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Foison Metal is the Premium Manufacturer for Hemp Grinder in China

Foison Metal is a well-known high-end distributor of customized hemp grinder and other goods and services. Our mission is to provide incomparable service to fulfill our customers’ needs.

We are constantly increasing our knowledge and research in order to provide you with cutting-edge products. Our high-grade hemp grinder, as well as our metal grinder and other metalwork items, are of the greatest quality.

We are grateful to our artisans for making high-quality items. We are dedicated to working together to reach our objective of supplying you with excellent products for your business and needs.

About Our Service

Recommended by Experts

We have a group of experts that thoroughly examine and go through your hemp grinder design. We ensure to curate customized items requested by our clients.

High-End Machine Printing

We utilize the newest and updated machines for creating your hemp grinder design. We strive to give you the best quality every time.

Fast-Paced Production

Once the order is successfully confirmed, our production team will immediately proceed with mass-producing your hemp grinder.


Foison Metal is made accessible for people around the globe to have a smooth ordering process. Our team is open 24 hours to provide you assistance.


You can either order to custom or provide us with your customized hemp grinder design.

Globally Competitive

Foison Metal is known for its quality hemp grinder. Our company has served different people from different nations by providing our top-notch hemp grinder worldwide.

Fast Response Rate

All of the orders created on our website are automated to be distributed to our teams. We instantly give an invoice after your hemp grinder.


Our pre-order comes with the exclusive benefits of free samples and quotes delivered directly to you.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal’s Hemp Grinder, Manufactured With High-End Finishing with Long-Lasting Durability

Hemp Seed Grinder

Hemp seed grinder is ideal for starting retail businesses and enterprises options for items.

Mini Hemp Grinder

We can get your hemp grinder in a mini sizes for better output as per your need!

Hemp Grinder Wholesale

Hemp grinder wholesale allows you to get your hemp grinders in bulk amount that fits your business.

Hemp Grinder Metal

Get your hemp grinder designs and style from different metal materials to choose from.


For retail and large purchases, we guarantee the lowest pricing on our hemp grinder. Each product is thoroughly examined, yielding long-lasting and reliable results. Our professional craftsmen customize this using high-grade equipment that ensures each quality.

Hemp grinders from Foison Metals are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Both have a long-lasting quality that allows them to withstand severe corrosion. Designed just for you to keep in your pocket, it’s small and easy to use.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We want to give that goal a personal touch by incorporating your company's distinctiveness.

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Get your hemp grinder for the whole at the best price.


We make every effort to provide you with professional assistance. We can help you with everything from product design to customer service.


Our products are designed to be long-lasting and simple to use. We make certain that when we create the order, we adhere to your specifications.

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Foison Metal is China's Leading Hemp Grinder Wholesale Manufacturer.

Our hemp grinders are uniquely developed by experts around the globe. Foison Metal makes sure to offer the best quality products and excellent customer assistance at all times. Our organization strives to produce discoveries in order to maintain the originality and high quality of our products.

Are you prepared to send your designs? Send us an email! Now is the time to get free quotes and samples!

The Hemp Grinder FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Hemp Grinder?

Figure 1. Hemp Grinder

A hemp grinder refers to a small device used in crushing hemp into small particles. It provides different smoothness according to the client’s desires.

 It is made up of different blades and teeth that form one of its essential parts. The final substance can be used in making various products in different places like medicine in hospitals.

 It is also used in the textile industry and the manufacture of soaps. It has different chambers that can act as storage for future use.

 It comes in a pocket-friendly size to enable the client to carry it around discreetly. However, hemp does not make a person feel so high as the trichomes have been removed from it.

1.2 What Are the Benefits of Using a Hemp Grinder?

We make quality and durable hemp grinders to ease the grinding process. They grind hemp into a fine powder that can be converted into useful uses.

 It takes less time and offers great consistency due to the best blades that we use. It is a simple and manual process that works by rotating the lid to crush the hemp.

 It has storage chambers to keep the hemp for future use. It comes in a pocket-friendly size where a client can move around without being noticed.

