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Elevate Your Brand with Foison Metal’s Premium Lapel Pins with Chain: Direct from the Leading Chinese Factory

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Discover High-Quality Lapel Pins with Chain Directly from China's Premier Factory

Unlock a world of top-notch lapel pins with chain all sourced from China’s leading manufacturing company. Foison Metal offers premium craftmanship, unmatched product quality, and designs customized to your requirements. With Foison’s lapel chains, you can elevate your brand and make a statement!

We specialize in bulk order production catering large orders without ever sacrificing product quality. As your trusted manufacturer, we make everything possible to help you achieve your product goal while offering the best price possible. 

Experience excellence today – Order your bulk lapel pins straight from China’s leading factory!

About Our Service


You are working with a trusted team of knowledgeable and experienced designers and engineers to complete your lapel pins with chains orders.

Low Prices

Enjoy affordable prices offered by Foison Metal if you order enamel pins bulk. Beyond that, we also send free samples of lapel pins with chain.


To help you elevate your design, we offer wide customization options that includes color variations, sizes, shapes, and surface textures.

Free Assistance

Our design team is always available to provide free assistance with unlimited design revisions until you are satisfied.

Fast Production

As a wholesale manufacturer, we have all the efficient and innovative tools and equipment to complete your orders in just 15-20 days.


No matter where you are in the world you can set your orders with us. We offer international shipping that successfully deliver your orders within 5-7 days.


In making sure that you will receive your orders in good condition, we use sturdy plastic packaging to secure each lapel chain in place during transit.

Free Samples

Here at Foison, you will be provided with free generic samples to test the products durability and overall quality before mass-production.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is an Unbeatable and Business-Friendly Manufacturer of High-End Lapel Pins With Chain in China

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We produce thousands of soft enamel pins, thanks to advanced technology.

Mens Lapel Pins with Chain

Order our enamel pins bulk and enjoy lots of freebies.

Gold Lapel Pins with Chain

Our cheap enamel pins feature more vivid and intricate designs.

Army Lapel Pins with Chain

Show your competitors what you got, order enamel pins set now!


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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At Foison Metal, we take immense pride in being China’s leading producer of high-quality lapel pins with chain. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to crafting lapel chain, suit lapel chain, and lapel chain pin have made us a trusted name in the industry.

We help you achieve your design goals by offering personalized solutions, including custom design, materials, and finishes. Partner with us today and elevate your lapel pin game with style, quality, and reliability!


Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Quality Assurance

Our lapel pins with chain adhere to strict quality control standard at every stage of production.


With our efficient manufacturing system, our products are of consistent quality no matter the quantity.


We offer customization options tailor to your design requirements that includes the color, shape, and size.

Good Price

Our competitive pricing ensures that you will receive exceptional value of investment.

Our Factory Audit

Our clients

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Foison Metal is a Well-Known Manufacturer of Lapel Pins with Chain in the Market

We want to help you achieve success in the business industry. That is why Foison Metal sends you only the best lapel pins with chain. With our professional team, we are confident to meet your expectations. 

To know more about our featured products, kindly send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Lapen Pin with a Chain
1.1 What is a Lapel pin with a chain?

A Lapel Pin with chain is a brooch usually used as a decorative element attached to the lapel of a jacket, bag, or clothing as part of the outfit or accessory. Lapel pins with chains are usually worn on Men’s suits on the lapel of the jacket.

1.2 What materials are used to make lapel pins?

Just like in the normal lapel pins, Foison Metal has high-quality metals and materials that are used in the making of lapel pins with chains. Metals mainly used are:

  • Aluminum: Lapel pins made from aluminum and especially Oxidized aluminum are resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions. Being so, aluminum lapel pins with chains last longer than lapel pins with chains made from other materials. The aluminum metal is also light which makes it easy to attach to clothing and lapels. 
  • Steel: Just like aluminum, stainless steel is corrosion and harsh weather conditions resistant. Steel has a strong hard feature which ensures that the lapel pins with chain produced by it are of a high grade and strong. Stainless steel being durable makes the lapel pins with chains last longer. The shiny mirror-like feature of steel gives the lapel pins with chains a high aesthetic value.  
1.3 What is the process in making lapel pins with chain?

Foison Metal uses the best metals in the manufacture of lapel pins with chains. Moreover, Foison Metal has the best latest technologies to help in the production and manufacture process. In the technology used, we treat the surfaces of lapel pins with a chain through surface texture treatment processes ranging from sun blasting to brushing which ensures that the lapel pins with chain are smooth.

Foison Metal as well as high technology printing processes ranging from engraving, laser, and UV printing. According to client and customer specifications, we make lapel pins with chains that are of high quality and using the best metals. 

1.4 Can you engrave Lapel pins with a chain?

Yes, we can. At Foison Metal, we use high technology in engraving lapel pins with chains in the production and manufacturing process. We allow our clients and customers to choose the engraving method they prefer for their lapel pins with chains from our variety of engraving methods present. 

At Foison Metal, we provide a variety of engraving methods for you as our client to choose for your lapel pins with chains. However, please contact our customer support team in case you have additional inquiries on Lapel pins with chain engraving options. 

1.5 What factors should I consider before ordering Lapel pins with chains?

Foison Metal requires clients and customers to consider the following factors before making an order with us.

