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Foison Metal Exclusively Manufactures Premium-Quality Products Using Raw Materials to Create Top-Tier Grinder Card and Other Product Options for Your Business.

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Foison Metal Manufactures the Most Durable and Premium-Quality Grinder Card in the Market

Foison Metal pioneered in supplying high-end custom grinder products and services and maintains the credibility it established. At Foison Metal, we are committed to providing one-of-a-kind service to meet our client’s needs.

We continuously innovate and expand our expertise to cater to you with the most advanced products. Our on-the-go grinder card are manufactured using various materials to best suit the distinctive needs and requirements of our customers.

All these won’t be possible without our sublimely skillful workforce. Working together as a team ensures providing exceptional products for your business.

About Our Service

Top-Tier Products

You will always choose trusted brands with eye-catching and also look for creative logos.

Approved Ratings

Our products have high ratings and good reviews from keen clients who also made multiple transactions with us

Wide Selections

We offer you a lineup of customization for your needs that also matches your brand identity or personality

Massive Stocks

We provide and cater wholesale deals where clients wouldn’t worry about the flow of stocks

Brand Consistency

Having a labeled grinder card gives you the option to customize while having the  feeling of identity and ownership


We guarantee free samples delivered to you. We also offer the most market-friendly rates to cater to your business.

Premium Quality

Our grinder card is treated with care. Our tooling unit also offers unparalleled excellence and precision.


We can create a unique logo with your specifications. We can also assure you that the outcome will match your requirements and style.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Grinder Card Offers Premium Steel Cards Designed for Your Precise Needs. 

Weed Grinder Card

A perfect tool for people in higher elevations to roll and also smoke their weed. Moreover, it comes with a specific graphic that is free and customized, along with its protective cover.

Pocket Grinder Card

Known as portable, lightweight, and also durable, pocket-sized grinder card is one of the best herb grinders on the market. In addition, it customizable feature also gives you an upgraded experience.

Weed Grinding Card

Ideal for people who roll and smoke in mountainous and cold areas to warm bodies up. Moreover, Its shaped grinding surface can also be customized, along with its logo, design and cover.

Steel Grinder Card

The sharp and sturdy features of this tool offer a one-of-a-kind rolling experience to its users. It also comes with customized graphics along with its protective cover. Lastly, its durability will surely  last for long years of usage


Our grinder card offers the most user-friendly experience to grind herbs on the go. Its stainless steel material easily cuts through nugs of any consistency that also creates a uniform and fluffy grounds. 
Foison Grinder Card offers not only a great balance between cost and durability but also an affordable price. It is also a preferred solution for the rolling and smoking needs of different target markets. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Brand Consistency

You can request to personalize your logo to maintain. Aside from this, you can also create a new brand identity

Well Built

Our grinder card is durable and also designed to cater long term use. Above all, its appearance is like a luxury design

Best Deals

Our products offer the most affordable rate without eliminating high-quality materials to create absolute perfection of the product


Our products were designed and also created through collaborations and deep research from the passionate workforce

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Foison Metal Dominates the China Market of Grinder Card​

We support customers through every step of the manufacturing process. On top of that, with the diverse capabilities and also extensive manufacturing experience of our team, you can rely on us from prototyping through delivery. Finally, with Foison Metal, you can be certain that the grinder card that you receive is exactly the one you wanted.

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