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Foison Metal Provides Small, Medium, and Large Galvanized Metal Letters

Foison Metal is the number one factory manufacturing affordable metal galvanized letters. We are professionals in terms of shaping metal into letters in different sizes and fonts. Our galvanized metal letters will not tarnish or rust.

Each letter we form is precisely cut. We choose the galvanized metal of the highest quality to provide you with only the best products. The letters are available in different sizes but remain lightweight.

All our products are open for customization to give your business a more personalized look. You can visit our website and send us your preferred font style and size. Our experts will shape the metal according to the given design.

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Ships in One Week

After placing an order on Foison Metal’s website, we will ship your orders in seven business days.

Vintage Look

Foison Metal offers metal galvanized letters in different looks. We can turn our galvanized metal letters to a more vintage appeal.


These little pins from the metal letters manufacturer can fit even in your pocket!

Made to Order

Foison Metal will wait for your instructions before we start shaping the metal galvanized letters. We also offer personalized galvanized metal letters.

Sharp Clean Lines

Foison Metal delivers you perfectly-made metalwork items. We pay attention to each side to ensure that our 20 inch galvanized metal letters have soft lines.


You can avail our metal galvanized letters in different shades. Foison Metal only uses high-quality paint that lasts long.


Our large and small galvanized metal letters are available in unique font styles and sizes. Place your order for our metal galvanized letters now!

Creative Designs

Foison Metal has a team of professional designers. So, expect that our items have outstanding designs than others.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is the Most Known Source of Competitively-Priced Metal Galvanized Letters Throughout the World

20-Inch Galvanized Metal Letters

Check out our 20-inch galvanized metal letters good for custom or unique orders.

Galvanized Metal and Wood Letters

Order our lightweight galvanized metal letters for business decorations and signs.

Galvanized Metal Letters Large

Our galvanized metal letters are tarnished- and rustic-resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

Small Galvanized Metal Letters

Visit FoisMetal.Com to purchase our made-to-order small galvanized metal letters.


Make your business more appealing to customers. Foison Metal creates unmatched quality of metal galvanized letters. The professional artisans working with us have experienced hands that can create one-of-a-kind metal letters.  

At Foison Metal, all our goods must be examined by our team before shipping. Our company can turn your small workshop into a bigger one. Our experts are attentive to the product details to meet your business needs. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Fast Service

After receiving your orders, we will immediately work on the items and ship them within a week.

Outstanding Quality

Our metal letters outstand the competition because of their unmatched designs, styles, and quality.

Fantastic Designs

Our galvanized letters are designed to give your business a classic, golden, or modern look.

Easy to Order

Placing your orders with us will only take less than five minutes.

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Superior Quality of Metal Galvanized Letters Available at Foison Metal

Metal galvanized letters are well-known in small and large businesses. Foison Metal is the finest company producing well-made letters. Our company delivers durable items throughout the world.

Are you now ready to enter the business industry? If so, check out our metal letters on our website.

The Metal Galvanized Letters FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Metal Galvanized Letters?

Figure 1. Metal Galvanized Letters

These are alphabetical letters made from different metals like iron and finally galvanized with zinc. 

Galvanization is simply the process of coating a metal with zinc for more durability, as zinc is more rust-resistant, this makes the letters last longer.

1.2 What are The Methods in Which Metal Galvanized Letters Made?

There are four main ways in which metal galvanized letters are made after being shaped into the letters, these ways are as follows:

  • Thermal spray

During this process of thermal spray, a material that is more rust-resistant like zinc is taken under a semi-molten process.

Using compressed air, the molten zinc is then sprayed or projected to the metal letters forming a coating of zinc on top.

Out of all the methods, thermal spray is the one that produces the thickest coating of zinc out. Before thermal spray, it is very important to ensure that the metal surface is well prepared.

This is only meant to ensure that the zinc adheres to the metal and there is no irregularity during and after coating. Grit blasting is known to be the most effective method of preparing a surface.

  • Electroplating

Compared to the thermal spray, electroplating applies the least thickness of zinc coating to the metal material.

Electroplating is the process of galvanization in which a constant electric current is passed through a solution called the electrolyte. 

This method is more complex and is employed in coating metals letters with cadmium, plating station, zinc anode, ancillary tank, and a reservoir instead of zinc. 

