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Foison Metal Trademarks in Creating the Best Metal Gift Cards

Foison Metal values the trust of its clients since it has launched. Through our service, we have provided a non-stop supply of high-end custom metal label identification items and services for businesses worldwide.

Foison Metal commits itself to continue innovating its products to keep up with your ever-changing needs. Foison Metal has been manufacturing the finest metal gift cards that match the high standards and precise needs of your business brand.

These metal gift cards are exclusively made through the professionals who practice their expertise with our products. Working together as a team ensures providing exceptional products for your business that will create excellent impressions and credibility.

About Our Service

Five Star Ratings

Our metal gift cards have high ratings and good reviews from keen clients who already made multiple transactions with us

Brand Consistency

Foison Metal values your consistent branding, that’s why we make sure to incorporate your identity in all proposed design


Our metal gift cards are one-of-a-kind and are exclusively made for your brand, which will definitely stand out

Massive Supply

We maintain raw materials on hand. Also, we minimize the time it takes to complete and deliver metal gift cards to you.

Wide Selections

Foison Metal offers you a lineup of customization for your needs that also matches your brand identity or personality

Speedy Production

Your custom gift cards are shipped out immediately after the packaging process. The delivery time would depend on your chosen courier but it usually takes 5-10 days for international shipment.

Growing Reputation

Since 2005, we have been gaining praise from our old and new customers in regards to the services that we provide and product that we produce.

Within Reach

Our customer service is always on the line and is also willing to assist you with your queries and needs regarding our Metal Gift Cards

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal’s Metal Gift Cards Complies With the Highest Standards, Designed for the Precise Needs of Our Clients

Customized Gift Cards

Perfect choice to showcase your brand’s creativity without sacrificing the quality and class of metal gift cards

Anodized Aluminum Gift Cards

The Best option if you prefer durable and lightweight gift cards that is also cost-efficient and classy

Pure Metal Gift Card

Ideal choice to customize your gift cards with multiple purpose and designs

Stainless Steel Gift Cards

A perfect option for long term gift cards that can be used for multiple purposes


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process
Play Video about 0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process

Know More About Us

Foison Metals adheres to meeting high deadline requirements, limited budgets, and precise specifications on custom metal cards. We aim to offer complete options to customize your metal cards, making sure that you’ll get the exact style and design that you want.

Our products, especially our metal gift cards, are also guaranteed premium quality service, making us the leading metal gift card supplier in the market.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

High Volume Shipping

Our company can pull off high volumes of order, perfect for your company needs


Our metal gift cards’ design are made professionally that incorporates your brand to the products’ purpose

Luxurious Design

Our products have a luxurious and classy design but at affordable rates

Eco Friendly

Choose from matte, glossy, or eco-friendly metal gift cards made from 100% post-consumer waste material.

Our Factory Audit

Our clients

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What our clients are saying

Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Brand of Metal Gift Cards ​

Foison Metal strictly complies with the highest standards in terms of quality and premium materials over our metal gift cards. As a team of motivated individuals, we envision being the leading Chinese manufacturer supplying B2B clients worldwide. By making sure that we make use of the right technique and equipment, we are sure to meet our goal.

The Metal Gift Cards Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Metal Gift Card
Figure 1. Metal Gift Card

1.1 What is a metal gift card?

Metal gift cards are a new innovative option for companies and businesses to amplify the customer’s experience. Also, help with the marketing promotion to build the brand up to more for the company.

1.2 How durable can metal gift cards last?

We can assure you that any Foison Metal product and materials that go into the metal gift cards can withstand indoor and outdoor environments. It can hold up for many years up to decades. You can contact our experts for more additional experts by clicking here.

1.3 What are the benefits of having my gift cards made from metal?

Having a metal gift card for your company or business can give off a customized and personalized look, and a luxurious feel to it.

1.4 What can be the possible features of my metal gift cards?

You can have your metal gift cards in ;

  • Customized metal gift cards
  • Anodized aluminum gift cards
  • Stainless steel gift cards
  • Pure metal gift cards

1.5 What differences does it make to have my metal gift cards anodized?

Having the metal plate getting anodized helps with the strong stability and adds a smooth textured metal plate. Great for engraving and etching designs on it for a finer and refined look for your metal gift cards.

