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Foison Metal Provides Top-Notch Service to Accommodate Your Requirements

Foison Metal provides you with advantages in manufacturing your durable metal name badge to help you advertise your business. Return policy, free no-obligation quote, free layout design, and samples are provided to you by our in-house graphic designers to ensure your satisfaction throughout the way. 

Once the product layout is approved, we will proceed with the production. Name badges are produced strictly to your specifications. We also offer multiple discounts depending on the number of your orders.

Here at Foison Metal, we make sure that each metal badge order is processed quickly, delivered to your address safely, and hassle-free.

About Our Service


You can ensure that the metal name badge from Foison Metal is consistently produced in good quality and performance


Foison Metal’s badges can be custom made depending on your company’s requirements and desires


We guarantee that all our online transactions are safe up until the shipping of your badges orders are done


Foison Metal achieves maximum productivity in manufacturing high-quality metal name badge with the latest technology


Materials used in metal name badge production are guaranteed to be high-quality and affordable to make your business make a profit


Foison Metal is dedicated to delivering your desired product to the existence, each item is guaranteed to be profitable


Foison Metal’s customer service is available 24/7 and is able to assist your concerns, feedback, and request regarding your orders


Your requirements and demands in producing metal badges is strictly followed for your satisfaction

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Over the years, Foison Metal has provided the highest level of quality and customer service in the metal manufacturing industry. We work together to ensure that all metal name badge is manufactured correctly and ship out as early as possible.

Technology has a large part to play in our operation, this enables us to be more efficient, fast, and work for a better name badge. Having many years of experience, using the latest equipment guarantees all your requests are met. 

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted?


The designs of our metal badges are originally based on your preference to make your company stand out


Metal badges are made of high-quality materials that are made to last for decades without losing their original condition


Name badges manufactured by Foison Metal are inexpensive and reasonably priced based on the material used


Foison Metal’s badges are polished and has a distinct look to it which makes it stand to other name badges

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Foison Metal Make Sure that You are Valued and Satisfied in Receiving Your Metal Name Badge

Foison Metal visions to be the premier supplier of top-quality metal products. This vision will be realized through the sharing of duties and the use of technology to embrace innovation. As a firm of excellence, we seek to develop our relationship with you, our customers.

The Metal Name Badge Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Metal Nametag
Figure 1. Metal Nametag

1.1 What is a Metal Name Badge?

A Metal Name Badge is a badge or sticker worn on the outermost clothing as a means of displaying the wearer’s name for others to view. Foison Metal, makes permanent Metal Name Badges of lightweight metal. 

1.2 What Materials do you use to make Metal Name Badges?

At  Foison Metal, we have many different materials used to make Metal Name Badges that a client can choose from. The materials commonly used to make Metal Name Badges include;

  • Steel: Stainless steel is the most commonly preferred material for Metal Name Badges at Foison Metal because of its high resistance to corrosion, fire and heat resistance and aesthetic appeal. This feature ensures that our Metal Name Badges are long-lasting as well as decorative. 
  • Copper: Though not as common as stainless steel in making Metal Name Badges at Foison Metal, upon a client’s request, Metal Name Badges can be produced with copper. 
  • Zinc alloys and Iron: This is also commonly used at Foison Metal to make Metal Name Badges as it is naturally resistant to corrosion. The ductile nature of zinc makes it suitable to shape the Metal Name Badge to the client’s preference. Because of this, it is used to create 3D designs while iron is used to create Metal Name Badges with 2D simplified designs. 
  • Brass: Like copper, brass is uncommon in the making of Metal Name Badges but with its high malleability, feasibility and with client preference, Foison Metal uses brass to make Metal Name Badges. 