Just as with the thermal spray method, you should prepare the surface of the metal for galvanizing using an effective solution to clean the metal, for example, an alkaline detergent.

You can then use an acid treatment to remove rust from the surface. You can then submerge the metal to be coated into an electrolyte zinc solution to galvanize it.

  • Sheet galvanization

The sheet galvanization method is normally used with steel sheets and different types of steel materials like wires to increase their resistance to rust. 

This forms a layer of coating that is thicker compared to materials that undergo electroplating, but thinner compared to the thermal spray method.

This method is also called continuous sheet galvanizing as it uses a coiling-to-coiling process where the sheet is constantly pressed applying a layer of zinc that bonds with the material. 

The thickness of the galvanization depends on what you would desire so long as it covers the metal.

During surface preparation, the metal should also be taken under a method called annealing to increase the strength, remove unwanted substances and formable properties.

  • Hot-dip galvanization

Hot-dip galvanization is the most common and simple type of galvanizing method all that is needed to be done is to immerse the metal that is to be galvanized into a pool of molten zinc.

During this process, the molten zinc temperature is to be maintained at the range of 450- 460 degrees Celsius. 

The zinc and the metal will bond together in a metallurgical reaction that takes place between the two after dipping the metal into the bath.

Even though it only forms a thin coat on the metal it will prevent rusting.

1.3 What are The Sizes of Metal Galvanized Letters?

There are many options for our customers to choose from depending on what the letters are going to be used for.

When working with the size of metal galvanized letters we do not use the normal measurement system but typographic units. 

The size of the metal galvanized letters are not measured in meters or millimeters but are measured in the smallest typographic unit, point. 

1.4 What are The Uses of Metal Galvanized Letters

Figure 2. Use of Metal Galvanized Letters

Metal galvanized letters are very useful as they are rust-resistant thus can be used in harsh weather conditions.

  • Used as the company logo

Your organization has to have a logo inside or outside of your building. It is possible to use metal galvanized letters while writing the name of the organization.

You can customize the metal galvanized letters using the font of your choice making them more unique and attractive.

  • Used as address

Addresses made from metal galvanized letters look more unique and eye-catching giving your home, business, or office a class up. 

  • Commercial building letters 

If you own a commercial building you can get metal galvanized letters for navigation or just to display information, we do provide large metal galvanized letters for outside walls.

This will last you for a lifetime as our products are the best.

1.5 Do You Have Warranty For Your Metal Galvanized Letters?

Yes, we have a warranty for all our metal galvanized letters. We offer a 12-month warranty to all our customers. 

This is not constant to all our metal galvanized letters as some have a 2-year warranty and others 6 months.

1.6 What are The Types of Metal Galvanized Letters Found in The Market Now?

We have different varieties of metal galvanized letters that you can choose from this include:

  • Cut aluminum metal galvanized letters

Our cut aluminum metal galvanized letters are normally cut using lasers, CNC, and water jets. This way we can cut them into any font. 

They are well detailed and superior to other metal galvanized letters. We normally take 6 to 9 working days to make this type of galvanized letters

  • Cut brass metal galvanized letters

These types of metal galvanized letters are cut using water jet technology to get those sharp edges and fine detail. They can be cut in any font and the process takes 6 to 9 days as well. 

  • Cut bronze metal galvanized letters

Cut bronze metal galvanized letters are normally used in organizations. They show class and elegance and they can last for a very long time. 

These types of metal galvanized letters undergo the same process to get the final product.

1.7 How are Metal Galvanized letters cleaned?

Figure 3. Cleaning of Metal Galvanized Letters

Cleaning your metal galvanized letters is very important. This will help in giving a longer lifespan to your metal galvanized letters. All you need to do to keep them clean is:

Using warm soapy water and a soft cloth make sure to gently wash the letters. Do not ever use harsh cleaners that have chemicals for they will damage the metal galvanized letters.

You are advised to clean your metal galvanized letters only once in 6 months to keep them shining.

1.8 What are The Qualities of Good Metal Galvanized letters?

Qualities of good metal galvanized letters are:

  • Durability

Metal galvanized letters are meant to last you for a lifetime because they are galvanized and are not supposed to rust.

  • Size

Metal galvanized letters are supposed to be the right size, the not too big nor not too small one should be able to see the information from a distance without straining.

