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Foison Metal is the High-End Supplier for Herb Grinders in China

Foison Metal is a well-known high-end provider of personalized herb grinder products. Our objective is to provide unrivaled service to suit the needs of our clients.

To provide you with highly developed items, we are constantly growing our experience and research. Foison Metal personalized herb grinder are made from a range of materials to better fit the needs and wants of our customers.

We carefully select designs with exact materials that can deliver precise product outputs. Our company is dedicated to collaborating to reach our goal of providing satisfactory results.

About Our Service

Simple to Use

We created this herb grinder product with the goal in mind. We built a simple yet elegant design that is obvious in its application.


We chose materials that will not deteriorate over time. Materials that are both sturdy and lightweight for you herb grinder.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee that our product will satisfy your expectations and give appropriate results.


Secure handling, free and timely delivery, the best bulk deal rate, and the highest quality material for herb grinder are all guaranteed.


Stainless steel and aluminum, both metals, have specific characteristics that will almost certainly meet your herb grinder order.


We offer beneficial options that will work well in your personalized herb grinder orders.

Professional Support

Don’t worry about having your orders taken care of by us, our team is divided with individual specialization in producing the best services.

Excellent Quality

Before shipment, our herb grinder are professionally inspected and tested.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Herb Grinder is Made For Customization and Engraved Designs

Personalized Herb Grinder

Order personalized herb grinder only here at Foison Metal at the best quality.

Mini Herb Grinder

Get your herb grinder in different shapes and styles. Available in mini shapes and customized color.

Stainless Steel Herb Grinder

Level up your herb grinder available for stainless steel metal. Best for strong corrosion resistance.

Herb Grinder Custom

Herb grinders are beginning to be a trend, get modern herb grinder with your personal business touch available for custom.


Herb grinders are commonly made of steel or aluminum. Both have a long-lasting quality that allows them to withstand severe corrosion. Designed just for you to keep in your pocket, it’s small and easy to use.

Foison Metal supplies a wide range of products that your business will need. For you, we have quality and security. When you place an order with us, you won’t have to worry about shipping because we make sure to deliver the best service possible.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Quality Control

To ensure that our herb grinder is of high quality, it is put through its paces.

Good Price

To deliver the best product output, we use high-quality materials at a reasonable price for our items.


We have similar mindsets and are committed to working together to achieve our clients' goals.


Let us know if you'd like a custom herb grinder with your preferences and requirements.

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Foison Metal is the Top Manufacturer of High Quality Herb Grinder in China

We are dedicated to expanding environmentally friendly manufacturing activities and functioning sustainably. We at Foison Metal believe in providing our customers with the peace of mind they deserve. By delivering exceptional customer service, secure transactions, and the best deals for our goods, we ensure that we exceed our clients’ expectations.

The Herb Grinder Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Herb Grinder

1.1 What is a Herb Grinder?

A herb grinder is a cylindrical-shaped tool that grinds herbs into a fine constancy product. The design and size of the herb grinder are meant to fit on your palm while grinding your herb product.

Herb grinder simplifies the process of grinding your stash because it’s faster compared to grinding using your own hands.

It comprises two interlocking halves that rotate against each other to allow teeth to finely grind the buds into a fine stash. You can get herb grinders in different styles, colors, and shapes according to your preference.

1.2 What Is the Basic Use of Herb Grinder?

If you need hype from the herb product you smoke, it’s important to know how you will achieve this. This means obtaining a good herb grinder to grind your stash. With the availability of different types of herb grinders and sizes, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Use a herb grinder to grind your herb and enjoy a finer consistent product that gives you a high that is long-lasting.

1.3 What Is the Estimated Lifespan of Herb Grinder? What Should I Look Out for While Determining the Durability?

It would be costly, time-consuming when you are constantly buying herb grinders now and then. This is because you’ve chosen a herb grinder that has low durability.

Choose your herb grinder wisely for longer services and quality ground herb. Below are some of the factors that determine how long your herb grinder can last;

  • Screen quality: always choose a herb grinder with a high-quality screen as it helps keep your herb fresh all the time.
  • Chambers: Look for herb grinders with chambers that can easily rotate against each other and are easily removable.
  • Teeth: the type of teeth in a herb grinder determines the quality herb. Again, you should choose one that is stronger to crack that bud into the fine product without breaking.
  • Magnets: They help keep your herb in place to avoid spillage if the lid suddenly opens up.