 It has reduced noise and increased speed which saves money and time.

1.3 What Is Hemp Grinder Made of?

A hemp grinder is made up of three basic parts each with its use. It contains the lid, the blades used for grinding the hemp, and the compartments used for storing the fine hemp.

 They also contain screens used for sifting. There are pictorial diagrams and videos found on our website.

1.4 What Are the Characteristics of a Hemp Grinder?

Figure 2. Characteristics of Hemp Grinder

There are several factors you need to look at before settling on which hemp grinder to purchase. The hemp grinder has the following characteristics:

  • Size: choose a hemp grinder that is portable and can be carried around. It should also have enough space to allow the mixing of the hemp.
  • The material used: we specialize in hemp grinders made from metals to provide quality and better performance.
  • The number of chambers: they vary from two, three, and four pieces. choose one that is beneficial to you.
  • Budget: consider the cost you wish to spend as we provide affordable hemp grinders.

1.5 Does Hemp Grinder Have Any Certification?

Yes. Our company is certified by UL and we have an operating license. We produce quality hemp grinders that are durable and long-lasting.

1.6 What Is the Working Principle for Hemp Grinder?

Just like any grinder, our hemp grinder has a basic working principle. It has a magnet on the lid that is placed in the middle of the grinder.

 It works by crushing the hemp into finer particles by rotating the lid. The crushed material will be collected on the screen and stored in the compartments.

1.7 Can Hemp Get Me High?

Many times you cannot get a high feeling from grounded hemp. This is because it has been deprived of the trichomes that provide a good feeling.

 However, the level of highness will vary depending on the preference of the user.

1.8 Which Factors Affect the Effectiveness of the Hemp Grinder During Preconditioning?

Various factors affect the efficiency of the hemp grinder. The hemp materials can have some large particles like pieces of wood and sand. 

The quality of dryness of the hemp can affect its density after grinding. Also, the hemp used like the stems, flowers, or the whole plant will determine its efficiency. 

1.9 How Do I Clean a Hemp Grinder?

Figure 3. Cleaning Hemp Grinder

We offer guidance on how to clean the hemp grinder for effective results. Use a large glass container and dip the parts of the grinder in Isopropyl alcohol. 

The alcohol will sterilize the chambers and any germs. Use a toothbrush or paintbrush to remove any particle that is stuck in the blades or parts of the grinder.

 Finally use a cotton swab to wipe the hemp grinder. Keep it open for some time to allow complete drying.

1.10 Where Is Hemp Grinder Used?

Hemp grinders have many uses. It is at home to grind hemp for personal consumption. It is also used in industries for the extraction of cannabidiol oils.

 It can shred all the waste matter of the hemp like stem and flowers to make a finer substance for smoking.

 The oils are used to manufacture gummies that help patients with depression, relieve anxiety and sleep disorders.

1.11 Where Do I Find a Hemp Grinder?

We are a company that deals with the manufacture of the hemp grinder. Log in to our website and place your order.  We will be able to customize your design and our products are quality in nature.

1.12 How Unique Is Your Hemp Grinder?

Firstly, we use quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Our hemp grinders are readily available at an affordable price.

 We can also customize the designs to your preference at no additional cost. We offer warranties and make sure our product is lightweight to enable easy mobility.

1.13 Do Hemp Grinders Require Any Maintenance?

The only maintenance required is regular cleaning of the hemp grinder to increase its effectiveness. Follow the guidelines as stated on our website and the leaflet. 

1.14 How Do I Use a Hemp Grinder?

Figure 4. Using a Hemp Grinder

There is a guide on how to use a hemp grinder on our website. We also include leaflets in the package to help clients until they master it.

  • Fill your hemp grinder with small pieces of hemp for easy grinding. Close the lid and rotate it to enable grinding of the hemp.
  • Tap the grinder to detach any particles that are stuck in the blades. You can check the consistency of the powder on the screen and grind once more to your desired smoothness. 
  • Collect the powder and some can be stored in the chambers for future use.

1.15 Is There Any Heat Requirement While Using Hemp Grinder?

Our hemp grinders do not use any heat because they are pocket-friendly and manual. Rotate the lid using your hand to extract your smooth substance. 

