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Foison Metal Manufactures the Most Durable and Premium-Quality Metal Clothing Labels

Foison Metal continuously innovates and expands its expertise to cater to you with the most advanced products. We also aim to pioneer in supplying high-end custom label identification products and services according to your precise specifications. 

At Foison Metal, we are committed to providing one-of-a-kind service to meet your needs.  Our Metal Clothing Labels are created from raw materials to best suit your distinctive needs and requirements. 

Our sublimely skillful workforce is dedicated to working together as a team. This commitment ensures providing exceptional products that will create excellent impressions and credibility.

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Speedy Production

Foison Metal immediately caters to the needs of the clients to meet high deadlines


Our workforce understands your wants and co-shares your passion to design and innovate metal clothing labels for your needs

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We offer you a lineup of customization of metal clothing labels for your needs that also matches your brand identity or personality

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Foison Metal customer service extends even post-purchase to ensure that we can cater to your needs at the most


Our company has been providing top quality metal clothing labels that have also established a good reputation in the market

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Foison Metal's metal clothing labels have high ratings and good reviews from keen clients who also made multiple transactions with us

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Foison Metal maintain raw materials on hand. Also, we minimize the time it takes to complete and deliver it to you


Foison Metal fully innovates with advanced technologies. Being up-to-date also means staying relevant in the field

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Foison Metal’s Metal Clothing Labels Meet the Highest Standards, Designed for the Precise Needs of You and Your Business

Die Cast Clothing Labels

Perfect choice for clients who want to customize labels with complex shapes and designs

Personalized Clothing Labels

The most affordable option for creating statement and identity to your fashion pieces

Custom Clothing Labels

An ideal choice for creating brand identity and maintaining consistency

Aluminum Clothing Labels

These metal clothing labels have superior durability and available in various shapes and colors

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Foison Metal’s metal clothing labels are highly durable and can withstand chemicals, solvents, weather, and even temperature changes. Its uses extend from personal use to business essentials.

Foison Metal has well-trained experts who can process product requirements electronically while managing high-volume orders. All factors such as deadlines and tight budgets are gracefully handled to meet your needs. We deliver the high-quality product you expect, on time and within budget.

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Our products produce the finest quality selection in the market, made to fit your precise needs and requests

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Our products are conceptualized and designed specifically for your needs and its expected purpose

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Foison Metal is a Global Metal Clothing Labels Manufacturer and Supplier in China.

Foison Metal sees to it that each team player complies with efficient use of time and applies innovations and creativity to every product within our expertise. Moreover, we prioritize providing customers satisfaction at its best.

Foison Metal strictly complies with the highest standards in terms of our service and products. Foison Metal visions to deliver world-class customer service through our premium quality products.

The Metal Clothing Labels Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Metal Clothing Labels
Figure 1. Metal Clothing Labels

1.1 What are Metal Clothing Labels?

Metal Clothing Labels are metal accessories used to accentuate fashion pieces or create an identity with fashion brands. These labels are designed to display or identify a product or a person’s name. It is also used in industrial, commercial, and aesthetic applications.

For business purposes, Foison Metal Clothing Labels can form part of your brand because they will automatically associate with products you sell when people see them. These customized labels include your company’s name or initials and are decorated with a touch of color and graphics. Moreover, putting metal clothing labels on your products is the most effective way to communicate with your target market and advertise your goods while they are on display. Lastly, metal clothing labels  products mainly reflect the overall image of your company.

Foison Metal Clothing Labels can extend to different uses—they can be used as clothing labels, badges, medals, keychains, cap badges, hat clips, etc. These can also be used as cufflinks, metal pendants, tags, and other accessories as well. Our production of custom clothing metal labels caters to various shapes and sizes. All of these products have a wide range of options of designs for our customers to choose from. These premium quality products will surely show your fashion taste by creating a strong statement.

