When buying an engraved dog tag, you need to consider one that does not make the dog uncomfortable. For a young puppy, you will need a smaller engraved dog tag that is not heavy and will not be uncomfortable to them as they move around. 

  • Better materials and comfort

Be your dog’s best friend, when buying the engraved dog tag consider a light-weighted one and one that is made of quality materials that can react with the dog’s body so that they are not itchy. 

When the dog is uncomfortable it will strain and will therefore try to take the engraved dog tag because it is uncomfortable and stressful.

1.3 What do I put on my engraved dog tag?

What you put on the engraved dog tag is very important as it communicates to a stranger who finds the dog wandering in the neighborhood.  It is therefore important the message you attach to the dog tag is clear and gives clear details of the dog’s origin. The following are the details that you can include in the engraved dog tag:

  • The name of the dog

This is the name that you have given to the dog that should be the name that you write on your microchipped must include the engraved dog tag. The name should be the one that the dog is used to being called.

  • The primary contact information.

This is the information relating to the owner of the dog. This would include:

  • Contact and name

This includes the contact and the name of the person who is likely to answer the phone if a stranger finds the lost dog calls.

Engraved dog tag with name and contact
Figure 3 Engraved dog tag with name and contact
  • City, state

This shows the city and the residence where you and your pet live.

  • Address

Indicating your address can be very helpful to strangers who will prefer taking the dog to its home rather than having to call you on the phone.

engraved dog tag with address
figure 4 engraved dog tag with address
  • Medical needs
  • Some pets are required to take medications daily. It is important to inform the person who finds the pets so that you can communicate how urgent the pets need to be home.
dog tag with medical information
figure 5 dog tag with medical information
  • Secondary information

This is important especially to persons who live alone, you must include the name and contact of a trusted friend or a family member who can be contacted on your engraved dog tag in case you are not available.

  • Reward offer

This is important because not all people are pet-friendly. Some people may not want to just return the pet to its address so if a certain reward is promised on the engraved dog tag, then they will be motivated to return the pet for a reward.

  • Personality quirks

You can add some kind word to the engraved dog tag for example if your dog is friendly, you can add words like “I am super friendly” or if you love the pet you can talk of “I am loved” those words may encourage the stranger to even approach the dog and feel comfortable to return it to its owner.

personalized message engraved dog tag
figure 6 personalized message engraved dog tag
  • Microchip info

Most of the engraved dog tags today are microchipped so it is, therefore, necessary to include the microchip number and the company’s name on the engraved dog tag.

1.4 How durable are engraved dog tags for the dog?

Engraved dog tag durability depends on the type of materials that are used to make it. When purchasing an engraved dog tag consider an engraved dog tag made of stainless steel that has waterproof stainless steel. 

An engraved dog tag is made of 2 colored layers both the front and the back which sandwich with a contrasting color in the middle.  The front layers are made from tough, scratch-resistant stainless-steel metal. 

The center core is always made from a bullet-proof ABS. We always test our engraved dog tags before releasing them to the buyers so that to ensure that the engraved dog tag is long-lasting.

 At Foison Metal, we also offer after-sale service by ensuring that you are guaranteed a long-lasting and durable engraved dog tag.

1.5 Is it legal to have engraved dog tags for dogs?

It is legal to have an engraved dog tag on your pets or even wearing one. Some countries even require that pets should have dog tags when in public and they should include your name and the location address. Engraved dog tags can be used on any type of pet. Some specialized types of dogs require a specific guide on their engraved dog tag. 

Some of these specialized dogs include:

  • Those dogs are registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
  • Dogs that are used in emergency rescue missions.
  • Any dogs that are used for driving or tending to sheep or cattle.
  • Dogs that are used for sporting activities.
  • Dogs that are used for official duties by any military member.

1.6 What materials are used in making an engraved dog tag?

The most engraved dog tag is commonly made of materials that are light and long-lasting. They also differ depending on the customer’s tastes and preferences. 

You may want to consider buying engraved dog tags that are made of gold or bronze despite their high prices. You may also consider buying a dog tag that is made of aluminum because they are cheap despite their short, outlived span. 

The most engraved dog tag is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Aluminum is at times used because it is 2.5 times lighter than stainless steel though it is the least durable of the three materials. Brass is soft and though not that durable.

