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Foison Metal Is A Verified Supplier Of Lapel Pins Badges Around The World

Are you in search of a company that produces top-rated lapel pins badges? Foison Metal is the answer. Our company has been the number one supplier of high-quality and cheap enamel pins by different businesses worldwide. 

Before transporting our products, we do a thorough examination of each pack to ensure that the goods are in good condition.

Foison Metal has been in the industry for several years. Thus, we have mastered the right techniques to make the best lapel pins badges. We have the most creative and dedicated teams that help us to make several items with unique designs. Contact us through our email to get free quotes and samples.

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Foison Metal manufactures cheap enamel pins ideal for small or starting enterprises. Purchase your affordable lapel pins badges from us!

Huge Discounts

When you buy enamel pins bulk from Foison Metal, you can enjoy huge discounts together with free lapel pins badges.

Massive Stocks

With advanced technologies and machines, Foison Metal’s lapel pins badges and soft enamel pins never go out of stock.

Unique Designs

Our company has the creative teams in the world that create distinct designs of soft enamel pins. Foison Metal also offers customization of lapel pins badges.


Foison Metal keeps the quality of our enamel pins set at their best. We only use premium materials in producing our lapel pins badges.

Satisfied Customers

Foison Metal aims to make our clients satisfied by producing only the highest quality of enamel pins set and lapel pins badges.

Quick Customer Support

The best enamel pin manufacturer always ensures that our products are functional for as long as it can.

Fast Delivery

Our courier will send your ordered lapel pins badges in two weeks. Foison Metal will also update you after the shipment of your order.

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Foison Metal Is The Number One Maker Of Efficient And Durable Lapel Pins Badges Worldwide

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Foison Metal is a verified supplier of high-quality lapel pins badges with various clients around the world. We want to help all business owners who are struggling to achieve success in this industry by providing them with quality lapel pins.

Our company produces thousands of lapel pins per day, thanks to our cutting-edge equipment. Foison Metal caters to different businesses around the world with various needs. If you need enamel pins for different purposes, you know who to call.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Made For All Business

Foison Metal manufactures various items that will benefit all business types.


Foison Metal has been manufacturing different items for your business for many years and gained the loyalty and trust of our clients.

Easy Access

Placing your order with us can be done in just a few clicks.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We produce enamel pins with the best quality possible at a very low rate.

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Get The Best Lapel Pins Badges by Foison Metal At The Lowest Market Deals

Foison Metal is the only company in the world that could bring you quality lapel pins badges at the lowest market cost. Our uniquely designed enamel pins gained the number one spot in the competition because they are available in distinct sizes, colors, and designs.

The Lapel Pins Badges Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 1. Lapel Pin Badges

Lapel pins badges are small metallic badges that are normally worn on different types of fabrics. The lapel pins badges can not only be displayed on fabrics alone but also on bags such as tote bags.

Lapel pins badges can be ornamental or even symbolize the achievements of individuals in an organization. Lapel pins badges can be a token or a distinguishing mark indicating some membership or higher-ranking position in an organization.

These lapel pins badges can be worn by politicians, the military, or people who want to show their ranking status.

Lapel pins badges come in different sizes, types, and shapes giving our clients a wide opportunity to choose from depending on their preferences.

1.2 What Features Characterize Lapel Pins Badges?

Being able to differentiate the available types of lapel pins badges, the intended purpose is important. It allows you to have a visual description of what you want.

The texture of the lapel pins badges is the main consideration you should always keep in mind. Lapel pins badges will either have a hard or soft texture depending on what the clients want and the function too.

Additionally, the size of the lapel pins badges is an important aspect. It’s important to first evaluate the intended purpose of the lapel pins badges before deciding on which size to go for. Our team will help you out in figuring out what best suits your purpose.

1.3 What Is the Use of Lapel Pins Badges?

Different people wear lapel pins badges as a form of ornament on the fabrics. Mostly lapel pin badges are used to symbolize ranking among politicians, military, or people working in different ranking positions.