They are most likely very suitable for clothing, leather goods, bags, shoes, caps, etc. Any design the customer will request will be made possibly available. At the same time, our metal clothing labels are also durable and long-lasting. They render very strong resistance to factors such as weather, corrosion, and abrasion. We guarantee you that we will ship them at the best quality you can imagine, and receive the products on how you originally envisioned it.

1.2 What are the types of Metal Clothing Labels?

Die Cast Clothing Labels

Perfect choice for clients who want to customize labels with complex shapes and designs

Personalized Clothing Labels

Most affordable option for creating statement and identity to your fashion pieces

Custom Clothing Labels

Ideal choice for creating brand identity and maintaining consistency

Aluminum Clothing Labels

These metal clothing labels have superior durability and are available in various shapes and colors.

1.3 Do metal clothing labels acquire rust over time?

Because of its steel component, it is quite difficult to eliminate every scratch and fingerprint on metal clothing labels. Despite everything being done in the manufacturing process to minimize such scenarios, and how the products are designed to withstand certain factors, the visible amount depends on how the metal clothing labels are handled. 

It is important to always maintain the condition and give the proper care these clothing metal labels deserve.

Here are some ways of how you can maintain Foison clothing metal labels:

  • Always keep the clothing metal labels clean and dry.
  • Avoid storing the pieces in humid and moist areas. Always control humidity: keep your metal clothing labels away from moisture.
  • You can use paste wax to prevent rusting.
  • Use stainless steel as it has been composited to prevent rusting.
  • Protect the surface of the clothing metal labels from rusting by use of grease.
  • Avoid scratches or cracks or any force that may damage your clothing metal labels.
  • Professional pre-designing of clothing metal labels. Foison metal clothing labels are well designed by experts and professional workforce
  • Proper storage of metal clothing labels to stop rust.
  • Use galvanized metal.
  • Application of rust preventive coatings.
  • Regular applying rust inhibitors.

1.4 Are they washing machine friendly?

Generally, metal clothing labels can be washed along with your clothing pieces. However, how these labels are attached to your pieces also affects if the piece can be washed with washing machines.

Detachable metal clothing labels for example may cause damage to your machine. To sum it up, the circumstances will always be case to case. You must consider different factors such as the machine type, the amount of time, and how the products are attached with certain pieces.

1.5 Can these labels withstand detergent powders or bleaches?

Generally, Foison Metal Clothing Labels are made to withstand chemicals such as detergent powders and bleaches. However, again, the situation is based on how intense the care the owner provides with the products. Daily usage of extra harmful chemicals will surely affect the lifespan of the products.

1.6 Will the colors on my metal clothing labels wear off?

Metal clothing labels made from solid colors like aluminum and solid metal brass will maintain their color. On the other hand, a color painted or coated onto the surface of the metal clothing labels tends to wear off with years of abrasion or when subjected to extreme heat or chemicals.

Metal clothing labels that are anodized can maintain their surface even when exposed to elements like moisture and sunlight.  These clothing metal labels were designed and created to withstand the weather and certain chemicals.

It is important to note that the general metal in fading period is as follows:

  • For yellow-orange colors, it takes about 1-2 years.
  • For colors red, green, and blue, the period is about 2-3 years.

1.7 How long do Metal Clothing labels last?

However, metal clothing labels last longer than other available standard clothing labels like paper, plastic, clay, resin, or different kinds of fabric. Once you select metals that are resistant to rust and tarnish, then your metal clothing labels will last for so many years.

The life span of metal clothing labels is also dependent on factors such as the marking used on the plates and exposure to varying conditions.

Maintaining metal clothing s is also an important factor to observe to ensure they last long. Cleaning these metal clothing labels regularly and eliminating dirt and grease increases the longevity of your metal clothing labels.

1.8 Are metal clothing labels environmentally sustainable?

Metal Clothing Labels are uniquely environmentally sustainable because once manufactured, they are used in that form forever. Moreover, Metal Clothing Labels can be infinitely recycled and reused, you can divert its usage from clothes to caps or other fashion accessories, thus, they are a very good investment when deciding to use them.

