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At Foison Metal, we consider customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality metal badge pin for an affordable price. We provide accurate cost management and quality control that gives us a great advantage.

We pledge to go above and beyond to provide you with the best service possible. Our customer service team is available to assist you with your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We guarantee to make contributions to your company by providing professional customer service and a quality badges you never had before.

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Foison Metal is well-equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the highest quality for metal badge pin


Our team is consist of hard-working, skilled, and experienced individuals who is committed to deliver the best metal badges

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All metal badges goes through a strict quality control system that ensures every product is perfect


Our Metal badge pin designed is creative, unique, and effective for 100% satisfaction guarantee


Foison Metal is a trusted company that guarantees valid and secure transactions


We provide generic sample for metal badge pin for free for you to test run the durability of the product


For your convenience, we offer 24/7 customer support that is available to assist you anytime of the day

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Foison Metal is a B2B manufacturing company, which focuses on producing high-volume quality badges

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Foison Metal is the number one trusted supplier in China that works hand in hand with you to achieve the perfect metal badge pin for your company. Guaranteed you will find everything that you need here!

With our innovative technology and skilled workers, we are confident that we can deliver everything that you need. We also offer a wide range of durable materials to use in producing long-lasting badges.

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Good Quality

Our metal badge pins are guaranteed to be made of premium materials that ensures its longevity

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We offer low price rate for high-quality metal pins that ensures business profit


Metal pins are effective in delivering clear and lasting information to the end-user


We work with you to create a functional badge pin design that guarantees to match your business profile

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Foison Metal Creates Premium Metal Badge Pin That Satisfies Customer Demands

Foison Metal’s vision is to build a more successful partnership with customers worldwide. We aim to maintain stable and good quality badge production that will be efficient for your business. We believe that this goal can be achieved with our total commitment and continued technical innovation.

The Metal Badge Pin FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Metal Badge Pin?

Figure 1. Metal Badge Pin

Metal badge pins are products that are mostly used as elements that aid in the transformation of outfits into attractive nature. Also, the metal badge pin acts as a representational symbol of companies with their logos engraved on them.  This helps specifically for advertising ad exposure of their brand.

1.2 Where Did the Name Metal Badge Pin Originate?

The first metal badge pin originated from the era of innovation, John Wesley from America came up with a method of covering billiard balls with collodion. Medallions were the first badges to come into existence after a series of processes. 

The name metal badge pin came about when the whitehead company started using metal pins joined to the back of the badge. The celluloid gave protection to the design and the metal badge pin was born.

1.3 What Is the Cost of the Metal Badge Pin?

It is a question of how affordable is the product. The raw product and pattern involved in making specific metal badges vary in price. But the cheapest cost is about 2 US dollars and the can go up to 20 US dollars in price depending on how deep is your pocket.

1.4 What Is the Lifespan of the Metal Badge Pin?

As to the duration to how long the metal badge pin can last is not clear. But what is clear is that the products are made out of materials with a very long life span.

The raw products used mostly consist of;

  • Gold 
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Steel

1.5 Where Is the Metal Badge Pin Mostly Used?

Figure 2. Use of Metal Badge Pin

Metal badge pin is commonly used as a medium of recognition purpose and beauty. Many groups, denominations, and organizations started using it.

They comprised of:

  • The people in the army.
  • The law enforcement personnel.
  • Companies also use metal badge pins for identification purposes.
  • Denominations also have made it a custom to use it for identification; an example is the Christians (Ushers wear it)
  • The normal people again also wear the metal badge pin as an indicator of trend and fashion.

1.6 Speaking of Existence, What Are the Places the Metal Badge Pin Is Found?

Metal badge pin is in at most found almost in every state on this earth and mostly with the civil servants. Members of an organization. It has been so much adopted in the fashion industry to bring taste and style.

The metal badge pin is worn worldwide and has become a culture that has been practiced with almost everybody and dates back over years.

1.7 How Big Should the Metal Badge Pin Be?

How big or how small a metal badge is supposed to be cannot substitute the specifications of a client’s taste and preference.

