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Foison Metal is Unrivaled for Producing High-End Lapel Pins Custom

Foison Metal has been built around for many years already and has the trust of millions of clients. Our company is the principal supplier of top-rated metal products guaranteed to be the lowest-price but highest-quality in the metal works marketplace!

If you like designing and you have your own fashion style, our company offers Lapel Pins Custom where you can create the pins that go with your taste! 

Sometimes loving fashion is pricey, we ensure that you will not spend a lot with our products but will get the result that you are dreaming for!

About Our Service

Lowest Price Guaranteed

The Lapel Pins Custom that we have are the cheapest that you can find!

Five-Star Quality

Made with high-quality materials, our Lapel Pins Custom are always rated five star by clients.


Foison Metal lets our clients decide what designs they want!

Handy and Portable

At Foison Metal, we make sure that you can use your pins everywhere!

Work with Professionals

If you want to have requests with designs, you can go to our professionals at Foison Metal.

Guaranteed No Damage Shipping

Before we ship your items, we make sure your Lapel Pins Custom are packed securely and shipped swiftly

Huge Orders

Even if you order thousands of Lapel Pins Custom, we can make it work for you!

Bulk Deals

At Foison Metal, we offer secured, fast, and lower shipping rates as a token to our clients.

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Foison Metal is the largest company producer of the greatest Lapel Pins Custom. The products we put up for sale are marked down but are certified to be in optimum condition.

We are always devoted to making best seller Lapel Pins Custom that can be availed by all clients, either with business or for retail. If you are in search of a trusted supplier, Foison Metal will serve you immediately, so hurry and place your orders!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Tested Products

Foison Metal always wants to test the quality of our sample products before making the final products to ensure you will receive the best quality.

Meets Deadlines

Foison Metal’s team finishes the orders on the agreed date for our clients not to worry.

Easy to Contact

If our customers have concerns, we are always reachable online and offline!


We always set goals and divide the work to make it easier and faster!

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Foison Metal is the Award-Winning Supplier of Fabulous Lapel Pins Custom​

Here at Foison Metal,  we make sure that you receive your products in the best conditions!  We always want to provide impressive customer service, best deals, and fast transactions that you and your business need! Our service is open 24/7. Don’t waste time and buy our Lapel Pins Custom now!

The Lapel Pin Custom FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 1. Lapel Pin Custom

A Lapel pins custom is a small pin worn on a jacket lapel. Lapel pins do not serve any functional purpose in men’s clothing, they are generally decorative and for attraction. Lapel pins customs can be customized in different colors, shapes sizes using different materials such as: 

  • Aluminum 
  • Brass 
  • Metal 
  • Plastic 
  • Stainless steel 

You cannot put many lapel pins custom on your wear, only a single pin would do to pass the required information. This is to avoid people looking at you as if you do not know the sole purpose of the lapel pins custom.

1.2 Apart from Enamel Pins, Are There Other Lapel Pins Custom?

Yes, there Is several other custom pins and they include;

  • Badge pins are used mostly in conferences, military ranks, and positions and in organizations to show different roles played and also attached to different flags of the country.
  • There is the 3D mold pin.
  • Offset epoxy pins.
  • Printed pins.

1.3 What Is the Importance of Wearing Lapel Pins Custom?

The importance of wearing a lapel pins custom is that it adds a taste of style to your wear. It also adds a touch of beauty to any cloth worn by it. In the recent past, it has mostly been used for exposure and advertisement of brands. Due to its attractive nature, it passes vital information to different social classes, ethnic groups, and races.

1.4 What Type of Fabric Can I Attach Lapel Pins Custom?

Satin is the most common fabric used in attachment to the lapel pins custom because of the culture that was found a long time ago. But in recent years the lapel pins custom has adapted to different types of fabric that include linens, the African kitenge fabric that is now trending, and many other fabrics just to mention a few.

1.5 How Do You Recommend I Wear Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 2. Wearing Lapel Pin Custom

The correct position of the lapel pins custom is to sit on the left side of the chest. The easy way to not forget this is to follow your heart as literally as possible. Most costumed jackets come with a small button on the left, which shows where to go. 

1.6 Do Your Lapel Pins Custom Come with Free Backing Attachments?

Yeah, our lapel pins custom always comes with a backing attachment but I can’t say they are free. This is because during designing, manufacturing, and then making the sale all prospects of business have been considered. Because we charge the design which is the inclusion of the cost of the backing attachment that comes with it.