  • Weight

A good metal galvanized letter should not be too heavy to be hung or stuck to the wall should be light enough to make transportation and mounting easy.

  • Beauty

Good metal galvanized letters are supposed to be eye-catching. They should be able to catch people’s attention as they are meant to pass information.

1.9 What are The Factors to Consider When Selecting Materials for Metal Galvanized Letters?

  • Ductility

Does this refer to how pliable the material is? If you can make holes into it or mold it into different shapes. Stainless steel is considered to have the best ductility

  • Weldability 

This refers to how easy it is to weld the material. Some materials cannot be welded making it difficult to shape some letters. Steel is considered to be the best material.

  • Machinability

This refers to the ability to cut materials with a blade. Materials meant for making metal galvanized letters should be easy to cut with machines for fast work output.

  • Tensile Strength 

Tensile strength means how much force is needed to break the metal you should choose a metal that is strong enough to withstand rough situations 

Because the metal letters are galvanized they are free from rust

1.10 Where are Metal Galvanized Letters Meant For?

Metal galvanized letters are meant to be used both outside and indoors; they also are for the beautification of the house. They can be used to write inspirational quotes on walls.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Metal Galvanized Letters

2.1 Can Metal Galvanized Letters be Customized?

Yes, we can make any customized metal galvanized letters depending on the customers’ demands. All you need to do is give us all the required details and we will do the rest.

2.2 What Sizes are Metal Galvanized Letters?

When it comes to customization size is not a problem we will be able to produce the size required by the customer.

Even though we can produce all sizes there is a limit we cannot produce metal galvanized letters that are more than the required sizes. Some customers might over exaggerate.

2.3 Can Metal Galvanized Letters be Painted?

Yes, metal galvanized letters can be painted depending on the customers’ request; there are only two kinds of paint that can be used.

Water-based acrylic paint and oil-based paint and their containers are well identified as metal paints. All colors are available for our customers to choose from.

The paint is only meant for beauty as the galvanization process is meant to prevent rusting when the letters are exposed to harsh conditions.

2.4 How Durable are Customized Metal Galvanized Letters?

All our customized metal galvanized letters are meant to last you a lifetime as they are well galvanized and can withstand harsh weather conditions or many years.

Those who prefer them painted have even a higher lifespan. All you need to do is maintain them and ensure there are no chippings to avoid rusting.

 So long as you carry out the metal galvanized letters maintenance once in a while you will not have to replace the letters.

2.5 Are Samples Needed to Customize Your Metal Galvanized Letters?

Figure 5. Samples for Metal Galvanized Letters

Providing us with samples is very important to our production team, this will give them a clear direction on what the customer needs and will help in fast production.

You can simply send a photo of how you would like your metal galvanized letters to look like or a physical sample would do as well.

2.6 Are There Any Limits When Customizing Metal Galvanized Letters?

No, there are no limits when it comes to customization of metal galvanized letters; you can design it the way you see fit.

There is only one situation that we may not be of help to you, which is when you have an idea of customizing a huge metal galvanized letter.

 We are not able to customize metal galvanized letters that are more than one hundred centimeters.

2.7 Can Lights be Installed in Metal Galvanized Letters?

Yes, we can insert lights in your customized metal galvanized letters so that they can be able to glow in the dark.

These types of customized metal galvanized letters are used for names and logos of companies and injuries.

2.8 Can Customized Metal Galvanized Letters be Double Sided?

Figure 6. Double-sided Metal Galvanized Letters

Yes, we can customize your metal galvanized letters to have the same information on both sides by providing you with a galvanized plate.

You will be able to attach the letters on both sides making them double-sided.

2.9 Can a Costumed Design of Metal Galvanized Letters be Shared Among Our Customers?

Yes, in case you come across a design from our display that was customized for a different customer and you find it good for you we can make the same ones.

Even though we are willing to do this we will always contact our previous customer and get a go-ahead.

2.10 What Additional Applicants are Included With The Metal Galvanized Letters?

There are a few things that come with the metal galvanized letters that will make your installation of the letters easy and safe.

We will provide glue and additional metal galvanized letters attachment applicants.

2.11 How Many Designs of Metal Galvanized Letters Do You Have?

There are many different designs that you can choose from. You can find all the photos on our website.

