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One way to have great branding is to have a unique logo for your business. It’s an essential design that should be created to boost your business in the market. At Foison Metal, your voice will be heard.

Whatever kind of market your business is into, we can provide you with the most comprehensive and bizarre array of custom metal logo plate and product branding options available.  Our tooling unit offers unparalleled excellence and precision.

Since our metal logo plates are highly durable, is it perfect for harsh environments of many diverse types and it is long-lasting.

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Foison Metal provides various metal options to choose from in metal logo plates that will be prepared with the extra protective layer

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Our metal logo plate is treated with care. Our tooling unit offers unparalleled excellence and precision


Foison Metal can create a unique logo with your specification. We can assure you that the metal logo plate will match to your requirements and style


We guarantee free samples, fast delivery, cheapest wholesale price rate, optimum quality, and more


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Logo Metal Plates

Your company logo is the most important design for your business. It features your company name or initials. By adding a little bit of graphics and colors, it represents who you are and what you do.

Logo on a Metal Plate

Metal logo plates suitable for various household appliances, electronics, machines, and etc. It makes your product more reliable and your customer will more likely to purchase it.

Nameplate Logo

Labels are used to highlight logo high-quality products. This type with a simple design style carries the favorite brand. It makes your product more presentable and appealing.

Metal Plate Logo

A way of making your business step up is to have a unique logo. Ideally, when people think of products such as the ones you sell, your logo will pop into their minds.

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Foison Metal provides high-quality and durability in product identification. Make use of our processes and materials to make a distinctive look that will set your product apart from the rest.

We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to help your logo stand out. We can either collaborate or use your specification, so we can create stunning metal logo plates that will represent who you are as a business and what you can provide to your consumer.

We believe, that having a significant logo will make your business stand out among others. 

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Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality metal logo plate. Your logo is part of your “brand”. When people see it, they immediately associate it with the products you sell and the nature of your company. 

Most of the time people tend to buy products because of the brand and It creates emotional triggers that cause people to buy more of your products.

The Metal Logo Plates FAQs Ultimate Guide

This guide will help you to know the best metal logo plates

It contains every aspect of the metal logo plates you have searched for, such as types, size, advantages, and cost.

Before you plan to buy an metal logo plates, have a look at this guide.

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is a metal logo plate?

Metal Logo Plates
Figure 1. Metal Logo Plates

A metal logo plate is a form of labeling which displays or identifies a product or a person’s name. It is used in industrial, commercial, and aesthetic applications.

Metal log plates are part of your brand because they will automatically associate with products you sell when people see them.

Metal logo plate features your company’s name or initials and is decorated with a little color and graphics. They reflect the overall image of your company.

1.2 Why choose metal logo plates?

Some of the reasons why you should choose metal logo plates include:

  • They provide years of durability and always remain readable in the entire lifespan of the product.
  • There are advanced capabilities in the fabrication of metal logo plates. It has ensured reduced lead times, and tooling charges are also cut down.
  • Metal logo plates resist weather, extreme temperatures, abrasion, UV, corrosion, scratches, and dents due to the versatile selection of substrates.
  • They need little maintenance, which is very affordable.
  • Manufacturers have staff that is knowledgeable and can deliver metal logo plates that meet your specifications.

1.3 Where are metal logo plates used?

Use of metal logo plates in high-risk work environments.
Figure 2 Use of metal logo plates in high-risk work environments.

Metal logo plates are used in the following industries:

  • Automobiles: metal logo plates are the mainstay in the automobile industry.
  • Warehousing: there are regulatory requirements that warehouse environments outline rigid standards. Metal logo plates chip in by becoming a part of fulfilling these regulatory requirements.
  • Appliances: most appliances have metal logo plates displaying the make or brand of the product.
  • Apparel: apparel like clothes and handbags have metal logo plates affixed to them for branding or decoration purposes.

1.4 What are the benefits of choosing metal logo plates?

Some of the benefits you will obtain by choosing metal logo plates include:

  • Metal logo plates provide years of durability and will remain readable throughout the product’s lifespan.
  • They require very little maintenance and at a competitive price.
  • Manufacturers have staff that is knowledgeable and understand your specific needs. They will ensure that they deliver metal logo plates that suit your specific needs.
  • There are advanced fabrication capabilities of your metal logo plates, thus ensures reduced costs and lead times.
  • Ensures versatile selection of substrates that ensure resistance to environmental factors like:
  • Extreme temperatures
  • UV
  • Abrasion
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Corrosion

1.5 Do Metal Logo Plates Get Scratches or Fingerprints?

Because of stainless steel, it is quite difficult to eliminate every scratch and fingerprint on metal logo plates. Despite everything being done in the manufacturing process to minimize such scenarios, the visible amount depends on how the plates are handled.

1.6 What Are the Available Metal Logo Plates?

Metal logo plate with adhesive liner
Figure 10 Metal logo plate with adhesive liner

Some of the available types of logo plates include:

  • Corporate metal logo plates: companies use these to imbue presence and grab the attention of potential clients. They are mounted in strategic locations using a wall fastener or backing adhesive.
  • Permanent safety signs: this type of metal logo plates is used as:
  • Warning signs
  • Fire-exit labels
  • Eyewash station designation
  • Traffic route labels on warehouse floors
  • Operating Instructions, tags, and plates: they are a dynamic way of adding weather instructions on equipment and tools.
  • Machine labels: these are metal logo plates uses in the following highly robust equipment pieces:
  • Household appliances
  • Commercial appliances
  • Industrial equipment and machinery
  • Engraved metal logo plates:  they are engraved with the company’s name, logo, and information to make them stand out. They do not fade and are available in a wide range of metals.
  • Serialized metal logo plates: this identifies using serial numbers of products in harsh and demanding environments to prevent fading.

