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Foison Metal is a Leading Provider of the Highest Quality Metal Nameplates

Nameplates are metal identification devices used to identify, brand, track, or bring awareness to the object on which it is applied. Since custom metal nameplates are used in many different industries, choosing the appropriate processes and materials for construction is important.

At Foison Metal, we provide a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials to produce durable parts in small, medium, and large quantities.

Our Factory is equipped with advanced automatic rolling, cutting, printing, engraving machines, and a full plating system, and could offer you premium metal labels and nameplates. We guarantee money back or item replacement for each defective item. Contact us Now!

About Our Service


Foison Metal offers protective removable plastic masking to prevent the metal nameplate from scratching during shipping and handling.


We provide custom identification and classification for your nameplates to make sure we meet your needs.


We team up with you to provide to produce products for your business' milestone.

Product Quality

Metal nameplates are made using raw materials such as Brass, Aluminum, and Stainless steel, which supersede corrosion resistance.


Our high-quality nameplates can carry detailed information about your merchandise, such as product liabilities, date of manufacture, voltage requirements, and safety information.


We provide a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs and requirements, and as well best suits your business' metal nameplates.


Our nameplates are coated with acrylic and epoxy overcoats, which are often applied for increased durability and give a finesse look.

Excellent Value

Foison Metal value your success, and achievements which is why we value your orders for ultimate success.

our Featured Products

At Foison Metal, We Make Sure Our Metal Nameplates Materials Will Best Suit Your Requirements and Needs

Steel Name Plates

This material has the same advantages as .020” aluminum. .024” Stainless Steel – Also available in extremely durable 316 series.

Self-Adhesive Name Plates

Our metal nameplates are available in acrylic, stainless, or brass. It is made of 0.018" solid copper alloy with a satin finish.

Custom Metal Name Plates

This material is generally called for when the nameplate must withstand great extremes in abrasion and corrosive atmospheres.

Machine Name Plates

This material is generally used for larger signage. We also support popular symbols and custom logos. Choose your own specifications.

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Foison Metal is a leading provider of the highest quality metal nameplates.  Our company provides the best value and service in our industry and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients.

We make sure that you have the correct product with affordable value, correct design, worthy of commemorating your achievements, milestones, and hard work. All custom nameplates are designed and manufactured according to your requirements and needs. 

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Easy to Use

Appropriate for large outdoor signage & decorative plaques.

Sturdy Configuration

Our metal nameplates are made to be strong for long term use

Great Deal

Not only that our metal nameplates are cost-effective but also, product-oriented.

Finesse Aspect

Built to withstand exterior exposure in disturbing environments such as severe cold, heat, and UV.

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Foison Metal The Leading Provider of High-Quality Custom Metal Nameplates in China

Foison Metal guarantees that all its products are designed and manufactured to the top-most standards, at the most reasonable prices. Choose the perfect nameplates for your homes, offices, or Equipment from an extensive range of nameplate designs.

The Metal Name Plates Ultimate FAQs Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Is a Metal Nameplate?

A metal nameplate shows or identifies the name of a person, product, machinery, or equipment. At Foison Metal, we have different options for metal nameplate which provide varying appearances and benefits.

1.2 What Are the Available Types of Metal Nameplate?

Metal nameplate for industrial machines
Figure 1 Metal nameplate for industrial machines

The available types of metal nameplate include:

  • Product identification plates
  • Metal nameplate for industrial machines
  • Metal nameplate containing contact information.
  • Plates for model number
  • Tags for serial numbers
  • Tags for instructions
  • Scales, dials, and templates for manufacturing and machining processes. 

1.3 Where Is Metal Nameplate Used?

Example of metal nameplate for vehicle
Figure 2 Example of metal nameplate for vehicle

Examples of uses of metal nameplates include:

  • Aircraft, trucks, boats, and other transportation equipment: metal nameplate is used in either military or commercial types of airplanes and helicopters. It is also used in ships, trucks, and any other vehicles which need a very durable metal nameplate.
  • HVAC, construction, and other outdoor machinery and equipment: metal nameplate can ensure years of durability even when these items are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Some of the elements that this equipment meets include humidity, heat, UV light, abrasive cleansers, industrial solvents, and saltwater immersion.
  • Tamperproof property tags or metal assets: it is very easy to lose or misplace the tools and equipment of your company. You can use a metal nameplate to identify your company assets as this will discourage theft in the organization.
  • Precision tools which are used in the manufacturing process: tools like dials, scales, and templates are essential in the machining and manufacturing process as they last for many years. Metal nameplate assists in the identification of these tools, and we can emboss any features and design that you desire.
  • Informative: they provide information about certain elements in given offices. For example, they are mounted on doors or walls to distinguish commercial roles or employee spaces.