Metal badge pin goes between 1 inch to 3 inches long and maybe 3 inches wide just to put it in a nutshell. It should be of medium size. Also, the average for legibility purposes but not too big to make it comfortable.

1.8 What Is the Striking Difference Between the Pin and The Badge?

A badge is a recognizable sign, symbol, emblem, or recognition, worn on a person’s clothing, as a special sign indicating a rank, or on a member of an organization, even though the nail is usually made of a small piece of steel. a wire with a sharp end is used for connection, and the other is aligned or rounded

1.9 During Production What Are the Things Used to Attain a Finished Product of the Metal Badge Pin?

  • Metal badge pin is produced from several metals with high corrosion resistance.
  • Copper is the main component in the making of metal badge pins.
  • Unions such as Christianity prefer their metal badge pin produced from the normal iron to avoid unnecessary conflicts and attract thieves.

1.10 Are Metal Badge Pins Authenticated?

Figure 3. Authenticated Metal Badge Pin

Yes, the metal badge pin is authenticated for human use without any side effects or danger.

It has been put into test and authenticated safe for use without any negative effects on human life or damage to clothes.

1.11 Where Do You Pin Your Metal Badge Pin?

There is one compromise rule for metal badge pin arrangement: it should be on the left side. Throw a little below the collar and north of the pocket square.                           

1.12 Is It Only for The Fashionable People to Wear Metal Badge Pin?

It is very much worn by people of all denominations, social classes, and ethnic classes. Some people wear the metal badge pin for a variety of reasons including: 

  • Form of identity to a particular sect.
  • Sense of existence to a certain community.
  • For aesthetic and style worn by models, politicians and celebrities wear it.
  • For recognition and exposure of brands.
  • Also at the time is used as a symbol of identification during functions.

1.13 Of What Importance Are the Metal Badge Pin?

Metal badge pin plays a key role in any of the events where network and communication is the main component. They have become vital as far as advertising is concerned and businesses are adapting to it to remain afloat over the others.

1.14 Is Metal Badge Pin Used for One Purpose?

The metal badge pin is used for many reasons that include:

  • To the members of the servicemen (military, police, and cadets) it is for recognition of ranks and positions.
  • To members of a religion, it is used to show different roles people play in a religion like church or a mosque.
  • The fashion industry is where it is mostly used by celebrities, models, influencers, and politicians as the mark of beauty and style. so much seen on occasions like the balls, cocktails. The red carpet events and gigs.
  • In the hotel and tourism industry, it is so much used as a mark of identity and position and also for cultural purposes.
  • To normal civilians, it is used to identify oneself or admire a certain social class that he can’t fit. 

1.15 What Purpose and Information Does the Metal Badge Pin Conveys?

Figure 4. Information on Metal Badge Pin

Usually, a metal badge pin sends a strong message to the outside world, this message includes:

  • The metal badge pin shop or company that it was acquired.
  • This may not seem too important, but it may help the stranger in identifying the exact store in which the metal badge pin was acquired. 
  • The social status
  • This may seem absurd but many people in this generation identify themselves with different social statuses.
  • The organization they represent
  • Many organizations like the military and security agencies have customized metal badge pin that is used as marks of ranks, achievements, and positions in an organization.
  • Events being attended
  • Metal badge pins serve a very special purpose in events. There are different types of metal badge pins worn on different occasions and many are unique in their way and also depending on the client specifications.

1.16 What Are the Rules That Govern the Production of Metal Badge Pin?

The quality average according to the law for a metal badge pin is the things used and the message it carries.

In the time of origin is that this metal badge pin follows specifics like the pin should be put strictly behind the metal plating. Also, it should be worn on the left hand at the chest just immediately after the collar.

1.17 Are There Specific Colors Required in Making the Metal Badge Pin?

Often the colors in use for metal badge pins are the indigenous color that came with the material for making the metal badge pin. Most metal badge pins are made of many colors in specification with the client’s wants and desires. So now there are no specific colors required in the making of the metal badge pin.                            

1.18 Does The Metal Badge Pin Found Locally?

The metal badge pin is found locally especially in retail stores that sell a variety of pieces of jewelry. But for people with taste and a unique sense of style for metal badge pins they make orders according to their ideas and preference. 

