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Foison Metal Only Produces Top-Quality Metal Plaques in China

Foison Metal is the leading manufacturer in producing top-quality engraved metal plaques and services. Our mission is to provide unrivaled quality and service while maintaining our established reputation.

here at Foison Metal, we hire skilled and experienced workers that guarantee the best results with the products and services that we offer.

Our company creates engraved metal plaques out of high-quality, long-lasting metals that are tailored to your specifications. We have the best staff in the market, so you can count on us to deliver exceptional products for your company.

About Our Service

Enormous Stock

Foison Metal makes sure that we have the materials needed before production.


Our engraved metal plaques are well-known and trusted since Foison Metal has received ISO 9001:2015 certification.


A wide variety of materials are available for you to choose from in manufacturing your high-quality engraved metal plaques.

Good Reviews

All of our devoted clients have given Foison Metal positive feedback and great ratings.


Maintenance instructions and operating procedures can be shown on our engraved metal plaques.


Foison Metal has the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We speed up our engraved metal plaques production time to provide fast delivery.


Having Foison Metal's engraved metal plaques that lets you customize it the way you want that incorporates with your branding.


Our team makes sure that we create your engraved metal plaques using the latest technologies, providing the best and fastest results.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal’s Engraved Metal Plaques Guarantee Top-Quality, Designed To Perfection That Meets Your Demands

Brushed Metal Plaques

Perfect for long-lasting and outdoor use at an affordable price.

Matte Gold Metal Plaques

Ideal choice for important labels, as a metal, gold has significant health benefits that have been used across cultures for centuries.

Metal Plaques with Serial Number

It comes in a variety of colors that you may mix and match to make it your own.

Engraved Aluminum Plaques

A durable yet easy-to-relocate metal plaque that can be made to your request, at the lowest price.

Know More About Us

Foison Metal guarantees to provide the best quality engraved metal plaques that can be custom-built your way. We want you to experience the best while using our products and create a lasting impression on your customers.

Precise action, fast production, durability – Foison Metal dedicates all our work to create perfection with the help of our well-trained workforce that makes us the best in what we do.

Why Foison Metal Product Trusted?


Our items are manufactured of high-quality materials while maintaining a reasonable price.

Strong Foundation

We always make sure that our products last a long time and can survive harsh weather.


We have an independent design team with many years of experience having the same goal; to provide the best quality products to our customers.


We make sure that we stay on top of the new technologies to improve and produce the best products in the market.

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Foison Metal - Leading Brand in Producing High-Quality Metal Plaques in China

Foison Metal’s goal is to be the top brand in this industry by creating engraved metal plaques without disregarding the safety of the environment. . We make every effort to build an environmentally friendly procedure that results in high-quality goods and a safe working environment. You may be sure that when you work with us, you’ll get exactly what you want.

The Engraved Metal Plaque Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is A Metal Plaque?

Metal Plaque
Figure 1. Metal Plaque

A metal plaque is a form of labeling wherein its main use is to commemorate a person, an event, or even an achievement made by a certain person/company. Plaque is derived from the French word “plate”, which is not a dinner plate, but a little brass or tin-plate that can be mounted on a wall. These metal plaques will show the history of your brand and will also showcase how good your products are.

1.2 Where do I Use Metal Plaques?


The main use of metal plaques is to commemorate a certain person, even or any achievement a person or a company has. These plaques and signs can also be used for more than just plates that tell people of how a company was started, who started it, and other similar uses.

From recognizing buildings and military facilities to memorializing parks and landmarks, Foison Metal’s top-quality metal plaques are produced to last for a long period. Etched plaques and signs can be used for several other things, and these don’t have anything to do with commemorating anyone or any historical achievement. Here are some ideas: 

Office Door Nameplates – You can use metal plaques to add an artistic knack to your office, and you can choose to use decorative metals like bronze or brass for this.

Special Awards Plaques – You can have these metal plaques for the sole purpose of commemorating your employees for their hard work and achievements. These plaques can act as a morale boost for the employees to strive harder and to continue doing their best for the company. It can also serve as a challenge for others to work hard and someday may receive their plaque to commemorate their achievements for the company.