Having lapel pins badges is the best option you can have to send a message, express your mood and style. They describe your personality.

Labeling pins badges also associates one with some kind of cultural beliefs.

1.4 What is the Benefit of Lapel Pins Badges Fasteners?

You cannot wear your lapel pins badges without any fastener at the back, it will keep on falling off. To save you the hassle, all our lapel pins badges come with fasteners or backing that help to firmly attach the lapel pins badges.

We have fasteners made of different materializes and styles just to fit and meet our clients’ requirements.

1.5 How Durable Are Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 2. Durability of Lapel Pin Badges

While obtaining lapel pins badges it’s important to consider the long-term goal. How long can the lapel pins badges last while still in good condition?

The durability of lapel pins badges mostly depends on;

  • Materials used in making the lapel pins badges. We are using the best materials in the market to make the lapel pins badges. Good choice saves you on cost in the long run since you don’t have to buy the lapel pins badges concurrently.
  • Maintenance it advisable to clean the lapel pins badges are some of the questions that most clients ask? Lapel pins badges should be cleaned regularly and proper maintenance measures should be considered. For instance, you should ensure the environment you are storing the lapel pins badges is not moist at all times.
  • Also, try to avoid keeping all the lapel pins badges in one storage container to prevent tarnishing.
  • Durability also depends on the type of lapel pins badges you opt for. For instance, hard lapel pins badges tend to last longer compared to soft lapel pins badges.

The important thing is to know what function and type of lapel pins badges you want. We design lapel pins badges that will give long-term service.

1.6 Where Can I Get Lapel Pins Badges?

We work with some of the renowned sellers of jewels both locally and internationally. You can access our lapel pins badges from them at a pocket-friendly price.

Another option is ordering directly from us through our website. Where to get the lapel pins badges should be the least problem our clients have to go through. Reach out to us we will guide you on how and where to get our lapel pins badges products.

1.7 What Types of Lapel Pins Badges Are There?

Understanding the purpose of the lapel pins badges allows you to make the right decision on which type of lapel pins badges you want. Our team will be able to offer assistance where need be when you are choosing which lapel pins badges you need.

We have categorized these lapel pins badges into two;

  • Hard lapel pins badges

Hard lapel pins badges are made out of some of the best metal materials such as copper and brass. The advantage of these metals is that they are softer making it easy for the manufacturing process.

The difference between the hard and soft lapel pins badges is how the application of enamel is done. With hard lapel pins badges, heat is used to harden the paint/enamel filled on the lapel pins badges.

This heat hardening of the enamel makes it more durable, that’s why the hard lapel pins badges are considered highly durable.

The hardened enamel will be polished to get a smooth and clean feel of the lapel pins badges.

It’s easier to apply silkscreen details that are not achievable while using just enamel. The polished surface allows these templates to lie flat on the smooth surface of hard lapel pins badges to apply these fine details.

  • Soft lapel pins badges

Soft lapel pins badges are made of iron which is known to have a relatively low cost. Making the soft lapel pins badges cheaper compared to hard lapel pins badges.

Enamel is applied on the soft lapel pins badges through air drying which results in non-uniformity of the enamel. If you take a look at soft lapel pin badges they normally have raised-like ridges which is an effect of air drying the enamel.

The ridge-like effects make it difficult to polish the soft lapel pins badges and when you touch them you can feel the effect.

1.8 Can I Clean the Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 3. Cleaning Lapel Pin Badges

A bigger percentage of the lapel pins badges we provide have silver plating which is prone to tarnishing if not properly maintained. To prevent this problem, ensure you regularly clean the lapel pins badges and the storage container is air-tightened.

To clean up the lapel pins badges, use a damp cloth to wipe out the dirt or tarnishes. You can also silver polish to clean up depending on how the lapel pins badges are tarnished.

Note, always ensure that your storage container is air-tightened at all times to keep the lapel pins badges in the right condition. This not only saves you on cost but also increases the durability of the lapel pins badges.