1.16 Which Materials Are Used in Making the Hump Grinder?

Our hemp grinders are made from quality and durable metals. We use different metals to bring out the desired design. They are:

  • Stainless steel: they are long-lasting and strong. It has durable blades and it’s a one-time buy.
  • Zinc: they are easy to clean and readily available.
  • Titanium: it is known for its sharp teeth. It is lightweight and portable.
  • Aluminum: we used anodized aluminum to ensure that it does not rust and does not fade off.

1.17 Do You Have Automatic Hemp Grinders?

At the moment we do not have automatic hemp grinders as we only manufacture manual ones. The client will rotate the lid of the grinder to allow the crushing of the hemp to its desired size and consistency.

1.18 Which Type of Teeth Do You Use in A Hemp Grinder?

The type of teeth used in a hemp grinder plays a very vital role. It will determine the consistency and the smoothness of the hemp. We have the following:

  • Shark teeth: It is a little pricey compared to other teeth. It provides consistency on the hemp and is used on the move.
  • Nail teeth: they are not commonly used in metal grinders.
  • Peg teeth: they are less effective compared to diamond teeth as they leave coarse particles of the hemp.
  • Pyramid teeth: they grind the hemp into powder easily with less energy.
  • Diamond teeth: it is commonly used and gives a smooth finish. It grinds the hemp evenly with consistency.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Hemp Grinder

2.1 How Long Does It Take to Design a Hemp Grinder?

Generally, it takes 2 days to design a hemp grinder. It will depend on the availability of the metal chosen, type of font, style, and customization to be applied. 

Bulk orders will take a longer time to design.

2.2 Which Sizes Are Available for Hemp Grinders?

The hemp grinder is available in various sizes. The client will choose one that is suitable for their use. The amount of hemp to be shredded and the frequency of its use will determine the size.

 At the moment we have the following:

  • Small-sized grinders: they are 40-50mm in diameter. It is essential for low grinders. 

It can be carried anywhere without being noticed due to its small size. It can grind half a gram.

  • Medium-sized grinders: they are 62-70mm in is also light and inconspicuous. It has space to allow grinding of about 2-3 grams.
  • Large-sized grinders: they measure between 75mm and 110mm in diameter. It is recommended for heavy users because they are not discreet and heavy. 

It can grind between 3.5 to 7 grams of hemp at each given time.

2.3 Can I Customize My Hemp Grinder?

Yes. We allow customized orders for hemp grinders. When placing an order on our website, upload your design to the box. It should be in any file format form.

 You can choose the size, color, and engraving to be applied.

2.4 How Many Colors Does a Hemp Grinder Come with?

Figure 6. Colours of Hemp Grinder

Hemp grinders come in many different colors. We have rainbows, hombre, gold, silver, primary and secondary colors. 

We also mix them according to your preference to bring out a unique product. We can make different colors for different compartments.

2.5 Why should I customize my hemp grinder?

We allow customization of hemp grinders because it gives the client a sense of ownership. They have a chance to come up with a unique product.

The client will be in control of what they want due to the personalization effect.

2.6 Will My Design for Hemp Grinder Be Confidential?

We observe the principle of confidentiality hence we cannot share any information about the customized designs.

 If need be, we will seek permission from the client and upload their design on our website. Other people can be able to check it out and request the same.

2.7 Which Types of Hemp Grinder Do You Offer?

There are different types of hemp grinders. They vary depending on the level of consumption by the client. They are:

  • Two-piece grinders: they are used by low consumers and are affordable. They contain two pieces.
  • Three-piece grinders: it has three parts and comes with a storage chamber. It has space for grinding the hemp and you can gather the fine substance on the screen. 
  • Four-piece grinder: it is heavy and big to carry around. It is ideal for high consumers and provides a high storage chamber for future use.
  • Five-piece grinders: it has more chambers and provides many sifting options. It is used by professionals and for grinding high quantities of hemp.

