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Foison Metal: Elevating Brands With Exquisite Metal Card Engraving & High-Quality Materials

Elevate your brand’s identity with Foison Metal’s unrivaled expertise in exquisite metal card engraving. Our craftmanship transforms premium materials into unique metal cards with lasting impression that resonates with distinction. 

With a dedication to quality, we combine innovation and artistry, offering custom range of metal card solution from intricate designs to flawless finishes. Our commitment to excellence ensures your brand stands out. 

Discover the perfect blend of art and function with our elevated laser engraved metal business cards that embodies luxury and individuality. Partner with us today to redefine your brand’s presence!

About Our Service

Custom Made

Our team makes whatever you need for your metal card engraving. All sizes, shapes, colors, and textures are available for customization.


We produce high-quality metal cards for wholesale consistently. No matter the number of your orders, we promise to deliver same quality.


While the quality of the product is our top most priority, we make sure to also consider that every product is affordable.


We cautiously use materials that will permit the item to endure harsh environments. Such materials are stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.


Our team of professional engineers offers precision and artistry where every metal card engraving is meticulously attended to.


With the help of our innovative technology, we bring your designs to life. From intricate patterns to lettering, offering unparalleled engraving.

Timely Delivery

With our efficient production process and commitment to meeting deadlines, we ensure that your orders are delivered on time.


From concept to creation, we'll guide you through the entire process ensuring that your vision is seamlessly translated into tangible metal cards.

Our Featured Products

Top-notch Foison Metal Materials Used For The Structure and Finalization of Exceptional Metal Card Engraving

Metal Card Engraving

Cards are an incredible approach to give a customized message one can love for quite a long time to come. It is laser engraved into the metal with your very own message.

Stainless Steel Metal Card Engraving

These will show up with defensive sheets on the two sides to secure the industrial facility, manufacture, and transportation.

Personalized Metal Card Engraving

A straightforward and incredible customized gift. This card allows you to give a friend or family member a message that they can haul around with them.

Customized Metal Card Engraving

Smart and tasteful, these matte dark, anodized aluminum holders will keep your cards consistent and wrinkle-free, which permits you to return to agonizing over more significant things.


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process
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Know More About Us

Foison Metal is your trusted partner in delivering excellent metal card engraving without compromise, all while ensuring affordability remains at forefront . 

We merge craftmanship and innovation to create engrave metal card that resonates your budget and your brand’s essence. Your success is our success, that’s why were dedicated to offering the utmost value without compromising the quality.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted?

Excellent Quality

Our engraved metal cards stands as a testament to our commitment to quality that exceeds your expectations.


Your vision is our canvas. Our metal cards are fully customizable tailored to meet your requirements.


Our metal cards showcase elegance and sophistication, making your brand's presence felt.


Our metal card engraving withstands the test of time, leaving indelible mark with high resistance to corrosion.

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Foison Metal - Forging Impressions, Engraving Legacies

At Foison Metal, we believe in the power of metal card engraving as more than just a product; it’s an experience of unwavering dedication and quality. Our vision is to communicate your brand and forged connections for your target market.

Frequently Asked Questions
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is Metal Card Engraving?

Stainless Steel Visa Card
Figure 1. Metal Card Engraving

Metal card engraving is a form of contact between individuals and companies at large. It has different properties used to make it stand out and show its value. 

It is usually associated with the elite class to enhance social status due to its magnificent and unique properties.

 It is found in different types like bank cards, membership, business, loyalty, and visiting cards. In addition, it makes the clients feel special and appreciated because it speaks for itself.  

These types of cards have various finishing options that add aesthetic value to them. The client has a choice to choose which metals will be used and how they will be engraved.

They contain information about the business or company with variable data. It includes names, logos, photos, contacts or they can be contactless, their business title, and slogan.

1.2 What Are the Benefits of Metal Card Engraving?

Metal cards engraving has many benefits, hence the newly adapted cards in the world today. To begin with, they are durable because they last for 6 years without being replaced.