1.9 Is Lapel Pins Badges the Same as Lapel Pins?

Well, in terms of physical appearance lapel pins badges look like lapel pins. The difference comes in when we talk of cultural beliefs and what they both represent.

Lapel pins badges are used to signify or indicate ranks in terms of the job description, they are used by politicians or even military personnel. Lapel pins are mostly used for decorations on different types of attires.

1.10 What Should I Go for The Soft or Hard Lapel Pins Badges?

We let our clients mostly decide on this. The only assistance we provide to our clients is basically how these two types of lapel pin badges are made of, cost, and recommended size of the lapel pins badges.

It’s therefore important that you first evaluate all these factors before deciding to order. Each one of these lapel pins badges does have the best applicable times when you can choose to wear one over the other.

Check out the above-stated features to guide you on which one to buy.

1.11 What Are the Common Similarities of Soft and Hard Lapel Pins Badges?

In most cases only the difference between soft and hard lapel pins badges comes out, what people don’t know is there are similarities as well. Below are some similarities of soft and hard lapel pins badges.

They include;

  • Iron, Brass, and copper can be used to make both soft and hard lapel pins badges.
  • They contain a thin metal ridge that separates each layer of the enamel.
  • They contain a clutch and nail at the back that have a different set of clutches.
  • They both have recessed areas that are filled with enamel to increase uniformity and bring out the colors.
  • Soft and hard lapel pins badges are both die struck which means the metal plates are stamped with the design. This stamping process creates the design on that thin metal.
  • Plating of different finishes is achievable on both soft and hard lapel pins badges. These finishes range from; Gold, silver, nickel, copper, brass, and bronze.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Lapel Pin Badges

2.1 Do You Provide Samples of Lapel Pins Badges?

This is the first step we take whenever a client reaches out to us for lapel pins badges. We provide lapel pins badges samples that we have designed purposely for clients sampling.

By doing this the client can review all the sample designs we have to come with a conclusive idea of what they want.

All these sample designs are different depending on the material, type of plating, and sizes.

2.2 What Is the Standard Size of Lapel Pins Badges?

Being able to identify which size of lapel pins badges is paramount. This allows us to design lapel pins badges that meet the client’s specifications in terms of the purpose of the lapel pins badges.

More so, the size you choose determines the readability of any details you want to be included on the lapel pins badges. For instance, if you choose an extra small lapel pin badge the readability of the information on the lapel pins badges is next to impossible?

On the other hand, our able team is here to guide you in making the right choice when it comes to the size of lapel pins badges.

We have different sizes ranging from;

  • Small. The small sizes range from 0.5 to 0.75 inches 
  • Medium. The medium size is normally 1 inch in diameter.
  • Large: ranges from 1.5 to 1.75 inches, that is in terms of wideness.

2.3 Which File Format Do You Recommend for Uploading Designs of Lapel Pins Badges?

We recommend all our clients upload all the files regarding the design of lapel pins badges in form of vector files. You can convert all the designs into vector files using adobe illustrator. This is the one way out we can be able to download all the designs you have suggested.

For any inquires on this subject you can contact us directly or you can write to us, we will provide guidelines on how to go about it.

2.4 What Materials Do You Use in Making Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 5. Materials used in making Lapel Pin Badges

Ideally, the choice of material you choose generally affects the overall outlook of the lapel pins badges. More so, it will determine the quality and cost of the final product of lapel pins badges.

It’s therefore important to factor in what you want in terms of quality, cost, appearance, and durability. We aim at producing the best lapel pins badges within and far wide and to achieve these we hide to client’s requirements and provide guidance where need be.

Some of the materials that we use in making lapel pins badges include;

  • Brass 
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Zinc

2.5 Will The Final Product of The Lapel Pins Badges Look the Same as The Sample I Provide?

We have been in this game of production for so long and our team is well skilled to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best. We follow all the specifications that a client provides to the latter.