1.4 What Are the Benefits of Using Herb Grinder Over Use of Hands?

Figure 2. Benefits of using Herb Grinder

There are quite a several benefits you get from using a herb grinder no matter how simple it is. Using a herb grinder outweighs using your own bare hands to grind your buds.

Below are some of the benefits:

  • Potency: it’s obvious when you grind your wind you make it more potent. This is by producing consistent fine products. It also ensures a more even burn thus reducing canoeing.
  • Catching kief: Kief is the chemical substance you obtain from the hairy parts of the bud. They not only enhance potency but also increase the longevity of your stash. You must acquire a herb grinder with a kief catcher if you want to express the feeling.
  • Time-saving: With about 10 rotations of the herb grinder, you will have your stash ready rather than grinding using hands which is time-consuming.
  • Cost-saving: With the right herb grinder made of long-lasting materials, there will be no need to constantly buy a new herb grinder.

Additionally with grounded herb, the chances of getting high quickly with a small amount of stash compared to using large buds.

  • Lesser harsh smoke: Evenly burned stash produces less or no smoke compared to poorly grounded herb. Which may result in clogging your lungs up.
  • Easy transportation Using a herb grinder especially those with storage chambers, you can easily carry along your stash. There is a sizable herb grinder that can accomplish this task effectively.

1.5 What Factors Should I Consider While Choosing a Herb Grinder?

Before deciding on which herb grinder to buy, it’s important to understand all features that make it unique compared to others. Below are some of the factors to consider;

  • The material used to make the herb grinder. A herb grinder is made of so many different materials. You must understand how you intend to use it hence pick out the best quality. Some of the best materials are metallic materials such as aluminum and titanium.
  • The number of chambers: just to enlighten you, the more the number of chambers on your herb grinder the more quality and better is your stash. For instance, a 4-chamber herb grinder has a better storage area, and it’s easy to catch kief.
  • The durability of the herb grinder. Am sure you don’t want to constantly buy herb grinders now and then as a result of malfunctioning to be designed the current herb grinder. It, therefore, is important to evaluate all the features such as teeth among others to ensure durability.
  • Teeth count. Tooth count differs depending on the type of herb grinder you want. A small herb grinder should not be densely populated with teeth because it will result in clogging. However, if the teeth are dispersed there is a problem too because it will result in large pieces of herb which we don’t want.
  • Lastly, you can check out reviews from different customers that will give you a go-ahead on whether to buy one or not.

Always keep these factors in mind, they are of great importance in assisting you to get a herb grinder of your preference.

1.6 Can I Get a Pocket-Size Herb Grinder?

Yes, there is a small-sized herb grinder that will perfectly fit into your pocket. More so with this small size herb grinder, they are lightweight making them even more portable.

With these you can easily carry your stash everywhere you go, it’s hard for anyone to notice you are carrying one.

1.7 What Elements Make Up a Complete Herb Grinder?

Figure 3. Parts of a Herb Grinder

A herb grinder is made up of important elements that make it functional and more effective. Without this element, you can as well your hands to grind your stash.

These elements include;

  • Top and bottom lid that keeps the herb in place.
  • Grinding chamber where you place your buds before initiating the grinding process.
  • Teeth that are placed in the grinding chamber to specifically grind the buds into consistency-size herbs.

1.8 What Are the Available Types of Herb Grinder?

A herb grinder is made up of important elements that make it functional and more effective. Without this element, you can as well your hands to grind your stash.

These elements include;

  • Top and bottom lid that keeps the herb in place.
  • Grinding chamber where you place your buds before initiating the grinding process.
  • Teeth that are placed in the grinding chamber to specifically grind the buds into consistency-size herbs.

1.9 What Are the Available Types of Herb Grinder?

There are different types of herb grinders. The different types of herb grinders are classified according to the number of chambers they have.