The servicemen metal badge pin is not sold in boutiques but rather ordered with specific instructions and design. Because they adhere to strict rules of manufacture.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Metal Badge Pin

2.1 Is It Possible to Get a Unique Metal Badge Pin?

Customized and designed metal badge pin as per clients’ wants is very much possible because we normally make products according to the customization ideas.

Every metal badge pin is made according to preference and taste. 

2.2 What Is Usually the Information Contained On the Metal Badge Pin?

Metal badge pin for military and police has a unique message that stands out from any other form of metal badge pin. 

The message put on the metal badge pin has meaning as far as specifications and designs are to be considered.

Every piece design stands out from the other but all rely on the audience being targeted in the market.

2.3 Are There Repairs in an Incidence of Damage?

Metal badge pins are mostly owned by the army and police individuals are for recognition and rank indicator reasons which makes it almost impossible for repair to take place. Most of the time the metal badge pins act as a medal of honor they become impossible to repair. There is only one way of fixing the problem and is by recreating a new one.

But on the other hand of normal civilians, metal badge pin is repaired because rules are not as strict as those of the service personnel.

2.4 What Are the Factors That Rely on the Font Style of the Metal Badge Pin?

Font styles vary depending on the order and design made for the metal badge pins. Though there are many colors we offer that one can choose from according to your taste. Others are knitted especially to the badge that is embedded in cotton.

2.5 What Are the Distinguishing Factors in Metal Badge Pin?

Figure 6. Factors of a Metal Badge Pin

The distinguishing factors in the metal badge pin are;

  • The event to be attended
  • The material used
  • The design
  • The member group one belongs to.
  • The exposure of the brand being advertised.

2.6 Is Legibility a Factor That Counts in The Inscription of Message On Metal Badge Pin?

 The legibility of the message inscribed on a metal badge pin counts a big deal because of the purpose it holds as a form of belonging to so many organizations and denominations. In the case of a function, it is easier to differentiate the service providers from attendees.

In gigs, balls, or big events it is easier to categorize people in attendance based on the metal budge pin they are putting on at the time. Thus clarity is everything when it comes to badges.

2.7 Is It to Give You My Ideas On How I Would Want My Metal Badge Pin Designed?

It is in our good hearts that we usually urge clients to share ideas of how they would wish their designs to look. It is very much understandable for a client to choose his taste and preference over what we make and that helps in achieving the perfect product. 

2.8 What Major Pattern Do You Use in Metal Badge Pin?

 The common major pattern used in the production of the metal badge pin is of the name badges.

The gold pattern is commonly used but the pattern is unique from the others for taste and class, unlike any other badge. These badges are mostly used in conferences.

2.9 Are There Prototypes Made Before Production of the Final Product?

For every perfect outcome, there must be a proper plan and procedure. We usually create the sample models of the real representation of the metal badge pin before making the actual metal badge pin. This usually happens for the reason of amending mistakes and filling in loopholes. 

The reason for making sample models is after correction it helps us achieve even perfect end products. This helps us to compete favorably with others and to remain afloat.

2.10 In The Event of an Order Do You Deliver the Same Metal Badge Pin as Seen in Picture?

The images you see online are the real representation of the actual products we sell. We can’t advertise images of goods that are not manufactured by us to attract clients, but we do post images of real things. We are staunch believers in the mantra of honesty and integrity.

2.11 Can We Put Pictures On Metal Badge Pin?

Figure 7. Pictures on a Metal Badge Pin

Most metal badge pins do not contain pictures on them as required by the rules governing them. In the fashion and style industry, metal badge pins will at least contain images for attraction and attention many are the customers who will give directions on specific designs. 

2.12 Can You Choose a Material of Your Liking to Create Metal Badge Pin?

Yes, you can choose any material you desire and you are sure of getting a very beautiful metal badge pin.

But one thing is for sure, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket because most of these metals especially silver is very expensive. In fact, during customization of a design, it becomes double the price of the normal design.