1.7 What should you consider when selecting a metal logo plate?

Metal logo plate specification is very important when choosing the right and long-lasting plate.

 Some of the key considerations when selecting metal logo plates include:

  • Product material:  the intended use of your metal logo plate should go hand in hand with the material you have selected. For example:
  • Metal logo plates that will be outdoors required an elemental and anticorrosive metal base like stainless steel.
  • On the other hand, indoor metal logo plates are prioritized on malleability, color, and durability.
  • Dimensions: it is good to specify the length, height, shape, and metal logo plate thickness you need when placing your order. All these variables tend to determine the substrate you will use to achieve the desired finished product.
  • Finish: it is good to apply a protective coating or laminate to the metal logo plate’s surface, depending on its application. Finishes on metal logo plates will also help achieve visual effects, which will make it stand out.
  • Environmental conditions: the location and use of metal logo plates directly influence factors like wear and tear during its entire lifespan. Metal logo plates may be affected by environmental factors such as chemicals, water, air, and oils from contact by hand.
  • Adhesive or fasteners: the method you plan on using to mount metal logo plates like adhesive backings, fasteners, or holes determines the choice of substrate. Adhesive selection is affected by different finishes like plastic, powder, or wood.

1.8 What kind of materials are used in making metal logo plates?

Steel metal logo plate
Figure 4 Steel metal logo plate

Some of the materials used in making metal logo plates include:

  • Stainless steel: stainless steel is a metal that is very dense and is chemical resistant. It is mostly used in the following applications:
  • Certification plates
  • Serial plate
  • Rating plates
  • Barcoded metal logo plates
  • Valve tags
  • Award plaques
  • Instruction panels.
  • Control panels
  • VIN plates
  • Brass: it is resistant to corrosion and saltwater. Brass is also relatively affordable and used for applications like plaques, designated awards, and mounted metal logo plates.
  • Aluminum: it is affordable and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is among the lightest and least dense categories of pure metals that are shaped with ease. Some of the applications of aluminum include:
  • Serial number tags
  • VIN Plates
  • Dials and scales
  • Machine rating plates
  • Business cards
  • Promotional items
  • Fire door rating plates
  • Bronze: it has natural strength and resistance properties and is the darkest substrate used on metal logo plates. Bronze is commonly applied on metal logo plates for aesthetic or branded features rather than for those meant for quick reading and signage.
  • Cold–rolled steel (CRS): a type of steel that uses a fabrication technique of low temperatures to morph steel and generate a final product. It is used for tags, apparel labels, and many more applications.
  • Zinc: metal logo plates made from zinc produce an off-industrial look and have an industrial durability level. It is malleable and very soft, thus suitable for detailed lettering, decorative embellishments, and iconography.
  • Nickel-Silver: it is a metal logo plate substrate that is cost-competitive and close to brass in the family tree.

1.9 What are the available metal logo plate requirements?

Depending on the testing requirements and end application of metal logo plates, a topcoat that suits your needs is selected. This protective topcoat should ensure that your metal logo plates withstand tough environmental extremes subjected to it.

1.10 What are etched metal logo plates?

An etched metal logo plate is a small metal plaque with a phrase, word, or image directly etched into its surface.

Etching element in metal logo plates refers to the design in which information gets written onto the metal logo plate. The letters get etched onto the metal logo plates and make a copy or background indent.

This copy either gets filled with a given color of your choice or remains natural. Etching produces an overall finish that is classic, highly refined and sleek, and presented in a more polished appearance.

Some of the most common options manufacturers use in creating etched metal logo plates includes:

  • Brass: it gives your metal logo plates a very elegant gold sheen.
  • Bronze:  it offers a color that is close to reddish gold.
  • Aluminum: it is easy and affordable to acquire and work with when etching metal logo plates.
  • Stainless steel: offers the advantage of being a very durable material for working with during etching. It is because it is resistant to elements such as corrosion, extreme heat, scratching, and acids.

1.11 Which are the common applications of etched metal logo plates?

Suppose you are wondering when to use an etched metal logo plate that is suitable for industrial companies. These industrial companies need to mark their products which information like:

  • Model numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • Manufacturing dates

Etched metal logo plates can also be located on products showing specific directional information or safety information.

Some of the common places where you might find etched metal logo plates being used include:

  • UL- approved or certified products.
  • Military products.
  • Manufacturing equipment.
  • Company branding products.
  • Industries such as automobiles, warehousing, apparel, and appliances.

It is important to ensure that you maintain your etched metal logo plates by using the following tips:

  • Create a schedule of regular maintenance
  • Clean the surface of metal logo plates to remove grease paints, stains, or smudges.
  • Clean the grooves of your metal logo plate.
  • Dry your metal logo plate.
  • Spot clean the metal logo plate if you notice evident damage on the surface.

1.12 What are the benefits of using an etched metal logo plate?

Etched metal logo plate
Figure 5 Etched metal logo plate

Some of the benefits of etched metal logo plates include:

  • Cost efficiency: etched metal logo plates are very durable as they cannot be easily damaged; thus is a worthy investment.
  • Durability: durability of metal logo plates is directly related to their cost-effectiveness. Etched metal logo plates are difficult to damage, deface or vandalize and remain shining throughout their life span.
  • Minimal stress to metal: during etching, water jet cutting, stamping, and several other practices are applied to the metal logo plate’s surface. Metal logo plates can be fabricated when produced to suit your specification and ensure that material use remains intact.
  • Capacity for fine details: etching is one of the best methods that create very intricate and fine metal logo plates.
  • Options for colors: once you have selected an etched metal logo plate, you have the option of selecting whether you want a color of your choice to be incorporated or not. Because the design of your metal logo plate is imprinted directly onto the surface, it will remain visible even on color addition.