The most common types of herb grinder you will find in the market include;

  • Two-piece chamber herb grinder: It only comprises a lid and a bowl.
  • Three-piece herb grinder: This type of herb grinder comprises a lid, grinding chamber, and another chamber beneath the grinding chamber. The purpose of this additional chamber is to store the grounded herb.
  • Four-piece herb grinder: It comprises a lid, grinding chummeries catcher chamber, and a storage chamber.

1.10 What Are the Tips of Effectively Using an Herb Grinder for Better Results?

Below are a few tips that will give you grime on how to use your herb grinder for better results. With a better understanding of the various herb grinder and how they function it’s crucial to know how to use them well.

Besides, if you have used different types of herb grinders, you have an idea which one gives you the best results. These tips include;

  • Always go for an aluminum herb grinder, they are the best in terms of durability.
  • Avoid overfilling your grinding chamber with buds.
  • Choose a herb grinder with maximum teeth and hole count.
  • Always turn your grinder upside down for a few moments.
  • Ensure you put a clean coin in the collection chamber to facilitate a large collection of kief via the screen layer.

1.11 Is There a Need for Cleaning Herb Grinder?

Yes, it’s important to constantly clean up your herb grinder. You must clean up your herb grinder before it clogs up making it ineffective. Irregular or no cleaning of herb grinder will result to;

  • Clogging of threads that hold up chambers making it difficult to take them apart to put together.
  • Clogging of the screen.
  • The teeth become staffed by the sticky remains of the herb which makes it hard to grind the buds into a fine product.

To avoid the hassle that comes with all these clogging problems, ensure you clean your herb grinder at least once a month.

1.12 What’s The Use of Seal in A Herb Grinder?

There is no use in grinding your stash then after a few days it’s gone bad and the odor coming out is unbearable. An herb grinder must keep your stash as fresh as you want it.

To achieve this, ensure the herb grinder contains a seal hence locking the air outside from entering into your storage chamber.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do You Have Any Available Samples of Herb Grinder?

Figure 4. Samples of a Herb Grinder

We do have herb grinder samples. Normally, these samples are meant for viewing and sampling from clients who want to buy from us. We have designed these herb grinder samples in different shapes, sizes, colors, and from different materials.

From there, the clean can sample which herb grinder they want. Additionally, we do not charge to view or use our samples for your design.

The samples are demos of what our team is capable of achieving if you trust us to design your herb grinder.

2.2 What Is a Herb Grinder Made Of?

Materials used in designing a herb grinder determine how long it will serve you. You must be aware of the different available materials and their features before buying a herb grinder.

Furthermore, you may choose to consider the following factors;

  • The intended purpose of the herb grinder
  • Durability
  • Availability of the materials
  • The cost of the materials
  • Effectiveness of the material to be used in a herb grinder.

The most commonly used materials are;

  • Metallic materials include aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and brass. Aluminum metal is the most preferred in this category since its lightweight and durability are guaranteed. 

Even though these metallic materials tend to be expensive, they are the best in terms of the quality of stash you get in return.

Additionally, these metal materials adhere to the Food and Drug Administration making them suitable for human usage.

  • Acrylic materials are the cheapest when it comes to price and quality. Again, they have clear visibility, you can be able to see what’s going on inside. However, they have a high tendency to break easily making them less reliable.
  • Wood material, you will rarely find these wood herb grinders because they take a lot of time to design them. And if you find one, they only contain one chamber for grinding and at the same time storing your stash.

2.3 Which Herb Grinder Size Should I Go For?

How you intend to use the herb grinder and how much stash you need are the key determinant factors while choosing the size you want.

There are 3 standard sizes you will find when it comes to herb grinders. They include;

  • A small size herb grinder

They measure 1.5’’ to 2’’ in diameter. This means they are easily portable and you carry them along wherever you go.

  • A medium-size herb grinder

They measure between 2.5’’ to 3.5 in diameter. They are not large nor are they too small meaning they can as well fit into a pocket or a bag. 

Additionally, with the medium size, you can comfortably find a 4-chamber herb grinder with all compartments as recommended.

The storage chamber can hold as much stash as you want to make it the right choice to go for.