Personal Plaques for Special People in Your Life – Aside from having metal plaques for events or occasions, you can also have them in the comfort of your own home. Want to make your child’s room feel special? Have his accomplishments from school etched in stainless steel or brass. You can also make their day by having a plaque of how they are such great sons or daughters.

Memorial Plaques – Nothing beats the timeless feature that a metal plaque has, be it on bronze, or brass, or even in stainless steel that can commemorate a significant individual that a building, event, occasion, park, or other entity you are giving importance to. The timelessness of the plaques will then preserve the name and its importance.

Dedication Plaques – Different from Special Awards Plaques but may also be considered as a special commemoration for people who have done so much for the company. Be it little or big, as long as it contributes to the improvement of your business.

Donor Plaques – Donors and sponsors also need the recognition they can get from the business they are supporting to know that their financial aid is not going to waste. It also serves as an appreciation token from the business to their partners.

Veteran & Military Plaques – What better way to give recognition to a war veteran than by having their names, position, and accomplishment they did for their country in etched stainless steel or brass. The pride and honor they will feel to have such recognition are immeasurable. 

Bronze Bas Relief Plaques – Another form of story-telling is by having sculptures or carving in plaques.  They can be set in furniture, frames, or just as they are. Similar to the Last Supper which was made on solid background using the same material. It gives a more visual story-telling of how a special occasion occurred in the B.C. It also gives a timeless and seamless quality to the person, event, or occasion being portrayed. 

National Register of Historic Places Plaques – This can help you in letting the world know that your house or building is designated as a historical place and heritage marker that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by having a plaque in bronze or brass. 

Address Plaques – Solid metal address labels and house number plaques that will last outdoors for a long period.

Park Bench and Garden Plaques – May it be a garden, a treed area, or maybe even a park bench; you can also use solid cast bronze plaque or etched stainless steel or brass.

Photo Relief Plaques – A Photo relief plaque is a beautiful way to tell your story with a flawless blend of metal casting and photography.

Hall of Fame PlaquesOur high-quality hall of fame signs honor recipients and showcase their importance and accomplishment made to their community or to the project they lead. What better way to have that recognition in metal plaques that can stand the test of time.

1.3 What is the importance of using metal plaque especially in business?

Importance of Metal Plaque
Figure 2. Importance of Metal Plaque

Metal plaques are important as it is an identity that businesses usually make use for them to distinguish/separate themselves from others. The choice of metal plaques at the entrance of your organizational building makes a lot of impact on your visitors, be it your employees, clients, or business partners.

The right selection of design for your company name is a must and today many businesses are choosing Engraved metal plaques to showcase their branding. Not only does it boost morale for the employees to be part of a prestigious company brand but, but it also gives the company name a sense of stability and fortitude.

1.4 What are the types of Metal Plaques?

Brushed Metal Plaques        

Perfect for long-lasting and outdoor use at an affordable price.

Matte Gold Metal Plaques

An ideal choice for important labels. As a metal, gold has wonderful health benefits that have been used throughout the centuries and have passes created a big impact across different cultures.

Metal Plaques With Serial Number    

Comes in different colors that you can use to completely customize it the way you want to.

Engraved Aluminum Plaques 

A durable yet easy-to-relocate metal plaque that can be made to your request, at the lowest price.

How much are engraved metal plaques?

There is no fixed price for engraved metal plaques. It would depend on certain factors and the materials used to make Engraved Metal Plaques. Not just that but the complexity of the design, mold, customization, and colors can affect the pricing of the plaque.

We will provide you the exact price depending on the design and material you want to use.

1.5 Do metal plaques acquire rust as time passes by?

Because it is made up of steel/metal, you will most likely encounter fingerprints or scratches on your metal plaques. However, because of its steel properties, it will take a lot of time before your metal plaques get rusty.

It will still get rust over time, however, as long as you maintain the cleanliness and avoid your metal plaques on places that have rust factors, you will have a very long time enjoying your metal plaques.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design Customization of Metal Plaques
Figure 3. Design Customization of Metal Plaques

2.1 How do you create metal plaques?

A series of processes have to be followed to create a perfect metal plaque.

Like most other artistic works, every metal plaque have is planned and designed by an experienced in-house graphics designer. From the size, shape, design, etc., everything will be made by our design team according to the customer’s request. Once done, our design team will then provide you the layout and ask for insights on what are the things that you want to change from it.

