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Foison Metal Where High-Quality Metal Products Are Tailored To Perfection

Here at Foison Metal, we have a tendency to promote a secure and healthy operating surroundings wherever the protection of our purchasers and staff is our high priority.

Working with us gives you the ease of customization for your health safety signs so you can also protect the well-being of your customers and employees. We offer the utilization of durable materials including aluminum, chrome steel , brass, and lots of more.

We allow you to choose your material from a blank template to customize the color and graphics. In addition, our signs are not secluded to the English language, we can also do different characters if needed.

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Foison Metal's health and safety signs are made with high-quality materials that are dependable to ensure the use maximum life-span of the metal product

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Here at Foison Metal, we mass-produce health and safety signs in order to ship within 7-10 days

Customer Support

You have the privilege to access our 24/7 phone support to assist you with your questions or request


You can choose from a wide range of colors, shapes, and material selections to building their own health and safety signs


We encourage our customers to completely customize their health and safety signs from a black slate


All of our designs are original and effective made by our professional graphic designers


Though all of the materials used in manufacturing health and safety signs are durable yet affordable


Foison Metal's health and safety signs are guaranteed eco-friendly where all items are reusable and reduce waste

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Foison Metal Where High-Quality Health and Safety Signs Can be Found

Prohibition Sign

This sign tells you not do something in a specific place, and these sign is usually in color red

Mandatory Sign

This sign usually in blue color tells you to do something in a specific place. Usually in color blue

Warning Sign

These yellow sign do not indicate people what to do but only to avoid hazards

Safe Condition Sign

These signs are usually green in color and can be followed by a warning sign


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Foison Metal is a company where customers have the free will to customize their health and safety metal signs to fit their line of business. The material used is extremely durable such as stainless steel, and aluminum.

Our health and safety signs are designed and tailored to perfection by our experienced professionals to guarantee that customers would maximize the lifespan of the products.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We offer highly effective designs for safety signs made for consumer’s convenience


Materials used are guaranteed durable and flexible to manipulated to form different shapes and sizes


The standard shipment time is strictly followed without losing the quality of the product


Health and safety signs made by Foison Metal are guaranteed to be functional

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Here at Foison Metal, our vision is to be the top-rated metal fabrication company worldwide. That is why we continue in making developments in our technology to cater to the needs and of our target market. We believe that this mission can be achieved not only with new technologies but with our teamwork that sets us apart from our competitors.

The Health and Safety Signs FAQS Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Health and Safety Signs?

Health and safety signs
Figure 1. Health and safety signs

Health and Safety Signs are signs used to pass information about the safety of a place. They serve as a reminder to workers about the type of hazards they might incur during working hours and to maintain their safety. Different Health and Safety signs hold various information.

1.2 Where are Health and Safety Signs Found?

Health and Safety Signs are found in areas that have very hazardous machinery, harmful gases, and chemicals, on the sites of the road that are under construction as well as various strategic points in a workplace.

1.3 How are Health and Safety Signs Created?

 Health and Safety Signs are created by the rules and regulations in place concerning them. These signs are created by imprinting the required information whether in the form of pictograms or texts on blank materials. 

Some signs have pictograms incorporated with texts or none whereas other signs have texts alone.

1.4 Which Information Does Health and Safety Signs Contain?

Instructions and warning messages are on Health and Safety Signs. Instructions direct what is to be done in case of danger whereas warnings alert people about impending dangers that they might be unaware of.

1.5 Why are Health and Safety Signs Important?

The importance of Health and Safety Signs include 

  • Prevention and regulation of danger in a workplace
  • Alerting employees about impending danger
  • Provision of information during an emergency
  • Controlling activities and behaviors in a workplace
  • They maintain security, hence preventing theft since some signs restrict the access of certain areas in a workplace
  • They educate people about the activities that take place in an organization

1.6 How are Healthy and Safety Signs Installed?

At Foison Metal, encourage our customers to use professionals during the installation process of the health and safety signs. We provide manuals as well which will act as guides during the installation.

They show how different mounting fixtures are used as well as safety precautions while handling them. The installation process is an easy one if the instructions on the manual are followed.