  • A large size herb grinder

This herb grinder is normally 3.5’’ or more. You can use them to grind a large amount of stash, especially at parties. You cannot go carry a large herb grinder since there are heavy adding more weight to your luggage.

Be specific on the size of the herb grinder you want and also consider the cost of buying one.

2.4 Is Herb Grinder Size Adjustable?

Figure 5. Size of a Herb Grinder

It’s not possible to make adjustments to the size of the herb grinder since the chambers are not to directly fit on another chamber. There is some difference in diameter especially if it’s not a 2-chamber herb grinder.

The only possible solution is buying a new herb grinder of the size you desire and prefer.

2.5 What Are the Advantages of Using 4-Chamber Herb Grinder Over 2-Chamber Herb Grinder?

How you want your herb grounded determines which type of herb grinder you will opt to use. You can choose between the 2-chamber herb grinder or the 4-chamber herb grinder.

However, the benefits that come with using a 4-chamber herb grinder are immense compared to a 2-chamber herb grinder. With a 4-chamber herb grinder as the name suggests, it contains three compartments, a grinding chamber, storage chamber, and kief catcher chamber.

a 4-chamber herb grinder grinds your buds into fine consistency sized herb which gives you a good high but also its of high quality. Additionally, if you want to catch kief to spice up your stash, a 4-chamber herb grinder is the way to go.

On the other hand, a 2-chamber herb grinder only contains one compartment. It grinds the buds into finer nags that’s all. These can work for some people especially if it’s your first time, but tell you what, you will be missing the kief part.

The 2-chamber herb grinder does not have a kief catcher compartment. But if you are not interested in kief, you have the best option here. Besides with only one chamber, you can easily clean your herb grinder without any struggles.

2.6 How do I use my herb grinder?

Using a herb grinder is a very simple process even when you are a first-time stoner, you can grind your buds into fine particles. Grounded herb not only produces quality herb but also reduces surface area hence you can roll up more stash. Unlike using bigger bags of herbs.

The following are the common steps you should follow while using your herb grinder;

  • Load your grinder with buds. You should remove the top lid to open the herb grinder. Using your fingers break the buds into small nags and place them on the grinding chamber. It contains teeth that purposely perform this grinding task.
  • Grind your stash by replacing the lid and make sure it’s intact. Hold your herb grinder with one hand while using the other one to rotate. Rotate until you feel there is no more resistance. This means all the buds are grounded.
  • Tap the grinder using your palm to allow dislodging of all the grounded herb and more collection of kief.
  • Finally, sit relaxed and enjoy your well-grounded herb, and spice it up with kief for a long-lasting high.

2.7 What Are the Commonly Used Teeth in A Herb Grinder?

Figure 6. Herb Grinder Teeth

A herb grinder without teeth is of no use because it’s like using bare hands to grind your stash. Again, choosing the best of teeth for your herb grinder guarantees the quality stash and longevity of your herb grinder.

Therefore, always be keen on the type of teeth you want for your preferred herb grinder. Below are some of the commonly used teeth in an herb grinder;

  • Diamond-shaped teeth
  • Peg-like teeth
  • Rectangular
  • Triangular
  • Rounded teeth.

2.8 Do You Customize Herb Grinder? How Long Will the Customization Process Take?

We are open to new ideas and customization of an herb grinder is one of them. Whatever you need to be designed with the help of our team it’s achievable to require you to provide all the details to be included on your herb grinder.

Such information includes;

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Any other additional information you may need such as glitters, logo, image.

The duration taken to customize a herb grinder depends on the complexity of the design and the information to be included in it. The more complex the details are the longer it will take. A normally customized herb grinder will take 2 to 3 weeks for full completion.

2.9 Can I Get a Herb Grinder with My Color Preference?

We do not have a limit when it comes to colors and what will make our clients happier. We have various color options that you can choose from depending on what you want. 

We have pink, blue, silver, black and some have glitters. You can choose from these colors or provide your color option and will surely deliver it.

2.10 Is There a Limit of Herb Grinder You Can Customize?

Yes, we have set a minimum number of herb grinders we can customize. Ideally, we are going the extra mile to deliver your customized herb grinder meaning there is so much work needed. From labor, cost, and even the duration it takes to deliver a fully customized herb grinder.

