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Secured Packaging

Foison Metal always makes sure that your orders are well packed to avoid damages when shipping.

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Foison Metal’s team is always particular with our products to be thoroughly made for our clients.

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Buying a lot doesn’t mean spending a lot because Foison Metal offers huge discounts for wholesale orders.

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In our age today, Lapel Pins are very useful and Foison metal guarantees you can order a lot wherever you are!

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We want to satisfy our customers with designs so our professional designers team generates new and timely designs for Lapel Pins.


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Foison Metal is the brand known in the market that distributes the long-lasting  first-class metal products! Committed to our duty to always make our customers satisfied with their transactions with us, we always ensure to make Lapel Pins on time using high-quality materials!

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We always want the best for our clients so don’t use low quality materials that can be destroyed in a short time.

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Foison Metal is always open for customers’ suggestions and demands! You can have a chat with our design team and discuss your instructions! We always live up to our name to be the most trustworthy  company and are determined to assist you in every way until your premium Lapel Pins reach you!

The Best Lapel Pins Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Figure 1. Lapel Pins

1.1 What Are Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins are also called enamel pins. These are pins that are put on clothes, mostly on the lapel of jackets, on bags, or on a piece of fabric. 

1.2 What Types Of Lapel Pins are Found in The Market?

There are different types of lapel pins in the market, which are different from each other in terms of size, what they depict and how they are fastened. These include the following:

  • Boutonnieres lapel pins

A boutonniere is a real flower that is put in the buttonhole, adding a unique touch to your jacket, mostly used in weddings.

  • Flower  lapel pins

These lapel pins resemble flowers but are made from linen, like, silk, cotton, or satin which are soft materials. 

  • Stick lapel pins

Stick lapel pins are made of different metals like silver, gold, copper, and many more. They look like a needle that pops slightly into a metal fastener. 

Depending on the different models, the fastener is set at the end or can slide up or down, giving you control over the placement.

  • Mini lapel pins and badges

Mini lapel pins and badges do not have a stem to attach with a clasp rubber, butterfly, or a magnetic that goes under the badge or pin. 

They are mostly made from hard or soft materials. In this case, the pins are meant for style, while a badge will carry a symbolic value and is often used by politicians or people with ranks.

  • Brooches lapel pins

Brooches lapel pins for men’s suits are fastened with a hinged pin. Unlike any of the above-mentioned lapel pins, they are larger than pins and have precious metals, and are vintage.

  • Lapel pins metal

These lapel pins are made from metal. These styles are desirable if you want to display personality without looking too outstanding. 

They are small and come in different unique designs. Depending on your style you can get a sport; animal, car, or any shape of metal lapel pin.

  • Button lapel pins

Button lapel pins are the same as badges. They have a pin at the back of the plate that goes through the hole of your jacket. 

1.3 What are Lapel Pins Used For?

Figure 2. Use of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are used for various reasons; it is not just about enhancing your look. The following are the different uses of lapel pins:

  • Corporate identity

Lapel pins will give a better look on employee’s jackets or coats either in a small firm or a big company. 

It also advertises the company as they are mostly the company’s logo or sometimes the name of the company.

  • Gives recognition to members

Putting on lapel pins gives people an easy way to know the members of a company or organization. The work you do and your position as well

  • Recognize and reward achievements and success

Some lapel pins are specifically made to be used as awards to recognize employees for the success of hard work. 

It is also an award for a function or contest. By giving out lapel pins to participants who won can make the activity more memorable to them as they did not go back empty-handed.

  • eccentric present or showpiece

Lapel pins are great gifts. It can be used as an appreciation to anybody. Some people collect different lapel pin designs just to have a variety.

  • Honoring the military

They are normally used to show ranks and at times squad, they are also used as a part of the ceremonial uniforms. 

Lapel pins are also used to congratulate all the people in service for their well-done work; their bravery and the sacrifices they make daily.