1.9 How much are metal clothing labels? Is there a fixed price range for these products?

There is no fixed price for Foison Metal Clothing Labels. The price range will always depend on certain factors and the type of material used in making the metal clothing labels. Also, the complexity of the mold, design, and colors can affect its pricing. 

Moreover, the other factors that can affect the price range of Metal Clothing labels are the following:

  • Location
  • Time of the year
  • Market price 
  • Demand 

2.0 Design and Customization

Metal Clothing Labels Design
Figure 2. Metal Clothing Labels Design

2.1 What is the process of creating metal clothing labels?

The process of metal clothing labels creation involves a series of steps that may include and is subject to certain situations:

  • Client’s Graphic Choice Proposal: As the initial step of the production process, you need to upload or send the preferred graphics that you wish for your metal clothing labels. Also, you should give specifications for the size, shape, and material that you would want for your metal clothing labels.
  • Graphic Adjustment by Foison Professional Workforce: The graphics team of Foison Metal will email to assist you with a draft subject for both sides’ approval. Once the proposal is approved, the metal clothing labels design will be uploaded to your customer section.
  • Choosing the metal color: After the second step above, the metal clothing labels will already be available for purchase, so all you need to do is select your preferred metal color.
  • Confirmation and Check-Out: After confirming certain design selections, the metal clothing labels are already available for check out. You should then place an order for your metal clothing labels.
  • Start of Production: The production department will then commence working on the order immediately to be able to meet high deadlines.

2.2 I do not like how the clothing metal labels are designed. So, what now?

If you are not satisfied and wish to revise the design for your metal clothing labels, they can be re-designed by Foison’s graphics team to best suit your specifications.

2.3 Is it possible to check some of the proof or product results of my metal clothing labels before undergoing mass production?

Yes, it is possible to see some proof of your metal clothing labels, and this is sent to you in PDF format at no charge. Once you are satisfied with the sample, the proposal will already be subject to approval, and production quantities are then built to meet your deadlines.

On the other hand, if you prefer metal clothing labels that require custom mold production, you will then be given a pre-production sample subject for your confirmation. These samples can also be sent to you by express, and production of your desired clothing metal labels will commence once you are one hundred percent satisfied with the design proposal.

2.4 What available shapes can I have for my metal clothing labels designs?

Your metal clothing labels can be possibly made in several different shapes. Some of the most common and popular shapes are squares, rectangles, triangles, curved, ovals, and circles. Smooth or round corners are recommended by the team because the metal clothing labels can become sharp in its corners.

In case you require more complex customized shapes of metal clothing labels, you can request a quote for free with our customer service.

2.5 Are metal clothing labels designed using specific or ready-made templates?

No, Foison metal clothing labels do not use specific templates, standards, and or ready-made design because every business is different; hence, its specifications and requirements are distinct from each other. A newly customized design is made each time for clients to suit each different business’s specifications and brand.

2.6 What are some of the essential factors to consider when designing metal clothing labels?

Some of the factors to consider when designing metal clothing labels include:

  • Durability and Lifespan: It is essential to choose durable and long-lasting materials like aluminum or stainless steel when designing clothing metal labels. The usage of these products must be considered to determine what kind of raw material best suits your specifications and needs.
  • Graphics: The graphics design of your metal clothing labels is important as it will carry its purpose and your brand.
  • Aesthetic value: Always choose metals that are attractive and classy as metals create an appealing quality that serves them as decoratives. Always consider that you have achieved the overall effect and visibility you want to achieve in mind.
  • Shape and size: Vision and establish the appropriate size and shape you want for your metal clothing labels.
  • Versatility: Metals are known for their versatility because they can be shaped into any shape that you prefer. Therefore, when designing metal clothing labels, you should see to it that this feature is properly observed and considered.
  • Objective: It is essential to ensure that the metal clothing labels are designed to conform to your brand’s image.
  • Colors: Always determine and ascertain the color types that you want to be used on your metal clothing labels design.
  • Cost: Always see to it that the total cost of designing your metal clothing labels remains within your estimated budget.
  • Attachment: Consider and conduct a review of the options to be used to attach your metal clothing labels to your product, should it be sewn, hooked, or glued?
  • Environment: Create a list of the environmental requirements as factors that would affect the product specifications and purpose.