1.13 How do you check the hardness of metal logo plates?

There are several ways of testing the hardness of metal logo plates, some of which include:

  • Rockwell testing machine

It is the most common professional way of accurately determining the hardness of metal logo plates. A ball of steel that is round is pushed into the metal logo plate, and the machine measures the depth of the notch.

Rockwell testing machine uses major and minor load to ensure the accuracy of the reading. The machine tends to establish the distance interval between the loads and then produces an accurate reading.

This method is very accurate and easy to check work depending on the machine. It also does not require surface preparation time unless in the case of very rough surfaces.

However, it is important to note that the Rockwell testing machine will leave a sharp little divert in part tested.

  • Brinell Hardness Test

The hardness of metal logo plates is determined by hitting their surface with a hammer and then comparing the diameter of the indents. Once this has been done, the hardness of the metal logo plate is then worked out.

A more modern way of achieving this test is fulfilled using a machine that fills up the indenter using a controlled force. An operator will then use a small microscope to analyze the diameter.

Brinell hardness test is, however, very outdated, slower, requires a minimum specimen thickness, and is not practical for hard steel.

  • File testing

This technique is used to determine if the heat-treating technique worked well on metal logo plates. If the tool used in cutting is harder than the metal logo plate, it will cut, and if softer, it will not cut it.

  • Rebound test

Rebound test is not a test method to rely on for critical parts of your metal logo plates, although it is straightforward. It uses a rebound testing machine to determine the hardness of metal logo plate material; the rebound will be higher for harder materials.

  • Microhardness testing

In this, an indenter that is pyramid-shaped is pushed through the metal logo plate using little force and then indent calculated diagonally.

1.14 Is there a special way of maintaining metal logo plates?

Some of how you can maintain metal logo plates include:

  • Keeping the metal logo plates clean and dry.
  • Use paste wax to prevent rusting.
  • Using stainless steel as it has been composited to prevent rusting.
  • Protecting the surface of the metal logo plate from rusting by use of grease.
  • Avoid scratches or cracks.
  • Control humidity: keep your metal logo plates away from moisture.
  • Properly pre-designing metal logo plates.
  • Storing metal logo plates well to stop rust.
  • Using galvanized metal.
  • Application of rust preventive coatings.
  • Applying rust inhibitors.

1.15 How can I specify a color for my metal logo plates?

To select the best color for your metal logo plates, use Macbeth color booths and spectrophotometers to control color. The colors are matched to PMS color and your custom metal logo plates.

There is a slideshow that is compiled containing helpful hints to select from.

1.16 What is the most effective technique for cutting metal logo plates?

Automatic metal stamping machine
Figure 6 Automatic metal stamping machine

There are several techniques for cutting metal logo plates, but stamping by machine method is the most effective. However, this technique produces edges that are not very smooth.

CNC technique is a suitable method for some metal logo plate materials which are not very hard.

For metal logo plate material that is very hard, the laser cutting and etching techniques are the most effective. It is because they can provide a flexible method for engraving and cutting strong metal logo plates. 

Machines that carry out this process give cuts of high quality and metal logo plates of varying designs. These techniques help save time, resources, and money as the manufacturer can cut and engrave metal logo plates and other organic substances.

1.17 How do you verify backlit color for metal logo plates?

Verifying backlit color for metal logo plates is done by providing two means or fixtures. These allow the placement of your master as one reference against the production piece to achieve a visual comparison.

The backlit color for metal logo plates is also verified using a spectrophotometer.

1.18 What are the different thicknesses of metal logo plates?

Metal logo plates are available in the following thicknesses:

  • 0.0508 mm: it is aluminum that is extremely thin, malleable, and soft. It is a great choice for embossing or stamping metal logo plates.
  • 0.2032 mm: it is relatively thin and does not look easy. It gives sufficient rigidity for metal logo plates that are less demanding.
  • 0.3048 mm: it provides a manufacturing solution that is cost-effective and resistant to bending. The desired surface can be affixed using adhesives.
  • 0.4064 mm: it is mostly used for metal; logo plate decorative projects where you need to achieve an eye-catching trim and decoration.
  • 0.508 mm: it is ideal for the achievement of functionality and rigidity because it is versatile. You can use techniques such as engraving, etching, digital printing, and many others on the surface of this metal logo plate.
  • 0.8128 mm: it gives the right mix of flexibility and rigidity for metal logo plates that need thick plates.
  • 1.6002 mm: it gives maximum superior strength and rigidity to metal logo plates. These metal logo plates cannot be bent using the hand and are compatible with several marking methods.

1.19 How long can a metal logo plate last?

Metal logo plates have a different lifespan as they are crafted in different ways. It is because of the following factors which each metal logo plate crafted:

  • Different metals
  • Different marking methods
  • Different plate sizes

However, metal logo plates last longer than other available standard tags like paper, cardboard, or plastic. Once you select metals that are resistant to rust and tarnish, then your metal logo plates will last for so many years.

The life span of metal logo plates is also dependent on factors such as the marking used on the plates and exposure to varying conditions.

Maintaining metal logo plates is also an important factor to observe to ensure they last long. Cleaning these metal logo plates regularly and eliminating dirt and grease increases the longevity of your metal logo plates.

1.20 How do I dispose of metal logo plates if I no longer need them?

Some of how you can dispose of metal logo plates include:

  • Recycling: metals used in metal logo plates like aluminum, brass, steel, and zinc are recycled to create brand new products.

1.21 What if I need to move my metal logo plate?

Any metal logo plate that is stud mounted is easily removed. Therefore, it is important to save your pattern used in installation in a safe place if you need to move your metal logo plate.

It is because it will not be easy to position your metal logo plate without the guidelines accurately.

1.22 Will the colors on my metal log plates wear off?

Metal logo plates made from solid colors like aluminum and solid metal brass will maintain their color. However, a color painted or coated onto the surface of the metal logo plate tends to wear off with years of abrasion or when subjected to heat or chemicals.