1.7 How unique are the materials used in making engraved dog tags?

The engraved dog tag is of high quality to ensure that they do not cause itching effects to the dog. The materials used to make engraved dog tags are;

  • Waterproof therefore they cannot cause inner rusting of the materials thus making it durable.
  • They are stainless and therefore they cannot stain; they remain even with the original color that they are made of.
  • They are light-weighted to ensure that the engraved dog tag is not heavy thus becoming a bother to the dog and making it feel uncomfortable.
  • Most of the materials are readily available therefore customers can easily obtain them when they need special material for their engraved dog tag.
  • Bulletproof.  These are mostly designed for military dogs so that in case of war they cannot be altered.

1.8 Are the metals used to make engraved dog tags corrosion-resistant?

Materials used in processing engraved dot tags have great corrosion resistance thus can last for many years.

1.9 How is engraved dog tag-efficient from etched dog tag and embossed dog tag?

In engraved dog tags, the information is displayed without wearing away or fading compared to an etched dog tag where information is likely to wear off in a short amount of time, meaning you will need to buy another tag. 

Any damage done to the embossed dog tag could result in unreadable information. Having a dog tag that stays readable and lasts a lifetime is worth investing in. Engraved dog tags have efficiency as compared to etching and embossing.

1.10 What are the different types of engraved dog tags?

The different types of engraved dog tags include:

  • Engraved dog tag for pets

The pets that are mostly put on the engraved dog tag are dogs and cats. In some countries, they require that dogs should have the engraved dog tag especially when in the public for identification purposes. Some people will have the engraved dog tag made for their pets for other reasons such as decoration purposes and to appreciate them.

  • Engraved dog tag for humans

People will have customized engraved dog tags for decoration purposes.  Some people will wear them around the neck or have them made for special persons in their lives. Foison Metals will customize the engraved dog tags to fit this purpose. 

There are different engraved dog tags that we make designed for both men and women. For instance, one would want to surprise his/her spouse during his/her birthday and therefore would want a customized engraved dog tag to fit this purpose.

  • Engraved dog tag for the military

In the military, each soldier is allotted two engraved dog tags. One of the engraved dog tags is worn around the neck as a chain and the other is kept inside the shoes of the soldier. The purpose of the engraved dog tag is to identify soldiers in the army. 

This will help to identify soldiers that are wounded or killed during the action. The engraved dog tag is made of stainless steel that contains 18% of chromium and 8% nickel to resist corrosion and be able to resist harsh weather conditions.

1.11 How can I maintain the dog tag?

An engraved dog tag is known to be durable, but you must maximize their life span by maintaining them in the best way possible.  Maintenance will depend on different materials used to make the dog tag for instance:

  • Aluminum-made engraved dog tag.

Aluminum is mostly used to make engraved dog tags for the military since they are known to be lightly weighted while keeping their resilience. To maintain the shape of the engraved dog tag, make sure you remove any stain of oil or grease using a rag with warm water. 

Some stains may be hard to remove therefore you will require a mild cleanser to remove them and then rinse them using clean warm water.

When cleaning uses a soft cloth to avoid scratches from taking case of any discolorations on the engraved dog tag use a mixture of two teaspoons of cream of tartar and a tablespoon of warm water then wipe it off using a clean, soft cloth.

  • Stainless steel-made engraved dog tag.

Stainless steel is the best to use in a caustic and acidic environment. Stainless steel is used in most environments since it is free from corrosion, is heat resistant, and chemical stainless. 

When it is in contact with dust, grime or grease use warm water together with a mild cleanser to keep the engraved dog tag in perfect shape and look new and clean. When cleaning it off make sure you use a clean, soft cloth to avoid causing scratches. 

When it is stained you can use the same amount of water and vinegar then wipe off the stain again by using a soft cloth. You can also use club soda as another alternative.

  • Brass-made engraved dog tag.

This material is stylish in that it resembles gold and is made to withstand adverse conditions. It is simple to clean brass-made engraved dog tags. When stained with grease or grime use soaps with water to remove the stain and then wipe it off using a dry soft cloth.

1.11 Why should I buy an engraved dog tag from Foison Metal?

We know you have many choices when it comes to purchasing customized engraved dog tags. At Foison Metal we provide the best quality and deliver our orders on time. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your order. Some of the reasons that you should buy from us include:

High quality: The material that we use in processing engraved dog tags is of high-quality durability.