1.3 Do you customize Metal Name Badges?

For customized designs, Foison Metal definitely delivers. A client will be required to have a specific or preferred color, size, shape and metal type of the Metal Name Badge to get perfectly manufactured products from Foison Metal. Foison Metal ensures that the Metal Name Badges are designed as per the standards and expectations of the client by;

  • Foison Metal offers customization services for Metal Name Badges to meet every customer and clients’ expectations and needs.  
  • We also offer comprehensive and readily available customer support to our customers. Need help with your design? Those with no design of their own, our in-house art design will help you FREE of charge to help create your perfect Metal Name Badge. 
  • We also share a sample of orders made by customers, after manufacture, for them to inspect and verify the quality and whether their design features on the Metal Name Badges are satisfactory.
  • Foison Metal also lets the clients share their ideas on Metal Name Badges requirements in terms of shape , color, materials and other specific designs. 
  • Foison Metal makes Metal Name Badges that come with different attachment styles to ensure that our clients get Metal Name Badges that match their interests. 
  • We also deliver our products to our clients all over the world where customers just place their Metal Name Badges’ orders according to their specifications and they get them at their preferred location. 

1.4 How do you make Metal Name Badges at Foison Metal?

At Foison Metal, the manufacturing and production process is based on the latest technology and standard quality to bring about well-designed, well-manufactured, and quality Metal Name Badges. 

The surface of the Metal Name Badges will be prepared through the standard surface texture treatment processes such as; matte, mirroring, brushing, sun blasting, etc. 

It is done to make the printing process perfect including; etching, engraving, UV printing, laser printing, etc. Your Metal Name Badges are manufactured from high-grade metals and the surfaces and edges are made smooth according to the client’s preference.

1.5 Why use stainless steel, zinc, and iron to make my Metal Name Badges?

 Foison Metal mostly uses these three materials because they are most preferred by our clients. Clients go for Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Iron because they bring out different features on the Metal Name Badges. Stainless steel has a long-lasting feature and high resistance to corrosion therefore our Metal Name Badges are made durable and long-lasting. 

The cold work hardening properties of stainless steel are used in design to reduce the thickness and weight of the Metal Name Badges. Stainless steel is also known for its aesthetic appeal and can also be recycled later on even after the Metal Name Badge is no longer needed or in use. 

Zinc on the other hand, in addition to protecting the metal against unwanted corrosion, is also malleable and easy to shape and therefore can be used to create 3D designs of Metal Name Badges. Iron is majorly used to create 2D designs for Metal Name Badges. Here at Foison Metal, you are assured of getting the highest quality of materials to produce and design your preferred Metal Name Badge.

1.6 Can Metal Name Badges be engraved?

Yes. At Foison Metal, we involve cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing and production process with laser engraving methods to cleanly engrave the clients’ preferred design on the Metal Name Badges. 

As per your design options, Foison Metal provides the engraving method that best befits your design choice on the Metal Name Badge. However, please contact our customer support team in case you have additional inquiries on Metal Name Badges engraving options. 

1.7 What are the uses of a Metal Name Badge?

Use of Metal Nametag
Figure 2. Use of Metal Nametag

 The uses of Metal Name Badges are;

  • One can use a Metal Name Badge as a medium to pass across a certain message.
  • Wearing Metal Name Badges helps build a cooperate identity. They also help employees and customers interact better with each other; in this case business.
  • You can use metal name badges to show affiliation to a person, sports team, or even an organization.
  • Metal Name Badges can also be used for decorative purposes.

1.8 Why is Metal Name Badges important?

  • Metal Name Badges are used as an ornamental element that could be attached to clothes or other accessories.
  • The Metal Name Badges can also be used as a sense and symbol of achievement.
  • On companies, the Metal Name Badges are used for brand recognition and employee identification. 
  • Businesses award employees with Metal Name Badges to bring in morale in the working environment. 

