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Foison Metal is the World-Class Producer of High Quality Medallion Set

Foison Metal provides you with a large range of high-quality items that are proven to increase your sales in a short period of time. We can meet all of your brand’s requirements, including colors, designs, and personalization.

Our Medallion Set is created by a team of skilled professionals who are as enthusiastic and creative as you are about growing your brand. Your next asset and best seller on your product line will undoubtedly be these items.

Every product you purchase from us will be handled through strict quality control procedures. When it comes to your products, Foison Metal is the finest company to work with because we want to provide excellent assistance to customers like you.

About Our Service


Our Medallion Set includes outstanding designs that appeal to people of all ages


Medallion Set are incredibly attractive and nice to the sight, which will increase the appeal of your business

Wholesale Deal

We always give our customers attractive deals, especially those who place large orders

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Foison Metal ensures that you will be happy with our product and that it will satisfy all of your expectations

Five Star Quality

Foison Metal are thoroughly made and tests the quality of our products before delivering

Detailed Engravings

From prints to cut out edges, we polish everything to exceed your expectations while yet keeping our products affordable!

Rust Resistant

We ensure to make the products as high quality as possible for a longer time of use

Professionally Made Designs

Foison Metal can provide large selections of designs made by our professionals!

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Professionally Designs Stylish Medallion Set, Ideal For Your Business Or Company Needs

Customized Medallion Set

With these personalized goods, you can add certain features to promote your brand's enterprise.

Quality Etched Medallions

Make a lasting impression on your clients with this elegant design that has been laser engraved to perfection.

Gold Medallion Set

This gold colored medal set gleams with elegance and will undoubtedly impress your customers.

Stainless Medallion

If you're looking for a product line that will last for years, a stainless base is ideal!


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is the firm behind the high-quality Medallion Set that is currently at the top of the charts! We have a large number of factories around the world that supply millions of happy customers.

We are the most reputable maker of metal goods that are widely used all over the world. Give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the greatest service and a hassle-free transaction!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Top Standard

Our items are manufactured from the most durable and authentic materials available.

Tested and Proven

To ensure quality, we have our items put through rigorous testing by experts.

Minimal Rates

We produce high-quality materials at a reasonable cost.

Endless Production

We supply bulk medallion set to hundreds of customers world-wide.

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Foison Metal Mass Produces Premium Quality Medallion Set


With Foison Metal, you can sit back, relax, and watch your business expand without having to worry about anything! All of the services and Medallion Set we provide are of the highest quality and have been verified and tested all over the world for many years! By placing an order, you will not waste time and will have a very pleasant transaction!

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