1.7 Which Materials are Used to Make Health and Safety Signs?

There is a wide variety of materials to choose from according to your needs and wants that best fit your workplace

  • Permanent Vinyl, serve well where the sign is intended to last for a long time
  • Removable Vinyl is recommended for temporary signs
  • Magnetic, they are highly suitable for signs that will be installed on machinery
  • Aluminum, fortunately, these are applicable anywhere
  • PVC plastic

Your Health and Safety Signs will be made from your choice of materials.

1.8 Do Health and Safety Signs have Quality Standards?

Health and safety signs Quality standards
Figure 2. Health and safety signs Quality standards

Yes, they do. An ideal health and safety sign is without fault. The quality standards guide the information that is contained in the Health and Safety Signs, the color style as well as the type of material which in return should be free of defects.

1.9 Where can I Place Health and Safety Signs?

Health and Safety Signs should be placed in a strategic position that can be accessed by people without any difficulty. The places where Health and Services can be placed include:

  • Exit Routes
  • Roads
  • Areas with heavy and hazardous machinery
  • Front office areas such as restrooms
  • Construction areas

However, a workplace can place their signs in places they see fit and serve the intended purpose.

1.10 What Guidelines Govern Health and Safety Signs?

  • Health and safety are required to be placed in certain positions in a workplace
  • The signs should have high visibility
  • The signs should be of specific shapes and colors

1.11 What are The Specifications for Health and Safety Signs?

  • The information on the signs should be precise and understandable
  • They should use wordings that captures attention 
  • All signs should possess round or blunt corners
  • The signs should be danger-free
  • The signs should follow a particular design
  • The signs should be sizable

1.12 What Hazards are Prevented by Health and Safety Signs?

  • Road accidents

Drivers, as well as pedestrians, are likely to face accidents as they go about their lives, these accidents are caused by poor visibility, poor road condition, construction activities along and on the road. To avoid road accidents there should be health and safety signs informing people of these situations.

  • Fire

The occurrence of fire due to spillage of chemicals, electricity, or technical issues can be prevented by proper maintenance and inspection of the electrical system from time to time, the chemicals should be handled with utmost care.

  • Falling objects

When objects fall, they can cause various dangers and injuries, hence objects should be properly stacked, placed in strategic places, and their respective storage rooms. During working hours, the items should be held properly mostly by those working from high places from the ground.

  • Slips and Falls

Wet floors indoors and outside can cause one to slip and fall resulting in bone breakage and fractures. Misplaced objects on the floor can result in falling. Floors should be dry most times and if they are being cleaned the cleaners should notify. Staircases and floors should be free of items that can fall.

  • Heavy and moving machinery

Workers in a workplace are exposed to machinery which in return can cause harm such as burns, crushes, and cuts. Workers should be properly trained to handle and operate the machines. Also, awareness should be created about these machines and their location in the workplace.

  • Bacteria and Viruses

Workplaces must be always cleaned with disinfectants to kill germs. The workers should wear the required gear while working to prevent spread and contamination

1.13 Which Practices can Maintain the Condition of The Health and Safety Signs?

Various maintenance practices must be carried out to ensure that the signs function properly as well as to ensure that the signs last for the longest time possible. The maintenance practices ensure the workplace saves on cost for constant purchases.

  • Cleaning 

The signs should be cleaned and disinfected daily. They should be free of germs and dust

  • Inspection

The safety managers in a workplace should closely inspect the signs from time to time to make sure they serve the intended purpose as well as to detect any form of fault

  • Replacements 

The parts of the signs or the whole sign should be replaced immediately when any form of fault is detected such as fading, breakage.

  • Testing 

The signs should be tested so as 

  • Servicing

This should be done by safety managers and where necessary repairs should be done

  • Lubrication

Applying lubricants on signs that have movable parts ensures that friction is reduced

1.14 What are the Benefits of Having Health and Safety Signs?

Benefits of Health and safety signs
Figure 3. Benefits of Health and safety signs
  • They reduce the number of accidents since they alert people of potential hazards in various places.
  • They increase the level of awareness among employees about the hazards and the measures to be taken
  • They carry and convey the intended messages efficiently in a workplace including warnings and safety practices
  • They promote safe work behaviors as well as practices
  • Ensures productivity in a workplace since the dangers are highly reduced
  • The workplace can save money that should have been used to cover damages 
  • Health and safety signs promote a good image about a workplace since it portrays safety