1.9 What factors should I consider before ordering Metal Name Badges?

  • Price: At Foison Metal, we offer pocket-friendly prices for Metal Name Badges. We focus on the production of high-quality Metal Name Badges that are affordable to our clients. There’s also always room for negotiation.
  • The Material to be used for production: At Foison Metal, we have proven to have the finest metals to produce and manufacture the best Metal Name Badges for our clients. We assure you of high quality and durable Metal Name Badges. 
  • Methods of production: Foison Metal prides itself in having the best production methods and tools. We allow our clients to choose their preferred method to manufacture their Metal Name Badges. 
  • Customization: We at Foison Metal boasts of our standard Metal Name Badges that allow our clients to suggest custom designs they would prefer we produce. We also have laser engraving methods that allow Metal Name Badges to be engraved as part of customization. 

1.10 Do you Customize Metal Name Badges?

 Foison Metal will always ensure a high-quality standard of Metal Name Badges’ production. We as well customize and guarantee delivery as per the client’s preferred customization needs.

1.11 Why should I Choose Foison Metal for my Metal Name Badges?

  • We offer Metal Name Badges customization services to ensure we manufacture and design your Metal Name Badge to the best of your preferred shape and design.
  • Our high-quality Metal Name Badges come at the most affordable prices for our clients. Our Metal Name Badges’ prices are negotiable and also come with discounts especially if you place a bulk order.  
  • At Foison Metal, we guarantee our clients long-lasting and high-quality Metal Name Badges.
  • Although our Metal Name Badges are designed, manufactured, and produced in China, we do worldwide deliveries using some of the most reputable courier services that are determined to ensure you get your Metal Name Badges’ orders just when and where you need them. 

1.12 How can I conserve Metal Name Badges?

Anodized aluminum blanks
  • You need to regularly clean the tarnish/stain off the metal plating of your Metal Name Badges using a soft cotton cloth and preferably a jewelry polish.
  • You will also need to make a cleansing routine of your Badges. Instead of waiting for the tarnish/stain to pile up, you’d rather clean your Metal Name Badges regularly to prevent it. 
  • In case you find your Metal Name Badges have caught onto mud/ food or any other kind of stains, then wiping it off immediately and gently could help maintain it.
  •  Repair the loose and damaged backing posts of your Metal Name Badges. This could be by using superglue or hot glue and even soldering for metal backings. 
  • For Metal Name Badges, also ensure that you properly store them in a place where they are not prone to scratches and weather discoloring properties.

1.13 Do Metal Name Badges come with their mounting specifications?

Metal Name Badges come with different mounting accessories ranging from locking pin backs to having an adhesive backing. To get more information about Metal Name Badges’ mounting specification and ways, kindly contact us at Foison Metal. Our 24/7 customer support team is always happy and ready to help.

1.14 Do Metal Name Badges have any aesthetic value?

 Foison Metal designs top-notch Metal Name Badges of high quality which in turn have high aesthetic value. Our Metal Name Badges can be used as gifts to loved ones as well as honorary medals of achievement in your institution, organization, or business. 

1.15 How much do I pay for Metal Name Badges?

Our Metal Name Badges’ prices are reasonably fair, pocket-friendly, and affordable. It all depends on the various factors including; 

  • The Material used to make the Metal Name Badges. Being that we can either produce Metal Name Badges with Zinc alloys, Iron and Stainless-Steel, prices differ and are all dependent on the material the client prefers to use. Kindly contact our customer care team for more information.
  • The size of the Metal Name Badge order. At Foison Metal we offer discounts to clients according to the size of the order they make. For bulky orders, a higher discount is offered compared to a small Metal Name Badge order. 
  • The customization process is involved in designing and manufacturing Metal Name Badges. Being that we do not have all the possible designs that a client can choose from for customization on our website, we advise you to contact us directly through our customer care team for more information about pricing according to your customization. 

2.0 Design and Customization

Design and Customization of Metal Nametags
Figure 4. Design and Customization of Metal Nametags

2.1 What Metal Name Badge designs are there at Foison Metal?

Metal Name Badges come in multiple designs and shapes at Foison Metal. It’s all dependent on the client’s requests and preferences. For more information about the designs that we have, kindly contact our customer support team.