1.4 How Should I Wear a Lapin Pin?

  • The lapel pin is to be put on your left lapel, on top of the pocket square.
  • Put your lapel pin through the buttonhole on your lapel
  • If your jacket does not have one, pierce the pin straight through the material make sure you are careful when taking it off

1.5 Where Should I Wear Lapel Pins?

A lapel pin can be put on when attending a wedding ceremony, attending church, official events, dinner dates, and other places. 

You have to pick a lapel pin depending on the event. You must know the kind of event you are attending before putting on a lapel pin.

1.6 How is Lapel Pins Worn?

There are different ways you can put on a lapel pin this include the following:

  • Put the lapel pin on your collar

Placing lapel pins through that neckline of a shirt or raiment makes your stand out. You can wear the lapel pin in the middle of your collar or at the sides.

If you would like to wear many lapel pins, always make sure they are at a spaced distance and balanced in size.

  • Wear the lapel pin on your waist

You can also place a lapel pin on your waist instead of the shirt or jacket collar. It will add style features to your outfit and allure awareness to your waist.

  • Put on the lapel pin on the suit jacket

A jacket looks perfect with a lapel pin. You can put the lapel pin on your left side. In case you put on more pins, ensure to put them together on the left side.

Do not wear many lapel pins as this will cause destruction and ruin the look  

  • Wear a lapel pin at the back of your dress

A lapel pin would go hand in hand with a beautiful dress that has a V-shaped neck. It adds eye-catching details that are attractive. 

You will stand out in those formal events like holiday parties and weddings with this lapel pin at the end.

  • Add a gleam to your jacket with a lapel pin

A lapel pin would look perfect on leather and jeans jackets giving you a great, unique, and exciting look. 

You can place the pins where you like on your jacket but do not overdo it.

  • Wearing a lapel pin on your sweater

Lapel pins can be put at the center or the left side of your sweater. A sweater with a V-neck would act as the best example. 

Add a few pins to the sweater depending on your style to get a very fancy look and have a detailed outfit.

1.7 How Should I Pick a Lapel Pin?

Figure 3. Picking Lapel Pins

In both professional and formal-casual events, blazers are classic and you cannot mess up your outfit; you will have to choose the best lapel pin that will go hand in hand with your style. 

  • Make sure you wear one lapel pin

Wearing only one lapel pin will give you that elegant look. So it is highly advised

In a professional setting, too many lapel pins on your outfit will drive people’s attention from what you are saying as they will be looking at the many lapel pins on you.

  • Consider the setting or the occasion

When choosing a lapel pin, it is very important to consider the occasion that you will be attending.

When attending a wedding, it is suitable to wear a floral lapel pin but when it comes to a business setting this will be completely inappropriate.

 A simple engraved metal shape will be suitable for work settings and will look more professional as you work with your boss.

  • Match other accessories

It is very important to match your lapel pin with other accessories you have on, like matching with your watch and necklace.

If your lapel pin has some color on it, it should be the same as your pocket square handkerchief and tie. 

You should put in mind the color of your blazer and make sure you do not color clash.

  • Choose something you like

Always put your interest in your outfit. On any occasion, when putting on your lapel pin make sure it is something that interests you.

You can express yourself in a professional setting with a perfect lapel pin.

1.8 What are Lapel Pins Made From?

A lapel pin is made from many different materials; the outer shape of the pin is stamped out from the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Gold

The other parts are just additions like flowers and some budges.

1.9 What are the Parts of a Lapel Pin?

A lapel pin has two main parts, the face of the pin is known as the adornment where your logo or badge is placed.

 When a nail or a post, with a clutch, is attached to the adornment that is when we get the name lapel pin. This is the back part.

1.10 Why do People Wear Lapel Pins?

Figure 5. Why you should wear Lapel Pins

People wear lapel pins because of the following:

  • To show patriotism

The most popular lapel pin you will see military, Politicians, and dedicated people wear is a flag of the country mostly made from metal. 

This shows a clear message that they love their country and are proud to be citizens of that country.