1.15 What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Health and Safety signs?

  • Durability

The health and safety signs should be long lasting and able to withstand all types of weather conditions

  • Legibility

The texts on the health and safety signs should be easy to read and understand what is intended

  • Cost

The prices of the health and safety should be affordable also the cost of maintenance should be low to as save on expenses

  • Material

The material used should of great quality to ensure durability as well as ease during the installation

  • Size

The size is very important since they ensure that the sign will be noticed. Large signs are easier to notice than small ones.

  • Location

Where the signs will be placed should be highly considered; some signs can be placed on walls only or any surface whereas other signs can be moved freely.

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of safety health signs
Figure 4. Design and Customization of safety health signs

2.1 What are the Various Types of Health and Safety Signs Available?

  • Prohibition signs

These signs point out that certain activities are not allowed at a particular place. For instance, most institutions, as well as the workplace, prohibits smoking hence the need for a prohibition sign pointing that out.

  • Warning signs

These signs create awareness about the possibility of danger, in a workplace that deals with chemicals and gases these signs show that an explosion can occur.

  • Mandatory signs

These signs command certain behaviors and actions in a workplace such as the mode of dressing while in certain locations in a workplace. For example, a mandatory sign in a construction site commands that protective hats and eyeglasses must be always worn.

  • Emergency signs

These signs indicate what should be done in the face of danger and they lead people to a danger-free zone, exit routes are examples of emergency signs.

  • Fire equipment signs

These signs give directions in case there is a fire, examples of these signs are fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

2.2 Do you Offer Customization on Health and Safety Signs?

 Yes, we do. We allow you to provide us with the details that best fit the kind of sign you require for you from the style. The graphics, the wording that will be imprinted on the signs, the size measurements, and the color as well. 

We bring your ideas to life. We also have a team of professional creative designers who can help you with generating customization ideas either by modifying the signs in place or developing new ones. 

2.3 Are there Specific Colors Used to Make Health and Safety Signs?

Different colors are used to portray various hazards. Some of the colors used in the making of health and safety signs include:

  • Red: It’s used on warning and fire equipment signs they show dangers likely to take place as well as fire protection equipment.
  • Green: they give information about the location of danger-free areas such as assembly points as well as pointing out safety equipment such as first aid kits.
  • Blue: it shows that there is no immediate danger
  • Orange: it implies that the hazards involved are moderate 
  • Yellow: it shows material handling equipment also used in places that caution is needed
  • Black: it’s used for guidance purposes

2.4 Whom do I Contact About my Customization Ideas for the Health and Safety Signs?

When you have decided the kind of Health and Safety Signs that best fit your workplace you communicate with our team of creative designers who will, in turn, bring your ideas to life.

 Your customization ideas should be specific to prevent any errors and confusion during production. You can contact our design team or visit our website to get insight on the best way to go about your health and safety signs.

2.5 Do You Have a Variety of Designs I can Select from?

Our Library collection contains a very large number of designs that are unique, up to date about technology and can serve your intended purpose and requirements. These designs cover a wide variety of health and signs. 

We can as well help you with the selection of health and safety signs as well as offer advice about various designs.

2.6 Do Health and Safety Signs Have a Standard size?

Different sizes for health safety signs
Figure 5. Different sizes for health safety signs

Since different workplaces are different all over the world. The size of the health and safety sign should be able to meet the needs of your organization.

 However, the size of the sign should be easily noticeable without any difficulties. The size of the sign should be within the measurement requirements by OSHA.

2.7 Can Health and Safety Signs Double Sided?

Yes, some health and safety signs are double-sided; these signs are used when the information they convey needs to be seen from both sides. These signs include emergency signs such as those which are installed hanging from the roof or those that are placed on the floor and are movable.

2.8 What is the Maximum Number of Customized designs can I order?

There is no limit to the number of customized designs that you can order since we are in business because of our customers. You can order small quantities as well as large quantities. 

However, the number of designs that you require should be indicated to ensure that during production the required number is produced and for the company to reduce on wastage of materials.

