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Foison Metal Creates One-of-a-Kind Rustic Metal Letters for Home and Business Use

Foison Metal supplies metal letters rustic to achieve a vintage appeal for your business. Our company offers rustic metal letters for commercial and industrial uses. As a client, you can choose the size and font style of the letters.

Our items are packed with mounting hardware. Thus, you can attach it to your walls conveniently. Each letter is shaped by our professionals using high-tech machines.

Our company keeps our clients satisfied by ensuring that the items are of high quality and will be shipped in good condition. We have a quality team that will do a thorough checking of each package before shipping.

About Our Service

Rustic Finish

If you want to achieve a plain and simple business decoration, Foison Metal’s metal letters are the best choice.


All metal letters rustic produced by Foison Metal are lightweight. It means that you can hang the small rustic metal letters to the walls hassle-free.

Protective Coating

Foison Metal uses a protective coating in manufacturing the metal letters. Therefore, our rustic metal letters are popular for outdoor signs.

Multiple Font Style Options

Our small rustic metal letters are available in various font styles. Foison Metal also accepts custom orders for our rustic metal letters hobby lobby.


At Foison Metal, we use efficient machines to produce numerous metal letters rustic daily. Our rustic metal letters wholesale are open for bulk orders.

Trendy Designs

Our metal letters come in various designs. Foison Metal molds small rustic metal letters in different designs.


Foison Metal creates metal letters rustic with versatility in mind. All rustic metal letters available in our company are designed for different purposes.

Made to Order

We make our items custom made when someone places an order. Foison Metal also customized rustic metal letters for the hobby.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Fabricates Top-Rated Metal Letters Rustic from High Quality Metal, Steel, and Brass Materials

Small Rustic Metal Letters

Shop our small rustic metal letters and save a huge amount of money.

Rustic Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

Rustic Metal Letters Hobby Lobby Perfect for Business Signs and Wall Decors.

Rustic Metal Letters

Our rustic metal letters are a perfect addition to your cart.

Rustic Metal Letters Wholesale

Let your business be known with our rustic metal letters wholesale.


Foison Metal is composed of creative teams that can design and turn a plain metal to beckoning metal letters rustic. Our company accepts custom and bulk orders of our items.

We are known as the superior factory that produces the finest metal letters with a rustic finish. Avail any of our items and let your small business be known by different clients around the world. Place your order now, and we will produce and ship the items right away.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Globally Known

Foison Metal is a renowned company known by small and large business owners worldwide.

Production Monitoring

Foison Metal constantly monitors the production of items and ensures they are of exclusive quality.

Sleek Design

Our company crafts letters and other items with sleek design and smooth finish.


Our items are made from rustproof metal materials. It means that you can hang the letters outdoors.

Our Factory Audit

Our clients

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Foison Metal Aims to Produce First-Rate Metal Letters Rustic at the Lowest Deals

Give your small shop a shabby but classy look with our rustic metal letters. Foison Metal only uses first-class materials in producing superb products. Our company is popular among different types of businesses because of the unique items we offer. Contact us through email or visit our website to find other goods we offer. 

The Metal Letters Rustic FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 How Can You Define Metal Letters Rustic?

Figure 1. Metal Letters Rustic

Metal letters rustic are metals that have been designed in form of letters and which have rusted naturally and are majorly used indoors for businesses, in homesteads, or on roads.

1.2 In What Circumstances Can You Use Metal Letters Rustic?

You can use them to display by the roadside when a top coat is added to give directions to your homes and other details such as house number or gate number.

The metal letters rustic can also be used to enhance the look of a place for example decorating your house by hanging them around.

You can also use them in a business warehouse whereby you form the letters to name the business or to welcome the customers.

When coated in other colors, you can also customize them and add some light that beautifies a homestead, business or building look attractive.

1.3 Where Can You Find Metal Letters Rustic?

When you need the metal letters rustic, our able team is always available to serve our esteemed clients with good quality metal letters rustic.

We only require you to use your smartphone to create an account with us and set passwords for security purposes. You can then go ahead to log into our website.

On our website, we have various options.  When you need to place an order, then select the number of metal letters rustic you need.

We have various payment methods you can select the most suitable and place your order. This will include the shipment fee.