 They do not fade with time and can stand the roughest times without breaking or bending. It also shows a deep state class of individuals.

 It feels extremely good being spotted with a metal card engraving due to its rich status. 

Additionally, it is a marketing tool of a brand where it is widely used by people with huge throwaway incomes. 

When you have a metal card engraving, you are entitled to free airport lounge services, loyalty encodes, and elite statements.

 They can be easily carried around in their holders for transactions and efficiency. They also act as marketing tools for recommendations of businesses and companies.

They can also be made from different metals which do not get wet even when rained. The customers will feel appreciated and valued due to their status.

 The metal cards engraving is relatively affordable and can contain as much information as it should like personal details and logos.

1.3 Where Is the Metal Card Engraving Used?

The metal cards engraving can be used in banks for transactions as they act as debit and credit cards. They can also be used in airports for loyalty programs and to garner elite status. 

Also, they are used as visiting cards to announce the arrival or meeting of particular members. Some dining clubs have memberships using metal card engraving.

1.4 What Is the Process of Engraving Metal Cards?

Metal card engraving is a process that involves cutting designs onto metal using a milling machine for CNC or laser.

 Heat is usually used to vaporize metals by leaving marks in the form of designs and logos. The cutter then makes deep cuts according to the choice of the client.

 This process is usually done by the use of a laser machine. It can be laser engraving, rotary engraving, and manual engraving.

1.5 Which Information Is Written On Metal Cards?

American Express Metal Card Skymiles
Figure 2. Information to put on Metal Card Engraving

A metal card contains information that varies according to usage and type. For metal business cards, it will contain the name of the business, logo, and contact details.

 Although some are contactless as per the wishes of the client. The visiting cards contain little information about the business although they also write the name and brand of the company or individual.

 For bank cards, they contain the type of the card, name of the client, personal identification numbers, and special features like the QR Code, magnetic chips, and any other variable data.

1.6 Which Metals Are Used to Make the Metal Card Engraving?

Metal card engraving is made from different types of metals. It can be stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Each metal has its advantages and benefits.

 The client can choose which metal he prefers during order placement.

1.7 How Durable Are the Metals Used in Making Metal Cards?

Metal cards are made from durable metals that last long to ensure value for money. The metals do not scratch, fade, or wear off. They are resistant to bends and are recyclable too.

1.8 Does Metal Cards Contain Holders?

It is a free bonus for our clients to get a freeholder when you order bulk metal cards. The holders are used to keep the cards secure and in place. 

They also prevent them from being stained and worn out. They are normal-sized to fit into bags and pockets.

1.9 What Are the Available Engraving Methods?

Black Pure Metal Card
Figure 3. Metal Card Engraving Methods

Engraving has many different types that can be used on metal card engraving to bring out the desired style. They include:

  • Etching: It refers to where acid is used to make incisions on the metal. The unaffected areas are covered by wax to avoid spilling. 

The costs are relatively cheaper as no heat is required at any stage.

  • Laser engraving: here heat is used to vaporize the metal using a laser machine. When a client wants a curved edge, we use pulsed fiber due to its property of curving metals to make unique designs.
  • Manual engraving: it is achieved by incising profound marks on the surface. It is ideal for a rough textured look.
  • Rotary engraving: it is a process where a cutting tool is alternated to make an exact depth level as the cutter.
  • Mechanical engraving: it is done by moving the cutter on the exterior of the metal to achieve a specific finishing. 

1.10 Are There Any Personalized Effects That Can Be Applied?

Metal cards can have personalized features added such as a photo, name, number, and variable data. Additionally, it can also contain a signature strip, QR code, barcode, magnetic stripe, and smart chip.

This is one security feature that can be used to know all the ways the cards have been used within a given time.

1.11 Which Printing Options Are Available?

Generally, we use offset printing which is efficient when producing bulk products.

 The metal plate is printed and transferred to the original metal card. It is efficient for images, logos, and numbers.  