1.6 Can you give me the cheapest option for my metal plaque?

Our embossed plates for metal gift cards can be one of the best choices for styles and are cost-effective while still having its uniqueness in style.

1.7 What types of processes and materials are used for my metal gift cards?

Anodized Aluminum- custom-made metal gift cards can be made out of aluminum that has been anodized. Where its logo and printing process is mostly engraved with a laser. 

Sandblasting- involves finishing the surface with a powerful machine. Which is good for the metal gift cards surface treatment to offer a smooth surface and good texture. 

Stainless steel– with the mirror effect of the stainless steel metal gift cards it can give off a smooth and luxurious finish.

1.8 Is electroplating aluminum a good process?

The process of electroplating aluminum here at Foison Metal involves soaking the aluminum into an electrolytic solution then initiating an electric current to layer the dissolved ions of another material onto the surface. 

Electroplated aluminum has a wider range of applications of services. With its thickness of -8 micrometers, weighted, and free of any openings to allow the material to be resistant from abrasion. It provides long-lasting protection and also enhances the product’s appearance.

1.9 Does anodizing affect the dimension of the aluminum gift cards?

Yes! Anodizing process makes the oxidized aluminum surface thicker.

1.10 Can you provide the benefits of anodizing aluminum?

  • Durability
  • Stability in Color
  • Low Maintenance
  • Good Aesthetic

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Metal Gift Cards
Figure 2. Design and Customization of Metal Gift Cards

2.1 How can I grab a free sample?

Yes, you can simply send us an email and we will send you a universal sample for you to check and inspect your sample request. 

2.1 Are there any minimum orders for your service?

You can order at any amount but we do have a 100 pieces minimum order.

2.3 Do you offer a free quote?

Simply sign our contact form if you’re looking for high-quality products with Foison Metal.

2.4 How Can I Provide Special Instructions?

We accommodate special instructions if you want your metal gift cards to be fully customized. You can message us your requirements here on this page.

2.5 What types of materials do you use for the metal gift cards?

  • Aluminum- it has a lightweight to it, it is easy to process, and can meet various special requirements to fit your match. With an oxidized aluminum surface, it maintains a strong corrosion resistance even in bad severe conditions. Aluminum is a good feature for metal tags and metal gift cards.
  • Steel- With its strong corrosion resistance, strong hardness while the finished product has a high-grade look and luxurious feel.  The stainless steel has a very beautiful mirror effect. 
  • Zinc Alloy- It is the first choice for die-casting products and shows off a high grade and high-cost performance. 
  • Copper- With its high quality it also gives a high artistic quality with a soft texture and beautiful appearance. It is also good for the environmental protection of the materials.
  • Nickel – has a high finish, ultra-thin, and high flexibility performance. Great for easy installation and versatile touch to it.

2.6 What size font can you engrave?

You can fully have your metal gift cards custom-made up to your liking and satisfaction. Our company’s team will help you pick the perfect size and font for your metal gift cards. Please email our support team here to talk more in detail about your requirements and needs.

2.7 What are your standard sizes and are there size limitations?

We can work in an area of 15.7 inches with a thickness of 0.3mm to 3.0 mm.

2.8 I want my print on the metal gift cards to be back to back. How can I send my request?

Yes! The double-sided print is possible with our metal gift cards. If you’re interested to know more about how we can produce a back-to-back print, you are free to visit our website.

2.9 Can you engrave a signature?

Laser engraving helps with the color to accentuate and creates contrast for your business or brand metal gift cards. 

2.10 I don't have a design or layout for my metal gift cards. Are you able to design one for me?

Of Course, we can! We have a great team of graphic designers that can help you with forming a layout for you and will talk to you throughout the process until you are happy and satisfied with the design for your metal gift cards.

2.11 Is it possible to imprint a non-English language on my metal gift cards?

Yes, we cater to any kind of language that you want to imprint on your metal gift card. Simply write a custom quote and reach us via email and we will produce it for you.

2.12 Do you follow or have any terms and policies for copyright ethics?

Copyright Obligations
Figure 3. Copyright Obligations

To know more about our terms and policy for our copyright ethics please contact our support team online and talk to our sales representative Call us on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667. Our support team will respond within the next  12 hours.