Metal logo plates that are anodized maintain their surface even when exposed to elements like moisture and sunlight.  It is because they are suited to withstand weather and wear.

It is important to note that the general metal in fading period is as follows:

  • For yellow-orange colors, it takes about 1-2 years.
  • For colors red, green, and blue, the period is about 2-3 years.
  • For colors white and black, the period is about 3-5 years.

1.23 Why does plating color change after some time, and how can this be prevented?

Plate sizing guide
Figure 7 Plate sizing guide

Metal logo plates may be anodized due to chemicals residue or humidity because they are plated hardware. It is prevented by incorporating a layer of lacquer to prevent the layer that is plated from oxidizing.

1.24 What are the quality standards of metal logo plates?

Some of the quality standards of metal logo plates include:

  • ASTM A370-12a
  • ASTM A 888-09
  • A29 / A29-20
  • A108-18
  • A53/A53M-20

1.25 What are the standard options and specifications for metal logo plates?

Some of the standard options and specifications for metal logo plates that meet your need include:

  • Photo-metal that is either etched, anodized, sealed, or printed.
  • Ranges of thickness up to 3.175 mm.
  • Have a punch-press tolerance of plus or minus 0.381 mm.
  • Possess a machine tolerance of plus or minus 0.127 mm.
  • Made from aluminum, plated alloys, stainless steel, and brass.

1.26 Are metal logo plates environmentally sustainable?

Metal logo plates are uniquely environmentally sustainable because once manufactured, and they are used in that form forever. Metal logo plates are infinitely recycled; thus, they are a very good investment when deciding to use them.

1.27 How much are metal logo plates worth?

It depends on the metal type used in making the metal logo plates and other factors such as:

  • Location
  • Time of the year
  • Market price 
  • Demand 

1.28 What techniques are used in creating metal logo plates?

Metal casting machine used for duplicating metal logo plates
Figure 8 Metal casting machine used for duplicating metal logo plates

Some of the techniques used in metal logo plated creation include:

  • Metal casting: it uses a base metal of zinc and alloying aluminum elements. It is the most common technique for creating duplications and affordable metal logo plates.
  • CNC technique: it is a computer-based technique that is used to cut and engrave all metal types. It is very appropriate for metal logo plate designs that are complicated.
  • Laser cutting and engraving: it is an arising technique used for engraving and cutting all metal types. Laser cutting is used to create a prototype or a small number of metal logo plates with detailed graphics.
  • Photochemical brass etching: this technique is used where a client needs unusual non-standardized or large metal logo quantity and shape. It is composed of designs like high-quality brass ranging between 400*500 millimeters and thickness between 0.3 to 1 millimeter.

1.29 What type of aluminum do you use in making metal logo plates?

Some of the standard types of aluminum that we use in making metal logo plates include:

  • 1100
  • 3003
  • 1050
  • 8014
  • 5657
  • 5052

It is important to note that the most commonly used aluminum is 5052.

1.30 What is the process of etching an aluminum metal logo plate?

The process flow of etching aluminum metal logo plate entails the following steps:

  • Plate pre-treatment.
  • Photosensitive blanking
  • Development of the aluminum metal logo plate.
  • Cleaning of the developed aluminum metal logo plate.
  • Drying the aluminum metal logo plate using a drying plate.
  • Repairing the surfaces of the aluminum metal logo plate that have been exposed to potential damages.
  • Protecting the surface of the aluminum metal logo plate by using either of the following techniques:
  • Etching
  • Painting
  • Coating
  • molding

1.31 Do you offer laminated protective caps for metal logo plates?

Yes, we do offer laminated protective caps for metal logo plates for lithographed or digitally printed jobs. This cap is .001 inches and is laminated in either matte, clear, or velvet finish.

1.32 What options do I have when embossing my logo in the aluminum metal logo plate?

Some of the options that you have when embossing in aluminum metal logo plate include:

  • Etch emboss tools: these tools are the most cost-effective and have an emboss height of .006 inches.
  • Cut emboss tools: this tool is dependent on the substrate’s thickness, and its inches range between .012 to .032.

1.33 What type of adhesive do I need for my metal logo plates?

High-priced double-sided adhesive tape
Figure 9 High-priced double-sided adhesive tape

There is a large variety of adhesives for all types of surfaces for metal logo plates. 

Some of the types of adhesives to use on your metal logo plates include:

  • High-priced double-sided adhesive tape has a strong thickness, elongated retention period, and is used outdoors for long periods. It is well suited for car nameplates and parts for decorations.
  • Low and medium price double-sided adhesive tape: the viscosity and usage time for this type is poor and not suited for outdoor metal logo plate. It is commonly used in the following applications:
  • Electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Aquariums
  • Machinery
  • Computers
  • Security doors
  • Audio
  • TV
  • Kitchenware
  • Wardrobes

When selecting the performance of metal logo plate adhesive, based on the actual demand and usage period. It will help in saving and controlling the cost as much as you can.

1.34 Which metal is the best for embossing metal logo plates?

The process of embossing is compatible with several types of metals, including but not limited to:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • aluminum

1.35 What are the techniques of sticking metal logo plates?

Once a metal logo plate is made, it needs to be installed onto the specific product. One of the easiest methods of achieving this is using a metal logo plate adhesive.

Metal loo plates can also be mounted onto the product by using mounting holes for screws or rivets. It is important to analyze these mounting methods and select what is suitable for your products.

The method of sticking metal logo plates entails the following steps:

  • Double-sided adhesive tape is processed depending on the shape of the metal logo plate and then pasted onto it.
  • Some metal logo plates that are molded and printed are compounded using double-sided adhesive tape and punched. It cuts down a lot of cost and time of incorporating manual adhesive tape.
  • Once this is done and the metal logo plate is glued, it is installed onto the product by tearing the backside of the double-sided adhesive tape. This technique is very convenient for use.

