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Foison Metal Is A Trusted Supplier Of Unique And Aesthetic Medal Gold By Small And Large Establishments Around The World

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Foison Metal Assures Client To Receive World-Class Quality Medal Gold

Aside from sending free layouts and quotes, Foison Metal is patronized by many business owners because of the large selection of products we offer. Included in the metal crafts we have is a professionally-crafted medal gold.

Since day one, our main goal is to provide clients with unparalleled service by crafting excellent product quality and service standards. We maintain good quality items by using only the best materials, machines, and additional equipment in the industry.

We are happy to know that our loyal clients trust us. Our team is committed to our work. Foison Metal collaborates with our customers to ensure that the final product will fulfill your requirements.

About Our Service

Before Sale Benefits

Before our production, our customers will receive samples and quotes at no additional cost.


Our medal gold is open for customization. Our special team will follow every detail of your request.


At Foison Metal, you will experience a stress-free and convenient ordering and delivery process.


Foison Metal follows global standards in preparing your medal gold to ensure their legitimacy.


You can contact our team through our hotline number or email whenever you want.


Foison Metal works on a variety of medal gold. So, you can select an item that suits your business.

Bulk Orders

Foison Metal only needs less than seven days to prepare bulk orders of medal gold.


All products you can see on our website, including medal gold, are built using strong metal materials.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Fabricates High-Quality Medal Gold In Accordance to Your Customization And Business Intention

Medal Gold Star

Work with Foison Metal to get this cute medal gold star.

Medal Gold Rose

Boost the aesthetic quality of your business with our medal gold rose.

Emoji Medal Gold

Express different emotions using our emoji medal gold.

Medallion Necklace Gold

A medallion necklace gold is perfect for small and startup businesses.


We use a wide array of materials in making our medal gold, including stainless steel and aluminum. These two materials have unique functions that significantly improve the item’s quality and durability.

One good thing about our items is that they are scratch tolerant and can resist harsh conditions. Being a leading metal crafter, Foison Metal uses only long-lasting and cost-efficient materials.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Excellent Customer Service

We don’t want our customers to wait. Thus, we ensure to answer your queries immediately.


We ensure to make items that match your business requirements and standards.

Affordable Rates

Affordable rates offered to customers with bulk orders of medal golds.

Delivery Methods

You can choose which delivery method is available in your area.

What our clients are saying

Foison Metal Is China’s Reputable Manufacturer Of Long-Lasting Medal Gold

By preparing high-quality medal gold, Foison Metal caught the attention of many company owners around the world. We make certain that each product we made has the best quality compared to our competitors. You only need at least five minutes to place an order.

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