1.7 What do Examples of Backing Accessories That Come with Lapel Pins Custom?

Various backing accessories come with lapel pins custom and they include;

  • Clutch backings are most widely used which are mostly made out of hard plastic, magnet, and rubber.
  • There is the deluxe clutch that is mostly used for expensive clothing and Pisces.
  • There is the bent leg backing that is used to highlight and ensemble clothes.
  • There is the safety-pin style commonly used on temporary lapel pins custom.

1.8 How Different Is Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel in The Production of Lapel Pins Custom?

Soft enamel pins have raised metal edges, giving them a texture and offering cheaper and larger design flexibility. Hard enamel pins have a smooth texture and are shiny, stronger, and take more duration to produce. The soft and hard enamel goes through different manufacturing processes.

1. 9 What Materials Do You Use for The Manufacture of Lapel Pins Custom?

The lapel pins custom is made out of a variety of materials dating from the past years and include:

  • Brass.
  • Aluminum.
  • Copper
  • Gold.
  • Steel silver

1.10 What Are the Maintenance Practices for Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 3. Maintaining Lapel Pin Custom

The maintenance of the lapel pins is custom by keeping them in their closed porches after a day of activities. Though many are created from materials that can survive harsh conditions and corrosion we shouldn’t be so careless to leave them carelessly. Some get lost and make it hard to find them thus the need to take good care of them.

1.11 Is There Appropriate Size for All Lapel Pins Custom?

How big or how small a lapel pins custom is supposed to be cannot substitute the specifications of a client’s taste and preference.

Lapel pins custom goes between 1 inch to 3 inches long just to put it in on the record. It should be of medium size. Also, the average for comfort purposes but not too big to make it comfortable.

1.12 After How Long Can I Change My Lapel Pins Custom?

As to the time and duration, one must change a lapel pin’s custom is not clear. You can have a collection of many uniquely designed lapel pins custom that can be worn on different occasions depending on the theme of the day

1.13 Do Your Lapel Pins Custom Have Any Universal Standards?

Figure 4. Universal standards for Lapel Pin Custom

The quality average according to the law for a lapel pins custom is the materials used and the message it carries. The standardization is that it follows protocols when it comes to its manufacture because a specific design has to be followed in every pin

from time of origin is that this lapel pins custom follows specifics like the pin should be strictly attached to a fabric mostly that has a strong theme. Also, it should be worn on the left hand at the chest just immediately after the collar.

1.14 Why Should I Buy My Lapel Pins Custom from Your Company?

You should buy lapel pins custom from our company because we are a trusted brand dating back. Credibility and better service have been our virtues in the market serving both the respect and the low in the society. We have been approved by the governing body of production thus authenticity is our pride.

1.15 Do Lapel Pins Custom Have Any Beauty Related Value?

The lapel pin’s custom is used to show that the person putting it on is of taste and class and knows exactly what fashion and style are. People in class use it to match their outfit, giving it a touch of beauty to the dress worn. The main purpose is its aesthetic nature, to attract because of its beauty.

The lapel pins custom can also be worn by ladies not just gents. Also, the lapel pins custom is used by security agencies as budges of recognition of what position someone holds in a company. The lapel pins customs are so much used by servicemen signifying ranks and achievements.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can I Customize My Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 5. Customizing Lapel Pin Custom

Yeah, it is very possible to customize again your lapel pins custom to the design of your liking. Customization has become a norm in this industry to an extent that it has been embraced by the manufacturers and new designs are being produced daily.

2.2 Are There Specific Designs for The Production of Lapel Pins Custom?

There are no specific designs used in the manufacturing of the lapel pins custom except for the common thing that is the pin itself. but the attachment that comes with it varies from design to design. Many clients prefer uniqueness in style and outlook that’s why it is very rare to find a specific design.

2.3 I Have Brilliant Ideas. Can I Help in Designing My Art Work?

It is in our good hearts that we usually urge clients to share ideas of how they would wish their designs to look. It is very much understandable for a client to choose his taste and preference over what we make and that helps in achieving the perfect product.