2.8 Can You Mix My Design and Yours to Come Up with A Unique Hemp Grinder?

Yes. It is possible to mix various designs to make a unique hemp grinder. When placing an order. Remember to select the various designs that you wish to be compiled.

There is a preview tab to help you see the possible outcome after the production is done.

2.9 What Are the Uses of the Chambers Found in The Hemp Grinder?

Figure 7. Chambers in a Hemp Grinder

Our hemp grinders are made of three chambers. Each has its function as stated below.

  •  Top chamber: used to keep the ungrounded substance.
  • Middle chamber:  used to store the ground substance.
  • Bottom chamber: used for the collection of grounded hemp that has been further grounded into finer hemp.

2.10 Which Ad-On Do You Have for Hemp Grinder?

The hemp grinders have accessories that will be charged differently. We have the ashtrays, hemp rolling trays, stash jars, hemp hats, lighter wraps, and rolling papers. Check them on our website.

2.11 Which Engraving Styles Are Available for Hemp Grinder?

Just like any other metal, we provide engraving for hemp grinders. The client can choose which type they prefer to suit their design. We have the following styles:

  • Mechanical engraving: mostly done by the use of a computer to create designs and personalized texts on items.
  • Laser engraving: it is a process of creating designs, initials, logos, and art on metals. It is usually done by a laser machine using high vaporized heat.
  • Rotary engraving: it is also used to produce designs and incise words on hemp grinders. It is permanent and affordable.

2.12 Do We Have Options for Customizing the Yield Size When Using Hemp Grinder?

Yes. The yield size of the hemp can be customized during production by changing the number of teeth. 

The procedure can only take place before the shredding has started according to how smooth the substance should get. Read the manual that is provided to get all the possible options.

2.13 What Is the Substance Size After Complete Usage of the Hump Grinder?

The material size after being grounded varies according to the preference of the client. However, the standard size is around 5/16” (7.93mm).

The size can be adjusted by reducing or adding the number of teeth for grinding during production.

2.14 Which Is the Best Hemp Grinder Capacity?

Figure 8. Best Hemp Grinder Capacity

The grinder capacity is determined by the level of consumption of the client. Different hemp grinders have different capacities.

 As a company, we recommend the three-piece hemp grinder that is pocket-friendly and has storage chambers.

 It also has screens to view the consistency of the hemp, can be customized and is affordable. We have all sizes of hemp grinders you can choose from.

2.15 Which Types of Blades Do You Recommend for Hemp Grinder?

Hemp grinders are made of different types of blades each with its advantage. When placing an order, you can specify which one should be used. They include:

  • Pointed blades: they are the best blades due to their sharpness. It produces finer hemp as it shreds effectively.
  • Square blades: it is not effective as it does not grind the materials finally because it is not sharp. It is used for medium grinds as it is customized with few teeth.
  • Coated blades: the most used coating is diamond. It creates a rough edge that is used for crushing strong compressed pieces. It will also simplify the spinning of the substances to produce smooth hemp.

2.16 Which Screen Sizes Are Available for Hemp Grinder?

The hemp grinders come in different screen sizes. The screens are used for sifting the hemp that is stored in the chambers. 

They are an important part of a hemp grinder as it catches the bigger pieces for further grinding.  It is available in small size with a diameter of 4mm, medium with 5.5 mm, and large with a 6mm diameter.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 9. Order and Payment

3.1 How Much Does a Hemp Grinder Cost?

The cost of a hemp grinder is determined by various factors. It will depend on the type of engraving applied, the design chosen, and the size. 

The distance to be covered during delivery will also determine its average cost. Find the estimated costs of hemp grinders on our website.

3.2 Which Payment Methods Do You Accept for Hemp Grinders?

We have different payment methods that we accept. It allows flexibility and diversity. There is a currency converter to determine how much you are supposed to pay. They include:

  • PayPal.
  • Mpesa.
  • Credit cards.
  • MasterCard.

3.3 How Do I Place an Order for a Hemp Grinder?

Placing an order is a straightforward process. The client is required to visit our website and create an account where he will be given a code to access it.