Once a design has been agreed upon, you will now choose which metal would you want to use for the metal plaque, how you want it to be made, and the color that you want for the plaque. After this, our talented design team will forward the finished layout/design to our workforce team that will produce the metal plaque that you have ordered.

2.2 What is the difference between engraved plaques and etched plaques?

Engraving is a physical process while etching is a chemical process. Engraved metal plaques are made by spewing molten metal(aluminum or bronze) into a custom mold with the plaque’s desired shape. The molten metal will then be solidified by cooling it; creating a concentrated, long-lasting plaque that can be mounted and placed on any place that fits its purpose. 

On the other hand, etched metal plaques are made with precise detail. You can transfer any work to metals such as copper, brass, stainless steel, or bronze by using etching. The image/art that you choose can be turned into a plaque that will last for a very long time.

2.3 Can you engrave products that I own?

Yes, we can make/create a metal plaque that matches the products that you offer on your business. The size, shape, and color will vary, depending on how you want us to present it.

2.4 Can you engrave a signature?

Engraved Metal Plaques
Figure 4. Engraved Metal Plaques

Handwritten signatures/messages can be etched/engraved directly onto products that have silver plates, frames, and keychains using needle etch or laser engraving methods available in the market today. Just give us the signature, and we will transfer it to your plaque.

2.5 Is the design free of charge?

Yes, Foison metal offers free layout/design to your engraved/etched metal plaques. These designs will be made by our talented design team so that all of your requests will be catered to and added to your plaque’s finished layout. You can choose a wide range of designs that will surely make the overall experience memorable.

2.6 Can you match/use Pantone colors on my metal plaque?

Yes, we can match/use Pantone colors for your metal plaque. Aside from the standard colors that we have available, we can custom-use Pantone colors that would fit your organization’s needs and requests.

2.7 What type of artwork files are needed?

Your layout’s file format MUST be in an editable vector format to allow us to check and modify for the final output. This includes the following drawing format:

  • Adobe Illustrator – (*.ai) file preferred
  • Corel Draw – (*.cdr) file 

Note: All files with EPS format are acceptable in outlined vector format ONLY.

2.8 What are the factors that I need to consider when designing a metal plaque?

Designing your metal plaques involves a lot of thinking, research, and decision-making. The design has to resemble your brand and company; it has to be durable and long-lasting whether used indoor or outdoor. Aside from these, there are still other things that should be considered before your metal plaques can be produced.

  • Size – Size is one of the important things that should be considered when it comes to designing a metal plaque. By knowing the size of the plaque that you want, you can then choose the best options needed for your metal plaque. Also, you will know how much the estimated cost is right at the get-go.
  • Thickness – One thing that you also need to check is the thickness of the metal plaque that you want. It should be considered from the time that designs are still being made so that we can check if the metal is perfect or not as some designs might need additional methods other than etching or engraving. The thickness of the plaque should be set since the product might be used in more ways than one.
  • Shape – Although this will depend on the brand/nature of your products, the shape of the plaque can also be customized to suit the chosen design. For example, if your plaque will be attached to a curved surface, you need to have a curved plaque for it to fit perfectly. That way, the plaque will attach smoothly without fearing that it might fall off.
  • Material – You have to pick the correct material for your plaque. Although most metals used in creating metal plaques are rust-proof, there are still better metals perfect for certain conditions. Deciding on which type of metal is best for your specifications will make your metal plaque more durable and long-lasting. You can talk with a metal expert so that you can get more information that could be useful in deciding which metal to use.

2.9 How many days will it take for you to finish my order?

The actual production time will depend on the number of plaques ordered. Factors such as type of material, size, shape, and customization will affect the production time of the metal plaques. In estimate, the production time ranges from 5-7 business days and will be delivered within 7-10 business days once done.

2.10 Will you keep my designs and/or record of my order?

Metal Plaques Designs
Figure 5. Metal Plaques Designs

We make sure that we keep the designs/records of your order secured on our company’s inventory. However, you have the option to request for your files to be deleted. It is our utmost duty to protect the confidentiality of our client’s transactions and maintain the security of your orders.