2.4 What Are the Surface Finishing Options Available for Lapel Pins Custom?

The surface finishing options most of the time consist of gold coating or silver coating that gives it a shiny appearance. This has been the custom in most cloth and fashion industries. This is solely for attraction and a touch of beauty.

2.5 How Much Will It Cost Me If I Have Incomplete Design for Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 6. Cost of Lapel Pin Custom

It doesn’t cost pretty much having a half-done design. It costs the original price of a fully made design. But in rare cases do we offer incomplete designs to our clients. The rules changed unlike in the past where it was common until we realized what could be a repercussion.

2.6 How Long Will You Take in Customizing Lapel Pins Custom?

It takes a maximum of three days to design customized lapel pins custom. It all depends on the complexity of the design specifications given. The process starts from sharing the idea with our chief sketch master to sketching the design in pictorial form. And then next coming up with a prototype sample to the final stage where we produce the actual perfect design

2.7 Can I Get Sample Designs for Lapel Pins Custom?

For every perfect outcome, there must be a proper plan and procedure. We usually create the sample models of the real representation of the lapel pins custom before making the actual lapel pins custom. This usually happens for the reason of amending mistakes and filling in loopholes. The reason for making sample models is after correction it helps us achieve even perfect end products. This helps us to compete favorably with others and to remain afloat.

2.8 Is There Specific Material You Used in Customizing Lapel Pins Custom?

There are no specific materials used in the customization of lapel pins custom apart from the ones mentioned above. But in case a client comes with a different material or fabrication who are we to deny him the chance of owning a unique design of his choice.

2.9 What Role Does Enamel Play in Customizing Lapel Pins Custom?

The common role that enamel pins play in the customization of lapel pins custom is that they decorate the lapel pins custom. Also used to indicate or familiarize a person’s involvement with an organization or a movement. Most of them are usually used as representations of achievement.

2.10 I Do Not Like My Backing Attachment for Lapel Pins Custom. Can You Customize It?

Yes, we can customize your backing attachment to your liking. Only you have to share the idea you have in mind for us to come up with a perfect design to choose from. Many backing attachments have room for change unlike the pins themselves.

2.11 Are These Images for Lapel Pins Custom Exactly as The Ones That I Will Receive?

Figure 7. Image samples for Lapel Pin Custom

The images you see online are the real representation of the actual products we sell. We can’t advertise images of goods that are not manufactured by us to attract clients, but we do post images of real things. We are staunch believers of the mantra of honesty and integrity

2.12 Can I Customize the Shape of Lapel Pins Custom?

Yes, you can customize the shape of the lapel pins custom to the shape of your liking. That’s why we customize pins to favor your liking and taste.

2.13 How Heavy Is Lapel Pins Custom?

The lapel pin’s custom weight varies with the material it is made from. The heaviest lapel pins custom is those made from silver and gold. But an average pin lapel pins custom weighs from 3 grams to 15 grams. 

It is light because it is a small category of jewelry that shouldn’t be too heavy. As much as comfortability is concerned, a lapel pins custom must be light.

2.14 Can I Use More Than One Metallic Material for Customization of Lapel Pins Custom?

Most of the lapel pins custom are made from an alloy of two metals like gold and copper. This custom was brought about in the 20th century. where it was believed that if you mix high resistant corrosion metals to the ones affected with corrosion it might help the situation.

2.15 Can I Get Antique Silver Plating for Lapel Pins Custom?

Most antiques of the silver plating of the lapel pins custom are rare to be found and the existing ones are kept in national museums. Some are found in art galleries for exhibition purposes. So if you are a client of taste and a staunch lover of rare antiques then you have to dig deeper into your pockets. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment of Lapel Pin Custom

3.1 How Can I Place My Order for Lapel Pins Custom?

Through our online platform, it is a simple process. You go to the order button on the top right of the window, click and follow the process through.

The other way is by calling our customer care agents where they will assist you in placing your order every step of the way.

You can make your order also by coming straight to our offices and doing the same

3.2 Can I Pay Lapel Pins Custom by Cash When You Deliver?

According to our order and payment policy, you can’t pay by cash because all payments are done through online payment after an order is made. Unless you go directly to our offices and make an order, that’s when you will be able to pay by cash.

3.3 What Steps Should I Follow to Place My Order for Lapel Pins Custom?

The steps required for one to place an order are quite simple. First, you have to go through the picture representation put on the website and get to choose a design of your choice.