2.13 How long is the production process if I place an order for 100 pieces?

We do every product made to order. We usually have our production process within 7 to 10 business working days. For further more questions you can surely contact our online support team that will assist you with your concern.

2.14 Can you provide colored metal gift cards?

Yes, we do offer colored metal gift cards. Our anodized aluminum undergoes an electrochemical process where it adds additional protection to abrasion and during this process, a color can be added for a stand-out look.

2.15 How do you imprint designs on aluminum?

We use several processes to imprint designs on aluminum including screen printing, digital printing, embossing, chemical etching, and stamping. Each process has its ups and downs based on its durability and cost. 

  • Screen Printing

This process is well-known for product identifiers. Epoxy-based inks are used to enhance their durability to produce images or designs. Though a narrow linewidth is difficult to produce in this process and the color selection is limited.

  • Digital Printing

In comparison to screen printing, this process offers a wide variety of color selections through the use of a half-tone process. Inkjets are used in digital printing which makes it effective on powder-coated materials. This process is more of a flat technique which makes it difficult to use on textured surfaces.

  • Embossing

The design or label is mounted using this process, meaning it gives a three-dimensional effect. Embossing can produce identification that could last up to decades. 

  • Chemical Etching

Higher legibility is produced using chemical etching by causing depression on the metal by using strong chemicals. This makes the marking stand up well with corrosion and wear.

  • Stamping

This labeling process is usually used in marking name plates that hold up in a harsh environment.

  • Engraving using Laser

This process is frequently used in barcodes and serialized tags which are done by vaporizing a thin layer of metal that creates a contrast between the engraved material and the surface metal.

2.16 Are there any minimum orders for your service?

Minimum Order Quantities for Metal Gift Cards
Figure 4. Minimum Order Quantities for Metal Gift Cards

You can order at any amount but we do have a 100 pieces minimum order. We can also take orders like 200 pieces up to 500 pieces and more.

2.17 Can you provide a centered label on my metal gift cards?

You can choose a style that suits your company’s brand and identity. You have an option to place the label at the center, left, or right. Just simply message our team to be accommodated.

2.18 I prefer a hard coat anodizing on my metal gift cards, is that possible?

Yes! It is possible to accomplish this with a standard sulfuric bath process, under the temperature that is reduced to 0-degree Celsius to slow down the dissolution rate. To continue building an insulation value, another coat is applied in a high voltage slowing down the formation of the coat.

2.19 Is the design or layout for my metal gift cards free of charge?

You do not need to pay for the design of your product. Providing service to our customers is our highest priority.

2.20 What are the processes of making or producing metal gift cards?

  • Artwork– You can submit your layout or design or if you do not have one we can have our graphics team help you create and design one until you are satisfied with the final look of the design. 
  • Anodizing– After the final design for the artwork the production will begin. The production team will start anodizing the metal sheet. It will oxidize the surface as it would give a protected surface layer and it would add texture to the surface. 
  • Covering and cutting– Our company production team places a protective film on the metal surface to check the damage, if any, impacts just the protective film. 
  • CNC Cutting and Laser Engraving– CNC cutting where a computer controls the machine tools that are utilized to custom design your metal gift cards. Laser engraving is the process that involves hitting the metal’s surface with a lower conductivity laser machine, which causes a light silver etching. 
  • Final check- once the metal gift cards have passed through all the stages of production, our quality control team will start to take over your product. The quality control team will inspect every single metal gift card. Once these have been approved, these metal gift cards will be carefully packed at our factory and will be shipped to our customer’s addresses by our partnered distributors.

2.21 Is there a format to put my designs and layout before sending it to you guys?

 For you to send us your graphic artwork in .pdf, .ai, .dxf, .dwg, .cdr, and .eps format, please submit your designed layout or graphic to our support team.

2.22 Can I have my metal gift cards laser engraved specifically?

The process of laser engraving your metal gift cards helps with the color to accentuate and creates contrast. 

2.23 What causes anodized aluminum to fade?

Here at Foison Metal, we make sure that your aluminum gift cards are well protected from defects that rain, snow, water leaks, and strong chemicals may cause.