1.36 Can you supply metal logo plates with a tab for assistance in the removal of adhesive liner?

Metal logo plate with adhesive liner
Figure 10 Metal logo plate with adhesive liner

Yes. Several tab options are available, and this solely depends on your needs. Recommendations on appropriate solutions are given to help you in mounting your metal logo plates to your products. 

1.37 What are the most common grades of steel metal logo plates?

Some of the most common grades of steel metal logo plates include:

  • A36: it is a type of steel containing low carbon, has good strength and formability.
  • A572-50: this grade of steel has higher strength, increased resistance to corrosion, and minimum yield.
  • A516-70: it is a grade of steel containing tensile strength.
  • AR400: this is resistant to abrasion and has a high level of hardness Which makes it brittle.
  • A588:  it is a grade of steel that weathers well to form a stable rust-like appearance which rules out the need for painting.
  • A1011:  this grade of steel possesses high formability and strength.

1.38 How are clean etched metal logo plates cleaned according to the type of metal?

Etched metal logo plates require regular cleaning to prevent them from deteriorating and appearing dull over time. The process of cleaning metal logo plates is dependent on the type of metal used to manufacture them.

Despite metal logo plates being considered rust-proof and tarnish, cleaning them in the wrong way may make them appear dull.

Some of the ways to clean the different types of etched metal plates include:

  • Aluminum

For aluminum metal logo plates, use dishwashing soap to eliminate dirt on the surface. It will ensure that greasy and deep-seated dirt is removed from the surface of the metal logo plate.

Next, slice a lemon and dip the slice onto salt and use it to scrub the surface of your aluminum metal logo plate. Once done, wipe off with a damp clean rag and buff it with a clean and dry cloth.

  • Stainless steel

First, clean the stainless-steel metal logo plates with grease removing dishwashing soap, and wipe them off with a clean cloth. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you should add a little ammonia to the soapy solution and clean the metal logo plate.

Ensure that you repeat the process until it becomes clear. Also, ensure that you follow the grain of the stainless-steel metal when wiping off the metal logo plate and do not wipe circularly.

1.39 What are the advantages of a back-engraved style of engraving metal logo plates?

Some of the advantages of a back-engraved style of engraving metal logo plates include: 

  • They make metal logo plates look professional.
  • Back-engraved metal logo plates are easier to clean.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What is the process of creating metal logo plates?

The process of metal logo plates creation entails a series of steps which include:

  • Sending graphics: first, you need to upload your desired graphics you wish for your metal logo plates. You should also give specifications for the size and shape that you desire for your metal logo plates.
  • Graphic adjustment: the graphics team will then email you with a draft to approve. Once you have approved, the metal logo plate design is uploaded to your customer section.
  • Choose a metal color: after the step above, the metal logo plate will be available for purchase, and all you need to do select the metal color.
  • Once this is done, you should place an order for your metal logo plates.
  •  The production department will then commence working on the order immediately.

2.2 Can my metal logo plate include names and numbers?

Metal logo plates with names and numbers
Figure 11 Metal logo plates with names and numbers

Yes, your metal logo plate is personalized to include unique or sequential numbers and individual names.

2.3 Can I do more than one color for my metal logo plate?

Yes, we can do more than one color for the metal logo plate. It is because ink screen color printing is available for printing onto your metal logo plate.

Also, manufacturers can do full metal logo plate background color printing to achieve a unique and eye-catching look.

You can choose colors for your metal logo plates from almost all standard colors available.

 Some of the colors you can use for your metal logo plates include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Rose gold
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green

2.4 Can my metal logo plate include a unique barcode, QR code for mass production?

Yes, we fully support including unique barcodes and QR codes to your metal logo plates for mass production.

2.5 Can I have letters etched on both the front and the back of my metal logo plate?

Etched metal logo plates
Figure 12 Etched metal logo plates

Yes, you can have letters etched on both the front and the back of your metal logo plate. However, note that the artwork you desire is supplied exactly the way you want it to be produced.

 If you need help with setting up, manufacturers do offer a graphic design service where they can design your metal logo plate.

2.6 I have metal logo plates can I have others that look the same?

Yes, we can produce thousands of pieces of metal plates that resemble each other.

2.7 What are the art requirements I should meet to have metal logo plates?

You should send electronic vector-based files to achieve the best results and minimize delays in your order. Also, remember to include a photo of your artwork printout for use as a reference. 

Also, note that high-resolution jpeg or png is acceptable as our designer can convert them to vector file format 

Four color process orders for metal logo plates need high resolution (350-400 pixels per inch) Photoshop (PSD) documents.

Artwork for your metal logo plates is submitted through email.

2.8 What is the vector-based file about metal logo plates?

Vector art and graphics
Figure 13 Vector art and graphics

Vector-based files are those whose vector graphics constitute paths as opposed to dots. These files are increased, not larger sizes, without losing the quality of the image.

Specific areas that are chosen are used for separation with no need for redrawing the image.

Some of the vector file types include:

  • EPS
  • AI
  • CDR

It is important to note that file formats such as GIF, TIFF, PDF, word documents, and BMP are not acceptable. It is because they cannot be edited for printing and thus not useful as a reference or for quoting purposes. 

File formats such as high-resolution jpeg or png are also acceptable because our designers can convert them into a vector file format. 

2.9 What happens if I do not like how the metal logo plates are designed?

If you do not like the designs for your metal logo plates, they can be re-designed to suit your specifications.

2.10 Is it possible to see the proof of my metal logo plates before production?

Yes, it is possible to see proof of your metal logo plates, and this is sent to you in PDF format at no charge. Once you are satisfied with the sample, you can approve, and production quantities are then built.