2.13 Can Raw Products Used to Make Metal Badge Pin Stand Severe Conditions?

In the early year’s metal badge pins were made out of brass, and alloys of other metals that can withstand corrosion time went by and things evolved, people started using a few expensive metals like stainless steel, copper, brass, and gold. 

These metals are believed to have a very high resistance to corrosion and even fires or explosions.            

2.14 Is There a Limit to Your Pattern and Customization?

There are no boundaries to this department. We make metal badge pin in any color, shape, size, and design. Our goal is to reach the target audience.

It usually takes 4 business days to come up with a unique pattern and style for a specific client’s instructions. Incompetency is a vice that no longer exists in our company.

2.16 Can Metal Badge Pin Used as Fasteners to Clothes and Ribbons?

The metal badge pin as much as they are used in the clothing industry to add a touch of beauty to a suit has also other purposes it can hold.

Metal badge pins are used as fasteners to clothes especially in women’s clothes like wrap skirts whereby instead of tying it up they use metal badge pins. This helps to bring out the simplicity in a dress code yet stylish.

Also, the metal badge pin used fastening ribbons used by cheer squads in games. It is also used in pinning women’s hair at the back making it look stylish and attractive.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment of Metal Badge Pin

3.1 What Are Your Order and Payment Policy?

It is clear that for you pay for an order it must have gone through successfully.

You must receive an email of confirmation after every successful payment of an order. That you should reconfirm the order you are placing is the correct product you want to purchase.

3.2 Can Someone Visit Your Offices Directly to Place an Order?

Yes, it is very much allowed for you to come to us directly and place your order and payment. But again we usually discourage that kind of norm because we have our website which handles almost everything at the comfort of your home.

And in case you find it difficult to understand or follow-through, there is the audio assist feature that helps even the blind navigate through our site. It is just one click away from making an order and paying for it.

3.3 Does Your Orders Vary with The Country Region?

We receive our orders globally. We are a known brand that’s why we don’t choose to whom we take orders or to who we sell. Clients of all races, ethnic classes, social statuses, and religions have equal rights here. So the variation comes in depending on the number of orders a day a country’s clients can order and that changes every day.

3.4 How Do I Place My Order?

Figure 9. Placing an Order for Metal Badge Pin

Through our online flat, it is a simple process. You go to the order button on the top right of the window, click and follow the process through.

The other way is by calling our customer care agents where they will assist you in placing your order every step of the way.

You can make your order also by coming straight to our offices and doing the same.

3.5 What Is the Minimum Quantity I Can Order?

Every client has the power to purchase according to what he feels enough. There are no boundaries as to the amount of Pisces of the metal badge pin you can order. For large scale clients who are business people normally take the day by purchasing in bulk

3.6 Convince Me Why I Should Use Your Online Platform to Order?

Our page checks out website will get you going faster with even less frustration and ease. Again it is easier to know the total cost of the products plus the shipping fee before you make your order. We send confirmation emails after a successful order and updates you on the status of your order. We keep your information in case make another order in the future.

3.7 Can I Get a Free Sample Test?

Yes, you can get a free sample test of the metal badge pin, we usually give trials to potential clients who make orders and pay first. We do this to cut off the jokers’ type who only want the free goods and are not in a position to making any purchase

3.8 What Is the Duration Taken for an Order to Go Through?

After confirming your order and paying for the same it only takes a minimum of a minute for your order to go through. This s followed by the confirmation email that your order has been successful will be updated when it is disbursed.

3.9 Are Payments Done Before Delivery or After I Receive My Product?

Figure 10. Payment for Metal Badge Pin

As discussed earlier, all payments are done before delivery of goods and that includes the shipment fee. But for large-scale traders, their payment is done in form of invoices where they get to pay after their sell for them to receive the next shipment.

3.10 What Methods Do I Use to Make a Payment to Orders?

To reach out to as many as possible globally we came up with a variety of methods of payment. Through this method, they have helped us sail through the tides of economic crisis.

The various methods of payment are; 

  • Money gram
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Paypal          

The methods above have proven to be reliable all over the world where one can pay using any currency but standard rates of exchange apply.