2.2 Do you customize Metal Name Badges?

Foison metal offers customization services ranging from engraving using our laser-tech engraving, to defining custom features suggested or preferred by our clients. We just require you as our client to contact us directly through our customer support team to make your order with your desired specifications. 

2.3 What is your customization process?

First, you will need to contact us through the contact lines displayed on our official Foison Metal website to give us your distinctive ideas concerning Metal Name Badges. Your idea should be related to the size, shape, material, and color of your preferred Metal Name Badges. 

Once you have given us an outline of your suitable Metal Name Badge design, we proceed to make it a reality by embarking on the design process. Foison Metal will then send you a sample to verify if it’s the right Metal Name Badge ordered. After the customization and verification, we contact you to inform you about the completion of your Metal Name Badge production and how it will be delivered to you. 

2.4 What are the requirements before asking for Metal Name Badges’ customization?

You need to provide the following before requesting Metal Name Badges’ customization:

  • The Number of Metal Name Badges you require.
  • The customization features you need e.g., the size, color, and material of the Metal Name Badges.
  • Your name and address information. 
  • Any other information on your Metal Name Badge order that you might want to add on.

2.5 What do you work on during the customization process of Metal Name Badges?

During the customization of Metal Name Badges, we work on the following:

  • The Design; the shape, size, thickness, and color of the Metal Name Badges.
  • The Color is preferred by the client.
  • Printing aspects including graphical elements i.e.: engravings.
  • Metal type.

2.6 What are your surface finishing options for Metal Name Badges?

Laser Etching Aluminum

Foison Metal have different surface finishing options for Metal Name Badges. We use the option that the client prefers. Below are some of the surface finishing options we commonly have:

  • Laser Engraving: This surface finishing option relies on a laser beam that peels off the metallic surface of the Metal Name Badges’ material giving it a polished and smoothing effect. The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks. With Laser engraving, the Metal Name Badges’ surface becomes good-looking in terms of appearance and aesthetic value. 
  • Etching: In this, a favorable heat condition or active chemicals are used to inscribe graphical elements on the Metal Name Badges’ surface. The heat or chemicals works by creating pores on the Metal Name Badges’ surface. It is in these pores that the ink used for installing graphical elements is absorbed. 
  • Thermal Heat Transfer: We also do surface finishing by passing a heat-activating material over a print head. The coating surface of a thermal paper or heat-activating material eventually turns black after heating. The Metal Name Badges’ features are produced when the thermal material turns black. 

2.7 Are there any additional features on Metal Name Badges?

Yes. Foison Metal provides additional features according to the shapes, colors, thickness, and sizes of the Metal Name Badges. Visit our official Foison Metal website to find some of our latest and finest design features on our Metal Name Badges. 

2.8 How is the weight of a Metal Name Badge from Foison Metal?

The Metal Name Badge design has a standard average weight. If you wish your Metal Name Badge to have a specific weight of your choice, feel free to contact us to specify how we should customize your Metal Name Badge in terms of weight. Our customer support team is always readily available and happy to help.

2.9 What are the shapes of your Metal Name Badges?

Foison Metal designs Metal Name Badges in different shapes and sizes. What we manufacture depends on customer design specifications and preferences. You can visit our official Foison Metal to check the different varieties of Metal Name Badges’ shapes and designs we have. You can as well contact our customer care team to get more information on this. 

2.10 What color is a Metal Name Badge?

We do not have a specific standard color for Metal Name Badges. Besides coming in different colors, the Metal Name Badges can be given a color that is customized for a specific client. If you are interested in any Metal Name Badge color that is not on our official website, contact us on Foison Metal and let us customize your Metal Name Badges according to the color that befits you.