If it is a metal logo plate that requires mold production, you will be given a pre/production sample for confirmation. Samples can also be sent to you by express, and production of your metal logo plates will commence once you are one hundred percent satisfied with the design.

2.11 What surface effects can be applied to metal logo plates?

Some of the surface applied on metal logo plates include:

  • Sandblasting
  • Brushing
  • Matte finish
  • mirroring

2.12 What shapes can I have my metal logo plates designed?

curved metal logo plate
Figure 14 curved metal logo plate

Your metal logo plates could be made in several different shapes, but mostly they are shaped as squares, rectangles, triangles, curved, ovals, and circles. Smooth or round corners are recommended because the metal logo plate can become sharp.

In case you require customized shapes of metal logo plates, you can request a quote.

2.13 Can I get a customized metal logo plate for handbags?

metal logo plates for handbags
Figure 15 metal logo plates for handbags

Yes, you can get customized metal logo plates for handbags as they are customized with etching, printing, or engraving. It will depend on the type of text or image you want to be customized on the metal logo plate.

2.14 What happens if I do not have a design for my metal logo plate?

If you do not have a design, it can be designed for you so long as you give your specifications. it is important to note that We offer designs for your metal logo plates at no additional charges

In this way, you will achieve perfect metal logo plates and will receive a proof before production commences.

2.15 Are metal logo plates designed using specific templates?

No, metal logo plates do not use specific templates because every business is different; thus, specifications are not similar. A fresh customized design is made each time to suit each different business’s specifications.

2.16 What are the factors to consider when designing metal logo plates?

Some of the factors to consider when designing metal logo plates include:

  • Durability: it is important to choose durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel when designing metal logo plates.
  • Graphics: ascertain the graphics that you need on your metal logo plate.
  • Aesthetic value: choose metals that are attractive because metals possess an appealing quality that makes them decorative. Make sure that you have the overall effect and visibility you want to achieve in mind.
  • Shape and size: establish the appropriate size and shape you want your metal logo plates to possess.
  • Versatility: metals are versatile because they are shaped into any shape that you want. Therefore, when designing metal logo plates, you should ensure that this feature is observed.
  • Objective: it is important to ensure that the metal logo plates are designed to conform to your brand’s image.
  • Colors: ascertain the color types that you want to be used on your metal logo plate design.
  • Cost: ensure that the total cost of designing your metal logo plates remains within your budget estimate.
  • Attachment: conduct a review of the options to be used to attach your metal logo plates to your product.
  • Environment: have a listing of the environmental requirements that are met and the product specifications.

2.17 What type of artwork do I need to have metal logo plates designed?

The type of artwork required for your metal logo plates to be designed is electronic vector-based files. There are also other high-resolution file formats available which our designers could help in finishing the design for your metal logo plates.

2.18 How can graphics be printed on metal logo plates?

screen-printed metal logo plates
Figure 16 screen-printed metal logo plates

Graphics can be printed on metal logo plates in the following ways:

  • Surface printing

Metal logo plates can be surface printed by use of a two-pot enamel.

  • Screen printing

It is suitable for graphics that are durable as it grants metal logo plates a chemical-resistant mask. Screen printing involves using a printed mesh to print on your metal logo plates, and it works by transferring ink onto the surface. 

The mesh is stretched to create a screen, and ink is pressed against its surface to print the image or text successfully.

Screen printing requires so much setting up and, therefore is most suited for printing metal logo plates in bulk and not good for small orders. However, it is cost-effective because you need the same image on a lot of or all your metal logo plates.

  • Heat transfer

It is a newer decoration method although it can be traced back to the iron-on decals of old. In this method, your design or custom logo is printed onto a transfer paper then ink thermally transferred onto your metal logo plates.

Heat transfer is performed in different ways which include:

  • Inkjet transfers
  • Sublimation transfers
  • Digital applique transfers
  • Vinyl transfers

2.19 What are the processes of metal logo plate fabrication?

Some of the processed of metal logo plate fabrication include:

  • Embossing: it adds three dimensions to the printing of metal logo plates for unique identification. Information that is embossed on metal log plates will be eligible even after several years of harsh environment wear-off.
  • Metal etching: The most durable method of fabricating metal logo plates is recommended for use on metal logo plates subjected to tough environments.
  • Machining: in this, a piece of raw material is cut to a desired shape and size controlled by the process of material removal. 

2.20 How can I make my metal logo plate more attractive?

Stamp embossed metal logo plate
Figure 17 Stamp embossed metal logo plate

You can make your metal logo plates attractive by decorating them using the following techniques:

  • Surface printing uses plates made of rubber to print your specified images or text to your metal logo plates. Surface printing allows the ink used to conform to many substrate types.
  • Etching: your images, texts, and numbers are etched onto your metal logo plates.
  • Using dye: dye is used to screen print the surface of your metal logo plates, giving them a smooth and glossy feel.
  • Paint filling: etch is used to paint fill your metal logo plates, making them appear more beautiful.
  • Laser engraving: lasers are used for engraving your desired numbers, photos of texts on the metal logo plates, thus leaving a mark on them. It does not involve the use of ink.
  • Diamond scratch engraving: A permanent mark that is not very deep is created on the metal logo plate. This process is very quick, clean, and quiet as compared to deep engraving.
  • Stamp embossing: in this, a relief image that is raised is customized onto the metal logo plate with a different height and pressing technique. The height of stamp embossing will depend on the selected design and thickness of the metal logo plate material.
  • Spot UV: a UV coating is carried out on a specific area of the metal logo plate and highlights the brand through a shiny look and touched feeling.
  • Varnishing: This finishing option uses a liquid finish on the metal logo plate’s surface and produces a clear, matte, or silk coating shine. It protects the color of the print and protects the ink color from getting off the surface.

