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Foison Metal is a production industry icon with a long tradition that extends more than 15 years. Our finely designed gold metal card are well-received worldwide and leave a lasting impact. When working with us, you can expect:

Excellent Manufacturing of Innovative Gold Metal Cards

Our cutting-edge techniques revolutionize the metalworking industry, guaranteeing that every custom gold metal card we produce—from complex patterns to basic gold metal cards—reflects our dedication to accuracy and creativity. We use UV printing, CNC machining, polishing, sandblasting, and laser etching in our production process to demonstrate accuracy and style.

Featured Products

Foison Metal Provides a Variety of Finishes of Gold Metal Card to Suit Your Preferences.

Black Business Card with Gold Lettering

The deep black background serves as the perfect canvas to showcase the striking gold lettering, creating a visually stunning contrast that immediately captures attention.

Solid Gold Business Cards

Our solid gold business cards are built to withstand the test of time. The sturdy material ensures that your cards remain in pristine condition, reinforcing the reliability and longevity of your business.

Gold Card Metal

The gold card metal is meticulously coated with a lustrous gold finish, radiating opulence and sophistication.

24k Gold Business Card

Unlike traditional paper business cards that wear and tear over time, the 24k gold business card is a durable and timeless investment. It retains its luster and elegance, ensuring that your first impression lasts a lifetime.

Black and Rose Gold Business Cards

The striking combination of deep black and elegant rose gold creates a luxurious and timeless design. These business cards exude professionalism and refinement.

Shiny Gold Business Cards

Our shiny gold business cards boast a stunning metallic finish that exudes opulence and professionalism. The rich, reflective surface catches the light, ensuring your card will be noticed and remembered.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized metal cards

Design Submission

Design Submission

As a requirement in sending your orders, you must send us your vectorized gold metal card design. However, if you don’t have a design available you can let us know and we’ll help you.
Sample Approval

Sample Approval

Once your design is received, you can request to have a customized sample sent to you for quality checking. Customized samples of gold card metal will be quoted separately from your bulk order.
Mass Production


After you approve of the gold metallic business card sample, we immediately commence mass manufacturing, which will be efficiently completed in two to three weeks.
Quality Checking

Quality Control

We meticulously examine every gold metal business card to ensure that it precisely corresponds with the final samples that you have diligently approved.
Quality Control & Packaging


To protect the gold card finish, every business card is carefully wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve. You can also request for customized packaging for a unique presentation.


We are happy to send any order, anywhere in the globe! The ultimate cost will depend on the bulk, courier, and destination of your custom gold metal card.

Surface Finish Options







Highly Efficient Custom Services

Introducing the unique service from Foison Metal, where your ideas become beautiful gold metal card. We help you execute your design ideas into a one-of-a-kind metal card that is perfectly crafted to match your requirements.

Benefit from our wide array of sizes, shapes, and surface textures to elevate your simple design into luxurious gold plated business cards.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

CNC Milling
UV Printing
Laser Engraving
CNC Milling

UV Printing

Laser Engraving



Hight Light Product Details

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

To remove the material, an automated process employs rotating cylindrical cutters. To give the material the perfect shape for business cards black and gold, the tools keep cutting as they produce features, slots, and holes.

UV Printing

A quick and easy one-step procedure. The material is left permanently marked with a transparent gloss and full-color CMYK ink. This demonstrates that any task can be completed on a black business card with gold lettering. When compared to other printing techniques, UV printing offers superior printing qualities including flexibility, fade resistance, and scratch resistance.

UV Printing


The rough edges of gold plated business cards are smoothed out with it, and a mirror-like shine is achieved by polishing the surface with a finer polish.


It may be used to clean, roughen smooth surfaces to prepare them for a new look, and etch surfaces for creative purposes while creating solid gold business cards.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

For gold card metal, this process is perfect for making delicate, accurate marks. For the creation of permanent logos, serial numbers, bar codes, and other complex features, precision engraving is appropriate.

Foison Metal Crafts Exquisite Gold Metal Cards at The Lowest Wholesale Price

Immerse your business in the allure of Foison Metal’s gold metal card, where sophistication meets affordability. Our cards boast durability and a shimmering finish, ensuring your brand stands out. Elevate networking and leave a lasting impression. These gold metallic business cards are available in different surface treatments such as brushed, textured, or polished. With the hint of elegance these surface textures provide, we ensure that your cards will leave a lasting impression.


The certificates listed below prove to our dependability while producing bulk custom metal cards.








IATF 16949

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. Can gold metal cards include embossing or debossing?

Yes, embossing or debossing can be applied to gold metal cards, adding a tactile dimension to the design and further enhancing their visual appeal.

2. What is the standard thickness of gold card metal?

The standard thickness can vary, but gold metal cards typically range from 0.3mm to 0.5mm, providing a sturdy and substantial feel.

3. Are custom gold metal card resistant to tarnishing or fading?

Gold metal cards are designed to withstand fading and tarnishing, maintaining their flawless beauty throughout time.

4. Do rose gold metal business cards come with a protective coating?

Many providers apply protective coatings to gold metal cards to enhance durability and prevent scratches or damage, ensuring a pristine and polished look.

5. Can a custom gold card have a matte finish?

Yes, gold metal cards can be finished with a matte coating, providing a subtle and sophisticated appearance that complements various design styles.

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