You can also visit our warehouse and place instant orders and pay for your metal letters rustic

1.4 Of What Importance Are Metal Letters Rustic to the Users?

Metal letters are very important and have a great impact on the users. They include:

  • They are appealing and make a place attractive when used.
  • They portray some sense of curiosity and for instance, in a business, this can be used as a remedy for attracting customers.
  • The metal letters rustic can be used as the source of information 
  • The metal letters rustic can also be used to enhance a particular culture.
  • They can as well be used as fashion or designs for indoor purposes.

1.5 What Is the Lifespan of the Metal Letters Rustic?

Figure 2. Lifespan of Metal Letters Rustic

The metal letters rustic are durable from the fact that the materials used are long-lasting and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

They can last up to ten years and more if well maintained.

1.6 How Would You Describe the Overall Price of Metal Letters Rustic?

Our prices are generally customer-friendly and effective to all customers. We offer affordable prices to esteemed customers. 

We also give offers to our customers to encourage the customers to make their purchases with our team and when we are clearing stock. 

1.7 How Should I Care for My Metal Letters Rustic?

To enable metal letters rustic to last longer, you need to take good care of them and maintain them. 

You can clean the metal letters rustic although it is not advisable to use other chemicals that may cause corrosion. It is advisable to dry the metal letters rustic immediately. You have cleaned the metal letters rustic with water to avoid corroding. 

For effective cleaning, we advise the use of dry metal letter rustic using a very soft fabric to rub dirt that may remain on it.

Cleaning should always be done regularly and not daily.

1.8 Do the Metal Letters Rustic Cause Any Harm to the Users?

Metal letters rustic have no harm for anyone and to the environment. When not handled well, the sharp edges of the metal letters rustic may cause a cut on the skin.

This does not occur in most situations because we always ensure the edges are made blunt to avoid any accidents.

1.9 What Happens When Your Metal Letters Rustic Is Lost Or Damaged?

Figure 3. Damaged Metal Letters Rustic

For metal letters Rustic, you will have to place another order for a new one. To reduce the risk of damage, we make the metal letters rustic with material that is not easily damaged.

1.10 How Durable Are Metal Letters Rustic?

Customer satisfaction is our main priority while producing metal letters rustic. Therefore, we can guarantee you that our products are manufactured using quality materials and are basically of good quality.

We design our metal letters rustic with high-quality materials hence reducing the cost of replacement.

1.11 Are Metal Letters Rustic Authenticated?

Yes, the metal letters rustic are authenticated for human use without any side effects or danger.

It has been put into test and a conclusion is drawn that it is safe for use without any harm to human life and the environment. We follow all the rules laid by the government and adhere to them to the latter.

1.12 How Do You Use the Metal Letters Rustic?

The metal letters rustic can be arranged in a manner that their appearance will form certain words that can be read to form a word.

Some pieces of wood can also be painted on the sides with the color of your choice and the metal letters rustic mounted on it. It can then be painted a dull color such as brown so that the original color is not lost.

1.13 What Are Some Advantages of the Metal Letters Rustic?

The metal letters rustic is considered advantageous because:

  • The metal letters rustic is durable
  • The metal letters rustic can withstand Harsh weathers conditions
  • The metal letters rustic has no harm to the environment and the human
  • Also, the metal letters rustic is affordable and the cost of replacement is also affordable
  • The metal letters rustic is cheap to maintain
  • Lastly, the metal letters rustic is portable and easy to carry with 

1.14 What is the Need for Maintaining the Metal Letters Rustic Clean?

The main reasons for cleaning the metal letters rustic are:

  • Cleaning assists the metal letters rustic to have a good outward view.
  • To protect the metal letters rustic from spoiling
  • To reduce the cost of replacing with another metal letters rustic
  • To enable the metal letters rustic to last a longer period

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Metal Letters Rustic

2.1 What Materials Are Used to Make Metal Letters Rustic?

The materials commonly used for metal letters rustic are:

  • Iron metals
  • Steel Metals
  • Zinc metals 
  • Aluminum metals
  • Copper among other metals

2.2 What Is the Preferable Size of Metal Letters Rustic?

You should ensure that the designs of metal letters are rustic work at actual size.

When selecting metal letters rustic, you should check on the size of the metal letters rustic. It should have the correct size to fit in as per the measurements. 

It is not to have a size that does not make sense, either too large or too small however it needs to be very strong. 

For our customers, we have all sizes; small, medium, and large.

2.3 What Are the Factors Considered When Selecting Metal Letters Rustic?

When selecting materials used to make metal letters rustic, you need to consider the following:

  • The type of materials from which the metal letters rustic are manufactured.
  • Consider checking on reviews of the company to ensure you have quality products.
  • You can also try to make an order and see how long it takes for the delivery process.
  • Check on the delivery process.
  • You should also take note of the shipment fee.