Proceed to our order placement tab and fill in the required details. If you do not have any design or idea of what you want, browse through our extensive library of pictures 

You will receive a pop-up notification upon successful placement of a hemp grinder order. Check our website today and place your order.

3.4 Which Is the Minimum Number of Hemp Grinders Can I Order at A Time?

At the moment we do not have any limit on the number of hemp grinders a client can order at a time. However, bulk orders take a bit longer to be delivered.

3.5 Do You Have Specific Days and Time for Placing Orders?

As a company, we have a lot of professional staff that works throughout the day. We ensure that we can fulfill all your orders hence no specific days and times for placing orders.

Place your request today for hemp grinders on our website.

3.6 Do I Need to Have an Account with You Before Placing an Order for Hemp Grinder?

Figure 10. Account for ordering Hemp Grinder

Yes. The reason behind it is to ensure that we are not selling our hemp grinder to minors. 

Creating an account involves filing your details including your social security number. You will be given a special code to use whenever you want to access our website.

3.7 Who Qualifies to Place an Order for Hemp Grinder On Your Website?

We accept orders from everyone regardless of their race or status. However, anyone below 18 years will be denied access to our website.

 As soon as a client logs in, we will verify their details to keep off minors. Also, they should be able to afford all the related costs of purchasing a hemp grinder.

3.8 Do You Accept Partial Payments for Hemp Grinders?

Unfortunately, we dot accept any partial payments for hemp grinders. If a client is not able to pay for the package, we advise them to start a savings plan.

 When the money is enough they can be able to place an order for the hemp grinder.

3.9 Is Your Website User Friendly?

Figure 11. Ordering Hemp Grinder from the website

Our procedures and steps are simple. It can be accessed by everyone regardless of their status. It has the option of changing the language as desired. Besides, we have customer care representatives ready to attend to you all the time.

3.10 Who Do I Contact in Case of Any Challenges While Placing an Order for Hemp Grinder?

We have our professional staff that works 24hrs 7 days a week to help with any problems that our clients experience. We can be reached via email, Twitter, and phone calls. All the communication to our company is free of charge.

3.11 Are There Discounts and Offers for Hemp Grinders?

At the moment we offer discounts on bulk orders. We also have promotions that we run from time to time especially during the festive season. 

Additionally, we have a rewards program where our clients are offered points when they buy from us.

 These points can be redeemed and converted to money that can be used to purchase a hemp grinder.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What Is the Average Shipping Cost of a Hemp Grinder?

The average shipping cost is determined by several factors. They include:

  • The distance covered during delivery.
  • The size and design of the hemp grinder.
  • The type of blades and teeth used.
  • The engraving technique was applied.

4.2 Which Shipping Companies Do You Use?

We have different companies that we use during the shipping of hemp grinders. We choose a company that is affordable and reliable. They include:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Shipstation.

4.3 Which Is the Lead Time for Delivering Hemp Grinders?

If all factors remain constant, we will take 5 working days to deliver hemp grinders. For international orders, we take 10 days to fulfill delivery. 

If we experience any challenges, we will notify the clients of the possible delay.

4.4 Do You Have Specific Days and Time for Deliveries?

We do not have any specific day for deliveries. When the hemp grinder is dispatched from our warehouse, the shipping company will contact the client to notify them of their arrival. 

Alternatively, the client can check the status of the hemp grinder on our website. If the average lead time is surpassed, the client can lodge a follow-up with us.

4.5 What Are the Conditions for Free Delivery for Hemp Grinders?

Figure 13. Delivery Conditions

We have free delivery services that we offer to our clients. Any order above 3 pieces of hemp grinders will be delivered at no cost. 

We also upgrade our loyal clients by surprising them with free shipping deals from time to time.

4.6 Do You Offer Same Day Deliveries for Hemp Grinder?

We have same-day deliveries for our local orders and they should be placed before 10 am. Ensure that all costs have been paid in full and the correct delivery address is given.

4.7 What If I Receive a Non-Functional Hemp Grinder On Delivery?

When a delivery for hemp grinder is done, check the package to ascertain if there is any damage or non-functionality. The client is required to place a replacement claim on our website.