Mostly the cost is the biggest factor here, Customization is expensive and therefore we have to regulate the number we produce to balance the expenditures.

Reach out to our team, to get the minimum quantity we can customize for you.

2.11 Is Aluminum Herb Grinder Any Better?

If you compare aluminum herb grinders with other herb grinders made from other materials you will realize a very huge difference. The aluminum metal material used in making herb grinders is lightweight and more durable. Additionally, the food and drug administration has allowed its usage, because it doesn’t contain harmful elements.

2.12 What Are the Available Shape Options of Herb Grinder?

Figure 7. Different Shapes for Herb Grinder

A bigger percentage of the herb grinder designs we have and produce are circular. This though shouldn’t worry you; you can present to us the design and shape you want for your herb grinder. We will evaluate if it is achievable within the timeframe you want it. Some shapes tend to be more complex, requiring more time for designing.

2.13 How Are the Chambers of a Herb Grinder Connected?

The different herb grinder chambers are not permanently attached. This means you can easily mantle and dismantle it whenever you want, especially while cleaning.

These herb grinder chambers are enhanced with magnets that provide firm attachment of one chamber to the other. These magnets help keep your stash intact while grinding to avoid spillage.

2.14 How Many Details Can I Add to My Customized Herb Grinder?

How many details you can add to your herb grinder depends on the size you have chosen. These details can be text, images, or logos.

For instance, if you are for a small-size herb grinder, the details you can add are limited to the small space available. Again, if it’s a text it’s dependent on the font you use in your text. For a large-size herb grinder, there is so much you can do in terms of details to add.

Note, the size of the herb grinder is the determinant factor. Choose a size that you know will perfectly fit the details you want to be included.

2.15 Is There a Limit on The Amount of Information You Can Engrave on The Herb Grinder?

Yes, everything has a limit, we cannot go engraving small size herb grinder with so much information. If you need certain information to be included on your herb grinder, make it precise and to the point.

As stated earlier, choose your information carefully to have a more attractive herb grinder that you will be comfortable using even Infront of your buddies.

2.16 How Similar Will My Herb Grinder and The Sample Provided Be?

When we design your herb grinder from the samples you have provided, you will not be able to distinguish which is which. There is a 99% similarity between the final herb grinder and the sample.

Our team is always keen on the details and they work towards delivering the best results.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Place an Order for My Herb Grinder?

We have simplified our ordering process where clients do not necessarily have to visit our company to place the order.

You can place your order via the online ordering system which is very user-friendly. If you intend to buy a herb grinder from us, create an account that allows you to access our platform.

We have an order placing form where you will fill up all the required information such as physical address location, and all personal information.

Remember to choose a special mode of payment, desired shipping method, and the quantity of herb grinder you want. For any pop-up queries, reach out to our team.

3.2 What Is the Cost of a Herb Grinder?

The cost of a herb grinder is not constant for all the different herb grinders we have. Each one of them comes with a different price. To determine the cost of herb grinder, we consider the following factors;

  • The material used in making the herb grinder.
  • The size of the herb grinder you want. A small size herb grinder is relatively cheaper compared to larger ones.
  • Type of herb grinder you want.
  • Quantity of herb grinder you are buying from us.

With these factors in mind, we can quote the prices of every herb grinder. The cost will differ but it’s much affordable to all our clients.

3.3 What Mode of Payment Do I Use While Paying for My Herb Grinder?

You can make payments of herb grinder using the following online payment methods

  • T&T
  • PayPal
  • Mastercard.

These are the only payment methods that are acceptable in our company. Find more information on how they operate on our payment page.

3.4 Do You Offer Discounts on Herb Grinder?

Figure 9. Discounts for Herb Grinder

We appreciate the fact that most of our clients are frequent buyers and for new ones maybe they have been referred by someone. And for these, we feel the urge to always take care of our clients in return.

We have discounts on herb grinders every mid-year. We offer discounts using the following criteria;

  • Frequent clients ordering in bulk.
  • First-time client ordering in bulk.

For all other clients, we provide pouches that perfectly carry the herb grinder, hence you can carry it wherever you go.

