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Foison Metal Has A Trademark For Creating Superior Metal Letters For Wall

As an industry leader, Foison Metal proudly stands as the most reliable producer and distributor of high-quality custom metal letters for wall. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver nothing but the finest and most affordable products that meets your business needs.

Designed to make a lasting impression, our metal letters for wall caters b2b local and international clients, providing them with customized product to create a profound customer’s impact.

Place your orders today and experience excellence craftmanship and innovation that Foison Metal offers!

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About Our Service

Worldwide Offers

Foison Metal ensures that all clients everywhere, all around the world can avail our services.

Low Cost

We take pride in offering the most competitive price for wall lettering metal that is not compromised on quality.


Take charge of your brand's narrative and let your creativity shine with our customized metal letters for wall.

Large Scale

We offer the most efficient and effective production to mass produce your metal wall letters .

Fast Delivery

Our team guarantees that no unwanted events can delay your orders when out for delivery.

Seamless Transaction

We take pride in delivering customer-centric experience that puts your worries to rest.


No more uncertainties with our clear and transparent communication that keeps you informed and engaged.


We stand for excellence. Rest-assured that every product is crafted with outmost precision using the finest materials.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Creates Metal Letters Wall with the Highest-Standard in the Market Designed For the Needs of Your Company

Metal Letters for Wall Decor

Perfect for lobbies, offices, restaurants, and retail spaces for an unforgettable first impression.

Large Metal Letters for Wall

Our best seller item designed for walls that need to have bigger letters to occupy the space.

Metal Lettering For Walls

Diverse letter design, fonts, and finishes that match branding aesthetic.

Outdoor Metal Letters for Wall

Seamless yet impactful signage with a touch of sophistication and durability to withstand outdoor.


Foison Metal specialize in crafting customized metal letters for wall using the finest materials that ensures durability and longevity. We understand that every project is unique that’s why we offer fully customizable options where you can choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and finishes to perfectly align with your branding.

Partner with us for your metal wall letters project and unlock endless possibilities in design and branding. Discover how wee collaborate to create unforgettable metal products that leaves a lasting impression.


Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Trademark Designs

The designs that we have are designed exclusively by our professional artists.


Our letters seamlessly blend into any environment leaving a lasting impression.


Simplicity of mounting on letters that is designed with convenience and efficient setup.

Dazzling Finishes

Finishes such as brushed, polished, polished chrome, rustic, and many more are available.

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Harnessing Brilliance: Foison Metal's Vision For Transformative Metal Letters For Wall

At Foison Metal, our vision is to offer a diverse range of customization options allowing customers to bring their creative visions into reality. 

We understand that personalization is the key to making a lasting impression that is why we aim to provide the best custom options that transforms idea into durable and high-quality metal letters for wall.

The Metal Letters Wall Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a Metal Letter Wall?

Canada Wall Letters
Figure 1. Metal Letters Wall

A Metal Letter Wall is a metal that is shaped into letters to form words that are attached to a wall for the main role of advertising or to catch the eye or the interest of the target audience or for decoration purposes. 

1.2 What kind of materials are used in the making of the Metal Letter Wall at Foison Metal?

In Foison Metal, Metal Letters Wall are made from various materials. The materials used in the manufacture of Metal Letter Wall at Foison include;

  • Stainless Steel: stainless steel is the most commonly used to make because of its high corrosion resistance. This feature ensures that it is long-lasting as well as decorative. 
  • Copper: This metal is not common but upon the client’s request.
  • Zinc alloys and Iron: The malleability of zinc makes it suitable to shape and because of that specific feature, it is used to create 3D designs while iron is used to create Metal Letter Wall with 2D simplified designs. 
  • Brass: Just like copper, this is rarely used but upon the client’s request.