The metal nameplate is also mounted in the retail environment where they are mounted on different products for brand identification.

Metal nameplate on equipment
Figure 3 Metal nameplate on equipment

1.4 What Are the Features of Metal Nameplate?

The metal nameplate has a wide range of features some of which include:

  • Fabricated skillfully to meet your specific requirements.
  • We include details on your metal nameplate using methods such as etching and stamping.
  • Our metal nameplate can adhere to adhesives that are engineered. 
  • You can request precise screw holes for the mechanical attachment of your metal nameplate.

1.5 What Are the Material Options of Metal Nameplate?

Stainless steel metal nameplate
Figure 4 Stainless steel metal nameplate

The material options of metal nameplate include:

  • Anodized aluminum: metal nameplates that are made from are suitable for aeronautical, automotive, military, and marine industries. They possess a surface that is an anodized and protective finish which is virtually impervious for data protection.
  • Aluminum: aluminum metal nameplate is light in weight and easily formed although it is very strong.  It is mostly used in metal nameplate for marine, aircraft, and military transportation.

Metal nameplate made from aluminum possesses moderate durability outdoors and heat resistance. Abrasion resistance of aluminum metal nameplate is increased using a protective coating.

Graphics may be printed on the surface metal nameplate made from aluminum by methods like chemical etching.

  • Stainless steel: stainless steel metal nameplate can be resistant to elements such as chemicals and corrosion. Stainless steel metal nameplate is ideal for use in food processing, heavy industrial and marine applications.
  • Brass: Metal nameplates that are made from brass have a rich color and duty for decorative applications. They possess a perfect resistance to chemicals, corrosion, saltwater, marine, military, and general industrial applications.

1.6 Why Choose Foison Metal’s Metal Nameplate?

Reasons why you should choose our metal nameplate to include:

  • We ensure years of the durability of your metal nameplate and ensure that it will remain readable for the entire life of the equipment.
  • Our metal nameplate needs little maintenance at competitive prices.
  • We make sure there is a versatile selection of substrate for your metal nameplate. This will make it have resistance to extreme weather changes, chemicals, corrosion, abrasion, scratches, and dents.
  • Foison Metal ensures advanced fabrication capabilities of your metal nameplate which reduces the tooling charges and lead times.
  • We have a group of professional staff who will ensure that your specifications for metal nameplate are met.
  • Our metal nameplate is made from materials of superior quality which ensures resistance to abrasion, solvents, and chemicals.
  • We have the most cost-effective prices for metal nameplate which will ensure that you stick to your budget.

1.7 What Should You Consider When Selecting a Substrate for Metal Nameplate?

When choosing a substrate for your metal nameplate, it is important to know some of the unique strengths and weaknesses of the material. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a substrate for a metal nameplate include:

  • The industries which your product or that the machinery serves.
  • The chemicals may interact with your metal nameplate in case it will be used around chemicals. In this case, it is good to use materials that are resistant to corrosion such as stainless steel.
  • Environment or weather condition within which the metal nameplate will encounter. It is important not only to consider the cost-effectiveness of the metal nameplate but also to look at how the substrate will stand the test of time.
  • The legal requirements which your industry enforces on the metal nameplate. This is because so many industries have strict regulations on how metal nameplate should be installed on products and the type of information that they should contain.

1.8 How Does Etching, Embossing, and Engraving of Metal Nameplate Compare?

Etched metal nameplate
Figure 5 Etched metal nameplate

The marking method on the metal nameplate also enhances your ability to obtain the information that you require.

Etching, embossing, and engraving of metal nameplate compare in the following ways:

Etching of metal nameplate

It is the process whereby a thin layer is vaporized on top of your metal nameplate in a way the produces very visible markings. Etching of metal nameplate is carried out using either acid or laser beam.

Acid etching of metal nameplate entails removing a thin layer of metal to produce a given design using a chemical process.  Once the chemical process is complete, your metal nameplate will have an indentation that is tangible depending on the design you need.

Laser etching of metal nameplate is a great way of marking variable information. It maintains the smooth surface and groove of the metal nameplate. 

Embossing of metal nameplate

This technique entails stamping or molding the design that you require onto your metal nameplate. Embossing of metal nameplate makes the information to be appealing as compared to other metal parts.

It makes the details on your metal nameplate protrude from the surface in a way that they are very legible and visible from several angles. It is a perfect choice if your metal nameplate will be subjected to extreme weather changes.