2.9 How Long Does the Message on the Health and Safety Signs Last?

The mode of printing methods that we use while creating health and safety signs ensures that the writing done will exist for a very long time and it won’t fade as well. 

The buyer has the responsibility of adopting maintenance routines such as cleaning, be signs since it plays a big role in preserving the writings on the signs.

2.10 Do Health and Safety Signs Follow a Basic Design?

A sign should be straightforward to ensure that it will be understood fast and without any difficulty. The words, colors, as well as the symbol, should be relatable; you should avoid symbols that are unfamiliar to people to avoid confusion. 

For example, common fire safety signs are mostly in red and green usage of a different color such as blue might bring confusion.

2.11 Do You Make Temporary or Permanent Health and Safety Signs?

Fortunately, we can make temporary or permanent signs for our customers to best serve their needs. We understand that a customer might require temporary signs since they will serve their purposes for the short term whereas permanent signs are long term. 

Temporary signs are used in places under construction or maintenance activities since after the activity is completed the signs cease to be in use.

2.12 Can I First Receive Sample Models Before the Final Product?

Yes, you can, we have a production policy where we send sample models to our customers. These samples portray how the final product will be. In case any error is detected on the sample models by the customer we encourage them to get in touch with us and give details about the error. In return, we will make the right adjustments before the creation of the final product.

2.13 Can I Share My Designs with You?

Design Structure for Signs
Figure 6. Design Structure for Signs

Yes, you can, we allow customers to share their designs that are right and fit for their workplaces with our team. And in return for our great experience, we can create signs accordingly and bring into life the designs. 

The designs however should still be within the health and safety guidelines.

2.14 What is the Quality of Your Products?

Our products are of high quality in comparison with products from other companies. We aim at meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. The high quality of our products ensures we can attract new customers as well as retain old ones. 

Our products are error-free and have no defects, we use quality materials during production also the production is done by a team of professionals.

2.15 Do Health and Safety Signs Come with Mounting Fixtures?

Yes, they do, we offer a wide variety of mounting fixtures following the type of health and safety signs that you require as well as their placement in a workplace. The right mounting fixture ensures that the signs are displayed properly and safely so as not to pose a threat. 

We include instructions on how each mounting fixture is used. Our mounting fixtures serve both temporary and permanent installation. 

They include self-adhesives, suction pads, foam tapes, hanging kits, stanchions, screw fixings, ceiling holders, and many others. Each of these fixtures is designed for specific surfaces. Our temporary mounting fixtures are free whereas a small fee is charged for the permanent mounting fixtures.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering health and safety symbols
Figure 7. Ordering health and safety symbols

3.1 How Much Do Health and Safety Signs Cost?

Our Health and Safety signs are very affordable unlike in other companies. We do not exploit our customers however the prices differ according to the designs and customization of the signs as well as the materials used during production. 

3.2 What is the Process of Placing an Order for Health and Safety Signs?

The process of placing an order is an easy one in our company, we encourage the customers to pay attention to avoid errors and it includes the following steps

  • Choose the product that best fits you as well as the number that you require
  • Add the products to your cart
  • Fill in personal details such as name, telephone number, email address, and shipping address.
  • Select the mode of delivery
  • Choose a payment method that is convenient to you from 
  • Submit the order after counter checking the filled details
  • Once the order is received and examined for details It is officially processed
  • The ordered items will be produced and prepared for shipping

3.3 Do you Offer Free Samples?

Yes, we do, we send free samples to you before the production of your order which will show the expected outcome of your product. These free samples also help us make any form of corrections if you detect any problems to ensure the final product will meet your expectations.

3.4 Can I Request Orders in Any Quantity?

Our company deals with both large scale and small-scale production hence we can produce any number of products that you need. This attracts customers since other companies limit the number of orders that can be placed.

3.5 Which Payment Methods Do You Have in Place?

Payment options
Figure 8. Payment options

We have a variety of payment methods to cater to all customers, these methods are secure hence the customer is protected. These methods include:

  • Payment by check
  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bank transfers

3.6 Can I Track the Order of the Health and Safety Signs?

When the company processes your order, you will be contacted via email and issued an order number. You can use the issued order number to check the status of your order as you patiently wait to receive it.