Then click what you have chosen and will be directed to the order and payment window where you will lick the order icon.

 Next, you proceed to the confirmation of your order where you will be prompted to give vital information like your name and addresses.

 Then you will be prompted to the payment window which will require you to feel your form of payment method be it a bank or an online money transfer. 

Then there is confirmation of your payment where an email will be sent to about the same. After that, you will receive a notification that your order has been successful and your product disbursed.

3.4 I Find It Hard to Place an Order for Lapel Pins Custom. What Should I Do?

Figure 9. Placing an order for Lapel Pin Custom

There are hotline numbers on our website that you can call and get help. There is an audio icon installed on our website that helps in giving precise instructions. 

Also when all those options prove to be futile there are field agents who can help you through the process of ordering and paying successfully. Another option is that you can always visit our offices and get tutorials on how to go about ordering and paying on our website just for free.

3.5 Does Lapel Pins Custom Come with Discounts?

Discounts are always given to clients who make bulk purchases. It’s a way of us appreciating and motivating our clients who do not think twice about purchasing from us in bulk. There are also circumstances when discounts are given to customers. These are special days like a time of offers where we are promoting a specific brand.

3.6 What Payment Methods Can I Use to Pay for Lapel Pins Custom?

To reach out to as many as possible globally we came up with a variety of methods of payment. Through this method, they have helped us sail through the tides of the economic crisis.

The various methods of payment are; 

  • Money gram
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • PayPal                                            

The methods above have proven to be reliable all over the world where one can pay using any currency but standard rates of exchange apply.

3.7 Are Your Payment Methods for Lapel Pins Custom Free from Fraudsters?

As for security matters we believe in our systems for protecting our data. Our security systems change secure codes every 24 hrs. making it the highest form of security system to be cracked with the addition of biometric authentication scanners that helps in proof of identity. And yes our website is heavily secured.

3.8 Do You Charge Separately for Features Such as Logo and Addition of Funny Characters On Lapel Pins Custom?

As earlier discussed for any customized design a client wants has always attracted an extra charge. Customized lapel pins are expensive because of the time used in coming up with a perfect product in such a small time.

3.9 Will You Handle My Custom Duties for Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 10. Custom Duties for Lapel Pin Custom

We are more than capable of handling your shipping requirements. The custom duties depend on the state of the subject. For bulk orders, it is a little bit economical to handle the excise duties imposed but for single pieces, you have to incur the charges yourself.

3.10 I Have a Problem Submitting My Order. Whom Can I Call?

You can always visit our customer service help desk with the numbers provided on our website. Or rather reach out to agents on the field who will help you out. Again you can always avail yourself of our offices where you can get all the help required. Always feel free to contact us and we will be obliged to help you every step of the way.

3.11 Will I Be Notified After Successful Placement of Lapel Pins Custom Order?

An email of confirmation of the same is always sent to you. This only takes a few seconds whereby will be notified when the disbursement of your product will commence.

3.12 How Do I Go About If I Make an Overpayment for Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 11. Overpayment of Lapel Pin Custom

In a situation where one makes an overpaid two things are is either the client agrees for the overpayment to be forwarded for the next purchase that he will do in the future with us or else be refunded back the overpayment made.

3.13 I Have Placed More Orders for Lapel Pins Custom. Can I Bargain a Little?

Prices are fixed and the only thing a customer can get are standardized rates. But also a client is given discounts on every purchase he makes. This is an advantage that comes to a person who is a frequent purchaser to our company. Also, free give always is given in a situation like this.

3.14 What Currency Can I Use to Pay for Lapel Pins Custom?

We normally rely on the bank or medium of payment a client uses. But the standard currency that we use is the US dollar because of the standard exchange rates that use it. you can pay with any currency but will be converted to US DOLLAR currency on the receiving end.

3.15 Why Should I Order My Lapel Pins Custom Online?

Our one-page checkout website will get you going faster with even less frustration and ease. Again it is easier to know the total cost of the products plus the shipping fee before you make your order. We send confirmation emails after a successful order and update you on the status of your order. We keep your information in case make another order in the future.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery of Lapel Pin Custom

4.1 What Shipping Options Do I Have for My Lapel Pins Customs?

Different forms of shipping are in play including intermediary agencies. International movers and forwarders agencies have been our main partners. 