3.5 How Secure Is Your Online Ordering Platform?

If it’s a matter of your data security, we assure you that the information is shared between you and us, no other agents are involved. The information you share with us cannot be accessed by any intruders because we have the best data security software that all uses end-to-end encryption.

You can reach out to us if you are unsure or in support of the information we have provided. Our team will elaborate on grindersit further for you.

3.6 Do You Have Outlets Where I Can Buy Herb Grinder Instead of Ordering Direct from The Company?

You will get our herb grinder product in a few selected outlets. Before doing that check on our platform which shops we work with and which location they are located. If there is no local outlet, you can directly order us your herb grinder.

3.7 How Secure Is My Credit Card on Your Website?

Making payments can be hectic sometimes especially if you are doubting the security of your financial information getting out there. This is not the case for our company. We guarantee seamless transactions and your credit card information is protected.

Additionally, our payment page on our website is regulated by;

  • Secure socket protocol
  • Payment card industry data security standard.

With these two protocols, no hacker can access the information on your credit card. Contact us for more information.

3.8 Can I Make Payments for the Herb Grinder After Delivery?

Figure 10. Payment after Delivery

All our payments for herb grinder should be made after successful approval of order or a few days before delivery.

This is the first rule in our payment terms. If these payments are not made during this period, your herb grinder shipment will not be dispatched for shipping. To avoid this unfortunate incident, make your payments as directed.

3.9 Does Customization of Herb Grinder Come at An Extra Cost?

Customizing your herb grinder will always come at an extra cost. This cost depends on many details you want to be included in your customized herb grinder. More, so how big you want your herb grinder to also affect how much it will cost you.

We always provide this price quotation before we begin the production process to evaluate if you can afford this cost. 

3.10 Is There a Minimum Number of Herb Grinder to Order?

No, we do not have a limit on the number of herb grinders you can order. However, the number of herb grinders you order greatly affects how much less or more you spend on your herb grinder.

For instance, if you place a bulk order, you will pay much less since negotiations are allowable. Unlike buying one herb grinder where you will pay the exact quoted price.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do You Provide Free Shipping of Herb Grinder?

We only provide free shipping for our frequent buying clients who make bulk purchases. These can either be local or international shipping.

Confirmation of the address location is necessary to prevent wrong delivery. The rest leave it to our shipping and delivery team.

4.2 What Are the Shipping Rates of The Herb Grinder?

In most cases, all the shipping charges are quoted at a price that is affordable for every client of the herb grinder. Different factors determine how much shipping herb grinders will cost. They include;

  • Quantity of the herb grinder
  • The size of herb grinder shipment.
  • The distance of the physical address provided.
  • Mode of shipping you prefer.

4.3 Which Courier Would You Recommend for Me to Use While Shipping Herb Grinder?

There are various shipping agencies providing courier services yet it’s so hard to get a reliable one. For our case, we have gone an extra mile to evaluate each of all couriers available and we’ve found the following to be the best;

  • FedEx
  • DHL

If you work with one of these couriers it’s never disappointing. Their services are exemplary and they deliver on time.

We provide brochures containing their information so that you can be aware of their service as you wait to receive your herb grinder shipment.

4.4 Do You Provide Shipping and Delivery Services of Herb Grinder to Any Country?

Figure 12. International Shipment for Herb Grinder

We do deliveries in all countries but somehow, it’s dependent on the quantity you order. It will be a loss to just ship one piece of an herb grinder to a further country compared to local delivery.

For more distant countries we only take orders and ship in bulk. This doesn’t restrict you as most of these countries have outlets that deal with our herb grinder product; therefore, you can make your order there.

4.5 Is Shipping and Delivery Cost for Herb Grinder All in One Package?

Yes, shipping and delivery costs are all in one package. When the shipping charges are quoted to you, you should know its inclusive of the delivery fee.

However, if you want to use a different agent to deliver from the port to your address location let us know to make necessary deductions. You will pay your agent for the delivery fee.

4.6 What Should I Do If There Is Delayed Delivery of My Herb Grinder?

Everyone would worry if this happens to them. If the herb grinder you order does not arrive within the stipulated time from the shipping agents you need to take action.