3.7 How Do I Go About Changing an Order that I had Placed?

We allow our customers to change their orders within the shortest time possible to prevent the production process from taking place as this would lead to huge losses in the company. 

The customer should contact our customer care and inform them about the detailed necessary changes on their placed orders. The customer care team will in return change the orders in our system and key in the new order.

3.8 Which Type of Transaction Do You Have in Place?

We have a wide range of transaction methods from which the buyer can select, they are as follows:

  • Credit transactions

Our terms of credit allow the payment of the products to be done within 30 days

  • Cash transactions

The buyer can pay in cash or via check

  • Non-cash transactions

There is no use of cash in this transaction

  • External transactions

The seller exchanges products for cash with the buyer

3.9 Do Customized Orders Need a Deposit?

Yes, they do. The production of customized orders is pricey in comparison to regular orders since they have the customer’s specifications, hence the need for a deposit. The payment of the deposit marks the beginning of the production process of your customized orders

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery
Figure 9. Shipping and delivery

4.1 How Long Does Shipping of Health and Safety Signs Take?

The average shipping time for our products is 7 to 10 business days. We encourage our customers to use the best shipping solutions that are in place and available in their country since it is a great determinant for the time taken for the shipping. 

Some shipping solutions are slow whereas others are fast and reliable. We however can make shipping arrangements on your behalf.

4.2 Do you Offer Warehousing Services?

Yes, we do, we have warehouses that are fully equipped to handle our customer’s products. Our warehousing services see to it that your products will reach you in the best state. We also make warehousing arrangements in the destination countries if at all the buyer will require them, the buyer will be in charge of the warehousing fee in this case.

4.3 Which Documents are Used for Shipping Health and Safety Signs?

The following are documents needed to ensure a smooth shipping process:

  • A Pro forma invoice: It is a detailed description of the production, the price, the payment methods as well as the delivery location of the goods.
  • Commercial invoice: It shows the transaction between the seller and buyer hence serving as proof of sale
  • Bill of lading: It is an agreement between the shipper and the owner of the products

It includes information about the goods at the shipping designated location.

  • Packing list: It contains all the details concerning the goods, its weight, measurements, and how the goods should be handled. Some goods are in fragile states hence they need to be handled with care.
  • Letter of credit: It is an assurance from a bank that it can handle the payment on behalf of the buyer in case the payment from the buyer is incomplete.
  • Certificate of origin: It shows where the goods were made and that they are eligible for exportation
  • Insurance certificate: During shipping, the goods are exposed to various risks hence the need for an insurance policy that will cover any risk incurred.
  • Export license: The government issues this legal document to the seller, it shows that the seller is allowed to ship the stated products to the buyer’s destination.
  • Import license: The government issues this document to the seller and declares that the buyer is allowed to import the said goods. 

4.4 How Do You Ensure That Health and Safety Signs are Safely Delivered?

We offer a variety of packaging options to our customers regarding the physical state of the products. Our packaging options ensure that the products will arrive in one piece and are insured. Our delivery personnel are well trained in handling the products during loading and unloading. The buyer can as well opt to pick the goods themselves upon arrival at the port

4.5 Which Procedure is in Place During Shipping of Health and Safety Signs?

  • The buyer requests a quotation and orders the needed products.
  • The freight forwarder in charge arranges the exportation of the products, also all the documents required from both the seller and the buyer are prepared and processed
  • The company will book freight for the products to be exported according to the duration of the shipping period agreed
  • Goods to be moved from the factory to the depot/port where shipping will take place
  • Processing of goods through customs clearance and placed in transit, also all the documents involved are assessed
  • Arrival and clearance of goods in the country of destination
  • Transportation of goods from the port to the location chosen by the buyer, the mode of transport used is determined by the buyer

4.6 Do the Health and Safety Signs Have Insurance During Shipping?

Yes, they do, the seller has assessed risks that products can encounter before the buyer receives them, and in return, they have insured them with a credible insurance company.

For example, if the goods are stolen or damaged during shipping the seller will oversee compensating the buyer.