Just to mention a few we have:

  • Wire metal galvanized letters
  • Antique metal galvanized letters
  • Faux metal galvanized letters
  • 3D metal galvanized letters
  • Wall metal galvanized letters

2.12 Why are All Designs Different When Compared?

When it comes to design and customization every customer will come up with something unique and different

People have different exposures and approaches to artwork so every person will end up getting a different design.

2.13 Do Metal Galvanized Letters Have a General Design?

Figure 7. General Design for Metal Galvanized Letters

No, when it comes to designing metal galvanized letters all types of ideas are valid there is no limit to our customers’ imagination.

2.14 Do You Make Samples of Metal Galvanized Letters Before Making The Original Product?

Yes, before making any metal galvanized letters we always make samples so that our customers can take a look and give us an okay before we start working on the actual products.

This helps ensure that we do not make mistakes in the final product and our customers are always satisfied.

2.15 How Long Does it Take To Make Customized Metal Galvanized Letters?

Making customized metal galvanized letters is not an easy task it consumes a lot of time and needs trained personnel.

The time it taken metals to make customized metal galvanized letters depends on the quantity and the design of the letters.

We always estimate our customization time as 7 to 10 working days even though some might take more or less time.

2.16 Do You Charge For The Designs of Metal Galvanized Letters?

We do charge for the designs that our design and customization team have come up with. In cases that our customer comes up with his or her design then no charges are done.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 How Do You Make an Order For Metal Galvanized Letters?

The simplest way to get metal galvanized letters is to visit our shops and personally get your letters

In case you are a new customer you have to create an account with us to buy our metal galvanized 

3.2 Which is the Safest And Simplest Mode of Ordering Your Metal Galvanized Letters?

The simplest way to make an order with us is by visiting our shop and making your order in person.

We would advise you to make your order online for it is more convenient and fast.

3.3 Should You Have Any Documents When Making an Order With Us?

When it comes to our orders no documents are needed.

When you are ordering metal galvanized letters in bulk for well-known companies then you would have to provide us with some official documents that will be requested.

3.4 How Can You Get a Discount on Your Payment For Metal Galvanized Letters?

Figure 9. Discounted Metal Galvanized Letters

You can get a discount only under these circumstances:

  • If you are a regular customer
  • In case you order your metal galvanized letters in bulk
  • When you refer our company to other people and they use your link to open an account with us and make an order
  • If your order will get to a maximum set price for getting a discount.

3.5 Are There Limits When Ordering Metal Galvanized Letters?

For local orders, there is no limit; you can order as many metals galvanized letters as you would like.

For the overseas orders, we have a minimum number of 100 metal galvanized letters.

3.6 How Will You Know That Your Order and Payment Was Successful?

Once you have made your order and done your payment correctly, you will receive an email informing you that your order was successful.

In case you do not receive an email you will have to contact us and make sure that the order made was successful.

3.7 What Are The Terms and Conditions of Placing An Order For Metal Galvanized Letters?

The terms and conditions of making an order with us are as follows:

  • All customers must provide users with the required details before making an order
  • We will not be liable to goods lost or damaged during transit
  • All the required payments must be made before shipping 

If you would like more information you can visit our website.

3.8 IS it Safe to Use Credit Cards When Ordering?

Yes, this is the safest way to make your payments online. We provide the best and safe channel to our customers that is free from fraud.

3.9 Do you Have Any After Sales Services For Your Metal Galvanized Letters?

Yes, we do have after-sales services for our customers, these include:

  • Shipping of the metal galvanized letters
  • Informing the customers about the nature of after-sales service.
  • Informing the customers about the shipping process of the metal galvanized letters.
  • Checking up with the delivery personnel to ensure that the goods are delivered in time
  • Following up with the new customer in case they need installation services.
  • In case of a complaint we always make sure to address it on time.

3.10 Do you Have Customer Care Service?

Figure 10. Customer Support for Metal Galvanized Letters

Yes, we do have customer care services you can get our number from our website or the internet by searching for our company the number is also in the email you received after making an order

Our customer care employees are well trained and are sure to get the best services from us.

3.11 What Personal Information Are Needed When Making An Order Online?

We only require little information to accept your metal galvanized order. The needed information is:

  • Your full names
  • Your identification number
  • Your phone number 
  • Your email address
  • Your location and pickup station

3.12 Which Payment Methods Can I Use For Metal Galvanized Letters?

The easiest way to make your payment is by using cash, it is also considered to be the safest and most convenient but this is mostly used with customers close to our shops.