  • To support a cause

In cases where someone has a cause, they would like to support them and they will come up with a custom lapel pin.

For example, a pink ribbon pin supports the awareness of breast cancer, and other different colors supporting other forms of cancer.

  • Commemorate an event

 When people attend an event they would like to remember that day and lapel pins are a great idea to do so.

You can offer your guests unique lapel pins to remember that special day.

  • To promote a business

Lapel pins act like small billboards for a business by promoting their name, brand, and image. The best thing is that they are portable. 

The workers walk around with them promoting your business anywhere they go.

  • Display unity

Commonly used by people who belong to the same club, there are some lapel pins specially made to show unity and membership.  

A lapel pin made for a club is a sign that you belong, it shows the connection you have with the people having the same lapel pin.

  • For identification

In case you belong to a particular party you will need to wear a lapel pin that people in that party identify themselves with.

The lapel pins are normally very unique and are customized by the party members.

  • To show accomplishment

In many organizations, you might come across employees wearing many lapel pins. They may seem decorative, but each pin has meaning.  

The employee earned or was rewarded by the employer for accomplishing something or advancing in his or her work.

  • To display interest

Commonly worn by students to represent something about the person, a place they have visited, or something they are interested in.  

You can know the person’s likes even before having a conversation just by a look at their lapel pins.

  • Accessory to your clothing

Sometimes just wearing your suit is not enough. You need to add a little something just to stand out. 

Lapel pins are the best accessory for clothing most especially if you are wearing a suit. It gives you a head start in your style.

1.11 Can a Broken Lapel Pin be Fixed?

Yes, it is very possible to fix a broken lapel pin. Mostly, the post normally breaks. So the only thing to do is glue the post to the back. 

It is highly recommended that you use the strongest glue possible keeping in mind that this is not a permanent fix.

1.12 Can Lapel Pins be Cleaned?

No, lapel pins are not supposed to be cleaned as they are not exposed to dirt. All you need to do is make sure they are stored well for longer durability.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 6. Design and Customization of Lapel Pins

2.1 Can a Lapel Pin be Designed?

Yes, we can come up with a lapel pin just for you. These mostly end up as a way of advertising your business and at times a fusion accessory.

2.2 What Groups Are There in Customized Lapel Pins?

  • Custom lapel pins for companies

Companies with customized lapel pins use them as a way to promote their company as the lapel pins are customized as the company’s logo.

  • Custom lapel pins for events

These are meant for product promotion for a brand in conferences and events. You can hand the custom lapel pins to the people participating and act as a symbol of appreciation as well.

  • Custom lapel pins for a cause

This is meant to create awareness and campaign agents for some illnesses like Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other dangerous illnesses. 

  • Custom lapel pins for weddings

These costumed lapel pins are meant to add more fun to your special day. They are normally shaped like the bride and groom and give the guests something to remember your day with.

  • Custom lapel pins for the hospitality industry

These types of custom lapel pins are commonly used to identify a person by name or show their authority status.

  • Custom lapel pins for personal use

Customized lapel Pins are also used just to have that unique lapel pin and afterward, you can resale them. People might be willing to buy your lapel pin in case it stands out.

2.3 What Size Should a Lapel Pin That is Customized be?

All Customized lapel pins vary in size, the can be: ½ an inch, ¾ an inch, 7/8 an inch, 1 inch, 1 ¼ an inch to 1 ½ an inch as these are the commonly used sizes, 

However, you can choose any size that you feel comfortable with but make sure you do not over exaggerate.

2.4 How Long Does it Take to Customize Lapel Pins?

Customizing a lapel pin is not an easy task, it takes about 13 to 15 working days to come up with the final perfect product.

2.5 Do You Need Samples To Design a Lapel Pin?

Yes, our customers are supposed to send us a sample or a picture of what they would like their lapel pin to look like.

This will give our custom and design team an easy task to come up with the perfect lapel pin.