 We will assess the cause of the problem and cater to all the possible costs. Make sure that you attach all the necessary documents as required to initiate the replacement process.

4.8 Who Is Responsible for The Shipping Fees for Hemp Grinder?

The client is expected to pay for the shipping fees of their hemp grinder. After placing an order successfully, there is a payment procedure that will pop up with all costs. If you experience any difficulties talk to us on our website.

4.9 Do You Offer Tracking Services for Hemp Grinders On Transit?

Figure 14. Delivery Conditions

We have tracking services that help our clients to know which stage their product is. You will be required to key in your order number on the order page for accurate information.

4.10 What Are Requirements Needed for A Delivery of Hemp Grinder to Be Successful?

Before shipping the hemp grinder make sure that you have placed an order on our website.  Make the required payment and give the correct delivery address.

 You will receive the hemp grinder within the shortest time possible. Pop on our website and place your order.

4.11 Do I Need to Pick the Hemp Grinder in Person?

Most of the time it is advisable that the client is available in person during delivery. The main reason is that the client is aware of the specifications of the hemp grinder they ordered.

 However, due to unavoidable circumstances, we allow the hemp grinder to be picked by someone else. 

Ensure that they have a copy of your identification card and the order tracking number. In case of any challenges, we will be glad to help.

4.12 Any Countries You Do Not Ship to?

At the moment we do not have any restrictions. We work with shipping companies that deliver our hemp grinder to all parts of the world. It is legal to ship them because they are new and do not contain any illegal substance.

4.13 Is It Acceptable to View My Hemp Grinder On Delivery?

Yes. We advise our clients to open their hemp grinder on delivery. Check if it has any damages and test if it is in a good working condition. 

The client can apply for a replacement or return based on the nature and functionality of the hemp grinder. Do not sign the delivery form before assessing the package.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Are Conditions for Replacement to Take Place?

Before a replacement is successful, we have put in place certain conditions that will guide us. Firstly, the hemp grinder delivered should be different from what was ordered. 

Also, if the package delivered has damages, we will authorize the replacement. Lastly, a replacement occurs if the client wishes to change the hemp grinder that was delivered.

5.2 Do You Accept Returns for Hemp Grinders?

At the moment we accept returns from our clients. We believe that returns occur due to uncertainties. Reach out to us for assistance and how to go about returns.

5.3 Which Documents Do You Require for A Replacement to Take Place?

For a replacement to take place, we will require the following documents:

  • The delivered hemp grinder.
  • The order tracking number,
  • The delivery note.
  • A copy of the payment receipt.
  • Correct shipping address.

5.4 Who Is Responsible for Expenses Incurred During Replacement of a Hemp Grinder?

If the reason for replacement is due to our fault, we will take full responsibility. If the reason is due to a client’s change of mind, they will be charged on every cost that will be incurred.

 The total charges will be shown as soon as you place a replacement claim on our website. 

5.5 What Is the Maximum Duration for Replacements to Be Made?

After our team of professionals has verified the details and reason for replacement, we will proceed to initiate the process. It will take 14 days to deliver the hemp grinder.

 We have a tracking system in place to help our clients to know which stage of the replacement the package is.

5.6 Do You Have Any Warranty for Hemp Grinders?

Figure 16. Warranty for Hemp Grinder

Yes. Our hemp grinders have a 3-year warranty. We will cover all the costs and repairs needed to be associated with the product.

 If there is a warranty problem on the hemp grinder after 3 years, the client will be required to pay for the services.

5.7 In Case I Receive a Damaged Hemp Grinder, Do You Replace the Broken Part or Whole of It?

When you receive a damaged product, you are required to claim a replacement. The damaged hemp grinder should be sent back to us immediately via a shipping company. You will not be charged any fees.

5.8 How Do I Initiate a Return Process for Hemp Grinder?

This is a simple process. It begins with a client filling a return claim form on our website. You will be required to state your reason for requesting a return.

 Based on the reasons given, we will vet if it will be successful or not. You will receive a notification about our decision within the shortest time possible.