For those far we advise them to use the following:

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • MasterCard
  • T&T

3.13 How Much is a Metal Galvanized Letter?

We do not have a standard cost for our metal galvanized letters, the prices vary depending on the price of the materials used when making a letter.

Nevertheless, we have all the prices of the metal galvanized letters on our website and showrooms depending on the fonts used and the quality.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Does it Take To Ship My Metal Galvanized Letters?

Our shipping will vary depending on the geographical location of our customers. Our estimated time for all local shipments is around 4 to 6 working days.

As for international shipment, we estimate it to be 7 to 10 days. This will depend on the day you place your order.

All orders placed during the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

4.2 How Safe are Metal Galvanized Letters Safe During Shipping?

The safety of your metal galvanized letters will depend on the shipping company you will use. So you should go for the best even though it might be a little expensive.

  • We always ensure that we have seals and locks in our packaging. 
  • Our employees do not get any access to your goods during shipping we have placed someone accountable at the pickup station
  • Use cameras to standardize logistics management so we can record and control product handling, storage, and transportation properly.
  • Ensure that there is top-notch security during the shipping of your metal galvanized letters.
  • Ensure that your documents are correct and the address are the right ones
  • We use well-trained persons to handle your goods

4.3 Do You Have Door to Door Delivery For The Metal Galvanized Letters?

Yes, we do have door-to-door delivery for the local customer but this will come at an extra cost. For overseas shipments, all we can do is deliver the goods to the nearest pickup station.

You can select where you would like your metal galvanized letters to be delivered from our website.

4.4 Can All Your Orders be Shipped in The Same Carrier?

Figure 12. Shipping Metal Galvanized Letters

Yes, all your orders can be shipped at once; this only depends if you made the orders at the same time.

In case two make two orders within 24 hours then your orders will be transported in two different carriers you will receive one earlier than the other.

4.5 What Should You Do in Case Your Order Does Not Arrive in Time?

In case your order is delayed, you can contact our customer care to get information on how far your order is or in some cases you can give it some more time.

4.6 How Can You Track Your Metal Galvanized Letters During Shipping?

There are two ways you can track your goods during transit when you choose our shipping services.

You can use a tracking number that is linked to that website to track the shipment over the internet.

You can also use our website to track your order, just log in to your account and go to the active order menu and you will see how far your order is.

4.7 What Shipping Carriers Do You Use For Your Metal Galvanized Letters?

For overseas shipment, we have several carriers that are trusted but you have the option of choosing your shipping carrier.

For our local deliveries we normally do the delivery ourselves but in case you have a better option for you, you can as well use it.

4.8 When Do You Make Your Deliveries For Metal Galvanized Letters and When Are Your Shops Open?

Figure 13. Deliveries for Metal Galvanized Letters

Our shops are open from seven to seven in the evening from Monday to Fridays but when it comes to making deliveries then you can order at any time.

All orders placed during the weekends will be processed early Monday for our shipping services only work during weekdays.

4.9 Can I Change My Metal Galvanized Letters Delivery Address?

Yes, you can change your delivery address only after canceling the previous order. You will have to start the process and include the new address.

In case the order has already been shipped out then it will be impossible to change your address but you will be notified of the arrival of your goods to the written address.

4.10 Should I Be Present At The Delivery Station When My Metal Galvanized Letters Arrive?

No, you don’t need to be at the pickup point when the metal galvanized letters arrive. We will inform you so that you can collect your goods within 3 working days.

This is because the goods can arrive during odd hours like midnight so you will have to pick them in the morning.

4.11 How Do You Ensure That Your Metal Galvanized Letters Arrive In Time?

Figure 14. Timely Delivery for Metal Galvanized Letters

We always make sure that we have delivered our goods in time. This is by making sure that your goods are packaged in time and loaded to the track for early morning shipment.

We have well-trained drivers who know all the roads and will deliver your goods in time.

4.12 How Do You Package The Metal Galvanized Letters?

When it comes to packaging this depends on the type of letters that are being shipped and how many letters as well.

In cases where we are shipping them in bulk, we always use shipping containers for both safety and security, and a lot of money would have been invested in the letters.

In case the letters are not large we use boxes to avoid scratches on the letters.