2.11 Do we have copyright with our designs?

Yes, all designs/orders/layouts that you have with us are your own. You have the right to all of your orders, and we will make sure that we follow the correct procedure in handling the confidentiality and security of your orders. 

Can I have my logo colored on a plaque?

Yes, as long as there is a silver plating/frame we can etch/engrave your logos with the color of your choice. 

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How do I place my order?

Ordering Metal Plaques
Figure 6. Ordering Metal Plaques

These are the steps that you will undergo when you order from Foison Metal:

  1. Contact Us – Fill out the details needed in the order form, submit, and wait for us to get back to you with the details for your order. You can also email us or reach us using the “Contact Us” option. 
  2. Confirm Your Artwork- If you do not have your design or are not yet finished, our highly talented graphic design team can provide you with free designs until you have chosen your desired design. If you already have one, our design team will look into it and give additional suggestions if needed.
  3. Confirm The Details – We need to determine the size and product specifications once a design has been made. The product’s plan and layout will be provided to you for double-checking. It will include the following; material, process, product details, packaging, etc.
  4. Negotiate Pricing – We will then provide you with the most low-cost quotation based on the agreed design, details, and solution.
  5. Inspect The Sample Product- We will create samples and take pictures of them or send them to you by mail. If custom-made products need to be mold, once the order is confirmed, we will create a pre-produced sample for you to check and validate.
  6. Production of Item – Once the sample product is approved, production of your order will be initiated. Everything is made to order and will take a huge amount of time for it to finish. There are certain cases that delivery production time may vary depending on how tricky the design is and as well as the volume of the order. 
  7. Shipping and Delivery – Once your order is complete, we will be using DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT to deliver your order. 

3.2 What are the modes of payment available?

These are the payment methods available when you order from Foison Metal:

  • PayPal
  • or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Apple Pay
  • You may use a credit card
  • Use of Western Union
  • A broker can assist or help you make the payment.
  • Making a local transaction by opening an account in China
  • Wiring money straight to the producer by using international transfer.
  • America Express

3.3 Do you have Cash on Delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not have cash on delivery available. Your order has to be paid in advance using our available payment methods. The reason behind this is for us to get the best materials available according to your budget and the payment will also cover the freight and shipping fee once it is set for delivery.

3.4 Do you provide free samples? If so, how many days will I receive it?

Metal Plaques Samples
Figure 7. Metal Plaques Samples

Yes, we provide free samples for your order before fully shipping it to your doorstep. The main reason why we provide samples first is for you to check if the finished product matches your expectations. From its material, color, size, and shape, you can check if it fits the standards that you have set for the product. In that way as well, we can assure you that your finished products are of top quality, and would likely meet your customer’s needs.

3.5 Do you have promotional vouchers?

Yes, We do offer promotional vouchers.

3.6 When will I receive the price quote I requested?

You will receive the price quote for your metal plaque in about three to five days. However, the prices are subject to change or may slightly vary with the original quotation depending on the complexity of the design, sizes, and color of metal clothing tags, including other certain factors once you proceed with the order.

3.7 What information should I provide when placing my metal clothing tag order?

The following information is needed when you order from Foison Metal:

Product information: Mainly the amount of pieces that you are ordering.

  • Specification: Material, size, logo, and color.
  • Design or sample of the metal plaque that you want.
  • Delivery date(if rush order)
  • Shipping information: Name of the company, phone number, email address, and mailing address.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How can I track my order?

Delivery of Metal Plaques
Figure 8. Delivery of Metal Plaques

Once your order is sent for delivery, you will have your order’s tracking number that you can use to check from time to time on where your order is. You can regularly track your order by using the courier’s website. You just need to prepare the tracking number that was given and use it on the corresponding website.

Here are the tracking websites of our partner couriers:





4.2 Is the delivery handled through your company logistics or just third-party couriers?

Foison Metal does not have a designated delivery team to handle the deliveries. Instead, we will be partnering with DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT to send your order.

4.3 Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, Foison Metal ships not just in China, but also around the globe. Just give us the design, and we’ll deliver your order anywhere in the world.