5.9 How Do I Place a Replacement Claim for Hemp Grinder?

The replacement process is self-explanatory just like placing an order for a hemp grinder. Visit our website and look for a replacement form on our homepage.

 Fill in the required details and submit them for approval. You are advised to check the status of the replacement using your order tracking number.

5.10 How Long Until I Receive My Replacement for Hemp Grinder?

Figure 17. Hemp Grinder Replacing Period

Firstly, we will assess your replacement claim to ascertain whether you qualify for a replacement or not. We will check the needed documents and proceed with the process. 

It will take 14 days to fulfill a replacement claim for a hemp grinder. If there are further delays, we will notify the client via email.

5.11 What Are the Return Management Applications Available for Hemp Grinder?

 We have put in place management applications to help in the transition of returns. They are user-friendly and help us solve our client’s challenges. Currently, we have three applications which are:

  • Returns and exchanges.
  • After ship Returns Center.
  • Automated RMAs.

5.12 What Is Your Return Policy?

For the hemp grinder to be returned, we will have to check if it has any damage. The default can be as a result of poor packaging or fault in shipping. 

We do not refund any payments when a return is made one week past the delivery date. You can contact us after you start the return process on our website. Ensure that you provide the necessary details needed on the return policy claim template found on our website.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 18. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Do I Cancel an Order for Hemp Grinder?

You are required to start a cancellation process on our website. Open the order and payment form on our home page and click on the order cancellation button. You will be prompted to confirm if you wish to cancel your order. You will need to verify that you are not a robot by answering the small questions asked.

 When you manage to cancel successfully, you will then receive an email from us. Reach out via call or email if you experience any challenges.

6.2 Will I Be Notified When I Cancel an Order for Hemp Grinder?

After placing a cancellation request for hemp grinder, you will receive an email if it’s successful. It might take a while because the system will have to verify at which stage the production has reached.

 If you do not get any notification after 24 hours, call us for a follow-up.

6.3 Can Hemp Grinders On Transit Be Cancelled?

Unfortunately, we do not accept the cancellation of hemp grinders on transit. The package will be delivered as per the order request.

 The client can apply for a return or replacement depending on the reason for cancellation. Find more details on our website.

6.4 Can I Place an Order for Hemp Grinder After Cancelling a Previous Order?

We do not have any limit on the number of times a client can place orders. However, if you cancel an order more than 7 times in a row, you will be barred from using our services. Put your order for hemp grinder today.

6.5 Who Qualifies for A Refund?

We have various ways of determining who qualifies for a refund depending on the reason for the application. They include:

  • A client received a different hemp grinder from what he ordered.
  • When a damaged package is delivered and the client is not willing to apply for a replacement.
  • If a cancellation request is made before dispatch of the hemp grinder.

6.6 Do You Have Any Refund Policy?

Figure 19. Hemp Grinder Return Policy

As a company, we have policies to ensure our customers are satisfied. We do not refund any cash once the hemp grinder is delivered unless the product delivered does not match what was ordered.  

We advise that a client applies for a replacement at this stage. When a cancellation is made before dispatch, we have put in place a refund policy. 

We will assess the cost of the package and deduct 25% of the total cost. The remaining balance will be credited to your bank account in 30 days. The terms and conditions are available on our website for additional information.

6.7 Is Your Company Insured?

Being in this business for more than a decade, we have ensured that each aspect of our business is covered. It protects us from replacements, returns, refunds, and theft. It provides sustainability and continuity of the business.

6.8 What Are Documents Needed for A Refund for Hemp Grinder to Take Place?

After verifying that the client qualifies for a refund, we will require the following:

  • A copy of the payment slip.
  • A copy of the delivery note.
  • The delivery note of the hemp grinder.
  • A copy of the identification card.
  • Bank details where the funds will be deposited.

6.9 How Long Does It Take till I Receive My Refund?

The average time taken to complete a refund claim is 21 days. It has to go through different procedures for assessment and approval.

We also have to engage the insurance company and wait for the funds to be made available to us. We have a tracking system on our website to notify you of the progress of your refund process.

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