2.11 How long does it take to customize Metal Name Badges?

Customization Timeline
Figure 6. Customization Timeline

The Metal Name Badge customization and design period are dependent on the following factors:

  • The Shape of the Metal Name Badge: Because some shapes require more time to design than others, the shape that you prefer will determine the customization period of your Metal Name Badge order. 
  • The Finishing Options Available: Some finishing options, like etching, require more time to design than others, meaning that the finishing option you desire for your Metal Name Badge will also determine the customization period.
  • Size of the Metal Name Badges: Larger Metal Name Badges will require more material which will require more time to customize compared to smaller materials. Therefore, the desired size of the Metal Name Badges heavily determines the time taken for customization. 
  • Size of order:  A bigger order of Metal Name Badges will take a longer time to customize and deliver to a client than a smaller order. The more the Metal Name Badges to be manufactured and produced the more time it takes before it is delivered to a client.
  • The Shape of the Metal Name Badges: Sophisticated design shapes will take a longer time in customization due to their complexity. Your preferred shape as a client for your Metal Name Badges will determine the customization period of the Metal Name Badges. 

Our customer support team will regularly update you on the progress of your Metal Name Badges customization. You may reach out to us at Foison Metal in case of any queries relating to customization.

2.12 Which metallic materials do you use for Metal Name Badges’ customization?

Foison Metal uses metals of high quality to manufacture and produce the Metal Name Badges to enable a smooth customization process. The most common metals we use are:

  • Stainless Steel: It is durable and striking and has high resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is also very brittle, meaning it can be cut in different shapes, depending on the customer specifications. 
  • Zinc: zinc is malleable; hence, it is very effective when it comes to customizing the Metal Name Badges in the shape that a client prefers and provides a much longer die life. It is also effective in cases where the clients want 3D designs for their metal name Badges.
  • Brass: Brass is also highly malleable, meaning it can be used to customize different Metal Name Badge designs and shapes. In addition, copper is ferromagnetic, a feature that makes it effective for customizing a durable and recyclable Metal Name Badge.

2.13 What if I do not like my customized Metal Name Badges?

You can always send back your already customized Metal Name Badges for enhanced customization processes if you feel you do not like the already produced product. You are always advised to contact our customer support team if you feel your Metal Name Badges are not customized the way you’d want them to be. Moreover, we always send the client a sample first for approval before the order is mass-produced and officially shipped.

2.14 How much do you charge for customization of Metal Name Badges?

Our fair and pocket-friendly customization prices are openly displayed on our official website at Foison Metal. However, you are always free to contact us directly regarding issues related to customization fees of Metal Name Badges.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 7. Order and Payment

3.1 Can I get Metal Name Badges on wholesale?

Yes. We at Foison Metal produce Metal Name Badges on a wholesale and retail basis. The minimum order you can make is 500 Metal Name Badges. Choose your Favorite Product and Order Now. You need to contact our customer support team if you have inquiries related to Metal Name Badges’ wholesale ordering and pricing. 

3.2 Is there sales tax if I place a Metal Name Badge order?

No, we don’t charge you any sales tax if you place your Metal Name Badges’ order with Foison Metal. However, you may be charged Customs Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT) for every successful order. Visit our website or contact our support team for more information on Metal Name Badges’ additional charges on your order.

3.3 Are there any privacy policies for protecting my private information?

Yes, there are. Being a global brand for 10 years now, Foison Metal does not share the private information that you share with us during placing your metal name badge order. 

We don’t share your personal information with third parties. In cases where you may doubt the safety of your information, kindly do not hesitate to contact our support team who will explain how our company will collect, protect and use the information clients provide when making their metal name badge order.

3.4 Can I make my metal name badge order at any time?

Definitely. Foison Metal is open and reliable 24/7. Our online ordering system is easy and efficient to use. Whenever you make a metal name badge order, our customer support is always online to process it. 

Our official website boasts of an up-to-date price list for metal name badges ensuring that you get the most updated service while doing your order.

3.5 I ordered the wrong metal name badges by mistake.

Wrong Metal Nametags
Figure 8. Wrong Metal Nametags

Foison Metal efficient ordering platform ensures you can easily cancel your metal name badge order with ease and efficiency. Usually, our swift order cancellation process takes less than 24 hours. 

In cases where your metal name badge order has already been processed and manufactured, you may incur some charges. However, always reach out and contact our support team for any issues relating to the cancellation of your metal name badge order.