1.3 Can you customize Metal Letter Wall to my standards?

 Foison Metal requires clients to have a specific idea or a design of their Metal Letter Wall to be able to manufacture and produce Metal Letter Wall according to their standards. Foison Metal ensures the Metal Letter Wall is designed exactly as per the standards and client’s expectations by doing the following: 

  • Foison Metal offers customization services on Metal Letter Wall to meet customer’s and clients’ specific expectations.  
  • We have a comprehensive and readily available customer that offers support to the customers to ensure they get the designs of their choice especially if a client does not have a design in mind. 
  • We also share samples of orders made by customers for them to scrutinize the quality and verify the product; whether their design features on the Metal Letter Wall are satisfactory.
  • Foison Metal also lets the clients share their Metal Letter Wall’s requirements and designs in terms of shape, color, materials, and specific designs. 
  • Foison Metal makes Metal Letter Wall with different attachment styles to ensure that the clients get Metal Letter Wall that suits their interests. 
  • We also deliver to clients all over the world. Where customers just place their Metal Letter Wall orders according to their specifications and they get them at their preferred destination. 

1.4 What is the making process for Metal Letter Wall?

Foison Metal uses the best of the latest technology to design and produce the Metal Letter Wall as per the customers’ request. Such high-tech technology involves surface treatment processes aimed at achieving an impressive Metal Letter Wall surface texture.  

We also use Ultra Violet, etching, and thermal heat transfer technologies to bring out and draw certain features on the Metal Letter Wall as per our client’s request.

1.5 Why should I choose Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Iron for making my Metal Letter Wall?

We use these different materials at Foison Metal because they bring out different features on the Metal Letter Wall. The stainless steel has a long-lasting feature therefore Metal Letter Walls are made durable and to last longer while retaining their aesthetic appeal. The stainless steel can also be recycled later on even after the Metal Letter Wall is no longer in use. 

The zinc on the other hand is malleable and easy to fabricate and therefore can be used to create 3D designs of Metal Letter Wall. Iron is majorly used to create 2D designs for Metal Letter Wall. Here at Foison Metal, you are assured of getting the highest quality of materials to produce and design your Metal Letter Wall products.

1.6 Can Metal Letters be Engraved?

Coca cola metal letters
Figure 2. Engraving Metal Letters Wall

At Foison Metal, we involve cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process with laser engraving methods to cleanly engrave the clients’ design on the Metal Letter Wall. As per your design options, Foison Metal will provide an engraving method to suit your preferred choice on the Metal Letter Wall. 

However, please contact our customer support team in case you have additional inquiries.

1.7 How can I use a Metal Letter Wall?

 You can do a lot of things with Metal Letter Wall. Below are the various ways you can use them. 

  • One can use metal letters as a medium to pass a message across.
  • Used as brand identifiers, in this case, business.

1.8 What is the Importance of Metal Letter Wall?

  • Used as a decorative element or as ornaments that are attached to a wall.
  • Can also be used as a sense and symbol of achievement, on an office door, etc.
  • Used for brand recognition for a company or your business.

1.9 What factors should I consider before purchasing/

  • Price: At Foison Metal, we have the fairest and most reasonable prices. We focus on the high-quality production and of a reasonable price.
  • Production methods: Foison Metal prides itself in having the best production methods and allows our clients to choose their preferred method to manufacture their Metal Letters
  • Customization: We at Foison Metal allows our clients to choose or suggest custom designs they would like to have. 

1.10 Do you produce Customized Metal Letter Wall?

We always ensure that we produce a high-quality standard of Metal Letters. Clients can choose their preferred customization design from our website or contact us through our toll number. 

1.11 Why is Foison Metal best for my Metal Letter Wall?

  • We offer Metal Letter Wall customization services.
  • We have the most affordable prices.
  • At Foison Metal, we guarantee our clients the most durable and high-quality products.
  • We do worldwide deliveries using some of the most reputable courier services that are determined to ensure you get your Metal Letter Wall order at your preferred location. 

1.12 How can I conserve Metal Letter Wall for long?

Lexus wall letters
Figure 3. Conserving Metal Letters Wall
  • You need to regularly clean the tarnish off the metal plating using a cloth and jewelry polish preferably.
  • You also need to create a cleaning routine. Instead of waiting for the tarnish to pile up, you’d rather clean regularly to prevent it and keep it for long.
  • In case your Metal Letter Wall catches on with mud, food, or any other kind of stains, then wiping it off immediately and gently could help maintain it.
  •  You could also repair the loose and damaged Metal Letter Wall. This could be by using superglue or hot glue and even soldering for metal backings. 
  • Place them in a place that is not prone to scratches and weather discoloring properties.