2.7 Why does the price for metal clothing labels change?

Price of Cloth Labels
Figure 3. Price of Cloth Labels

The price of clothing labels is subject to changes depending on the supply, demand, and costs used in production. It is also important to conduct market research and understand clearly the trends of price changes for metal clothing labels for you to utilize your budget efficiently.

2.8 Can holes, hooks, and adhesives be included in metal clothing labels?

Yes. These features are often included in metal clothing labels in the manufacturing process to eliminate secondary operations. Our professional workforce can happily assist you with your needs and specifications for your clothing metal labels customizing process.

2.9 What is the best size to cut metal clothing labels?

There is a wide range of options for standard sizes in which you can cut metal clothing labels. Any size from rectangle, square, circle, oval, and many others are among the options of cut for these metal clothing labels.  

For custom and more complex sizes of metal clothing labels, they can be made for you with custom tooling and procedure.

2.10 Do you offer a free quote and sample?

Yes, Foison Metal provides free price quotation and estimation which will, of course, be based on factors affecting the price such as material, quantity, and deadlines. On the other hand, free samples are given to clients if their required products do not need to have a special mold or plate.

Everything can be proposed with Foison Metal’s customer service assistants.

2.11 What is the smallest and biggest size your company can do with metal clothing labels?

Foison Metal always adheres to the specific needs of our clients. You can always raise concerns about the sizes with our customer service, to provide you free quote or design according to your specifications

2.13 Can you still cater to me if I want to involve large luxury brands?

Foison Metal greatly values confidentiality and exclusivity within clients. We highly discourage using another brands’ custom design for your brand. You can always reach us through our customer service where you will be happily assisted with your concerns

2.14 Do you follow copyright ethics?

Yes, we always adhere to copyright policies. As mentioned earlier, Foison Metal greatly values the confidentiality and exclusivity of the designs. We tend not to share your information, especially regarding the design and pricing of your custom products. Your transactions will always be extra safe with us.

2.15 How long is the production date?

Our engraved metal clothing labels are shipped to you within one to two business days. However, it is important to note that factors such as type of material, size, and customization required will affect the initial production time. Mostly, the production period ranges from 5 to 7 business days to meet deadlines.

2.16 Is the design free of charge?

Metal Label Free design
Figure 4. Metal Label Free design

Yes. Foison Metal offers free design to your custom clothing metal labels made by our professional workforce to cater to your needs and specifications. You can choose with a wide range of ideas that will surely make your purchase process a one-of-a-kind experience.

2.17 Do you also print double-sided Metal Clothing labels?

Yes, we also print double-sided Metal Clothing labels to ensure your design, needs, and specifications will be met accordingly.  You can always reach our customer service who will connect you with our graphics team to cater to your requests.

2.18 Will you keep my designs and/or record of my order?

Generally, we securely keep your designs and/or record of your order for our company inventory. However, our clients can also request for their purchase’s design and record to be deleted.

It is a standard for the company that we deal with our clients’ transactions confidentially and ensure the exclusivity of their purchases/orders.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 Why is it encouraged to have samples before importing metal clothing labels?

Some of the key reasons why you need samples before importing include:

  • Decide and Confirm Your Product Design: You need to decide and approve the given metal clothing labels design to make sure that they meet the right specifications you have requested.
  • Product Material: Metal Clothing labels samples of materials are essential as they will grant you a go-ahead to the next process of meeting customer’s needs.
  • Quality: Metal Clothing labels samples will help you assure your customers that the products you will be importing will be of the quality they desire and would positively reflect your brand and business.
  • Supplier testing: Pre-purchase samples help in proving that the supplier can deliver the exact right metal clothing labels you prefer. You should never take a supplier who provides models for granted.