3. Do I Need to Provide Any Sort of Information or Papers When Making an Order?

We require no documents during order placement. The only information we require for the process is:

  • Catalog codes and the amount of product you wish to get.
  • Your delivery address.
  • In case of an issue, we will need your mobile number or want to contact you fast.
  • Your email where your confirmation for a successful order has gone through.
  • The payment method you are you be is debit card or MoneyGram for completion of your payment.

3.12 Solution for A Failed Order?

Figure 11. Failed Metal Badge Pin Order

Clients are urged to make another order in case they get a failed may be because the order you placed may have contained the wrong information of mismatch of things. 

Again, it can happen when we are having technical issues with online systems. Again, you should check your internet connection because it may be down or has a low signal. 

3.13 Are All Your Products in Stock?

We try to keep enough records to meet your wants. On rare occasions when we have run out of stock, we notify our clients. We will then make every effort to complete your orders in 20 days. There are no charges until the shipment of your product.

3.14 Is Your Website Secure?

As for security matters, we believe in our systems for protecting our data. Our security systems change secure codes every 24 hrs. 

Making it the highest form of security system to be cracked with the addition of biometric authentication scanners that helps in proof of identity. And yes, our website is heavily secured.

3.15 How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Our hotline numbers are always open any time of the day or night. You can reach our help desk and get help. Again through our email you can write to us and will get back to you. You can also choose to chat with this and still be helped.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery of Metal Badge Pin

4.1 What Are the Forms in Use for Shipment of the Metal Badge Pin?

Different forms of shipping are in play including intermediary agencies. International movers and forwarders agencies have been our main partners.

Local accessible places are normally accessed through the means of the road to economize on the transit charges.

Shipping agencies come into play in moving goods across the sea.

The means of air transportation is used for fragile and quicker transportation to longer distances.

4.2 what is the time taken for successful shipping and delivery?

All orders that come in from Monday to Thursday are put on transit the very day. But as to all orders received past noon from Monday to Wednesday are shipped the following day, but the orders that are usually received afternoon from Thursday are shipped the following week on Monday.

4.3 Do You, Partner, with Intermediaries to Ship the Metal Badge Pin?

No company is self-sufficient and entirely stands on its own. We produce yes but when it comes to the shipment of goods we delegate the duties to our reliable partners to do the rest.

Intermediaries come in handy during the shipment of our goods to various destinations and are reliable for the safety of your goods.

4.4 What Security Measures Are in Place for Your Shipping and Delivery Process?

Figure 13. Metal Badge Pin Shipping security

Before any shipping process is done there is proper documentation of the products with their addresses to avoid losing them.

Products on transit are always accompanied by security escorts to put thieves at bay. After delivery, a client must sign a form of confirmation you have received your product to avoid imposters. 

4.5 Why Was I Charged for Shipping?

The system works differently for every order one makes.  the reason you were charged for shipment fee is that the product you ordered had no inclusion of the shipping fee.  it was the duty of the company responsible for your shipment to charge you.

Normally we usually include a shipment fee on every product so that you don’t have to pay for the same again. It has worked so well over overtime and spares one into the frustration of having to pay again.

4.6 What Happens When I Order the Wrong Product?

We shall consider taking back the product but you will have to pay 25% for shipping, as well as handling costs. The client is liable for the charges of shipping of the returned product and the new replacement product. 

All refunds must be received in advance from the client and must be sent to us within 7 business days of receipt of the item. The product must be returned in the same or equivalent package (e.g. seal not taken off) originally sent by us. Once we get the product, we will ship the product.

4.7 If I Receive a Damaged Metal Badge Pin, How Do You Go About It?

Figure 14. Damaged Metal Badge Pin

In a case where a client receives a damaged product, it is always wise enough to return it. We as the company will take it back and replace the product soonest to our capability.

You just have to follow the protocols put in place for replacement and returns.

4.8 How Do I Know the Status of My Shipment?

Through our online services, it is easy to see and follow up on your shipment. Just click status and all the required information is displayed to you on where and when your cargo will be delivered.

4.9 Do You Ship On Non-Working Days?

Weekends and holidays are excluded when it comes to shipping. So it is advised you make your orders during the 5 business days and get them in due time to avoid weekend delays.