We also have flexography where the background pattern of the metal card engraving is continuous. 

 It uses inks to transfer details to the card. Also, we have screen printing which is the common  printing type used by clients.

 In this case, we use ink to inscribe a logo or marks to the metal card engraving. This method is best on bulk orders due to its smoothness and tranquility.

1.12 Do Metal Cards Needs Maintenance?

 Yes. Firstly, metal cards should be placed in their holders for safety. Also, to avoid smudges, do not keep them in denim clothes and leather as they stain the metal card engraving.

 When exposed to dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe over it occasionally. You can add alcohol instead of detergent.

1.13 How long do metal cards lasts?

Generally, the lifespan of a metal card is usually 6 years. This card is irreplaceable hence we require our clients to send it to us for recycling.

 You will need to make an order for another metal card engraving upon the expiry of the initial one. We will recycle the old card and use it for other benefits.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Which Sizes Are Available?

Metal cards are made in different sizes as per the clients’ requests. The standard size is 89 by 51mm. The majority of businesses use this size for their metal cards.

 We also have mini-sized cards which are 85 by 35mm. They are small and ideal for companies with small logos and details.

2.2 What are the available shapes?

Many clients use the rectangular shape that is common among all types of metal cards. We also have square shapes with round corners. It is one way of making your cards to be unique and attractive.

2.3 What are the available thickness?

Metal cards can be produced in various thickness sizes as per the clients’ design. They vary from 0.3mm to 0.8mm.

 However, we can make any thickness for you. The information to be inscribed and the logo should be a key determinant for your choice.

2. 4 What Is the Benefit of Customizing a Metal Cards?

Stainless Visa Signature Card
Figure 5. Benefits of Metal Card Engraving

Customization of metal card gives the client a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. It is an achievement that keeps you going and gives you the strength to work even harder. 

Additionally, it brings out uniqueness and beauty.

2.5 What Are the Accepted File Formats When Sharing My Designs?

We have clear inclinations when it comes to the filing format for engraved metal cards. Ensure that the color format is in CMYK mode. The resolution of the artwork should be more than 300 dpi. 

Also, we accept PDF, TIFF, and PSD file formats because of their high feature that prevents the design from being duplicated.

2.6 Can I Upload a Design with Full-Color Image or A Design with Different Colors?

Yes. We allow full-color designs for metal card.

2.7 Can I Get a Metal Card That Is Engraved and Has Full-Color UV Printed?

Yes. multiple surface finishes can be applied to metal cards.

2.8 What fonts can be used?

We have three types of fonts that we use on metal cards engraving. Choose a font that is clear and can be read well. 

Also, do not use more than two fonts at the same time to avoid creating contrast. The fonts are Helvetica, Sans Serif, and Arial. 

The client has a choice of selecting any font during order placement at no extra charges.

2.9 Are My Designs for Metal Card Engraving Confidential When I Share Them with You?

We are guided by the main principle of confidentiality that does not allow us to share any information about our clients.

However, if we need to copy a design to add to our library, we seek permission in writing to the client. Upon consent, we proceed to use it to market our work.

2.10 What are the finishing options available?

We use various finishing styles to bring out the uniqueness and ensure the longevity of the cards. They include:

  • Varnish and spot UV finishes: the vanished applied can be matte, gloss or silk. They are used to focus on details like logos or texts.
  • Die cuts: this process is where some parts of the metal are omitted using a die to create an appealing look.
  • Foil stamping:  here we use heat to press designs on the metal card engraving to create a difference. The foil comes in colors and you are allowed to choose.
  • Emboss and Deboss: in embossing, we use heat to attain a raised 3D effect on the metal card engraving. In debossing, we create a hollow that also affects the looks of the card.

3.0 Order and Payment

Silver Brushed Master Card
Figure 6. Order and Payment of Metal Card Engraving

3.1 What Is the Average Price for Metal Cards?

The general price of metal card engraving is determined by different factors. The type of metal used, finishing applied, engraving technique, and where it will be delivered matter.