Unique customization system: The system allows you to see how your customized engraved dog tag will look before paying. Since it is an online platform, you can scroll down and select your personalized text, font type, size, shape, and when finished click on the update button.

Largest selection of options: We have a wide variety of materials and colors of engraved dog tags that will give you room to select what you want.

Fast shipping: All the orders are shipped within the shortest time possible. Most of our customers receive their orders on time.

Lots of happy customers: We have supplied varieties of orders including engraved dog tags to many customers, many of whom have left feedback on our social media accounts. Do not take our word for it, see for yourself.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I customize my engraved dog tag?

The engraved dog tag can be customized and specified into different shapes, thicknesses, colors, holes, ends/corners, etc. The engraved dog tag can be customized with the name and details that you want. 

The way you can customize your engraved dog tag depends on the size of the engraved dog tag, design, and how much text you would love us to engrave. At Foison Metals we also add logos and icons such as stars, hearts, etc.

engraved dog tag with logo
figure 7 engraved dog tag with logo

Some people want their engraved dog tag made specifically for their special persons or pets for those who love their pets dearly. Companies will therefore consider them and have them communicate the message that they want to be on the dog tag. 

This is very important as it helps to capture more customers, therefore, increasing their customer base.  For example, a military engraved dog tag may contain an engraved military logo. Feel free to contact us if you would like anything special on your engraved dog tag.

2.1 What size does the engraved do tag come with?

Engraved dog tags come in various sizes. The manufacturer designs them depending on the customer’s specifications but later adjusts the size. This is because for small puppies you will need a small, engraved dog tag but for the grown-up dogs you will require a larger size which is a bit comfortable for them.

2.2 What shapes do engrave dog tags come with?

The engraved dog tag is customized in different shapes to ensure they derive customer satisfaction. The different shapes include rectangular-shaped, star-shaped, heart-shaped, different tastes shaped, bone shaped, and cat shaped. They have plenty of different shapes as per customer specifications and tastes.

different shapes of engraved dog tag
figure 8 different shapes of engraved dog tag

2.3 What are the colors of engraved dog tags?

Different customers have different tastes and preferences and therefore will demand different colors which they feel are appealing to them. The different colors include blue, red, pink, silver, black, purple, green, gold, and orange.

2.4 Can I change the font on my engraved dog tag?

Yes, you can. We as Foison Metal value all customers’ tastes, and decisions and we give you a chance to make any changes to your product. Do not hesitate to call us if you want a special font.

2.5 Can you have an engraved dog tag made with specific materials?

If you want to have a luxurious engraved dog tag and will therefore ask the manufacturer to have them made from very expensive materials such as gold and bronze.

2.6 Do you offer free samples for different engraved dog tags?

Yes, the company offers free samples of engraved dog tags. We as Foison Metals also have some available options to assist you to design the engraved dog tag that you want. 

To add to that our design department can design the engraved dog tag and send it to you to approve before the production process. You will just contact us or use email to obtain the free sample to help you in selecting the best.

2.7 What format do I use when submitting the design for the engraved dog tag?

Foison metal company recommends you submit the designs using the vector format. The company also accepts designs in the form of pdf, .ai, .dwg, .dxf and .eps files.

2.8 Do you have braille engraved dog tags?

Yes, Foison Metals Company cares about all our esteemed customers irrespective of their disabilities. Engraved dog tags can be customized to suit the need of the blind or the visually impaired persons to read by touching the engraved dog tags

braille engraved dog tag
figure 10 braille engraved dog tag

Braille engraved dog tags can also be customized for people who are fascinated by the tactile linguistic code of the braille. The materials we use are ideal for braille as they are durable, and they are highly accurate, and legible. The materials are like ADA braille standards.

2.9 Can I have photos or images engraved on my engraved dog tag?

The answer is yes provided the photo, or the image is of high quality. It can be engraved using photo laser engraving. Metals that are used to engrave photos and images include;

Non-reflective metals such as stainless steel

Reflective metals such aluminum and brass

engraved dog tag with a photo
figure 11 engraved dog tag with a photo

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How much does an engraved dog tag cost?

Typically, the prices for engraved dog tags vary depending on the size of the dog tag. The large, engraved dog tag will call for higher prices as compared to the smaller engraved dog tag. 