1.13 Does Metal Letter Wall come with its mounting specifications?

Metal Letter Wall comes with different mounting accessories. A client has to specify the mounting options they prefer mounted. To get more about mounting specifications and ways, kindly contact us at Foison Metal. Our customer care support is always happy and ready to advise more on it.

1.14 Does Metal Letter Wall possess any aesthetic value?

 Foison Metal designs a top-notch Metal Letters of high quality which in turn has high aesthetic value and can be used as gifts to loved ones as well as honorary medals of achievement in your organization or business. 

1.15 What is the price of the Metal Letter Wall?

Our Metal Letter Wall prices are reasonably fair but the price is dependent on various factors including;

  • The material used to make. Being that we can either produce with zinc alloys, iron, and stainless steel, and aluminum. Different metals have different prices. Kindly contact our customer care team for more information.
  • The customization process is involved in designing. Being that we do not have all the possible designs that a client can choose from for customization on our website, we advise you to contact our customer care team for more information about pricing according to your customization. 

2.0 Design and Customization

ABC Metal Wall Letters
Figure 4. Design and Customization of Metal Letters Wall

2.1 What designs come with Metal Letter Wall?

Metal Letter Wall products come in multiple shapes and designs all dependent on the client’s requests. For more information about the popular designs that we have, kindly contact our customer care team.

2.2 Can I get a customized Metal Letters?

Foison Metal offers customization options ranging from engraving using our laser-tech engraving to defining custom features preferred by our clients. 

We just require you as our client to contact our customer care team as you make your order with your desired custom specifications. 

2.3 What is your customization process?

A client will first contact us through the toll number displayed on the official Foison Metal website to give us the unique idea you have concerning customization. Your idea must be related to the shape, material, design, and color.

Once you have given us an outline of your favorable design, we shall proceed to make it a reality by embarking on the manufacturing and design process. After the customization, we will contact you to inform you about the completion of your order and how it will be delivered to your preferred location.

2.4 What information do I provide before Metal Letter Wall customization?

You need to provide the following before requesting Metal Letter Wall customization.

  • The number of Metal Letter Walls to be produced.
  • Customization features you prefer e.g. the size, color, and material
  • Your name and address information 
  • Any other information to be added to your Metal Letter Wall design.

2.5 What do you work on during the customization?

During the customization of the Metal Letter Wall products, we work on the following;

  • The design; the shape, size, and thickness
  • Color as preferred by the client.
  • Printing aspects including graphical elements ie: engravings, surface treatment process.
  • Metal type as preferred by the client.

2.6 What are the surface finishing options available?

Below are some of the surface finishing options we commonly use;

  • Laser Engraving: This surface finishing option relies on a laser beam that peels off the metallic surface of the material giving it a polished and smoothing and shiny effect. With Laser engraving, the surface becomes good-looking in terms of appearance and aesthetic value. 
  • Etching: In this process, a favorable heat condition or active chemicals are used to inscribe graphical elements on the surface. The heat or chemicals work by creating pores on the letter’s surface. It is in these pores that the ink used for installing graphical elements is absorbed. 
  • Thermal Heat Transfer: We also do surface finishing by passing a heat-activating material over a print head. The coating surface of a thermal paper or heat-activating material eventually turns black after heating. The features are produced when the thermal material turns black. 

2.7 What additional features are there on Metal Letter Wall?

Foison Metal provides additional features on the Metal Letter Wall that relate to the shape, color, thickness, and size of the Metal Letter Wall. You can check on the official Foison Metal website to check our latest design features for the Metal Letter Wall and their additional features. 

2.8 How much does the Metal Letter Wall weigh?

The weight of the product depends on the size of the product; the more the material to use, the bigger the weight. 

If you wish your Metal Letter Wall to have a specific weight of your choice, feel free to contact us to specify how we should customize in terms of weight. Our customer support team is always readily available and happy to help.