2.4 What Colors Do the Metal Letters Rustic Come with?

Usually, metal letters rustic is painted brown so that the original color does not fade away. This helps to retain the usual original appearance.

2.5 Do The Metal Letters Rustic Have a General Design That the Tags Conform to?

Figure 5. Design for Metal Letters Rustic

Most of our designs are chosen specifically and with purpose and it is important we chose categorically because of taste and preference. 

This taste and preference vary from client to client and as a team, we work to meet each customers’ expectations.

2.6 Can I Share a Customized Design of the Metal Letters Rustic for You to Make?

Customization and design ideas are very much encouraged in this industry. Through sharing the client’s ideas and specifications, we can come up with a perfect final product. 

We are limited to some ideas because we want to maintain some of our perfect products and we do not wish to lose them.

2.7 Why Do You Have Different Designs of Metal Letters Rustic?

This is to ensure that the types and artwork have maximum exposure and look great no matter the size of the metal letters rustic. Also, metal letters rustic have different designs due to the difference in taste and preference of different customers.

2.8 Do the Metal Letters Rustic Fade After Some Time?

There are very minimal chances of the metal letters rustic to fade because we use original materials which are surely long-lasting.

We provide quality services and our team does not give chances for the metal letters rustic to fade.

In case a metal letter rustic fades, we paint using brown even paint to retain the original color of the metal letter rust.

2.9 What Are the Different Types of Metal Letters Rustic?

Figure 7. Simple Metal Letters Rustic

The metal letters rustic are normally designed in two types. These include:

  1. Thin metal letters rustic- The thick metal letters rustic are designed letters using metals such as iron and are designed in a way they look slightly bigger and thicker.
  2. Thick metal letters rustic- The thin metal letters rustic are designed to appear thin with metals for indoor purposes.

2.10 What Are the Benefits of Customizing and Designing Metal Letters Rustic?

The significance of customization of metal letters rustic is to achieve a more unique and customer satisfaction product. We encourage clients to share their designs and other ideas to come out with a perfect blend and to meet their expectations.

2.11 What Are the Common Shapes Used in Designing the Metal Letters Rustic?

Metal letters rustic have no specific shapes in which they are designed. They usually take the shape of letters.

The letters may vary because of the several letters available.

For more information, you are free to log into our website and read more information. We advise that for more inquiries, check through our customer care service by:

  • Sending us messages through emails
  • Calling our contact number on the website

2.12 Do You Offer Any Mounting Services On Metal Letters Rustic?

On most occasions, our customers always have two options when it comes to the mounting of metal letters rustic:

First and foremost, we can link you up with a contractor then you can sign a contract agreement

We can mount the metal letters rustic with the assistance of our well-trained team who have enough knowledge of the mounting procedures. In as much as this would be better, it’s the only exception to the local buyers.

For assistance, you reach out to us through our contact or send us an email. Our customers are also allowed to log in to our portal and get more ideas.

2.13 Is it Important to Consider the Simplicity of Metal Letters Rustic Before Purchase?

A complicated design takes more time to produce the metal letters rustic and the result may not look as clear as you desire. Kindly ensure your design is very simple so that we can make metal letters rustic that are exactly like your design.

When we receive an exaggerated design we may have to simplify it for you, an option that may not please you. Make your designs original and the simplicity should be at its best. 

When your designs are simple it’s much easier and your metal letters rustic can be made faster according to your taste.

2.14 Will My Metal Letters Rustic Fade Over Time?

We would like to assure you that our able team has always worked for hand in hand with one another to deliver top-quality metal letters rustic. 

The materials used, the colors, and the quality of metal letter rustic are made to last for long. This enables our customers to make good quality metal letters rustic out of them. 

Therefore, when it comes to the ability of rustic metal letters to fade, we can assure you that our products are of good quality. You can prevent the fading of your metal letters rustic through the following methods:

  • By regular maintenance of the metal letters rustic. 
  • By wiping off of dust to have your metal letters rustic last for longer. 
  • You can also avoid exposing metal letters rustic to moisture or water because this provides the necessary conditions for rusting.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 What Are Your Order and Payment Policy?

For you to pay for an order of metal letters rustic, the process must have gone through successfully. You must receive an email of confirmation after every successful payment of an order

You need to confirm and ensure the order you are placing is the correct product you want to purchase.