3.2 Are rush production and delivery available?

Rush production of Metal Labels
Figure 5. Rush production of Metal Labels

Yes. If you need metal clothing labels earlier than expected, they can be custom made and shipped to you in five to seven business days or upon request and approval.

3.3 What are the inclusions in the provided price of my metal clothing labels purchase?

Some of the features which are already included in the price of metal clothing labels include:

  • Design fee (if applicable)
  • Plate charge
  • First-time sample fee (if applicable)
  • Shipping and clearance fee

3.4 What payment methods do you use when importing metal clothing labels from China?

Some of the payment methods to use when importing From China include:

  • PayPal
  • or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Apple Pay
  • You may use a credit card
  • Use of western union
  • A broker can assist or help you make the payment.
  • Making a local transaction by opening an account in China
  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer using an international transfer.
  • America Express

3.5 Is there standard pricing for metal clothing labels?

As mentioned earlier, there is no standard pricing schedule for metal clothing labels as they are customized to specific customer requirements and specifications.

3.6 How can I track my order?

Tracking Metal Label Tags
Figure 6. Tracking Metal Label Tags

You can track your metal clothing labels order by simply contacting the salesperson who connected with you. This assigned person will assist you on how to track your purchase from time to time

3.7 What information should I provide when placing my metal clothing labels order?

The information that you will need to provide when placing your metal clothing labels order should include the following:

  • Product information: mainly the quantity that you require.
  • Specification; material, size, logo, packing requirement, and color.
  • Design or sample the metal clothing labels that you require.
  • Delivery time required.
  • Shipping information; the name of the company, phone number, destination, and address.

3.8 How soon can I get a quote for my metal clothing labels?

You can get a quote for your metal clothing labels in about three to five days. However, prices may be subject to change or vary slightly with the original quotation depending on the complexity of the design, sizes, and color of metal clothing labels, including other certain factors.

3.9 Is there a minimum order requirement for metal clothing labels?

Metal clothing labels have a minimum order requirement of not less than 500 pieces. It is imposed to ensure that the quality of the metal clothing labels adapts to the normal scale production and normal order.

It also helps in controlling the cost of the metal clothing labels. For small orders, a minimum charge requirement depending on their complexity is applied.

When determining the minimum order quantity for your metal clothing labels, you should consider the following:

  • Transportation costs:  The cost of transportation of your purchase from us should be put into consideration before deciding on the minimum quantity of orders.
  • Profit margin and Break-even Point: Both sides should determine profit margins and break-even points to ensure the purchase would not give loss to the company. This should be greatly considered before placing a metal clothing labels order.
  • Raw Material Manufacturer’s profit: This should also be put into consideration, the higher the main manufacturer’s profits are, the higher the price of metal clothing labels.
  • Mode of Transportation: It is important to determine the mode of transportation to be used in fulfilling the metal clothing tag deliveries. This means of transportation should be fast to fulfill all planned deliveries in due time, whether it is for air, land, or seas.
  • After complying with everything, the manufacturer will then calculate and set the minimum order quantity.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping of Metal Labels
Figure 7. Shipping of Metal Labels

4.1 How long can it take to have clothing metal labels?

Samples delivery for your metal clothing labels takes about 5-7 days. Mass production and delivery for your metal clothing labels take about 12-15 days.

The time taken to ship metal clothing labels to the destination is about 4-5 working days. However, this greatly depends on the availability of materials, workload, and complexity of the design.

4.2 What shipping documents do you need for importing metal clothing labels from China?

Here are some of the documents required when importing clothing metal labels from China include:

  • Bill of lading (B/L)

It must have the consignor and consignee’s name, the name of the ship, point of origin and destination, and the mark and quantity of goods. Bill of landing is an essential document in international shipping.