3.6 How much are the metal name badges?

At Foison Metal we do not have a fixed standard price set for metal name badges. Regardless, our prices are pocket-friendly varying from the number of metal name badges ordered. 

We at Foison Metal always give room for negotiation of prices for metal name badges which ensures that our clients get metal name badges that are within their set budget. Clients can contact us directly through our service lines for additional information on the cost of their preferred metal name badges. 

3.7 Who do I contact concerning placing my metal name badge order?

Through our official website at Foison Metal, you can contact us directly through our 24/7 customer support team to solve any concerns regarding your metal name badge order. 

You can also reach us at our official social media pages for more information concerning the placement of orders. Our customer support team is always willing to assist you on matters regarding the placement of your metal name badge order. 

3.8 I do not like the metal name badge order you delivered.

At Foison Metal, our customer support team is always available 24/7 to handle your complaints regarding your metal name badge order. Kindly contact us immediately you notice anything faulty with your order. 

3.9 Can I make a partial payment for my metal name badge order?

Make sure to contact our support team at Foison Metal for any issues relating to payment plans for your metal name badge order. You can as well inform us of how you’d wish to process your payment for your metal name badges.

3.10 What payment methods do you recommend I use for my metal name badge order?

We allow a variety of the best payment methods for your metal name badges, which include MasterCard, PayPal, T/T, Online Transfer, Western Union, etc. However, you need to contact us if you have your preferred payment method so that we may advise you accordingly.

3.11 I missed my metal name badge order delivery.

Missed delivery
Figure 9. Missed delivery

At Foison Metal, we assure you that at no one time will you ever miss your metal name badge order. Using the destination details you gave us during ordering, we at Foison Metal always make sure to keep you in the loop about your metal name badge order delivery schedule and process. Immediately contact us whenever you miss your metal name badge delivery for further assistance and follow-up. 

3.12 Are there discounts given when I order my metal name badges?

Yes, there are. At Foison Metal, we always give the best discounts when you purchase metal name badges from us. This fully depends on the bulkiness of your order with you getting a higher discount for bulky metal name badge orders, unlike the smaller orders.

3.13 What are the payment terms when I order metal name badges?

We advise you directly contact our customer support team at Foison Metal for more information related to metal name badge order payment terms.

3.14 Do you accept purchase orders on metal name badge orders?

Yes, we do. At Foison Metal we do allow purchase orders on every metal name badge. In cases where you may have doubt pertaining to purchase orders, kindly contact our support team at Foison Metal for more information and clarification on metal name badge purchase orders.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 After how long will I get my metal name badges?

At Foison Metal, We make sure to deliver the sample metal name badges within 5-7 days. The mass delivery takes around 7-10 days. The normal shipping time for the metal name badges ranges at 4-5 working days excluding weekends and holidays. Kindly contact us in cases where you may get delays in delivery for your metal name badges.

4.2 Is there a specific FedEx account for Metal name badges shipping?

Unfortunately, since we use our client’s FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS account numbers to process Metal name badges’ shipments, we do not have a specific FedEx account for metal name badge shipping. However, the client is responsible for the freight charges.

4.3 Is there international shipping for Metal name badges?

Yes, there is. Despite being located in China, Foison Metal can deliver metal name badges to any part of the world through our efficient and secure courier partners.

4.4 What is the delivery process of Metal name badges?

Usually, upon the start of the metal name badge order delivery from Foison Metal and arrival to your location, you will be notified. You will then be expected to scan the packaged Metal name badges to ascertain that it has not been tampered with. The process will end with you signing the delivery record book. 

4.5 Is the shipment fee charged separately?

Shipment fee
Figure 11. Shipment fee

At Foison Metal, we incorporate the shipment fee in the prices for metal name badges. However, sometimes you may be needed to pay the shipping fee before delivery starts. In cases of doubt regarding the shipping fee you are supposed to pay, contact our support center for more information on your Metal name badges’ shipping charges. 