4.4 What shipping documents do I need to submit to export our orders from China?

Metal Plaques Shipping Documents
Figure 9. Metal Plaques Shipping Documents

These are the clearance documents that you need to submit to export your orders from China:

As written in the Foreign Trade Policy 

Aside from these three main documents, there are still others that you may be asked about when your items will be shipped. These are the following documents mostly required when your order will be exported from China:

Proforma Invoice – This will give you information about your order; from the price, delivery, payment, etc. This is the first document needed in most cases.

Export Order/Purchase Order – Basing on the proforma invoice, the order will be given to the exporter, with its exact specification and requirements. 

Commercial Invoice – Once the order has been finished and ready for delivery, a commercial invoice is printed by the exporter. Then, the country’s Customs will countersign it before it gets shipped.

Packing List – A packing list will be made if more than one item needs to be exported. This list will contain all the items that will be shipped and is mandatory.

Certificate of Origin – This is a notarized affidavit that indicates where the items are produced.

Bill of exchange – This is a bill printed by the exporter which contains the amount that needs to be paid to the exporter or the paying bank.

Letter of Credit – This document is not part of the shipment process. But this is still an important document that honors the purchase order document. It is issued by the bank. This will not be required if the payment is in the Documents against Payments.

Inspection/Quality check – The importer can initiate inspection or quality check of the items before it gets shipped to check the quality, as well as check if it adheres to proper packing guidelines. Such documents should be kept ready by the exporter to avoid problems obtaining customs clearance.

Phytosanitary certificates and fumigation certificates – These documents can be requested by you(the buyer). This is also being called the quality and goodness test, but the name will depend on the product and country of origin. This document is essential to prove adherence to the international quality standards. It should be kept ready before packaging the items.

Marine Insurance policy – This document has the safety coverage of the items that will be dispatched overseas.

Mate’s Receipt – Once you have the documents such as Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Export of Order, etc, the cargo can now enter the port and onto the ship’s dock. Once the shipment has been loaded into the cargo, a Mate’s Receipt will be printed, confirming the shipment.

Airway Bill (AWB) or Bill of Lading (BL) – Once the C&F agent provides the Mate’s Receipt, this bill will be issued by the shipment’s carrier. A master AWB/BL is printed and provided by the main carrier of the shipment while a House AWB/BL will be given by the freight forwarder.

Shipping bill – This is a document provided by the Customs and can be printed from a dedicated portal. This document has to be submitted to obtain clearance from Customs.

Let Export Order – This document is issued by the customs officer once the items have completed the clearance procedure initiated by the Customs. This is proof that all customs formalities for exporting have been completed.

Export General Manifest – Export General Manifest is submitted by the carrier after the shipment has been moved from the exporting country. It should be registered with Customs which will generate the official proof of export, e.q. The export promotion copy of the bill.

4.5 What information should the package label contain?

Information that is printed on the packaging label should include the following:

  • Order number
  • Tracking number
  • Quantity
  • Warehouse/Producer
  • Supplier’s label

4.6 What are the packaging materials used in shipping? Will the products be safe while being shipped?

Packing Metal Plaques
Figure 10. Packing Metal Plaques

These are the most  common types of materials used commercially in packaging items:

  • Plastic – Since plastic is an incredibly flexible material and can be manufactured to several properties, it is frequently being used as a packaging material of choice. Plastics are flexible, lightweight, and highly durable. It can be created in so many ways that it can even be created to resist chemical substances and even heat. 
  • Glass – Glass has been used for many years, mainly in food and beverage production as it is a nonporous, non-toxic material that does not percolate things into food and drinks. As a result, it also preserves the freshness of its content for a longer time. Glass can be created to become beautiful and is 100% recyclable.
  • Steel – Steel packaging is not a usual thing in day-to-day life. This is commonly used in shipping large quantities of items, especially in the metal industry. This would include steel poles, plates, drums, and even large containers that are reusable. Steel containers are unbelievably durable and are fabricated to withstand extreme weather conditions, harsh handling, and to hold heavy loads. It is also one of the most recycled goods in the world, and almost 70% of the steel used in shipping is being reused.
  • Wood – Wood packaging can be either made from soft or hardwood. It can support and transport a wide variety of items. This includes pallets, wooden boxes, bins, drums, or any other items. Also, wood packaging can be used regularly and can even be repaired if damaged. Once it reaches its limit, wood packaging can then be used as soil compost making it a very environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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