Common factors that may cause fading to your anodized aluminum gift cards  together with some tips to eliminate the possibility of failure:

  • Chlorine-based mixture exposure

Chlorine is a receptive solution that causes holes by removing the oxide layer of the material. You need to be careful in exposing your aluminum tag to chloride ions in an electrolyte that exceeds a critical amount of 80 ppm. 

  • Alkaline-based or acid solution exposure

Solutions that have a PH level lower than 4 and higher than 9 can break down the oxide layer and make the material susceptible to abrasion. To avoid complications it is advised to completely rinse the anodized part of the aluminum. 

As mentioned above it is important to clean and your anodized aluminum once exposed to harmful chemicals. Although anodized aluminum gift cards are extremely durable it is necessary to do this preventive measure to keep your tags in good appearance and form. To know more about our best-selling anodized metal cards you can visit our website or contact the support team we respond to within 12 hours.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 5. Order and Payment

3.1 How can I put my order in once I'm ready?

Great! You can place your order by going through our website and down below a form is located for you to sign up and your metal cards and crafts journey will start from there. 

There you can fill up the basic information that we need.  If you prefer to talk to someone right away give us a call instead, we are happy to communicate with you. Give us a call at +86 185 6560 2031. 

3.2 How much will it cost me to purchase a metal gift card?

The cost of a metal gift card depends on the agreement we make with our valued clients. Our standard price $0.45 – $1.85, the cost will be determined after we confirm the design, size, and volume of your orders. 

Then we will provide you with the most friendly cost-efficient quotation. Of Course, negotiation is always possible. The quotation that will be given includes the material going to be used, the labeling process, the product details, and the packaging going to be used.

3.3 How long will it take for my ordered samples to be delivered to me?

Sample deliveries will take about five to seven business working days.

3.4 How long will I be able to receive my ordered products after I have placed my order?

Mass production deliveries will take about 12 to 15 business working days. While the shipping time will take about 4 to 5 business working days.

3.5 What information will I be needing to provide for my order to be placed?

On the order form located down below on our website. You can fill in your username, your email address, a file section where you can upload a file you wish to have produced, your phone number, and a note or message for any request or any other question.

3.6 What are the steps of the order procedure that will process?

Ordering Procedure
Figure 6. Ordering Procedure
  • Get in touch with us with the contact information from our website or email us. 
  • Talk about your desired project with us.
  • We will have a conversation about the materials, process, quantities and price, and more. 
  • Making the designs and having any changes or modifications to make it perfect.
  • Making it .jpg proof and having the approvals.
  • Processing the payment or deposits.
  • Us starting the production.
  • Asking for your production feedback
  • Asking about the shipping details and feedback 
  • Completing or finishing the rest of the payment or deposit 
  • Continually tracking the shipment until the products are received and safely delivered to you.

3.7 How much will the metal label cost per piece?

Our standard price $0.45 – $1.85, the cost will be determined after we confirm the design, size, and volume of your orders.

3.8 What are the modes of payment available?

The payments options that we provide or offer are ;

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Mobile Payment and;
  • Electronic Bank Transfers

3.9 Do you offer cash on delivery payment methods?

You can contact our customer representatives to know more about delivery payments. You can email our 24/7 online support team here or call and talk to us here on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667.

3.10 Do you have any promotional vouchers if I order in bulk?

We give price deductions for any wholesale orders. You can contact our customer representatives to know more about any promotional vouchers. You can email our 24/7 online support team here or call and talk to us here on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667.

3.11 Does your company have a membership?

You can contact our customer representatives to know more about any membership forms for our loyal customers. You can email our 24/7 online support team here or call and talk to us here on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667. 

3.12 Am I able to avail myself of a discount if I order through a wholesale process?

Discounts are negotiable especially if we will provide the most cost-friendly quotation based on the agreed materials, process, and solutions. Also if you have a wholesale order with a minimum amount of pieces per order you can negotiate the prices.

3.13 What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through;

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • T/T
  • Online Transfer
  • Apple Pay and;
  • Western Union 

3.14 Can I place my order through the phone?

You can place your order through our team to talk more about the details of your order. Call and talk to us here on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667.