2.6 What Factors do you Consider When Designing Lapel Pins?

Figure 7. Designing factors for Lapel Pins

When designing lapel pins the following must be considered:

  • Size

The lapel pin should not be too big nor too small, it should be of normal size to give you that elegant look.

  • Simplicity

When coming up with a lapel pin make sure you use at most 3 colors. This is because a lapel pin is a small accessory and using more colors will become a bit expensive.

People will also know your standard depending on the type of lapel pin you have on, if it has many colors it will be difficult to identify your department.

  • Smooth edges

This is important too. It will prevent the lapel pin from rubbing the jacket and ruining the fabric.

  • Colors

Choosing the best colors for your lapel pin will make it stand out from others. If the lapel pin is meant for a company it will have the colors dominant in the company setting.

2.7 How Much is a Customized Lapel Pins?

Customized lapel pins costs are based on the type of pin, quantity, and size.  The higher the quantity you buy the lower the price and vice versa, same to the size.

The marked prices are found on our website but they can be negotiable in case you are buying in bulk.

2.8 Is Custom Packaging for my Customized lapel pins Necessary?

In cases where you are reselling the customized lapel pins, custom packaging will be necessary but if the lapel pin is for personal use there is no need to incur more cost.

There are many different options for packaging, this includes plastic hinged boxes, paper boxes, backer cards, velvet hinged boxes, and another display-type packaging.

2.9 Can I Buy A Designed Lapel Pin for a Different Customer?

Yes, you can buy a designed lapel pin that was meant for another customer. This makes our work easy

All the ideas from different customers are stored and in case you are interested we can make the same lapel pin

2.10 How Long Does a Customized Lapel Pin Last?

A customized lapel pin is meant to last you a lifetime so long as you are careful while putting it on and removing it.

As they are customized, they will never go out of style.

2.11 How do I Tell That a Customized Lapel Pin is of Good Quality?

You can tell that a customized lapel pin is of the best quality by looking at the following:

  • Thickness and type of material

If a lapel pin is thick it does not mean that it is of good quality the material has to be good and the thickness of the required standards.

  • Legibility

The design must hold up to the required scale. Some would go for small lapel pins to cut on cost but end up getting a poor product.

  • Post and grip

This part should be able to hold and pop off and be easy to remove and apply the butterfly clutch.

  • Reviews

Make sure you research the best materials to use and get to read all the reviews that other people have advised.

2.12 What Materials Are Used For Customized Lapel Pins?

Figure 8. Materials Used in making Lapel Pins

Customized lapel pins are made from different materials depending on the customer’s preference and the amount of money he or she is willing to spend. The materials are;

  • Copper
  • Steel Brass
  • Brass 
  • Aluminum
  • Gold
  • Iron

Any other type of metal can also be used but make sure you get a long-lasting material.

2.13 How Satisfactory is your designed lapel pin?

We assure our customers of getting the best products as we have well-trained designers who will come up with an outstanding job.

They can come up with the copyright of your idea and deliver it within the required time.

2.14 What Factors are to be Considered When Customizing Lapel Pins?

When it comes to customization of lapel pins it is very important to look at the size and make sure the lapel pin size lies between the required standards.

2.15 Can we Write Messages on Designed Lapel Pins?

Yes, you can do whatever you like on your designed lapel pin. You have a chance to come up with the most creative design.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 How Much is a Lapel Pin?

Figure 9. Order and Payment

Lapel pins are not very expensive, but some might cost you a fortune. Lapel pins made from gold are the most expensive in the market.

The higher the quality of your lapel pins the more the cash. Customized lapel pins tend to be a little bit expensive as they are complex depending on the customer’s test.

3.2 How do I Place an Order For a Lapel Pin?

Placing an order with us through our website is very simple all you need to do is:

  • Create an account 
  • Click on the lapel pin that you are interested in
  • Choose the size of the lapel pin; you can also change the color of the lapel pin by clicking on the selected thumbnail.
  • Click on add to basket
  • Do this to any other lapel pin that you would like to buy they will be saved in the cart
  • Then go on and checkout
  • Enter your shipping details by filling in all fields provided 
  •  Choose your shipping method
  • Select your payment method
  • After you have agreed to the terms and conditions you can then submit your payment and you will be sent an email confirming your order.