Engraving of metal nameplate

Engraving tends to cut deep into the metal nameplate in a way that the design is directly curved onto the surface. It tends to be a bit costly as compared to etching and embossing, although it is the most long-lasting technique of showcasing information on your metal nameplate. 

The engraved metal nameplate is also suitable for placement in environments with extreme changes in weather conditions as it will offer durability.

Embossed Aluminum Nameplates

1.9 How Does Metal Nameplate Enhance Your Marketing Strategy and Company’s Brand?

Our metal nameplate will make you enhance your marketing strategy and brand in the following ways:

  • Metal nameplate from Foison Metal will ensure that recognizability and consistency are reinforced in your branding.
  • Our metal nameplate will assist in the creation of a strong relationship between customer safety, product quality, and your company.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Are the Custom Shapes and Sizes of Metal Nameplate?

Foison Metal has an exceptional library of standard shapes and sizes of metal nameplate which you may choose from. If you require customization of the metal nameplate in your desired shapes and sizes, kindly contact us for assistance.

2.2 Which Are the Color Choices for Metal Nameplate?

Our metal nameplates are available in a wide range of colors to meet different customer requirements. Please check our website to see the different colors which are available for metal nameplate and select the most suitable one.

2.3 Which Is the Best Application for Metal Nameplate Between Adhesives and Screw Holes for Mechanical Attachment?

Metal nameplate with screw holes
Figure 7 Metal nameplate with screw holes

The application for metal nameplate will depend on its application, mounting surface, exposure to industrial solvents, and the environment. Screws tend to be a suitable option for metal nameplate which is mounted onto the surface of equipment and products.

However, it is important not to overlook the power that long-lasting adhesives may have on your metal nameplate. At Foison Metal, we take pride in suitable adhesives which serve the requirements that you may have for your metal nameplate.

Our designers always carefully ensure that your metal nameplate is made with the mounting method that you require. Contact us today with any specifications that you may have, and we will ensure that we meet them.

2.4 What Factors Should Be Considered When Designing My Metal Nameplate?

Several factors need to be considered when you are designing your metal nameplate, and these include:

  • Objective:  ascertain the image of your brand to make sure that you use the suitable design of metal nameplate.
  • Graphics: it is important to ensure that you determine the graphics which you would like to include on your metal nameplate.
  • Colors: consider the colors which you would like to use on your metal nameplate design.
  • Appearance: ascertain the final look that you desire to have for your metal nameplate to make sure that the design you select is appropriate.
  • Environment: it is essential to provide a listing of the specification of the product and the nature of the environment where you would like to use your metal nameplate.
  • Attachment: you should review the options that you want to attach the metal nameplate on the product or surface to select the suitable design.

2.5 Can I See a Sample of Metal Nameplate on My Part?

Yes, we can send you a sample of the metal nameplate. You will have to contact us or send us an email and we will promptly send you a sample of a metal nameplate that meets your specifications.

2.6 How Are Graphics Printed on My Metal Nameplate?

We print graphics on your metal nameplate using methods like lithography or screen printing. We recommend offset lithography printing for the achievement of finer details on your metal nameplate.

Screen printing of metal nameplate is required during the application of textures, resists, or selective gloss. 

2.7 What Can I Do with The Raw Edge of Aluminum on My Metal Nameplate?

We have several options with which you can use to hide the raw edge of aluminum on your metal nameplate. You should contact us, and we will work together to find the perfect solution that is affordable and able to meet your needs.

2.8 What Are Some of The Damages That Might Affect the Readability and Longevity Of My Metal Nameplate?

Some metal nameplate may deteriorate quickly and lose readability depending on the environmental conditions in which they are used. Several factors may cause metal nameplate to become ineffective thus it is important to be aware of these elements.

Damages that may affect the readability and longevity of metal nameplate include:

  • Abrasion: it refers to the process by which the surface of the metal nameplate is scrapped resulting in wear or may cause instructions and icons which were printed on the metal nameplate to wear and even make it difficult to see the graphic overlay. 

It is important to avoid abrasion by ensuring that the metal nameplate placement is free from elements that may scrap its surface.

  • Corrosion: it is whereby the material of the metal nameplate is gradually destroyed by chemicals and electrochemical reactions with the environment. To void corrosion of metal nameplates which may affect the durability and readability, ensure that you select materials that are resistant to corrosion.

2.9 Can I Make My Metal Nameplate in The Thickness I Require?

Yes, you can contact us with the thickness that you require for your metal nameplate, and we will produce them to suit your specification. Our standard thickness of metal nameplate range is between 0.406 millimeters to 1.905 millimeters.