3.2 Is it Possible to Directly Place an Order from Your Warehouse?

Yes, it is possible to make physical visits to our stores and place your order and make the payments. 

3.3 What Are the Terms and Conditions for Ordering and Paying for Metal Letters Rustic?

Our requirements state that:

  • The buyer should give the basic details before making any order. For example, personal information such as name.
  • The customer should cater for all the bills before the delivery process of metal letters rustic.
  • For any spoilt, lost or thievery of the metal letters rustic where the customer is involved, our customers should be accountable
  • Involving another person during the delivery process is also risky because the clients will be held accountable.

3.4 How Do I Initiate Placement and Payment of My Order?

Figure 9. Initiating order for Metal Letters Rustic

When ordering the metal letters rustic, you can make your order via our website and get your deliveries done successfully. You can also go to our shops and make the orders physically.

You can do your payments through the following means:

  • Via the PayPal
  • Through visa cards means
  • By MasterCard
  •  By cash when you visit the warehouse physically.

3.5 What Is the Least Number of Metal Letters Rustic That I Can Order?

Each client has the power to purchase the metal letters rustic according to their desire and the cash they have. We have no limits to the number of metal letters rustic you can order at any given time. 

Most of the wholesale and retail customers usually take the metal letters rustic in bulk. We do appreciate giving them discounts on multiple purchases.

3.6 How Do You Get a Discount on Your Shipping Costs?

We offer discounts on different occasions depending on several factors. These factors include:

  • The order size.
  • Frequency of orders from customers.
  • The cost of work on the purchase of custom metal letters rustic.
  • The type of materials used.

3.7 What Time is Taken for an Order of Metal Letters Rustic to Go Through?

After confirming your order and paying for them, it takes less than five minutes for your order to go through. This is followed by the confirmation email that your order has been successful and you will be updated when it is disbursed.

3.8 Do You Allow the Payments to Be Done Before Delivery or After I Receive My Order?

Figure 10. Payment for Metal Letters Rustic

All our payments are done before delivery of metal letters through invoices where they pay after their sales within the sealed agreement.

3.9 What Are the Methods of Payment can I Use for Orders of Metal Letters Rustic?

With the effort to reach out to as many as possible, globally we came up with a variety of methods of payment. Through this method, we have managed to sell our metal letters rustic across all countries globally. 

The various methods of payment are; 

  • Money gram
  • Debit and Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Payments by cash among other payment methods

The methods above have proven to be reliable across the world. Our clients can therefore make the payments using any currency whereby the standard rates of exchange will apply.

3.10 What Are the Necessary Requirements When Making an Order of Metal Letters Rustic?

We require no documents during order placement. The information we require for the process are:

  • The client’s delivery address.
  • In case of any issue, we will need your mobile number for easy contact.
  • Your email where your confirmation message for the order that went through is confirmed.
  • Your personal information like name, gender to help us know who exactly is making the order to reduce fraud.

3.11 What Should I Do in Case My Order for Metal Letters Rustic Has Failed?

Figure 11. Failed order for Metal Letters Rustic

We urge our customers to make another order in case you get a failed order. This can happen due to the following reasons.

  • The order you placed may have contained the wrong information or mismatch the given details. 
  • It can also happen when we are having technical issues with our online systems. 
  • The internet issues could as well cause the order placement not to go through due to low signal or lack of data.

3.12 Are All Your Metal Letters Rustic in Stock for Any Orders?

Our team tries to have enough metal letters rustic in stock to meet all our customer’s requirements. On rare occasions when we have run out of stock, we notify our clients of the current state of the stock. 

We will then make every effort to complete your orders in a span of 7 to 10 days. There are no charges until the metal letters rustic orders are confirmed.

3.13 Is It Safe to Use Your Credit Cards on Your Website for Making Orders?

To ensure a safe payment procedure for metal letters rustic, our website uses a reliable and secure internet payment gateway.

This means that payments for metal letters rustic are very secure, fraud chances are very minimal and your money is kept safe.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 For the Meal Letters Rustic to Be Shipped, How Long Does It Take?

The shipment for local orders is expected to take at most 2 working days. Shipping the orders from other countries depends on the transportation used and it takes roughly 7-10 weeks for the whole process.

4.2 Are Metal Letters Rustic Secure During the Shipping Process?

Yes, the metal letters rustic are packed in secure packages which ensure that they are safe during transit.