3.15 Is it possible to have someone to talk to on the phone for better explanations?

You can talk to us through the phone for better communication and understanding. Call and talk to us here on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667.

3.16 Can I request an invoice after I place my product order?

Metal Gift Cards Invoices
Figure 7. Metal Gift Cards Invoices

Absolutely! After we confirm the size and layout of your product we can provide the most economical and efficient priced quotation based on our agreement.

3.17 I have a deadline for my gift cards, is it possible for my metal gift cards to make it a rush production and have it express delivered?

 Our fast metal gift cards for equipment can be shipped for about 5-7 business working days. You can contact our online support team that is available 24/7 and will respond within the next 12 hours.

3.18 Do you have customer service that I can reach at any time for any concerns?

Of Course, we do! We have our online support team that’s available 24/7 and they can respond within  12 hours. You can reach them by email directly at our sales support and our logistic support and you can also reach us here.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 What will the shipping process be like?

Shipping and Delivery Process
Figure 8. Shipping and Delivery Process

We have several couriers to deliver our products worldwide including our partnered distributors DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT, and freight is paid by the customer in advance. If a customer has a DHL or FedEx account that they prefer to use they can easily send us the information through our sales representative

4.2 Will you be able to ship nationwide?

YES! Our courier partners can get you your products to wherever you are on the globe.

4.3 Can you ship overseas?

Yes, we can ship overseas and accommodate our customers around the world.

4.4 What are your shipping options?

We ship through our partnered couriers like DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT. You can contact our sales representative if you have a UPS account that you wish you would like to use. If you have any other shipment requests do not hesitate to call us at +86 185 6560 2031 to check and see if it is possible.

4.5 How do you carefully pack the product for shipment?

Each card product is packed individually in a separate plastic bag. When you order 100 pieces it is packed in a carton. But if you have ordered 100 pieces,200 pieces, 500 pieces, and one thousand pieces, our production team will pack them nicely and tightly in a box. Our production team can also provide custom-made colored boxes, paper bags, cartons, and other arbitrary packaging methods.

4.6 How soon can I get the finished product delivered after I place my order?

 Every product that we process is all made to order. The standard delivery time takes about two to three weeks upon placing your order. Please take note that complicated designs and the volume of your order can also affect the production time.

4.8 What are your rates for shipping?

Our samples and prototypes can cost the shipping rates around $30-$35. 100 pieces can cost around $60-$70 and 500 pieces can cost around $90-$120. These all will still vary to the different sizes, weights, and destination of your order. For a free quote, you can send an inquiry request here.

4.9 Is free shipping possible to avail?

As per our company terms and policy, the charges are covered by you in advance or through your courier account number.

4.10 During the weekends and holidays are you able to ship the items I placed for ordering?

Sad to say that our distributor partners are only available to deliver on business working days like Monday through Fridays. All holidays are not included.

4.11 Can I have my ordered products delivered in less than a week?

Unfortunately, our turnaround time for our shipment takes about 7 to 10 days. But you can contact us directly at +86 185 6560 2031 or email our online support that is available 24/7 here.

4.12 What if my packages arrive when I'm not home, what are my other options for receiving the package?

If you are not available at the estimated time of arrival of your products, you will be able to choose the most convenient option for your product to be delivered.

4.13 How do I calculate international shipping?

We highly recommend that you send your inquiries and questions here. Talk to our sales representative Call us on our telephone number at +86 185 6560 2031 or our landline number +86 755 2308 9667. Our support team will respond within the next  12 hours. 

4.14 If the tracking number I received is not working, what can I do to fix this concern?

Tracking numbers need to be recognized and registered first by the shipping distributor and it would usually take about twenty-four hours. Usually, the tracking numbers will not work because the courier has yet to pick up the product or it has not been scanned yet.

4.15 What happens if my order is delayed, how can I possibly get to me sooner?

Delayed Orders
Figure 9. Delayed Orders

In case there is any delay with your order or delivery, please contact us at our telephone number +86 185 6560 2031 and our landline number +86 755 2308 9667. Or send your inquiries or concerns here. Our support team is available 24/7 and will respond within the next twelve hours. 

4.16 I checked the status of my order and it says it was delivered but I have not yet received my package? How can you help me deal with this concern?