Local accessible places are normally accessed through the means of the road to economize on the transit charges.

Shipping agencies come into play in moving goods across the sea. The means of air transportation is used for fragile and quicker transportation to longer distances

4.2 What Process Is Followed When Lapel Pins Custom Lands in The Pick-Up Point?

The usual process during ship to delivery point and now the pickup point is indifferent. The pickup point is what we term as the delivery.

After reaching your destination your goods are cleared by the relevant authorities, check if they have proper documentation. After that, you send an email notification that your goods have arrived and you need to pick them up at point x. 

That is when you avail yourself to the point where you were told. You have to produce your original driver or identification card then proceed to sign. Then you are given your goods.

4.3 Can I Get a Refund When You Deliver Lapel Pins Custom Late?

The point is always that you got your order. as to the time and day it reaches is not normally that precise. This is because during transportation you are bound to come across many factors that may hinder swift transportation. The factors may include:

  • Traffic jams.
  • Technical malfunction.
  • Weather conditions.

And now you cannot receive your refund in case the lapel pins custom is delivered late.

4.4 Do I Have to Have Any Documents When Receiving Lapel Pins Custom?

Figure 13. Documents for Receiving Lapel Pin Custom

You do not need any documents to warrant you receiving your order. The only thing required of you is your identification card number that you presented earlier to match the identification details you earlier presented.

4.5 How Secure Is My Cargo When Shipping Lapel Pins Custom?

Before any shipping process is done there is proper documentation of the products with their addresses to avoid losing them.

Products on transit are always accompanied by security escorts to put thieves at bay

After delivery, a client must sign a form of confirmation you have received your product to avoid imposters. 

4.6 I Accidentally Put The Wrong Shipping Address for Lapel Pins Custom. What Is the Way Forward?

Normally what happens is that the goods on arrival will be held back because of failure to be picked up. When finally, we know to whom they were supposed to be delivered you will be required to pay double the price of the shipment.

4.7 How Long Will Shipping of Lapel Pins Custom Take?

All orders that come in from Monday to Thursday are put on transit the very day. But as to all orders received past noon from Monday to Wednesday are shipped the following day, but the orders that are usually received afternoon from Thursday are shipped the following week on Monday.

4.8 I Would Love to Know How You Will Pack My Lapel Pins Custom During Shipment Process?

Your products are packed in well-secure boxes that contain seals that are only broken by the owner of the cargo.

4.9 Who Handles Damaged Lapel Pins Custom While On Transit?

We handle the damage of lapel pins custom on is a rare case but in case it happens we will be liable and will act fast in replacing your goods.

4.10 Is There Any Insecurity Threat for Lapel Pins Custom That Are On Transit?

Figure 14. Security threat for Lapel Pin Custom

The only insecurity that may seem a threat in the shipment of goods are the pirates but luckily we changed routes to safer routes. Our shipment is always escorted by security officers.

4.11 I Have Received a Detached Backing Attachment for Lapel Pins Custom. What Should I Do?

In an incident like this, you are required to return immediately the defective product so replacement could be done.

4.12 Can I Use My Own Preferred Shipping Service Provider to Ship Lapel Pins Custom?

Yes, you can use your preferred shipping service provider of your choice. The only things you will have to incur are the charges and excise duties.

4.13 Will You Pay for My Shipping Fees for Lapel Pins Custom?

Normally we usually include a shipment fee on every product so that you don’t have to pay for the same again. It has worked so well over time and spares one in frustration of having to pay again.

4.14 Can You Ship Huge Volumes for Lapel Pins Custom?

We have always encouraged the ordering in the bulk of the lapel pins custom. This is very economical compared to ordering only one piece.

4.15 Do You Offer Tracking of Lapel Pins Custom When They Are On Transit?

Through our online services, replacements to check on the status of your shipment. Just click status and all the required information is displayed to you on where and when your cargo will be delivered.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement of Lapel Pin Custom

5.1 What Is Your Replacement Policy for Lapel Pins Custom?

In a situation where the customer is not okay with the product it is returned and a replacement is done immediately.

It is only in an incident where the client fails to return the goods in due time that we do not replace the product on the assumption that it was in use.

5.2 Is There a Time Limit for Starting Return of Lapel Pins Custom?

Normally the period varies from one product to the other and the distance taken during shipping. But the minimum time it can take is 15 days after returning.