4.6 How do I contact you about my metal name badge shipment?

We at Foison Metal have a 24/7 Customer Support Team which you can reach through the toll-free numbers on our official website page for any complaints about your metal name badge order and shipment. 

4.7 How do I track my Metal name badge order that is in transit?

The Metal name badges’ package(s) being shipped from Foison Metal have a reliable tracking system that ensures you can keep an eye on the shipment as it comes to your location. Our freight agents will also ensure you are kept in touch regarding your Metal name badges’ shipment. 

4.8 I need to change my metal name badge shipment destination address. What do I do?

We always advise you to rectify any destination shipping address for your metal name badges before shipping starts. You may incur extra costs if the given information leads to the freight agent delivering your metal name badge order to the wrong destination. Always ensure your give the right information before shipping your metal name badge order commences from Foison Metal. 

4.9 Will my Metal name badge order come with tracking numbers?

Tracking Metal Nametags
Figure 12. Tracking Metal Nametags

Yes, they will. This ensures that you track your metal name badge order during transit and you can as well scan the package on arrival to ensure it has not been tampered with. 

4.10 What documents do I need for the road freight shipment of my Metal name badges?

We do not require you to hold any documentation for road freight shipment of your Metal name badges because the freight agent is duly responsible for all the shipment processes. 

You only need to provide directions and any other important information that can help the freight agent to deliver your Metal name badges to your preferred location on the set time frame.

4.11 Are there custom warehousing services on Metal name badges ordered in bulk?

Unfortunately, we at Foison Metal do not offer warehousing services. However, we can connect you to some of the most reputable warehousing agents who can store your bulk Metal name badges’ shipment. 

4.12 What role do forwarding agents play on my metal name badge shipment?

Forwarding agents perform the following roles:

  • Forwarding agents assist shipping services providers by advising them on shipping routes and such-like information to enable your Metal name badges’ order to reach you on time. 
  • Besides documenting Metal name badges on transit, forwarding agents perform custom clearing services. 
  • Because forwarding agents are mandated to be in charge of all goods on transit, they hold the responsibility of providing insurance policies to freight agents. 
  • Forwarding agents also ensure the correct packaging of your Metal name badges’ order. 

4.13 What factors determine the cost of shipping Metal name badges?

Some of the factors that determine the cost of shipping your Metal name badges include: 

  • Quantity of the Metal name badges being shipped
  • The weight of the Metal name badges being shipped
  • The size of the Metal name badges under shipment

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 13. Return and Replacement

5.1 What procedures must I follow when returning Metal name badges?

At Foison Metal some of the common procedures for returning Metal name badges that we follow include:

  • Examination of the Metal name badges’ packaging to ascertain its originality.
  • The Metal name badges are returned to the manufacturer after we have ascertained that the Metal name badges are unused. 

5.2 Is there a time limit for the return of Metal name badges?

Yes, there is. An order return does not have to take much time after delivery. You should contact us if you have any issues related to returning Metal name badges within 24 hours. 

5.3 Do you offer warranties on Metal name badges?

Foison Metal guarantees clients the production of the most genuine Metal name badges. Therefore we offer warranties on all our Metal name badges.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can you allow the cancellation of the Metal name badges I have ordered?

You are allowed to cancel the Metal name badges you have ordered ensuring it is done before the start of the shipping. Our customer support team will assist you to cancel your order if you have some problems with the cancellation.

6.2 How will I receive my refund after I cancel my Metal name badge order?

We will send your refund to the account number you used to process the payment. Kindly contact us before the cancellation if you want to receive the refund in an alternative account.

6.3 Is it possible to make another Metal name badge order after cancellation?

Definitely. Swiftly place another order if you successfully cancel your previous order. Contact us if you have problems placing another order after canceling a previous metal name badge order. 

6.4 How long does the refund of Metal name badges take?

You should contact our 24/7 customer support team if you want more information about the refund after the cancellation of your Metal name badge order. 

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