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Foison Metal: A Professional Metal Crafts Manufacturer In China

Medallion Necklace made with top-grade materials will last long and can withstand daily wear-and-tear situations. This product  can be used as a freebie to your loyal customers or sell it in your shop.

How you will use this product solely depends on your preference. Foison Metal is destined to satisfy the needs of our customers ensuring that they will receive professionally-designed items and high-end service. 

Our company houses large machines and skilled employees who will make and deliver your orders perfectly. We hear our customer’s thoughts about our products, and we are happy to know how satisfied they are upon receiving their orders.

About Our Service

Personalize Your Order

Foison Metal allows customers to select their desired sizes, shapes, designs, and colors of medallion necklace.

3 Easy Steps to Order

Aside from ensuring our products are efficient, Foison Metal ensures that our clients will experience a convenient ordering process.


Our competent teams are always hands-on in preparing your ordered medallion necklace.

High-Grade Equipment

We use top-class machines that help our teams to keep clean-cut medallion necklace.

Professional Factory in China

Foison Metal has years of experience in preparing a wide array of metal crafts designed to boost your brand image and popularity.

100% Sturdy Materials

Foison Metal is a big name in the metal crafts manufacturing industry. Thus, we ensure that all materials we use in creating medallion necklace are durable.

Exceptional Value

Foison Metal’s medallion necklace is affordable, which makes it perfect for small business owners.

Same Day Assistance

Being a world-class company, our brand is also patronized by numerous customers for our accessible customer service team.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Is A Mass Producer Of Unique And Fully Customizable Medallion Necklace Available In Etched And Engraved Designs

Medallion Necklace Gold

Find high-quality medallion necklace gold from a verified supplier in China.

Solid Gold Medallion Necklace

Our solid gold medallion necklace is available in fair wholesale deals.

Large Medallion Necklace

Our large medallion necklace will take anyone’s outfit to the next level.

Medallion Necklace Silver

We use hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials to create our sterling medallion necklace silver.


Foison Metal is recognized by many customers as the leading brand name that produces customizable medallion necklace. Our necklaces are made with durable materials, ensuring that they can resist harsh situations.

To keep our clients 100% satisfied, Foison Metal offers a wide selection of layouts, sizes, materials, and colors that you can choose from before we create your medallion necklace. We also send samples to clients to assess if our products will match their business requirements.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Fast Delivery

We have pre-made medallion necklaces to send over once we receive your orders.

Personal Touch

We allow customers to modify our pre-designed medallion necklaces to match their unique needs.

Simple Interface

Our website has a user-friendly interface for a more convenient ordering process.

Sturdy Materials

We ensure that our medallion necklaces will last for several years.

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What our clients are saying

Foison Metal Is A Superior Supplier Of Medallion Necklace In The World

Considering the years spent by Foison Metal in the industry, our teams already know the likes and dislikes of our clients. Thus, we always prepare medallion necklace that features trendy designs. So, if you need a verified supplier of medallion necklaces for your shop, Foison Metal has your back.

Medallion Necklace FAQs & Ultimate Guide

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