We use secure packaging elements to ensure that the metal letters rustic arrive safely at the delivery place. We package our metal letters rustic using different packaging means such as:

  • The packaging tissues
  • The packaging of peanuts can also be used.
  • By use of Bubble Wrap
  • Use of Cardboard Inserts

4.3 What Shipping and Delivery Options Do You Have to Offer for Metal Letters Rustic?

For local orders, we do home deliveries but during placement of an order, you have to cater for the shipments fee. The shipments in other countries can be done through shipment modes such as Sea or air means.

For orders in other countries, we have agents where you can pick your parcel after the necessary payments have been done.

4.4 How Do You Get the Tracking Number of Your Order of Metal Letters Rustic?

Figure 13. Tracking Number for Metal Letters Rustic

When our clients log into our website you have created an account, you can look up your order and your shipment tracking information.

4.5 How Are the Metal Letters Rustic Packaged?

The packaging of our metal letters rustic is professionally done to the best of our capacity. The number of metal letters rustic that you order does not matter because your order will safely rich you. 

4.6 Do You Recommend Freight Forwarders for Your Shipments of Metal Letters Rustic?

We recommend Freight forwarders because they have the best routes to use and the best mode of transport for shipment to reach its location. 

4.7 What Is the Average Delivery Time of Your Shipment?

This largely depends on several factors. This includes the distance to be delivered, the number of metal letters rustic to be delivered, and conditions during the delivery.  

4.8 How Do I Know When Metal Letters Rustic Are Ready to Be Shipped?

In the initial stages after successful order placement, we provide a tracking number and order number. With this, you can continuously monitor the progress of metal letters rustic order processing. 

This will show you the complete production of the metal letters rustic.

In addition to that, we will send a notification indicating dispatch of metal letters to notify when the shipment is ready. That is how convenient our team is to all our clients.

4.9 Will All Your Orders of Metal Letters Rustic Be Shipped Together?

Figure 14. Shipping of Metal Letters Rustic

Our able team ships all the metal letters rustic orders at the same time for the customer to receive all the orders at once. 

4.10 What Should I Do If My Order Fails to Arrive On the Indicated Time?

We allow you to contact our customer care through the contacts on our website and raise your complaint. You can also send us emails and air your grievances whereby we will get to you as quickly as possible and get you possible assistance.

4.11 What Are the Shipping and Delivery Options You Would Suggest to Your Client?

For the orders within the same geographical locations, we recommend doorstep deliveries which otherwise are also affordable. 

For the customers near our warehouse, you can place your orders physically by visiting our stores and there are no charges for this.

We also advise the customers from other countries to opt for the choice of ship or sea means of shipment. This means it is very safe and can reach out to countries that are far away. 

For far countries where the metal letters rustic are needed urgently, you can also use air which is the fastest.

4.12 Can I Involve Third Parties While Shipping Metal Letters Rustic?

Including the third parties reduces the direct encounters between the buyer and the seller. While shipping metal letters rustic, third parties will help in enhancing the process because they have enough knowledge.

Third parties help negotiate for the shipping fees which the seller includes in the invoice of the metal letters rustic. They also speed up the clearance process of the metal letters rustic for discharge and delivery.

This option is one’s decision anyway because in case of any damages you will have to incur the charges.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 Am I Entitled to A Replacement If I Received the Wrong Order?

In case a mistake has occurred and you happen to receive an order you never placed, we cater to your needs. We only require you to take the initiative of informing us through our online website or rather do an email.

Describe your issue and wait for our feedback. We will check our website and shall surely replace the correct order of metal letters rustic.

We only request your patience once the replacement request has gone through.

5.2 Who Should I Contact If I Want a Replacement or Return?

Our customer care services are always available at any given time. You will only log into our website where we have provided the contacts for reaching our customer care service.

Inform them of the replacement issue on metal letters rustic and wait for the feedback as you will get the notification on what to do.

You can send an email and describe your issue and you will get assistance as soon as possible from our able team. 

5.3 What is Your Return and Replacement Policy for Metal Letters Rustic?

When you log to our website and check on the policies on replacement and return of metal letters rustic, it is stated clearly.  It states that replacement can be done if:

  • If the metal letters rustic are confirmed to be lost during transit or shipping.
  • If the metal letters rustic delivered are damaged.
  • If the order placed of metal letters rustic is not restocked.

5.4 How Long Does It Take for the Replacement of Metal Letters Rustic to Go Through?

Figure 16. Replacement Period for Metal Letters Rustic

Once your order is for your replacement, it only takes a few minutes for the process to be successful. From the time one places the order of the replacement to the time of delivery it takes around 2 weeks.