The quality of your lapel pins badges should not be an issue, we will deliver the same lapel pins badges as per the requirements.

We have happy client reviews to help you confirm our teams’ capabilities.

2.6 What Is the Turnaround Time of Lapel Pins Badges?

The turnaround time of making lapel pins badges depends mostly on;

  • Quantity of lapel pins badges that a client has ordered.
  • The scale of production. This implies how many lapel pins badges can be produced within a specific set of time.

Mostly designing the lapel pins badges takes more time than even producing them. Normally, we first design and send the designs to the client for approval before we begin production.

We will require the utmost 21 working days to produce the lapel pins badges and they will be ready for shipping to the address you provide.

2.7 Can You Match Up All the Colors on My Lapel Pins Badges as Portrayed on The Sample Designs?

We hid every specification you present to us no matter how small or ambiguous they are. We have experts who are best in filling up the colors on the lapel pins badges.

As long as your request is viable, we are more than ready to make it happen with the stipulated time.

2.8 What Type of Finishing do You Provide for Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 6. Finishing on Lapel Pin Badges

The appearance of lapel pins badges is very important since it’s the basic thing they are used for. It’s all about displaying and sending that one message you want to send out there.

It’s therefore important that you get the best finishing options for your lapel pins badges. We luckily provide some of the best finishing options leaving your lapel pins badges with an exemplary feel and look.

Some of the finishing options we have for lapel pins badges include;

  • Smooth matte finish
  • Textured finishes
  • Diamond finishing
  • Soft enamel finish

2.9 What Type of Lapel Pins Badges Backings Do You Provide?

While making the lapel pins badges, we make the backing of these lapel pins badges too. They help to fasten or hold the lapel pins badges in one position to prevent them from falling off.

These backings come in form of;

  • Pins
  • Magnetic fasteners are either coated or uncoated.
  • Crocodile clips

2.10 Do These Backings Come at An Extra Cost?

For both the crocodile clip and the pins, they are free of charge. For the magnetic fasteners, they come at an extra cost on top of the quoted prices.

Contact us for the price range of the magnetic fasteners.

2.11 How Much Information Can a Lapel Pins Badges Hold?

There is so much you can do with lapel pin badges. More so there is wide variation on what you can include on your lapel pins badges which is inclusive of adding some details.

Try to be precise and simple on the information you provide as it determines the readability of the details.

Additionally, the size of the lapel pins badges also plays a bigger role in this. If you choose small lapel pin badges it will be hard to read the content. Go for sizable lapel pins badges to ensure that the details are readable to your audience.

2.12 How Safes Are the Designs and Pictures I Provide for Reference?

Every information you provide to us is well protected and no person is authorized to have access to it. We also safeguard this information for future reference in case a client comes back requesting the same type of lapel pins badges.

2.13 Do You First Come Up with Sample Models Before Production of The Final Lapel Pins Badges Product?

Figure 6. Order and Payment

We wouldn’t want to risk making lapel pins badges without the client’s approval. We make a prototype design of lapel pins badges as per the client’s specification and send it. The clients review the design makes probable adjustments where need be.

Once the client approves, we then begin the mass production of the lapel pins badges.

2.14 Do You Customize Lapel Pins Badges?

We are here to meet every client’s needs by making sure we provide quality lapel pins badges that are up to the client’s specifications. This includes customizing lapel pins badges according to the client’s preferences.

We can customize your lapel pins badges from;

  • The type of lapel pins badges you want.
  • The preferred designs depending on what design you provide or suggest to us.
  • We can customize the backing of the lapel pins badges to meet the standards you want.
  • We even allow you to choose which material you want us to use while producing the lapel pins badges.

2.15 Can I Get Any Design of Lapel Pins Badges?

Yes. We welcome new ideas for lapel pins badges designs. With the right equipment and manpower, it is possible to go far and beyond to ensure the client gets what they want.

We will require you to notify us early by contacting our customer care or you can write to us with enough and accurate description.