 Also, the number of pieces ordered will have a huge influence on the cost. The prices reduce if you order more pieces as we offer discounts on bulk orders.

3.3 How Do I Place an Order for engraved metal cards?

Order placement is one of the important stages in metal card engraving. The client needs to visit our website and fill the order form as expected.

 Fill in all the details and let our artwork designers do their best. Check our samples on our website.

 For customized orders, there is a blank page where you can share your artwork in accepted file format. Choose the color, finishing, base color, texture, and thickness.

3.4 What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

We have various payment methods that we use to cover all types of clients. They include MasterCard, Credit card, PayPal, and cash for walk-in clients.

3.5 What Is Your MOQ?

Our MOQ for metal cards are 100 pieces per transaction.

3.6 Are Partial Payments Accepted?

Partial payment of 30% is required upon placing your orders.  The remaining 70% needs to be settled before delivery.

3.7 Can I request for samples?

White Metal Card Apple Logo
Figure 7. Samples for Metal Card Engraving

We have samples of our work in our library found on our website. They are free of charge unless we have to send them to you.

 Alternatively, a client has the chance to visit our company in person and get even more eye-catchy designs for metal card engraving.

3.8 Do You Accept Bulk Orders?

Yes. We accept bulk orders for metal cards engraving. They have better prices because we offer them discounts and free delivery for the locals.

 Note that the more the pieces the cheaper the price per piece. Let us make them for you.

3.9 Am I Allowed to Preview My Design?

It is our rule that clients have to preview their metal card before printing is done. The artwork designer works hand in hand with the client until she approves it for the final product. 

Here some adjustments can be made to perfect the design of the metal card engraving.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Order Delivered
Figure 8. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Who Is Responsible for Shipping Fees?

The client is responsible for all the costs related to the manufacture and shipping of the metal card engraving.

 When placing your order, it will automatically populate the shipping fees according to where it will be delivered. 

4.2 Which Shipping Companies Do You Use to Deliver?

We choose a company that is reliable and cheaper depending on the location of the client. 

They include DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Shippo.

4.3 What Happens When Am Not Available During Delivery?

If a client is not present on delivery day, it is slowed to send a representative. The shipping company will communicate a day to delivery to make the client ready for pick up

. Ensure that they have the original identification card, payment receipt, and order number.

4.4 How Is the Metal Card Packaged for Delivery?

Stainless Steel Silver Visa Card
Figure 9. Packaging for Metal Card Engraving

Metal cards are packaged in single sleeves and a plastic bag to ensure secure transportation. This way can be stored without getting any defects at all.

4.5 Do You Have Specific Days for Delivery?

No. We do not have any specific days for making deliveries for metal card engraving. We work for 5 days before making a delivery to the client.

 However, we have same-day deliveries to our local clients. The orders need to be placed by 9 am on the same day.

 We can have a negotiation with clients if need be because we are flexible enough to make reasonable adjustments.

4.6 At What Stage Do I Make Delivery Payments?

Generally, payments are made when the client is paying for the metal card engraving. The shipping fees are populated with the general costs.

We also have our clients who can pay later after delivery since we have a contract with them. We can arrange for such if you meet the required threshold as stated in our agreement.

4.7 Am I Allowed to Open My Package On Delivery?

Yes. We advise our clients to open and take a look at their metal card engraving. Check for any anomalies, breakages, or irregularities.

 In case of a concern, ask for a replacement or way forward from our team of experts.

4.8 What If I Receive a Damaged Metal Card?

It will be unfortunate for a client to receive a damaged metal card. Apply for a replacement on our website within 48 hours for efficiency. 

We will establish the cause of the damage to curbing such malfunctions. However, we will cater for all other costs.

4.9 Are There Any Shipping Restrictions?

We do not have any shipping restrictions in regards to metal card. The courier companies are found worldwide.

We choose a company that has affordable rates and is convenient to you.

Send us a free inquiry request