3.3 Which Payment Methods Can I Use to Pay For Lapel Pins?

We only accept four methods of payment in our company. These modes are considered to be the safest and fastest. These payments include:

  • PayPal
  • T&T
  • Master card
  • Cash

3.4 How Safe is My Credit Card Usage On Your Website When Buying Lapel Pins?

Even though you can never be 100% confident that your personal information is safe online, credit cards are said to be the most secure payment method for online purchases.

This is because only the card information can or may be compromised and not the physical card itself, you are not liable for any unauthorized transactions.

During any transaction make sure to take proper precautions because no form of payment is 100% guaranteed.

3.5 Do you Have Terms and Conditions For Order And Payment of Lapel Pins?

Figure 10. Terms and Conditions of Payment

Yes, we have terms and conditions for order and payment. They include the following;

  • No payment is allowed after shipping of your lapel pins
  • Any losses during the shipping of your lapel pins will be your responsibility
  • No cancelation of order during shipping 
  • Any payments lost during transactions will be your priority

3.6 Do You Provide After-sales Services for Your Lapel Pins?

Yes, we do, In case your lapel pin has a problem we will be able to fix it at no cost or replace it. 

We also offer shipping services at a cost for those at far places but no cost to those around the vicinity.

3.7 What is The Maximum and Minimum Number of Lapel Pins You Can Order?

Even though we have a maximum and the minimum number of lapel pins that our customers are supposed to order we do not apply the same rules to those within the border.

For customers who are shipping the lapel pins overseas, you have to at least order 20 lapel pins. The maximum number of lapel pins you can order is 1000 lapel pins.

3.8 Do You Offer Discounts On Lapel Pins Orders?

Even though we have a maximum and the minimum number of lapel pins that our customers are supposed to order we do not apply the same rules to those within the border.

For customers who are shipping the lapel pins overseas, you have to at least order 20 lapel pins. The maximum number of lapel pins you can order is 1000 lapel pins.

3.9 How Would I Be Sure That My Lapel Pins Order Was Successful?

Figure 11. Successful Order

After you have gone through all the processes of making your order and submitting it with all the correct information you will receive an email confirming your successfully placed order.

In case this does not happen, it does not mean that your order was not successful. You can simply check this from your online account. You have to do:

  • Open the active order page
  • Look for your active order or simply type the order code
  • In case it is not visible refresh the page
  • If you did not get an email you can click on the order code and you will be able to get an email, and then compare the codes if they correspond.

3.10 What Personal Information is Needed Before Making an Order With Us?

When making an online order with us all you need is to give us is:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your identification number
  • Your names as in the identification card
  • And your credit card information

Note that our site will never ask you for your social security number in case this pops up you will not be using our site.

3.11 Can I Get Samples of Lapel Pins Before Making an Order Online?

No, it will be impossible to get samples from our customers. The only way to see our samples is to visit our workshops or showrooms.

If that would not be possible you would have to choose from the photos that are found on our online website.

You can reach us to get details on which lapel pin you would like to perch.

3.12 Can I Order my Lapel Pin Online and Pick it from Your Workshop?

Yes, this is possible. So long as your order was received and you pick our workshop as your pick-up point then after it has been packaged it will not be shipped out.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long does it Take to Ship Your Lapel Pins?

Our shipping depends on the geographical location of our customers in case you are within the border your lapel pin will get to you within two to three working days.

For those ordering outside the country, your order will arrive at you at least after 28 to 30 days depending on which mode of transport you would choose to use.

4.2 Is it Possible to Track My Lapel Pins During Shipping?

Yes, you can track your lapel pins. This is possible through the usage of our online website. All you have to do is:

Login to your account, under purchases, you will be able to see how far your order is just by clicking on an active order or using the tracking number.