  • Price: Foison Metal requires you as our client to be aware of the lapel pins with chain prices we offer. At Foison Metal we give the best prices for lapel pins with chains. You are assured of getting high-quality lapel pins with chains at an affordable price. Moreover, Foison Metal is always open for negotiation to ensure that we work on your budget.
  • Production material: Foison Metal requires you as a client to be aware of the metals and materials you want your lapel pins with a chain to be made in. Being a global brand, we pride ourselves in using the best highly graded metals to produce and manufacture lapel pins with chains. You can be assured of high-quality and durable lapel pins with chains from Foison Metal
  • Production methods: Foison Metal boasts of having the best production methods for lapel pins with chains in China. We give our customers and clients the liberty of choosing their preferred method of production for their lapel pins with chains. 
  • Customization: Foison Metal requires the client to be aware of the customization needs they need to be done on their lapel pins with chains. We at Foison Metal will allow you to suggest and come up with the custom designs you would like us to manufacture the lapel pins with chain in. 
1.6 Do you offer different attachment options?

Yes, we do. Foison Metal provides a variety of ways and methods used for mounting lapel pins with chains. We use a variety of mount ways ranging from using locking pin backs to using adhesives such as glue. 

However, depending on the mounting ways you prefer, we can make lapel pins with chains according to specific mounting specifications. If you as a client may have queries about the different mounting ways we have kindly contact us at Foison Metal. Our 24/7 customer support team is always happy and ready to help.

2.0 Design and Customization

Gold and Silver Lapel Pins with Chain
Figure 4. Design and Customization of Lapen Pin with a Chain
2.1 Do you offer choices on designs?

We do not offer design choices but rather, we encourage our customers to send their original designs to us. If you don’t have a design available, you can contact us directly and our professional designers will help you achieve the design that you are looking for lapel chains.

2.2 What are the different surface finishing available?

As per the client specifications and requirements, some of the surface finishing options available are:

  • Laser Engraving: This surface finishing option relies on a laser beam that peels off the metallic surface material giving it a polished and smoothing effect. The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks. With Laser engraving, the Lapel pins with chain’ surface become good-looking in terms of appearance and aesthetic value. 
  • Etching: In this, a favorable heat condition or active chemicals are used to inscribe graphical elements on the Lapel pins with chain’ surface. The heat or chemicals works by creating pores on the Lapel pins with chain surface. It is in these pores that the ink used for installing graphical elements is absorbed. 
  • Thermal Heat Transfer: We also do surface finishing by passing a heat-activating material over a print head. The coating surface of a thermal paper or heat-activating material eventually turns black after heating. The Lapel pins with chain’ features are produced when the thermal material turns black. 
2.3 How much do the lapel pins with chain weigh?

At Foison Metal, Lapel pins with chain produced have a standard weight. However, in cases where a client needs their lapel pins with a chain to be of a specific weight then they can contact us to specify how we should customize your Lapel pins with chain in terms of weight. Our customer support team is always readily available and happy to help.

2.4 What are the available shapes?

You are free to choose any shape that matches your design perfectly. We have all the necessary equipment needed to produce custom shapes.

2.5 What colors are available?

Any color is available. Our most popular color used are gold, silver, and rose gold.

2.6 What materials are best for Lapel pins?
Different Styles of Lapel Pins with Chain
Figure 6. Customizing Lapen Pin with a Chain

To ensure that lapel pins will be durable and long-lasting, we use materials like:

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel has a shiny mirror-like feature that makes Lapel Pins customization easy. It can as well be cut in different shapes, depending on the customer specifications and preferences.
  • Aluminum: At Foison Metal, we use oxidized aluminum especially, since it is light and can be easily cut to any shape the client would like for their lapel pins with chain. Aluminium-made Lapel Pins are easy and light to wear.
  • Brass, Iron, Copper, and Zinc alloy are also commonly used in the manufacture and production of Lapel Pins.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What is your MOQ?

As a wholesale factory, our MOQ is 500 pieces of lapel pins per transaction.

3.2 How secure is your ordering process when I send my information?

We are a professional China factory that already worked with hundreds of international clients worldwide. Never in our career did we experience any dissatisfaction especially in regard to ordering process and data security.

3.3 What do I do if I ordered the wrong item?
Silver Lapel Pin with Chain and Blue Flower Ribbon
Figure 8. Wrong Lapen Pin with a Chain

For instance that you have ordered the wrong item, we can always verify that during the sample production. We send customized samples to make sure that every product detail is perfect before we proceed with mass production.

3.4 What payment methods do I use?
Gold Lapel Pin with Chain Attached on Suit
Figure 9. Payment methods for Lapen Pin with a Chain

You can use Paypal, Mastercard, Tnt, or Credit card. Whatever works for you, you can let us know.

3.5 Do you offer discounts?

Since our prices are tailored for wholesale orders, you can expect to receive the best price. Discounts are no longer applicable but if you are a repeat buyer within the 2 year timeframe, you will no longer have to pay for the molding fee.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long will delivery take?

Deliveries via air takes 5-7 business days and delivery via sea is 15-20 days.

4.2 Do you have a specific FedEx account for shipping?

We will always use our client’s FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS account numbers to process the lapel pins with chain shipments. The clients are fully responsible for the freight charges for their lapel pins with chains. 

4.3 Do you have limitations on where to ship?

No matter where you are, your orders can reach you and that’s a promise!

4.4 How do I track my orders?

After your order has been packed and shipped out, we’ll reach out to you via email to confirm the shipment together with a tracking number attached.

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.1 What procedures do I follow when returning?

At Foison Metal the most important  procedures we follow for returning Lapel pins with chain include:

  • Examination of the packaging to ascertain its originality.
  • Unused condition

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can I cancel my order?

Once your order is set for production there is no way of cancelling. Anyways, we will require you to send 30% downpayment for production which is non-refundable.

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