Normally the prices for different engraved dog tags vary from $5 to $20. But different countries will have different prices due to the economic conditions and the taxation system. The price also includes the registration fees for the engraved dog tag.

3.2 How do I place an order?

You can make an order following the following steps.

  • Contacting us (Foison metals).

You can use our email or directly call us to make inquiries.

  • Confirm the design that you want. 

Communicate to us the design that you want. We will help you get an appropriate design and if you are not sure we will provide you with some designs where you can choose the one that satisfies you.

  • Provide information about the engraved dog tag.

You can communicate to us the size, shape, material, product plan, and details that you want.

  • Negotiate the price.

We will state the price and if you feel it is way too high you can negotiate for better prices.

  • Verification 

Verify that everything is exactly as you want it to be.

  • Production

Once you are sure that everything is right then your order will be taken for production.

3.3 How long until I receive my order?

The different engraved dog tags will take different time frames to be completed and therefore if you make a certain specification and want to have the engraved dog tag prepared in a complex manner it will take time to be completed. 

The engraved dog tags that do not have complex customization will take less time to be complicated. The time will therefore depend on how complicated the design and how customization is to be made. Normally once the production is done orders take two to three weeks to be delivered.

3.4 How can I contact you for any inquiries?

You can use an email to contact us, or you can call directly to make inquiries. You can visit our website to find our contact and address.

3.5 What are the methods of payment that I can use to make payments for a dog tag?

You can purchase a dog tag in person where you pay via cash in the retailer stores or pay via visa, master card, apple pay, or through Western Union. You can also opt to buy from an online platform where you can make payment through an online transfer or by using an e-check.

3.6 What payment options do I have?

We provide various payment options which include debit cards, credit cards, cash, electronic bank transfers, and mobile payment.

payment options
Figure 12 payment options

3.7 How long will it take before I receive my order?

Some people may opt to purchase the engraved dog tag therefore it may not be received immediately after making the order. One will have to wait till the order is processed and transport arrangements are carried out. Normally shipping takes two to three weeks for the order to be received.

3.8 How can I track my order?

Normally when you make an order, we will give you an order ID. Using this order ID, you will be able to track your order check if it has been dispatched from the manufacturer’s store and how long it will take to reach you. 

You can also call our front office to enquire about your order.   When you make the order, we will give the address and contact which you can use to contact us or to make any follow-up, more preparations will about the shipping cost.

3.9 What is the minimum order that I can make?

There is no fixed number that one can purchase, although the company has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) policy. In the policy, it is well outlined the minimum amount of order of engraved dog tag that one can purchase to be approved for processing and shipping. 

We as Foison Metals Company recommend the customer to make a bigger order so that you can purchase them at a wholesale price.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

shipping and delivery methods
figure 13 shipping and delivery methods

4.1 How long will it take for my order of engraved dog tags to be shipped?

For customized dog tags, the lead time is more since more preparations will need to be put in place. The lead time will be communicated by our customer care agents. If you have not received the lead time from the consultant, contact us.

4.2 Can I change my delivery address?

Foison Metal allows one to change the delivery address if one makes the alterations before the shipping is done. Once you realize that the address is wrong, and you need to make changes then you can call us immediately so that changes are made.

If your order is already in transit, additional charges are incurred.

4.3 Where do you deliver?

global deliver of engraved dog tag
figure 14 global deliver of engraved dog tag

Foison Metal delivers engraved dog tag all over the world. You only need to communicate with us about your location.

4.4 How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping cost varies depending on the location you are in. If you want a doorstep delivery, then the prices are higher than those whose engraved dog tags will be delivered at the office where they will go fetch them. 

The price also varies depending on the size and amount of engraved dog tags being shipped.

4.5 How will I know if I have received my complete order?

Foison Metal understands how important it is for you to receive everything that you ordered in this case the engraved dog tag. When you pay for the engraved dog tag you receive an email from the company with your invoice and packing slip. 

The packing slip will illustrate all the engraved dog tags that you will receive. When you receive the package go through it and tick through the packing list to ensure that everything is intact and is in place.

4.6 What are shipping options available?

You can arrange for your shipping means or can use the options that the company provides. We have liaised with DHL and TNT who take the shipping services.

4.7 How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee depends on the size and the amount of order that you have ordered.

4.8 Does shipping take place during weekends or holidays?

The company does not work on weekends and holidays therefore no items are shipped during these days. Items are shipped only during working days.