4.3 How Much Does it Cost to Ship Your Lapel Pins?

Our shipping charges will depend on your geographical location and the number of lapel pins you are buying. The prices are not fixed.

In case you are close to our dispatch center then your shipping charges will be low. If you are outside the country then your charges will be higher.

4.4 How are your lapel pins packaged?

Figure 13. Packaging of Lapel Pins

When packaging our lapel pins we double wrap it use a sheet of plastic or cellophane to ensure your lapel pins are protected and give it a professional look. 

We also add a layer of bubble wrap just to ensure that they are well insulated from rough handling. We then package them into boxes.

4.5 What Should You Do in Case Your Delivery is not received?

In case your delivery does not arrive, you should call the delivery company that you used. If we were doing the shipping then contact us and we will be able to be of help.

We will either reship the lapel pins ordered so long as they are in stock or offer you a full refund.

4.6 Do I Need to be at The Pickup Point During Delivery?

No, immediately your lapel pins arrive you will receive a message or an email informing you that your goods have arrived at the pickup point.

4.7 Do you Make Deliveries during The weekend?

No, even though the shipping process might take place during the weekend all the lapel pins are supposed to be collected during a working day.

4.8 What Should I do in Case My Lapel Pins are Damaged During Shipping?

Immediately you find out that your lapel pins are damaged you are supposed to contact us and have proof of the damaged goods so that we could organize for a replacement or refund.

4.9 Is it Possible to Change my Delivery Address During Shipping?

No, you cannot do that as the goods are already in their way. You can only change your address when the lapel pins arrive at the pickup station that you have chosen.

We would advise you to cancel your order but you will not get refunded on the shipping charges for the earlier order.

4.10 How safe Are My Lapel Pins During shipping?

We always ensure that your lapel pins are well packaged and you can track your order online.  Our drivers are the best trained to handle your lapel pins with care.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Return and Replacement Policy

5.1 How Long Do Replacements Take to be Done?

Once you have ordered a replacement on damaged lapel pins in case they are in stock it will only take 6 to 8 working days if not you will get your money back.

5.2 Who is Accountable for Replacement of Damaged Lapel Pins?

We will be held accountable for damaged lapel pins during shipping only if we were the ones conducting the shipping process and you will get a replacement as soon as possible.

5.3 Do You Have a Replacement Policy?

Yes, our replacement policy states that any damaged goods reported imminently after delivery will get a replacement or a full refund.

No refunds will be done after 24 hours after delivery.

5.4 Who Should You Inform in Case you Get a Damaged Lapel Pin?

Figure 15. Damaged Lapel Pins

You should immodestly inform us via email or call our customer care number to get a replacement. You should then send us the damaged lapel pin.

5.5 What Should You Do in Case You Get a Delivery That Does Not Belong to You?

In case you receive lapel pins you did not order it is advisable to send the lapel pins to the right person or send it back to us.

5.6 What Challenges do You Face During The Replacement Process?

Sometimes when our customers request for a replacement on a damaged lapel pin we might be out of stock and they would not wait for new ones to be made.

5.7 Do You Offer Refunds On Returned Lapel Pins?

Yes, we offer refunds only if the lapel pin is damaged and it is the same type we had shipped.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can I Be Able to Cancel My Lapel Pins Order?

Yes, you have to log in to your account, go to your order menu and click on the cancellation button. You will then get an email showing successful cancellation.

6.2 How Long is The Cancellation and Refund Process?

The cancelation and return process only takes up to 5 working days.

6.3 Can You Cancel an Order During shipping?

Always make sure your orders are canceled before goods are shipped out in case this happens you will incur some charges.

6.4 How can I Track my Lapel Pin Refund?

You can track your refund by using our website in your account. You will see your refund status if it is active.

6.5 How Much Money is the refund?

Your refund will depend on the amount of money you spent and also on our canceling and refund policy. For more information contact us.

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