4.10 What Are Your Shipping Partners?

We do business with the following shipping companies:

  • Emirates air.
  • Maersk.
  • DHL.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement of Metal Badge Pin

5.1 Am I Entitled to A Replacement If I Received the Wrong Order?

The policy of replacement and returns is clear on the specifics and requirements of such a case. A client has the right to replace if he receives a product not ordered.

5.2 What Is the Duration Taken for Replacement and Return Process?

Normally the period varies from one product to the other and the distance taken during shipping. But the minimum time it can take is 15 days since return.

5.3 What Is Your Replacement Policy?

In a situation where the customer is not okay with the product it is returned and a replacement is done immediately.

It is only in an incidence where the client fails to return the good in due time that we do not replace the product in the assumption he was using it.

5.4 Do I Have to Pay Again for Shipping of the Replaced Metal Badge pin?

Figure 16. Shipping Charges on Metal Badge Pin

Under no circumstance is a client required to pay again for the shipping cost of a good is against the work ethics and policy of our company.

5.6 How Will I Know the Returned Goods Were Received?

Through our website during status checking, you will be notified on receiving the goods. Thereafter commencement of our replacement will start immediately. It is only wise that a client should be checking with us to know the status.

5.7 How Do I Track the Whole Process of Return and Replacement?

Through our customer care, you can ask and be told the status of your replacement. We usually update clients on our website and also send emails on the same.

You can contact our hotline numbers and ask for help knowing where the process has reached. We got field agents who are available at your disposal and can always reach up to them and get help.

5.8 What Are the Conditions Required for the return and replacement procedure?

The conditions are simple and easy to adhere to. They include:

  • You need to return the goods at the stipulated time as our policy depicts.
  • Make sure goods are in the conditions they were delivered.
  • Finished payment of the goods.
  • Gave correct details as required.
  • Be the original goods with their serials as were delivered.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Terms and Conditions for A Successful Cancellation and Refund?

A client must have attained the following for him to qualify to cancel and get a refund of the goods ordered;

  • When goods are canceled while on transit the client will incur charges of the same.
  • When goods are canceled before shipment a client has the mandate to order for another product or be refund his money minus the transit cost.
  • But when a customer cancels an order before disbursement of goods, she has full right to her full refund of the money but of course with the protocols that govern it.

6.2 What Is the Procedure of Cancellation of Product in Your Website?

On the far bottom right there’s the icon cancel order. After clicking the icon, a series of instructions is displayed whereby you are supposed to follow for a successful cancellation of your order.

6.3 Is There a Full Refund After a Cancellation Process Has Gone Through?

It has always been saying for companies and businesses, there will never be 100% compensation. A client must incur a little percentage from his previous payment. So no, there is no full refund of your money but 80% of the total cost.

6.4 What Shows That a Cancellation Process Has Been a Success?

Figure 18. Cancellation Process

An email is sent to you confirming the process of cancellation that you executed has been successful. After then you will be told the duration it takes before your refund matures.

6.5 Is A Client Charged for Canceling a Metal Badge Pin Order While On Shipment?

Damn yes, a customer is incurring the cost used for transportation of the good while on transit. It is advisable that in case there is a change of mind it’s economical to switch it with another good instead of canceling and waiting for a refund.

6.6 What Is the Duration Taken for A Successful Refund?

Normally the duration taken for a successful refund is 12 working days from the day the refund process was authenticated. But for goods stolen while on transit the number of days it takes for a refund is slightly more.

6.7 During Delivery I Received a Defective Product, What Should I Do?

We guarantee defects in the materials and skills of your product during delivery. This warranty excludes other implied assurances, consisting of assurances of other transported goods or fragile products in that case. 

You should let us know the product if your shipment is defective in a span of 24 hrs. Unfortunately, we cannot comply with the warranty claims after this period or if the product is not stored to order in the datasheet. 

If we detect a defect in the product sold, we will replace it free of charge or provide a full invoice refund for the product.

6.8 Is It Possible to Make a Fresh Order After an Immediate Cancellation?

It’s always possible to make a fresh order immediately after cancellation. But will treat it as fresh order and have to follow the order and payment procedures to the latter.

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