4.7 What Packaging Options are Available for Health and Safety signs?

We offer a variety of packaging options to cater to the different needs and preferences of our customers. The physical characteristic of the products determines the packaging options since some are more applicable to suit the characteristic than others. The options include

  • Paperboard boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Plastic boxes
  • Rigid boxes
  • Chipboard packaging
  • Polybags
  • Foil sealed bags

4.8 What is Your Average Delivery Time?

Safety symbols Delivery schedule
Figure 10. Safety symbols Delivery schedule

When the goods arrive at the port they are cleared and ready for delivery. We take 7 to 10 days to make the delivery to the buyer’s designated location depending on the distance.

4.9 Can I Track My Order After Dispatch from the Factory?

When the production process of the goods is over and the products are ready to be dispatched for shipment, we update it in our systems and inform the buyer. The buyer uses the issued order number to track and check the status while waiting for the arrival.

4.10 Can I Use a Third Party to Receive my Order Upon Delivery?

Yes, you can, however, the third party needs to present both of your identification cards to allow them to receive the goods. They should also examine the delivered products for any damages and accept them. 

If the mode of payment involved was cash, they should hand it over and lastly, they should sign the delivery form which will serve as evidence that the goods were delivered and accepted.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Returning and Replacing Symbols
Figure 11. Returning and Replacing Symbols

5.1 What is your Return Policy?

We have in place 5-7 business days within which the products can be returned to us. Our company covers the shipping fee back to our factory if at all the mistakes made was ours if not the customer will cover the cost.

5.2 What Should I Do When I Receive Damaged Health and Safety Signs?

We advise our customers to thoroughly inspect the products for any defects when they arrive. If all the products are damaged, we urge you to not use them. You should contact our customer care team who handles such issues. 

Arrangements will be made on how damaged signs will be collected and replaced for you to meet your expectations.

5.3 Whom Do I Contact for Replacements and Returns?

You should contact our customer care team as soon as possible. Our team operates 24/7 and they will direct you on what to do.

5.4 What Happens When I Receive Health and Safety Signs in Specifications That I did not Request?

Inappropriate safety symbols
Figure 12. Inappropriate safety symbols

When you examine the goods and realize they are in specifications that you did not request we urge you to keep them safe and not to use them. We decide with the buyer where the goods are shipped back to us. We also make the necessary changes and finally deliver them back to the required specifications.

5.5 Can the Products be Returned for Redesigning?

Fortunately, we allow the products to be returned for redesigning however we advise the buyer not to put the products in use if they are planning to have them redesigned. 

When the products are shipped back to us the buyer will cover the shipping fee incurred. The buyer is expected to pay an additional payment which will cover the redesigning process.

5.6 What Happens If I Get Extra Health and Safety Signs in My Order?

We advise our customers to contact our company and notify us of the quantity of the extra orders and in return, we will make the necessary arrangements to collect the products and ship them back. The company will cover all the charges incurred; we always request our customers to keep the products safe for us until we collect them.

5.7 What is the Average Time Between Replacement and Receiving Back the Health and Safety Signs?

Our company tries to replace the products and have them sent back to you within the shortest time possible. However, there are several factors such as the extent of the error which highly determine the time. 

We encourage our buyers to bear with us as necessary changes are done.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 13. Cancellation Policy

6.1 What is Your Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Cancellation of orders applies to products that are yet to be shipped, we urge our customers to cancel their orders within 3 days before the actual shipping of the products. 

This gives us time to make necessary changes hence saving on cost. We offer full refunds to our customers.

6.2 What is the Procedure for Order cancellation?

Our order cancellation process is very fast and simple. The customer is required to contact us via email. 

The email should contain specific details about the product in question and the order number for references. Once the order cancellation is processed, we will inform you and prepare for the refund process.

6.3 What is the Average Time Between Cancellation and Refund?

Our customer care team works 24/7 hence immediately we receive a cancellation order. We work on it as fast as we can and make the necessary arrangements for a refund. We maintain contact with our customers and update them.

6.4 If I Cancel My Order How Much Will I Be Refunded?

Our company allows full refunds to our customers if at all shipping has not been done, however, if shipping has taken place, we offer a 90% refund.

6.5 Will I Get a Notification After Cancellation of the Order?

Yes, you will also receive an email indicating that your cancellation order has been processed and approved. The company will keep you posted till you get a refund.

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