4.9 Can I change my address when my order has been shipped?

It is very difficult for one to change the address since the items are already in transit to the respective destinations.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 Will I get a refund in case I return the engraved dog tags?

You are eligible for a full refund if the returned package has been inspected and proven that they are in good condition.

5.2 What is the company’s online store return policy?

Orders can only be returned within 7 working days whose countdown starts once the Engraved dog tags have been delivered to you in case they are damaged, incorrect, or defective.

Incorrect is when the engraved dog tags you ordered are of maybe a different color or size.

Damage to the item is said to be damaged upon receipt.

Defective when there are any technical defects you can refer to the company’s online store.

Returned items must meet the following requirements. 

  • The engraved dog tag must be shipped back to the company within 7 days of working hours upon receipt which will be approved by the courier or the postal receipt.
  • You must have proof of purchase that is an order invoice, number, and receipt.
  • The engraved dog tag must be returned in its original state inclusive of any manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity, and any gift received from it.
  • The engraved dog tag must be returned in its original state or at least suitable packaging which must be unused.

5.3 Can I return a damaged or defective engraved dog tag after 7 working days upon receipt?

If the engraved dog tag is covered by warranty policy, you could return the engraved dog tag if the damages emanated from us.

5.4 What if my engraved dog tag is damaged in transit?

You are advised to inspect your engraved dog tag carefully for damages before they acknowledge the acceptance so that if damaged you can refuse the delivery. If the engraved dog tag arrives damaged it is important to let us know as soon as possible.  

When you communicate to us, we will be aware of how damaged the engraved dog tag is so that in case there is additional damage the company will identify the problem.

5.5 What do I do if I receive a wrong order or a damaged engraved dog tag?

If you receive an incorrect order, you can take a picture and send it to us for evidence.  You can liaise with our support office to help you in the return process. 

5.6 Will I pay for the engraved dog tag to be shipped back?

You do not incur any additional charges while the engraved dog tag is being returned within the stated return period. We pay for it.

5.7 Can I use my package to return the product?

At Foison Metal, we normally package the engraved dog tag in its package bearing the label Foison Metal; however, if the package is damaged, the customer can contact us for further assistance.

5.8 What are the documents that I need to include while returning a product?

When returning the engraved dog tag, you can include the order number and the order receipt.

5.9 How do I return an engraved dog tag?

You can use our address which is always included in the package to return the dog tag.

5.10 What is the replacement policy?

Replacement request will be accepted if it meets the following criteria;

  • The engraved dog tag is defective. Confirmation of purchase and evidence of the defect is provided through photographs of the item that can be submitted through email.
  • An item (engraved dog tag) is confirmed to have been lost in transit upon confirmation letter from the carrier.

If we make mistakes on your customized engraved dog tag or it is in some way defective, we will send a replacement at our expense. It is important to review your order very well to ensure that you did not make any mistake in terms of spelling or dates on your engraved dog tag. This is because your customized engraved dog tag cannot be resold.

If a non-customized engraved dog tag is unsatisfying to you, we will replace it or refund it at our expense.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

cancellation and refunds
figure 15 cancellation and refunds

6.1 How much time does it take to process my refund?

Once we receive your package, it does not take long to process your refund.  Once they ensure that the dog tag is refundable. The delay may occur when the financial institution takes a long to reflect the refund money sent to them by us in your account.

6.2 Will I get a refund in case I return the engraved dog tag?

All esteemed customers are eligible for a full refund if the returned package has been inspected and proven that they are in good condition.

6.3 When will I be credited for my return?

Once the goods are collected it will take days for the refund to process back to the issuing card.

6.4 How much can I be refunded?

Once we are satisfied that the product does not match with the items delivered and the item returned is in good condition then it refunds 100% of the items ordered.

6.5 How will I be refunded?

Depending on the mode of payment used during ordering, the same method will be used to refund. If you use a credit card or PayPal, the refund will be made through the same.

6.6 How do I cancel an order that I made with an engraved dog tag?

To cancel your order, you need to contact our customer care service team. We will cancel the order within a business day after you contact us and refund your payment for the order.

6.7 How will I know that my cancellation process has gone through?

We will send an email to let you know as soon as your cancellation has been processed.

cancellation notification
figure 16 cancellation notification

Send us a free inquiry request