2.16 What Paint Do You Commonly Use to Fill Up the Lapel Pins Badges?

The best and most preferable paint for lapel pins badges is acrylic paint. It contains a wide variety of colors where the client can select what best suits them.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 7. Lapel Pin Badges Samples

3.1 How Much Does Lapel Pins Badges Cost?

There are two key determining factors when it comes to the cost of lapel pins badges. These factors greatly affect how much the lapel pins badges will cost.

The size of the lapel pins badges affects how much you will be charged. Normally, if a client wants large lapel pin badges it will cost more compared to small lapel pin badges.

Also, the number of lapel pins badges that the client has is a determinant factor. With bulk orders, the cost of lapel pins badges is relatively low compared to buying a few pieces of lapel pins badges.

However, we make sure that we are giving our clients the best prices they can easily afford.

3.2 Do I Need to Make a Down Payment for Lapel Pins Before Production Begins?

In most cases, this applies to clients ordering outside our locality to be specific international orders. The clients should make a deposit and the pending payments should be cleared before shipping commences.

For local orders, the payments should be made before shipping.

3.4 How Do I Place an Order for Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 8. Ordering of Lapel Pin Badges

It’s very simple, call us to make a direct order, you can also write to us to place your order for lapel pins badges.

You can visit our online platform to make your order of lapel pins badges. Be sure to get a response from all these as we have efficient customer care who are always ready to offer assistance 24/7.

3.5 Do I Have to Open an Account with You To Make Lapel Pins Badges Order?

It’s the easiest process, therefore there is no need to panic. Besides we have a supporting team who will guide you in case of any difficulties.

We recommend all our clients who approach us for lapel pins badges to get an account with us for ease of communication and transaction purposes.

Additionally, it’s easier to manage a client’s information if they have an account. The client’s data security is paramount to us and we wouldn’t want to compromise on that.

Help us help you by creating an account with us.

3.5 How Can I Make Payments for Lapel Pins Badges?

You can make payments for the lapel pins badges via the following modes;

  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • T&T

3.6 How Safe Is My Credit Card on Your Website?

We guarantee 100% protection of your credit card information anytime you use it on our website. Our website complies with all security protocols which guard client’s data information.

We do advise our clients not to use the public network while making these transactions. If you have to make the transaction, we recommend the use of a private network such as buying personal bundles.

You can first inquire with us before making the payments if you still have doubts.

3.7 What Do I Need to Provide While Making Lapel Pins Badges Order?

Mostly what we need from our clients is personal information and a description of the lapel pins badges they want. The client should make sure that the information is accurate to prevent making errors during production.

3.8 How Much More Does Customize Lapel Pins Badges Cost?

Figure 9. Cost of Lapel Pin Badges

The cost of customizing lapel pins badges depends on the complexity of the details that the client provides to us. The more the details the higher the price of customizing the lapel pins badges and vice versa.

3.9 How Safe Is Your Online Ordering Platform?

We do not compromise when it comes to the safety of client’s data information. We have authentication standards and encryption to ensure that all the information you provide to us is confidential and no unauthorized persons can get hold of it.

With these standards in place, you can transact using your credit cards without fear of theft.

3.10 Are The Samples Designs of Lapel Pins Badges Chargeable?

We do not charge for the sample designs we provide to our clients. Lapel pins badges sample helps to guide the client in choosing what they want. Most of the time a client will opt to use the same design as the sample we provide, which is allowed and they are not to make any payments for these.

3.11 How Efficient Is Your Online Ordering Platform?

Our platform is user-friendly making it easy for our clients to order lapel pins badges. Everything you need from products, payments process, costs of lapel pins badge you will all find it on our website.

Additionally, you can access our platform anytime you want 24/7, and be sure you will get a response from us anytime.

3.12 Do You Provide Discounts of Lapel Pins Badges?

Yes, we do provide discounts to our clients. In most cases, the discount offers apply to clients who buy lapel pins badges in bulk.