2.9 What are the shapes available?

We offer different shapes and sizes for metal letters which solely depends on customer design specification and likes. You can visit the official Foison Metal to check the various shapes we have. You can as well contact our ready and happy to help the customer care team to get more information about this. 

2.10 What colors are available?

Our Metal Letter Wall products come in different colors, but what we produce is solely dependent on what our clients want. If you are interested in a specific color that you cannot see on our official website, contact us on Foison Metal and let us customize your metal letters according to the color that suits you. 

2.11 How long does it take to customize Metal Letters?

The customization lead time depends on:

  • The shape: Because some sophisticated shapes require more time to design than others, the shape that you want will determine the customization period.
  • Finishing Options Available: Some finishing options like etching require more time than other options. This means that the finishing option you desire for your Metal Letter Wall will determine the customization period.
  • Size: The desired size of the Metal Letter Wall heavily determines the time taken for customization. 
  • Number Of Orders:  A larger order of will take a longer time to manufacture, customize and deliver to a client than a smaller order. Thus, the bulkiness of order will greatly determine the customization period.
  • The design shapes: complicated design shapes will take a longer time to customization due to their complexity. The shape you want will determine the customization period.

Our customer support team will regularly update you on the progress of your orders. You may reach out to us at Foison Metal in case of any queries relating to customization. 

2.12 Which metallic materials are better for Metal Letters customization?

We use high-quality metal to manufacture and produce the Metal Letter Wall to enable a smooth customization process. The most common metals we use are:

  • Stainless Steel: Besides being durable and good-looking, stainless steel is very brittle: meaning, it is easy to fabricate into different shapes, depending on the customer specifications. 
  • Zinc: since zinc is malleable, it is very efficient and easy to work with when it comes to customizing the shape that a client prefers. It is also effective in cases where the clients want 3D designs.
  • Brass: Brass is also highly malleable; meaning, it can be used to customize different shapes and designs. In addition, copper is ferromagnetic, a feature that makes it effective for customizing a durable and recyclable Metal Letters.

3.0 Order and Payment

New Scotland Yard Wall Letters
Figure 8. Order and Payment of Metal Letters Wall

3.1 Can I purchase Metal Letter Wall wholesale?

We at Foison Metal produce Metal Letter Wall on a wholesale and retail basis. For wholesale, the minimum order you can make is 500 pieces of Metal Letter Wall. Choose your Favorite Product and Order Now. 

Please contact our customer support team, if you have inquiries related to Metal Letter Wall wholesale ordering and pricing. 

3.2 Will I pay sales tax?

We won’t chare you for sales tax however, you may be charged Customs Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT) for every successful order. Contact our support team for more information.

3.3 What are your privacy policies on the information I provide when placing orders?

Foison Metal DOES NOT share any of our client’s personal information with third parties. We are also always determined to ensure your details are kept safe and secure. Our customer support team will explain how our company will collect, store, protect, and utilize your personal information provided.

At Foison Metal we value the information clients provide to us. This is why we guarantee your safety when you place an order.

3.4 What do I do if I make a mistake in ordering?

Gold Plated Here Metal Letters
Figure 9. Correcting Errors on Metal Letters Wall

Clients can easily cancel an order if they place a wrong order on our online ordering platform. Our order cancellation process takes less than 24 hours. However, you may incur some charges if you cancel your order after your Metal Letter Wall has already been manufactured and produced.  

You should always keep in touch with our 24/7 available customer support team for any issue related to the cancellation of your orders. 

3.5 How do I place an order?

 Our online ordering process is fast and easy. Simply visit the official Foison Metal website to get a glimpse of our step-by-step ordering processes to get your desired Metal Letter Wall Product. We have a toll-free contact line through which you can always contact us if you encounter a problem related to placing your orders.

3.6 What do I need to know before placing my order?

  1. A client needs to know the specific type of product they want to order from us .
  2. You also have to be aware of our various prices before placing your order.
  3. You should also be aware of the ordering process for your order to be fast and efficient.