2.21 How long does the custom engraving metal logo plate cutting process take?

Your engraved metal logo plates are shipped to you within 2-3 business days. However, it is important to note that factors such as type of material, size, and customization required will impact this time.

Engraved metal logo plates are made by cutting and stamping shapes onto large pieces of materials for metal logo plates.

2.22 How do I submit my design for metal logo plates?

You can submit the design you want for your metal logo plates using the following file formats:

  • CDR
  • AI
  • EPS

2.23 Why do metal logo plates price change?

The price of metal logo plates changes depending on the supply and demand and the costs used in production. It is important to conduct market research and understand clearly the trends of price changes for metal logo plates.

2.24 Can holes, notches, miters, and marking be included in metal logo plates?

Metal nameplate with two holes
Figure 18 Metal nameplate with two holes

Yes. These features are often included in metal logo plates in the manufacturing process to eliminate secondary operations. 

2.25 Do you offer stock dies for metal substrates?

Yes, we offer stock dies for metal substrates as they are a cost-effective option for your metal logo plates. It is important to always confirm before finalizing your order as these metal substrate selections are subject to change.

2.26 Do you offer assembly?

Yes, and some of the examples of assembly operations offered to include:

  • Assembly to caps.
  • Assembly of clips, posts, and rings.
  • Assembly to a backplate that is molded.

2.27 Can I use my type of font for my metal logo plates?

Yes, several fonts are offered, which you can choose from, but you can specify the special font you need. 

2.28 What is the best size to cut a metal logo plate?

Oval metal logo plate
Figure 19 Oval metal logo plate

There are many standard sizes in which you can cut metal logo plates using etching. Any size from rectangle, square, circle, oval, and many others are cut for these metal logo plates.  

For custom sizes of metal logo plates, they can be made for you with custom tooling.

3.0 Order and Payments

3.1 Why do you need Samples before Importing metal logo plates?

Some of the key reasons why you need samples before importing include:

  • To test your product design: you need to test the metal logo plates to ascertain that they meet the right specifications.
  • Injection molds and tooling: metal logo plate samples are essential as they will grant you a go-ahead to the next process of meeting customer’s needs.
  • Quality: metal logo plate samples will help you assure your customers that the products you will be importing will be of the quality they desire.
  • Supplier testing: samples help prove that the supplier can deliver the exact right metal logo plates you desire. You should never take a supplier who provides models for granted.

3.2 Is it a must I pay for my metal logo plate before I see a proof of design?

No, it is not a must to pay for your metal logo plates first. This is because we provide free samples for designs that are simple and easy to make and those that do not need molding.

3.3 Are rush production and delivery available?

Yes. If you need metal logo plates earlier than expected, they can be custom-made and shipped to you in five to seven business days.

3.4 What is included in the price of the metal logo plates order?

Some of the features which are included in the price of paper tag order include:

  • Design fee (if applicable)
  • Plate charge
  • First-time sample fee (if applicable)
  • Shipping and clearance fee

3.5 What payment methods do you use when importing metal logo plates from China?

Payment methods available in China
Figure 20 Payment methods available in China

Some of the payment methods to use when importing From China include:

  • PayPal
  • or Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Apple Pay
  • You may use a credit card
  • Use of western union
  • A broker may help you make the payment.
  • Making a local transaction by opening an account in China
  • Wiring money straight to the manufacturer using an international transfer.
  • T/T
  • America Express

3.6 Is there standard pricing for metal logo plates?

There is no standard pricing schedule for metal logo plates as they are customized to specific customer requirements.

3.7 How can I track my order?

You can track your metal logo plate order by simply contacting the salesperson who connected with you.

3.8 What information should I provide when placing my metal logo plate order?

Information that you will need to provide when placing your metal logo plates order should include the following:

  • Product information: mainly the quantity that you require.
  • Specification; material, size, logo, packing requirement, and color.
  • Design or sample the metal logo plates that you require.
  • Delivery time required.
  • Shipping information; the name of the company, phone number, destination, and address.

3.9 How soon can I get a quote for my metal logo plates?

You can get a quote for your metal logo plates in about three to five days. However, this may vary slightly depending on the complexity of the metal logo plate.

3.10 Will you allow me to see a sample of the logo plate?

Yes, we will allow you to see a sample of your metal logo plate before commencing mass production. 

3.11 Is there a minimum order requirement for metal logo plates?

Metal logo plates have a minimum order requirement of not less than 500 pieces. It is imposed to ensure that the quality of the metal logo plates adapts to the normal scale production and normal order.

It also helps in controlling the cost of the metal logo plates. For small orders, a minimum charge requirement depending on their complexity is applied.

When determining the minimum order quantity for your metal logo plates, you should consider the following:

  1. Transportation costs:  the cost of transporting your order from the manufacturer should be put into consideration before meeting the manufacturer’s required MOQ.
  2. The profit margins and break-even point: you should determine your profit margins. This should be considered before placing a metal logo plate order.
  3. Manufacturer’s profit: this should be put into consideration, the higher the manufacturer’s profits the higher the price of metal logo plates.
  4. You should determine the mode of transport to be used in fulfilling the metal logo plate deliveries. This means of transportation should be fast to fulfill all planned deliveries in due time.
  5. After all the above, the manufacturer will then calculate and set the minimum order quantity.