We also have a norm of discounting all our first-time clients who order lapel pins badges from us. The discounts offered are amazing so make a point of buying the lapel pins badges from us.

Visit our page to view these discounts rates.

3.13 How Long Does It Take to Process the Lapel Pins Badges Order?

With the providence of right and accurate information, our team needs only 24 hours to review your order. Upon approval, we will receive a notification of order approval via the mail address you have provided.

In case you miss out on the notification you can inquire from us.

3.14 Can I Order Different Designs of Lapel Pins Badges?

Absolutely yes. There is no restriction on what a client can and can’t order. For the different designs we need you to be specific to what designs you want and the quantity too.

This should be done in just one order form for ease and fast reviewing from our team.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Do You Have Restrictions on Locations You Can Ship To?

We try to reach and cover a wide delivery location as far as our clients are concerned. We recommend you to first inquire with our customer care service before you place lapel pins badges order.

This allows you to know if you can still order the lapel pins badges from your current address location or not.

4.2 How Safe Is My Lapel Pins Badges Shipment?

We have some of the best packaging options for lapel pins badges to ensure they are safe. Regardless of quantity and size, we will package the lapel pins badges to the best of our ability to ensure we receive the delivery in one condition.

4.3 Can I Use Freight Forwarders to Ship the Lapel Pins Badges?

If you have the best know-how and know the best freight forwarder, we recommend you use them to ship the lapel pins badges.

Freight forwarders have the best knowledge when it comes to shipping. They know the best routes as well as how to navigate through all shipping protocols for instance the custom clearance process.

4.4 Can I Fast Track My Lapel Pins Badges Shipment?

Yes, it’s possible to track your lapel pins badges shipment during shipping. This allows you to be aware of how far, the status of your shipping, and most important if any crisis comes up you will be aware.

We provide tracking numbers to our clients and activate the tracking number once we dispatch the lapel pins badges shipment for shipping.

Tracking the lapel pins badges also eases client’s worries about the safety of their lapel pins badges shipment.

If you are experiencing any issues with the tracker, contact us. We will help resolve the problem.

4.5 What Are Your Shipping Rates for Lapel Pins Badges?

We have very affordable and pocket-friendly shipping charges to ensure that our clients can afford to ship what they order.

In most cases the shipping charges depend on;

  • The address location
  • Size of the lapel pin badges shipment
  • Quantity of the lapel pins badges order

4.6 What Do I Need to Have To Receive the Delivery of Lapel Pins Badges?

During delivery of the lapel pins badges, we require that you have all the documents proving your identity. This includes an identification card; copies of the lapel pins badges invoice we have issued to you.

This prevents delivering the lapel pins badges to the wrong address location which could result in theft.

4.7 Can I Use a Different Delivery Address?

Once the shipping process begins there is no turning back. It’s therefore important to provide an accurate and active address location.

We do not allow change of addresses especially if the shipping of lapel pins badges have commenced.

4.8 Haven’t Received My Lapel Pins Badges Shipment, What Should I Do?

Normally, the location of the client determines when the lapel pins badges shipment gets to them. The deliveries are normally local and international and the time required to ship the lapel pins badges is not the same.

Even with this difference, we have a stipulated time for shipping and delivery of lapel pins badges. If you do not receive the shipment within this period contact us immediately.

4.9 Can I Inspect My Shipment Upon Arrival?

Figure 11. Inspecting Lapel Pin Badges

This is the first thing we recommend all our clients to do. Check out if you have the right shipment of lapel pins badges. Ensure that all the lapel pins badges are in one condition, in case of and damages contact us for further directions.

4.10 Do You Notify After Dispatching Lapel Pins Badges for Shipping?

Yes, we do send a notification to our clients when we dispatch the lapel pins badges for shipping. This is where also we activate your tracking number to allow you to track your lapel pins badges shipment.

4.11 How Long Will I Have to Wait for The Delivery of Lapel Pins Badges?

The duration of delivery depends mainly on the client’s address location. For local deliveries, we only take 2 to 3 days to deliver the lapel pins badges to our clients.