Reach out to the courier agents responsible for a follow-up on the delayed delivery. You can also contact us. We can follow up on your behalf and respond as soon as we can.

4.7 Do You Guarantee Safety of My Herb Grinder During Shipping?

Your herb grinder is in the best hands of the most reliable courier agents. The safety of your shipment is paramount to them and therefore they take all precautions to avoid any compromises.

But in case of any arising problems, because it cannot always be 100% safe, the herb grinder is warranted meaning you will get a replacement or refund for the same.

4.8 How Fast Can You Ship and Deliver Herb Grinder?

Figure 13. Quick Delivery for Herb Grinder

The duration of shipping the herb grinder is mostly determined by the distance where we have to ship the herb grinder to. This can either be local or international. Local deliveries take 2 to 4 days to deliver while international will take between 14 days.

4.9 Do You Have Specific Shipping and Delivery Time for Herb Grinder?

We do shipping and delivery of herb grinder at all times and within any day of the week. All we need from you is a confirmation of availability to receive your herb grinder delivery.

4.10 What’s The Shipping Process of Herb Grinder?

It does not involve complex processes/activities. After packaging the herb grinder is dispatched to the shipping agent warehouse for loading on the mode of shipping you opted for. 

The shipping will commence after all the paperwork is done and you can follow up on the status of your order until its delivered.

4.11 Can I Change My Physical Location of Delivery After the Shipping Has Commenced?

No, we do not allow any changes to be made whether on the physical status of the herb grinder shipment or the location you provided to us.

That’s why we insist on providing active physical locations and not just allocation.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Return and Replacement

5.1 What’s The Company Return Policy?

Our company return policy requires you to return to the shop or to our company depending on where you ordered from. While returning make sure;

  • The herb grinder shipment is unopened.
  • The herb grinder shipment contains the original packaging.
  • If there were any labels at first, they should be there.

5.2 What Should I Do If the Herb Grinder I Have Received Have Defects?

First, we regret this, please report back to our team for further directions on what to do.

We can either replace the herb grinder or refund you the amount spent buying the herb grinder. It’s up to you to make the decision.

5.3 Is Replacing the Herb Grinder Chargeable?

If the error is a result of our mistake from our team, we will incur all the costs of replacing the herb grinder. However, if the error was a result of unclear information from the client, you are 100% liable.

5.4 What’s The Timeframe of Returning Herb Grinder?

Figure 15. Timeframe for Returning Herb Grinder

As stated in the company policy, the acceptable duration of return is 14 working days.

5.5 Which Documents Should I Attach to The Herb Grinder I Want to Return?

Attaching the original documents is paramount to prove the dates you made this herb grinder order. You should attach;

  • Original order invoice sent to you.
  • Invoices of all payments done
  • A delivery note was issued to you during delivery.

5.6 Who Pays for The Shipping Fee During the Returning of Herb Grinder?

We are liable for the shipping fee if the reason indicated while returning is from our company’s side. Otherwise, if you are returning for damages, you will have caused you to pay for the shipping fee.

5.7 I Have Received Extra Herb Grinder Than What I Ordered, What Should I Do?

First, we appreciate your honesty, let our team know and they will guide you on how to package and return the extra herb grinder.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 How Do I Cancel My Herb Grinder Order?

We have provided communication where you can reach out to us. You can write an email requesting the cancellation of the order and the reason too. If the reason is viable your order will be canceled immediately.

6.2 How Do I Request a Refund on Herb Grinder?

You can request a refund by writing to us in the mail. Indicate which mode we should make a refund through.

6.3 Do You Notify for Successful Cancellation of Herb Grinder Order?

Figure 17. Notification for Cancellation of Herb Grinder

Yes, we do send notifications for the successful cancellation of herb grinder orders. Normally, we use mail to send this notification, if you have canceled an order constantly check your mail for updates.

6.4 How many refunds Am I Entitled To?

You are entitled to a full refund minus the shipping expenses. We do not refund for shipping since shipping is a rendered service. Which has already occurred. Therefore, minus these charges, every single penny you have spent on the herb grinder will be refunded to you.

6.5 Do You Refund for Customized Herb Grinder?

In the first place we do accept the return of customized herb grinder neither are they refundable.

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