It is available in two forms, namely:

  • The consignee can only pick the straight bill of lading/ non-negotiable: metal clothing labels recorded in the bill of lading.  The carrier will only deliver the goods to the specified port of unloading or consignee.
  • Bearer bill of lading/ negotiable: in this, the metal clothing labels are delivered to the individual holding the bill of lading. Therefore, as a shipper, you must always have the bill of lading to certify that the metal clothing labels shipment belongs to you.
  • Airway bill

This is given to air carriers or their agents that act as a receipt of goods received by the carrier. It also serves as a contract of carriage between you and the carrier because it certifies receipt of the goods by the carrier.

The airway bill serves as proof that the carrier is entirely responsible for handling your goods to the destination.

  • Commercial invoice

It is a document which is produced bat the seller, and it contains the following information:

  •   The name of the parties involved in the carriage of goods
  •   Quantity of the metal clothing labels
  •   Price of the consignment
  •   Point of origin and destination

Commercial invoice describes the agreement arrived at between the parties concerning purchase of goods terms.

  • Certificate of origin

It is issued by the relevant Government agency of the exporting country as a certification that the goods have originated there. Customs uses a certificate of origin in importing countries for tariff 9mplementation, import quotas, and import tax rates.

  • Import license

Some countries require importers to get a license before importing certain goods to engage in business. Therefore, for foreign companies to import some goods, they will require an import license.

  • Packing list

It is a document that includes the details of the components of a shipment and lists the packing matters as agreed by the parties. A packing list enables customs and foreign buyers to check and inspect goods on arrival at the destination port. 

 The packing list must adhere strictly to the letter of credit where required.

4.3 What information should metal clothing labels package labels contain?

Metal Label Tags Information
Figure 8. Metal Label Tags Information

Information that is contained in metal clothing labels package labels include:

  • Order number
  • Quantity
  • Project or warehouse
  • Supplier’s labeling

4.4 What are the packing materials used when shipping metal clothing labels?

Some of the packaging materials used when shipping metal clothing labels  include:

  • Carton boxes: Box cartons that are thick and do not easily bend will be the best choice for protecting your cargo to lessen the effect of the outside forces’ impact. Carton boxes also are a convenient way of packing your metal clothing labels, no matter their size and shape.
  • Pallets: These materials ensure safety when handling the cargo package and placing it in a handy container as you can move hassle-free with mechanical handling methods.
  • Wooden Crates: These are used for easier transportation of high-volume orders of metal clothing labels from one point to another. 
  • Other essential and useful packing materials for metal clothing labels include bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and tape, as these act as cushions between the products and the carton or the box. They are used to isolate the metal clothing labels during transit.

4.5 How are metal clothing labels packed?

Metal clothing labels are packed in the following ways:

  • Each metal clothing tag is put in a separate plastic cover or bag. This practice protects it from getting scratches during transportation.
  • Each carton is packaged with one hundred units of metal clothing labels
  • Each box is packaged with either one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand units of metal clothing labels
  • Custom-made color boxes, cartons, or paper bags can also replace the arbitrary packaging methods.

4.6 What is the role of a freight forwarder when importing metal clothing labels from China?

Importing Metal Label for Clothing
Figure 9. Importing Metal Label for Clothing

The duties and roles of the freight forwarder when metal clothing labels are imported from China include:

  • They Know the Best Option: Freight forwarders educate customers and enlighten them about the difficulties probably experienced in the delivery cycle of metal clothing labels.
  • They are Aware of the Whole Process: Freight forwarders make the delivery cycle hassle-free as they are well-experienced in the current transportation guidelines, transportation expenses, and banking practices.
  • Reserved Transportation Slots and Space: They secure cargo space and slots for their clients on ships and airplanes. They have wide and extensive connections to make the importation and exportation of metal clothing labels from various countries possible.
  • Organize Processing: The freight forwarder can organize the packing, warehousing, or distribution process of your metal clothing labels once they receive your cargo.
  • Providing Insurance Services: Freight forwarders extend assistance regarding cargo insurance to ensure that all orders are safe in case of damages during transit.
  • Perform documentation and customs clearance: Freight forwarders prepare and submit the necessary documentation required to export metal clothing labels. They will ensure the legal compliance of the goods to required regulations and customs.

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