If the tracking information shows as delivered and the package has yet to arrive within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours, immediately reach out to us here and we will do our best to help you locate the package.

4.17 Is there any minimum order to have my order shipped for free?

Absolutely! We have free shipping available. Please contact our online support team that is available 24/7 on the clock. And there we can discuss the qualifications with you for you to avail the qualifications for the free shipping. 

4.18 What couriers are recommended?

We partnered with DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT on our delivery and shipments.

4.19 Are my purchase orders insured with the courier companies?

Please contact our online support team that is available 24/7 on the clock. To talk more about the details of the purchase order being insured with our partnered couriers. You can also talk to our representative for more details and information about it.

5.0 Returns and Replacement

Returns and Replacement
Figure 10. Returns and Replacement

5.1 What are your company’s terms and policy on returning an item?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product after 30 days, you may reach out to us through our online support team. We will surely help you investigate and resolve your problem. If any else happens we can also reimburse your payment if needed. 

5.2 It happens that I want to return the product that I ordered. Is the address on the label?

Yes, the address on the package is our factory address. However, make sure to contact your salesperson or the support team to let the company know that you are returning the product.

5.3 How can I request a refund?

For a refund request, you can contact our online customer support and we welcome you to contact us freely at our telephone number +86 185 6560 2031.

5.4 I have mistakenly received a Foison Metal packaged product, how can I return the package?

If you have accidentally made a mistake while placing your order you can contact our support team and we can talk more about the further details of the concern.

5.5 What other files should be included in the package before I ship it back?

You will just need to put the list of confirmation and order list of the products you have ordered.

5.6 Will I be notified with an email when I get a replacement for my product from your team?

Replacement Notification
Figure 11. Replacement Notification

Our 24/7 online support team will contact you once your product replacement will be shipped and delivered to you.

5.7 How can I get a tracking number of my replacement product from you guys?

To track your replacement product you can use the tracking number that has been provided by our support team online. If you have still failed to track the tracking number. Send your concern here and we will help you with your request.

5.8 I want to return my foison metal product I received, will I be informed about the turn about time?

We can assure you that we will process your replacement concern within the next seven business working days after you have reported to us.

5.9 Do I need to pay any handling fees for when I return an item to you guys?

Our trading assurance covers the return fees to us from you. We will contact our distributor or courier partner to facilitate this issue.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancelation and Refund
Figure 12. Cancelation and Refund

6.1 What is the company’s policy for giving refunds?

Our company usually still needs to confirm the samples before we have mass production, and once you have the approval of it that’s where we will start the mass production. 

If the mass production of the product is different from the samples approved by both ends we fully support a 100% refund for you. otherwise, it will be a process depending on the actual situation. 

If by any chance that item is damaged or being defective in shipping, please email us back your order number and we will send you a refund authorization letter.

6.2 How can I request a refund?

For a refund request, you can contact our online customer support and we welcome you to contact us freely at our telephone number +86 185 6560 2031.

6.3 I have filed my refund request, is there any way to get me an update?

We are more than happy to help, you can contact our 24/7 online support team or send a direct email to our representatives; 

6.4 How much will I be able to refund?

If the mass production of the product was different by both of our parties (between the client and the company), we fully support giving a 100 percent refund.

6.5 What are the company's terms and policy for an order cancellation?

If by any chance that you want to request a cancellation of your order please contact us and provide more than a 24-hour notice.

6.6 What happens if I'm not happy with the product that I ordered? Am I still able to cancel it?

Cancelling Orders
Figure 13. Cancelling Orders

Kindly reach out to our customer service support using the information provided down below to be able to assist you with your order cancellation.

Call us here:

  • Telephone Number +86 185 6560 2031 
  • Landline Number +86 755 2308 9667


Email our representative here:

6.7 Will I be able to receive a notification once I place a cancellation order?

You can ask and communicate with our 24/7 online support team and will respond to you within the next 12 hours.

6.8 Can you reduce the declared invoice amount when shipped?

Yes, we can. If you do not want to pay high tariffs, we can appropriately modify the declared amount of the invoice, and we will guarantee you the normal export process of the clearance of the goods. Kindly contact our customer service here for more specific requirements regarding your concern. 

Send us a free inquiry request

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