We always let our customers know when the replacement will take place and immediately it is ready, we send a notification message.

You can always subscribe to our website notification for more information.

5.5 How Should I Process the Replacement Process?

On our website, we have procedures that are a guideline in processing the replacement of metal letters rustic. The procedures are;

  • Log into our website and select the replacement
  • Give the reasons why you need a replacement.
  • Accept the option to receive more information for the feedback.
  • If it is accepted, then you can successfully wait for your replacement.

5.6 Will You Give a Refund If the Metal Letters Rustic Are Returned?

A refund will only be given under the following conditions:

  • If the metal letters rustic were damaged in our custody. 
  • If the metal letters rustic was a wrong order
  • If a request has been placed for return.

5.7 Will I Be Charged Extra Money for Replacement of Metal Letters Rustic?

If the cause of this problem is you, then you will have to incur the extra charges for transportation charges.

However, if the problem was within our capacity then you are not charged anything for that matter.

When such happenings occur, you are advised to contact our customer care to get a way forward.

5.8 What Are Challenges Faced During the Replacement and Returns Process?

Figure 17. Replacement Challenges for Metal Letters Rustic

During the replacement and return process, some of the customers try to cancel the orders thinking that this process lasts longer.

We have ensured that our warehouse has enough stock that can be used during the replacement process.

5.9 How Do I Track the Process of Return and Replacement of Metal Letters Rustic?

Through our customer care, you can inquire about the status of your replacement. We usually update clients by sending them notifications and also send emails on the same on the status of replacement.

We also have agents who are available during the disposal and can always reach up to them for help.

5.10 How Long Will It Take for the Replacement to Be Delivered to Me?

After the replacement request, it will take at most five working days. For the metal letters rustic to be delivered, it will depend on the following factors: 

  • The distance that will be covered
  • The shipment methods that will be used 
  • Whether the exact metal letters rustic is in stock.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 18. Cancellation Policy

6.1 What Are the Terms and Conditions for A Successful Cancellation and Refund?

For successful cancellation and refund of the metal letters rustic, a client must ensure that:

  • The goods are canceled while on transit otherwise, the client will incur extra charges.
  • The goods are canceled before shipment.

 A client has the mandate to order another product or be refunded his money minus the transit cost.

However, when a customer cancels an order before disbursement of goods she has full right to her full refund of the money but of course with the protocols that govern it.

6.2 Are There Any Process to Be Followed While Applying for A Cancellation or Refund?

When purchasing the metal letters rustic from our shop through the website, you will need to follow the steps. To cancel your transaction:

  • You will be required to have your account where you can log in.
  • We have guidelines where you will select the alternative for canceling.
  • A confirmation message of your request will be sent to you.

6.3 What Can Make You Cancel and Refund and Order of Metal Letters Rustic?

The following are the reasons why an order may be canceled:

  • The customers are allowed to cancel the order if they wish to but before dispatch.
  • If the merchandise will be delivered to a different location.
  • You can also cancel your order if the order of metal letters rustic was not the intended order.
  • Our clients can also cancel an order if the methods of payment are not suitable.
  • You can also cancel your order if the date of delivery does not favor your schedule.
  • An order can also be canceled if you do not meet the requirements. 

6.4 How Do You Ensure That Your Clients Have Knowledge About the Cancellation Option?

Figure 19. Cancellation Knowledge for Metal Letters Rustic

When you access our website, you will see the terms and conditions button. You are expected to read and understand these terms before doing any transaction or ordering our products.

Our hard-working team always ensures no error occurs and you can be sure the metal letters rustic ordered are the best.

6.5 How Long Does It Take for The Process of Cancellation and Refund to Go Through?

Our able team makes every effort to accommodate cancellation requests and ensure they handle all the requests.

Confirming the cancellation may take some time. This is because we need time to contact our distribution partners who assist in dispatching the metal letters rustic. 

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We also let our customers know whether your refund request has gone through or not. 

If the process went through then you get refunded in most a week whereby the cash will reflect in your account.

Also, we need to make sure that your order is not shipped. This will take between two to five working days. 

6.6 Will I Be Notified After the Cancellation Process of Metal Letters Rustic Has Begun?

Immediately after placing your order, if there is a need to cancel, then do it before the time is limited. You will get notification messages after the cancellation is successfully done.

This can take a while, but we will try to communicate as soon as it is successful. Our communication means is always through emails or notifications.

Send us a free inquiry request

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