3.12 How do I order my metal logo plates?

The procedure of ordering for your metal logo plates entails a series of steps which include:

  • First, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer by sending an email or a direct call.
  • Confirm the artwork: If you have a design for metal logo plates, it is important to ensure that it perfectly suits your needs. If you do not have a design, there is no need to worry as we can custom make it for you at no charge.
  • Confirm the information: make sure that all the information you have given for your metal logo plates is accurate. A production plan is given to you, including the process, packaging, material, and product details.
  • Negotiate price: have a discussion and agree on a cost-effective quotation. It is good always to have a budget plan and ensure you stick to it.
  • Inspect the sample: once you have received samples of your metal logo plates, confirm that they meet your specifications. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and place your order.
  • Production: once you have approved the sample, your order is forwarded to the production department for manufacturing to commence. The production time for your metal logo plates will be between two to three weeks, but this will vary depending on their complexity.
  • Shipping: once the production of your metal logo plates is done, they are sent to you via the method which was agreed upon in the contract.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long can it take to have metal logo plates?4

Samples delivery for your metal logo plates takes about 5-7 days. Mass production and delivery for your metal logo plates take about 12-15 days.

The time taken to ship metal logo plates to the destination is about 4-5 working days. However, this is dependent on the availability of materials, workload, and complexity of the design.

4.2 Which is the best metal logo plate manufacturing company in China?

Foison Metal Company
Figure 21 Foison Metal Company

Some of the best metal logo manufacturing companies in China include:

  • Foison metal Company.
  • Guangzhou Xituo Commercial Development Company Limited.
  • Taizhou Nachang Numerical Control Equipment Company Limited.
  • Ningbo Yinzhou GudaImport&Export Company Limited.
  • Dongguan Haixinda Nameplate Technology Company Limited.
  • Shenzhen Yanming Plate Process Company Limited.
  • Zhongshan Vision Lighting Factory.
  • Shenzhen Youge Sign Company Limited.
  • Dongguan Jing Hong Metal Zipper Company Limited.
  • Guangzhou Shangpin Clothing Accessories Company Limited
  • Silver Dragon Industrial Limited.
  • Guangzhou Yuhan Trading Company Limited.

4.3 Should the company size matter when selecting a metal logo plate manufacturer?

Yes, the company’s size should matter as this will be a determinant of the efficiency you will get in delivering your metal logo plates.

Some other factors that you should keep in mind in the selection process of metal logo plate manufacturers include:

  • Does the manufacturer stay current with all the existing laws and new regulations?
  • Does the metal logo plate manufacturer have the necessary certifications?
  • Can they meet packing, storage, and transportation conditions?
  • Do they perform ongoing production checks?

4.4 How do I find the best metal logo manufacturer in china?

Some of the ways you can go about finding metal logo plates manufacturers in China include:

  • Trade fairs of the metal logo plate manufacturers are done at various times of the year.
  • Online B2B marketplace such as AliExpress and made-in-China.
  • Sourcing companies, agents, or buying brokers in China. Some of the sourcing agents include:
  • China brands
  • Dragon Sourcing
  • Imex Sourcing Services
  • You can also find suppliers and manufacturers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and linked in, among others.
  • You can also utilize Google search especially google maps, in locating metal logo plate manufacturers in China.
  • Referrals by related metal logo plate business partners.
  • Using catalogs and coupons

4.5 How does Buying metal logo plates from China Online compare to Visiting China metal logo plates Wholesale Market?

Buying metal logo plates from China online is different from visiting China in the following ways:

  • Visiting China is advantageous because you get to choose from a wide range of brands and different manufactures.
  • If you are buying in bulk, it is recommendable to buy directly from the factory. 
  • China has an excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.
  • It is also easy to make payment for your goods and tracking your order shipment online.
  • The metal logo plates industry in China is big and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.
  • You can visit the manufacturer and deal with them one on one when you go to China, unlike online shopping.
  • Visiting China is advantageous because the buyer can get other items from what he needs, unlike online shopping.

4.6 How are metal logo plates packed?

Metal logo plates are packed in the following ways:

  • Each metal logo plate is put in a separate plastic bag. It protects it from getting scratches during transportation.
  • Each carton is packaged with one hundred units of metal logo plates.
  • Each box is packaged with either one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand units of metal logo plates.
  • Custom-made color boxes, cartons, or paper bags can also replace arbitrary packaging methods.

4.7 How can I reduce the cost of shipping Metal logo plates from China to the USA?

Some of the ways to reduce the cost of shipping metal logo plates from China to the USA include:

  • Decrease the shipping distance: the higher the shipping zone, the more expensive and slow it is to ship. In this case, you can reduce the shipping cost by eliminating shipping to higher zones.
  • Weighing your packages and reducing dimensions: heavy items cost more unless using a flat rate shipping. You can reduce this cost by consolidating packages and reducing their dimensions.
  • Finding discounted suppliers
  • Conducting market research before shipping from China to the USA.
  • Getting discounted shipping rates by attempting to negotiate volume discounts in exchange for loyalty.
  • Buying directly from the manufacturer.
  • Buying your products in bulk.
  • Ensuring your cargo with third parties.
  • Checking out offers from suppliers you buy from and taking advantage of that.
  • Familiarize yourself with the import rules of your country to avoid spending on unnecessary expenses.
  • Going prepaid: prepaying for your products at times can get you at least 20% off the shipping costs.
  • Obtain the necessary licenses to obtain incurring costs as a result of fines.
  • Opt for an agent to guide you on the best prices around.
  • Check the shipping charges to ascertain if drop shipping is available.

4.8 What are the packing materials used when shipping metal logo plates?

Some of the packaging materials used when shipping metal logo plates include:

  • Carton boxes: cartons that are thick and do not bend will be the best for protecting your cargo in case of impacts. Carton boxes ensure excellent packing of your metal logo plates, no matter their size and shape.
  • Pallets: they ensure safety when handling cargo and placing it in a container as you can move easily with mechanical handling methods.
  • Wooden Crates: they are used for easier transportation of voluminous metal logo plates from one point to another. Also, if the metal logo plates are displayed without a particular direction, it is better to use the crate.
  • Other packing materials for metal logo plates include bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and tape, and these enable a cushion between the products and the carton or the box. They are used to isolate the metal logo plates during transit.

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