4.13 What Should You Do In Case Your Metal Galvanized Letters Are Damaged During Shipping?

In case your metal galvanized letters are damaged during shipping and you were using our carrier services then we advise you to contact us as soon as possible.

We will be able to refund you or make a new delivery for the same letters.

 In case you were using your carrier service that we did not advise then we will not be able to help you because the metal galvanized letters will be out of our hands.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 Are Refunds Given for returned Metal Galvanized Letters?

Yes, we give refunds for the metal galvanized letters when returned. This is only possible when the metal galvanized letters are damaged or they are in good condition but not the ones needed.

5.2 What is your replacement policy?

Our replacement policies are as follows

  • Your metal galvanized letters will only be replaced if they get lost during transit when using our shipping services
  • Replacement will be done if our miss handle you metal galvanized letters and damages them
  • Your metal galvanized letters will only be replaced when returned within 5 days
  • If we sent the wrong metal galvanized letters to you then you will qualify for a replacement
  • All shipping charges are not refundable 

5.3 What am I supposed to do to Get replacements and Returns on metal galvanized letters?

This is very simple, immediately you receive your defective order, take a photo and email us with the photo attached to it.

You should do this within 5 days so that your replacement is approved and you can get it in time.

5.4 What is The Process of Returning Damaged Metal galvanized letters?

The fast action to take when you get damaged metal galvanized letters is to report to us within 30 days after delivery.

Return the metal galvanized letters in the same box and sill it well making sure that no damage will come to the goods.

Visit our website and apply for a return and replacement for the damaged metal galvanized letters.

Ship back the damaged metal galvanized letters to us or deliver them yourself.

5.5 What Challenges are There During Replacement and returns?

Figure 16. Replacement Challenges

We have had instances where our customers complain that it takes too long to get a replacement but this is due to the approach they take during this process.

Some might take up to the 20th day after delivery to apply for the return and replacement of damaged metal galvanized letters which end up raising eyebrows.

5.6 What Should You Do in Case You Receive Metal galvanized letters You did not Order?

In case you get metal galvanized letters that you never placed an order we request you to send them back or do not collect them from the pickup station.

If possible you can direct the metal galvanized letters to the right owners. You should not open the package as well.

5.7 How Long Will it Take To Get a Refund For My Metal Galvanized Letters?

Once you have gone through all the processes correctly you will have to wait for at least 5 to 7 working days.

We will have to go through the metal galvanized letters and replace only the damaged ones to make our work easier. You can send the damaged metal galvanized letters only.

5.8 Who is Accountable For The Replacement of Damaged Metal Galvanized Letters?

In case the metal galvanized letters are damaged during shipping, using our shipping services then, sure enough, we will replace your metal galvanized letters.

If you used a different shipping company that we did not recommend then we will not be liable for the damaged metal galvanized letters.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do you Give Refunds For Metal Galvanized Letters Order?

Yes, we give refunds to all our customers in case you get to cancel your metal galvanized letters order you should request your refund within 30 days.

6.2 How Will I Know That My Metal Galvanized Order Cancellation Was Successful?

When you cancel your metal galvanized letters order you will receive an email showing that your order was successfully canceled.

In case you do not get an email make sure to call our customer care number and you will be guided on what to do.

6.3 How Long Does The Cancellation And Refund Process of Metal Galvanized Letters Take?

The Cancellation and refund process takes 5 to 7 working days. This will depend on the day you will cancel your order.

If you cancel your order on a weekend then it might take more days.

6.4 When is The Right Time to Cancel Your Metal Galvanized Letters Order?

Figure 18. Cancelling Metal Galvanized Letters

 The right time to cancel your order is before the packaging process starts. This is mostly 5 hours after you make your order.

In case you cancel your order after shipping starts then you will incur some costs for shipping back the metal galvanized letters to us.

Your shipping charges will not be refunded as well.

6.5 How Much Am I Supposed to be Refunded For A Canceled Metal Galvanized Letters Order?

We do not point out the amount that our customers can be refunded. This will depend on the quantity of metal galvanized letters that a customer was buying and the refund policy.

6.6 Can I Be Charged When I Apply For a Refund?

No, none of our customers can be charged for applying for a refund; you will only incur shipping charges as stated in our cancellation and refund policy.

Send us a free inquiry request