For international deliveries, it takes 7 to 14 days since we have to prepare all the paperwork. You know how the exportation process works.

4.12 What Happens If My Lapel Pins Badges Get Lost During Transit?

We have ensured all our lapel pins badges for such unavoidable circumstances. If the lapel pins badges get lost during shipping that will be on us.

We will compensate you with another batch of the same lapel pins badges you ordered. All we need is a little patience to make your lapel pins badges again.

4.13 Do You Do Rush Orders?

Yes, we do have rush orders. Just state the time you want the lapel pins badges and we will surely deliver the shipment within the stipulated time.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 12. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Lapel Pins Badges Can I Return?

You can only return damaged/defective lapel pins badges. Also, if the designs we have used do not measure your standards you can return the lapel pins badges to us for re-designing.

5.2 Do I Have to Include a Reason for Returning Lapel Pins Badges?

This is usually out of the client’s willingness. This allows us to be aware of what went wrong and how to make possible adjustments. Without the inclusion of the reason, it’s hard to know the experienced shortcomings of the client.

5.3 How Do I Request for Replacement of Lapel Pins Badges?

If you want a replacement of lapel pins badges, you can call or write to us. We will receive your request and review it if it’s viable.

5.4 Do You Charge for Replacement of Lapel Pins Badges?

We normally don’t charge for replacement if the damaged lapel pins badges are done within the stipulated time. We incur all the costs of replacing the lapel pins badges including shipping them back to our clients.

5.5 How Soon Should I Return the Damaged Lapel Pins Badges?

Figure 13. Return Period

All damaged lapel pins badges should be returned within the stipulated time on our return policy. This should be done within 21 working days; this guarantees a refund or replacement of lapel pins badges.

If you exceed this period, we do not accept the lapel pins badges.

5.6 Who Is Liable for The Shipping Rates While Returning the Damaged Lapel Pins Badges?

All the expenses incurred while returning the lapel pins badges are on us. This occurs only when the lapel pins badges are returned within the stipulated time.

5.7 Does The Replacement Process Take Long? What Are Some of The Challenges You Face During These Processes?

Replacing the lapel pins badges doesn’t take long. Normally, it takes 5 days to come up with a new set of lapel pins badges.

A client may decide to cancel the order which means they no longer want the lapel pins badges. This is our main challenge since we cannot convince them otherwise.

5.8 Am Not Satisfied with The Design of The Lapel Pins Badges, Can You Redesign Again? Do You Charge for These Services?

We aim at giving you the best in terms of design and quality of lapel pins badges. If the design does not measure your expectations, you can return for redesigning. We do not charge the client even a dime to redesign the lapel pins badges.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 What Are the Company’s Cancellation Terms?

Yes, when you check on our website you will be able to see these cancelation terms. We normally allow cancellation of lapel pins badges order only at the initial stage before production commences.

6.2 How Much Refunds Am I Entitled To?

With the only exception of the shipping charges and the transaction charges, we refund all the remaining costs to our clients. This is normally done after reviewing the status of the returned lapel pins badges.

6.3 How Do I Cancel Lapel Pins Badges Order?

If you want to cancel lapel pin badges contact us or write to us, we will give you a go-ahead to cancel the lapel pins badges.

6.4 Who Is Liable If My Shipment Gets Damaged While on Transit?

As stated earlier all our lapel pins badges are insured, so if the shipment gets damaged, we will compensate you by providing a replacement for the damaged lapel pins badges.

6.5 Can I Re-Order After Cancellation of The First Order of Lapel Pins Badges?

We do not have a restriction on how many times you can place an order with us for lapel pins badges. Even after cancellation, you can still re-order the lapel pins badges again. The process of re-ordering is still the same.

6.6 Do You Refund for Customized Lapel Pins Badges?

If the customized lapel pin badges have been damaged, we can only make a replacement but not a refund.

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