5.3 What Conditions Are Required for The Return of Lapel Pins Custom to Take Place?

The conditions are simple and easy to adhere to.

  • You need to return the goods at the stipulated time as our policy depicts.
  • Make sure goods are in the conditions they were delivered.
  • Finished payment of the goods.
  • Gave correct details as required.
  • Be the original goods with their serials as were delivered.

5.4 How Long Can the Replacement for Lapel Pins Custom Take?

Figure 16. Replacement Period for Lapel Pin Custom

Normally the period varies from one product to the other and the distance taken during shipping. But the minimum time it can take is 10 days after return.

5.5 Do I Have to Pay Again for Shipping the Replaced Lapel Pins Custom?

Under no circumstance is a client required to pay again for the shipping cost of a good is against the work ethics and policy of our company.

5.6 What is the Importance of Tracking the Returns of Lapel Pins Custom When in Transit?

Through our customer care service desk, you can ask and be notified of the status of your replacement. We usually update clients on our website and also send emails on the same.

You can contact our hotline numbers and ask for help knowing where the process has reached.

5.7 Can You Just Replace the Backing Attachment Instead of the Whole Lapel Pins Custom?

The reason as to why the lapel pins custom is returned is to assess where the mistake was and to learn better to avoid next time. When the backing attachment is defective that is what we replace and the whole lapel pins custom. So yes we can replace the backing attachment of the lapel pins custom only

5.8 How Do I Know the Return of Lapel Pins Custom Got to You?

Through our website during status checking, you will be notified on receiving the goods. Thereafter commencement of our replacement will start immediately. It is only wise that a client should be checking with us to know the status.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Am I Allowed to Cancel an Order for Lapel Pins Custom?

You are very much allowed to cancel an order if you are not satisfied with the design. you are allowed to cancel an order if the goods in question are defective. You are allowed to cancel an order if you have received the wrong order. You are allowed to cancel an order if the price does not suit your budget.

6.2 Will Be Refunded Fully When I Cancel My Order for Lapel Pins Custom?

It has always been saying for companies and businesses, there will never be 100% compensation. A client must incur a little percentage from the original amount he used. 

So no, there is no full refund of your money but will be refunded 70% of the total cost. But in case there is incompetency and violation of work ethics on our side, the client is entitled to full compensation of her money.

6.3 Do You Charge for The Cancelation of Lapel Pins Custom While On Transit?

 Yes, a customer incurs the cost used for transportation of goods while on transit. It is advisable that in case there is a change of mind it’s economical to switch it with another good instead of canceling and waiting for a refund. Because in such a situation the company is forced to take liability imposed on us by the shipping company. Thus the need to impose the charges on the client that canceled the shipment.

6.4 During Delivery I Received a Defective Product, What Should I Do?

Figure 18. Defective Lapel Pin Custom

We guarantee defects in the materials and skills of your product during delivery. This warranty excludes other implied assurances, consisting of assurances of other transported goods or fragile products in that case. 

You should let us know the product if your shipment is defective in a span of 24 hrs. Unfortunately, we cannot comply with the warranty claims after this period or if the product is not stored to order in the datasheet. If we detect a defect in the product sold, we will replace it free of charge or provide a full invoice refund for the product.

6.5 Is There Time Limit for Cancelling Lapel Pins Custom?

The time limit for one to cancel an order and avoid charges is the time when your product has not been disbursed. Because after disbursement you will be charged freight charges upon cancellation of your order.

6.6 Terms and Conditions for A Successful Cancellation and Refund?

A client must have attained the following for him to qualify to cancel and get a refund of the goods ordered;

  • When goods are canceled while on transit the client will incur charges of the same.
  • When goods are canceled before shipment a client has the mandate to order for another product or be refunded his money minus the transit cost.
  • But when a customer cancels an order before disbursement of goods she has full right to her full refund of the money but of course with the protocols that govern it.

6.7 I Have Not Received Refunds for Lapel Pins Custom. How Soon Can I Get It?

Normally the duration taken for a successful refund is 15 working days from the day the refund process was authenticated. But for goods stolen while on transit the number of days it takes for a refund is slightly more. Because investigations have to be conducted to the bottom and it is not clear how that will take. But a client is always put on notice with every small detail that arises.

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