3.7 What is the ordering process?

1 2 3 4 Metal Letters
Figure 10. Order Processing for Metal Letters Wall

After manufacturing your product, we pack your ordered Metal Letter Wall in our high-quality packaging materials before we ship them to your preferred destination, based on how you place your order. 

While we manufacture and produce our products in China, our courier partner company will ship to wherever you are. You will need to ensure that you provide the right information when placing your order for efficient processing and delivery. 

3.8 Who do I contact to place my order?

You can contact us directly through our 24/7 customer service lines openly displayed on our official Foison Metal website. You can also reach us at our official social media pages for more information concerning the placement of orders.

3.9 How do I ensure that I have the right order?

We will regularly keep in touch with the client regarding the customization and order progress by sending photos and samples of the product to ensure client satisfaction. You need to contact us whenever you fear that products being produced is not similar to the one you ordered. 

3.10 Can I do partial payment?

There’s always room for negotiation when it comes to Orders’ payment and pricing. Always feel free to contact us through our customer service lines to let us know how you’d wish to process your payments.

3.11 What are your payment methods available?

Payment methods available are: MasterCard, PayPal, western union, etc. However, you need to contact us if you have your preferred payment method so that we may advise you accordingly. 

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long will it take for international shipment?

Our express international delivery is able to complete your orders within 5-7 business days.

4.2 What do I do if my orders does not reach my location?

You need to contact us as soon as you realize your orders has not reached your location. We will always keep you in touch with you to prevent such occurrences. 

4.3 Do you have a specific FedEx account for shipping?

Foison Metal uses our clients’ FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS account numbers to process shipments. The client is responsible for the freight charges. However, you can contact us through our customer support team if you have your preferred shipment method for us to assist you accordingly. 

4.4 Can you ship internationally?

Although all our high-quality products are manufactured in China, we deliver our Metal Letter Wall to all parts of the world. Besides being timely, our delivery process is efficient and affordable and we make sure you get your product to your preferred location at the set time frame.

4.5 What is the delivery process?

Bronze Metal Wall Letter City
Figure 13. Delivery Process for Metal Letters Wall

We notify a client of the start of their delivery process, you will be notified about the arrival of your orders in the location you specified when placing your order.

4.6 Can I pay the shipping fee separately?

Although our prices commonly incorporate the shipment fee, you may be required at times to pay the shipping fee before your delivery commences. Visit our website and contact our support center for more information on your shipping charges. 

4.7 Can I change my shipment information after shipping?

You need to ensure you provide the correct shipping information before shipping commences because a client may incur some extra charges if the wrong information that leads the freight agent to deliver to the wrong location is provided.

To prevent such occurrences, please ensure you give the right information before the freight agent starts the shipment process.

4.8 Does shipment come with tracking numbers?

Yes, it does. This is because the tracking numbers ensure you can keep an eye on the progress of your shipment progress.

4.9 Do you offer warehousing services bulk orders?

We do not support warehousing services, but we connect our clients to some of the most reputable warehousing agents who can store your bulk Metal Letter Wall shipment if you contact us on time to let us know your warehousing concerns.

4.10 What is the cost of shipping?

There is no fixed price for the shipping of your product. Factors that determine the cost of shipping include but are not limited to the following:

  • Quantity
  • The weight
  • The size

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.1 What is the process of returning?

The following are our common procedures for returning:

  • Examination of the  packaging to ascertain its originality
  • The Metal Letter Wall is returned to the manufacturer after we have ascertained that the Metal Letter Wall is unused. 

You might incur additional charges for returning to cater to the production costs. 

5.2 How long do I have for the return?

A return does not have to take much time after delivery. You should contact us if you have any issues related to returning your orders within 24 hours after delivery.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed, we no longer approve cancellations. Cancellations only apply when the order is yet to be in the processing stage.

6.2 How do I get my refund?

We will send your refund to the account number you used to process the payment. You must contact us before the cancellation if you want to receive the refund in an alternative account. 

6.3 Can I place another Metal Letter Wall order after cancellation?

You can comfortably place another order if you successfully cancel your previous order. Contact us if you have problems placing another order after canceling a previous order.

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