2.10 Why Is Custom Metal Nameplate Better Than Blanks?

Blank metal nameplate
Figure 8 Blank metal nameplate

Custom metal nameplates are better than blank because they will be made to suit all the design specifications that you desire. Despite being relatively costly that blank metal nameplate during purchase, they, in the long run, are affordable as you will not have to include any additional details in the future.

The surface of custom metal nameplates has a perfect finishing with the surface finishing options and printing techniques that you desire. This makes them very attractive and ensures that they display the required information fashionably.

Kindly contact us if you require assistance on customization of your metal nameplate and we will produce them to suit your needs.

2.11 Do You Offer Assembly for Metal Nameplate?

Yes, we do offer assembly for metal nameplates at Foison Metal. Examples of assembly operations that we may conduct on your metal nameplate include:

  • Assembly of the metal nameplate to a backplate that is molded.
  • Assembly of elements such as tabs, rings, clips, and posts onto the metal nameplate.
  • Assembly of the metal nameplate to caps.

2.12 What Type of Artwork Do You Require for My Metal Nameplate?

Type of artwork required for your metal nameplate
Figure 9 Type of artwork required for your metal nameplate

To achieve the best results for your metal nameplate and minimize delays, you should send your order in electronic vector-based files. It is important to ensure that you induced a color printout for your metal nameplate artwork as we will use it as a reference.

Some of the file formats which Foison Metal supports include:

  • .PNG
  • .JPG
  • .AI
  • .EPS
  • .CDR
  • .PDF
  • .DXF
  • .DWG

2.13 Is It Possible to Include a Logo on My Metal Nameplate?

Yes, you can include a logo on your metal nameplate. Kindly contact us with the specifications and we will make your metal nameplate to suit the logo specifications.

2.14 Do You Print Over My Design for Metal Nameplate?

No, we do not print over the design for your metal nameplate as we adhere to the specifications that you have stated. When producing your metal nameplate, we ensure that the design maintains its clarity and aesthetic value.

2.15 How Do I Submit Artwork for My Metal Nameplate Design?

You can submit artwork for your metal nameplate design through email or our customer support team. For files that are larger than 10MB, it is important to contact us, and we will give you the most efficient method of submitting them.

2.16 Do You Offer Metal Nameplate Prototype Tooling?

Yes, we do offer metal nameplate prototype tooling depending on its complexity and the specifications that you require. We have several different options for prototype tooling such as pre-production tooling, prototype tooling, and hand filling.

Contact us today with the type of prototype tooling that you desire for your metal nameplate, and we will produce it to suit your needs.

2.17 Is It a Must to Have Rounded Corners for My Metal Nameplate?

Aluminum metal nameplate with rounded corners
Figure 10 Aluminum metal nameplate with rounded corners

No, it is optional to have rounded corners for your metal nameplate. If you desire your metal nameplate in different designs of the corners, just contact us and we will produce them for you.

2.18 Can You Make My Design If I Do Not Have Artwork for My Metal Nameplate?

Do not worry if you do not have the artwork for your metal nameplate as our professional design team will make them for you. We will not charge you for the artwork design and we assure you that we will make your metal nameplate look very appealing.

Kindly contact us if you need assistance with the artwork design of your metal nameplate.

2.19 Can I Include a Unique Barcode or Serial Number to My Metal Nameplate?

Yes, can include a serial number or barcode on your metal nameplate as we fully support the variable inclusion of data. Contact us with the specifications of the barcode and serial number you need to be included on your metal nameplate and we will deliver.

2.20 Will You Use My Design for Metal Nameplate in Production for Other Customers?

No, we guarantee that we can never reuse your design of metal nameplates for other customers as we have a privacy policy in place. However, we may reuse some elements which are created by us such as watermarks and icons.

2.21 Will I Get My Original Design File for Metal Nameplate?

Unfortunately, we do not release the original design file for your metal nameplate. However, once we are through with the production of your metal nameplate order, we may send you artwork elements that are specific like your logos.

2.22 Am I Required to Pay to View Proof of My Metal Nameplate Design?

No, Foison Metal aims at provision of top-notch service to our customers. Therefore, we will not require you to pay to view proof of the design for the metal nameplate that you prefer.

You should contact us once you are satisfied with the design of your metal nameplate and approve for production to commence.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and payment
Figure 11 Order and payment

3.1 What Information Do I Need to Provide for My Metal Nameplate?

For us to process your metal nameplate order, we require the following information:

  • The quantity of the metal nameplate you need to order and the catalog codes.
  • Your phone number in case we may need to contact you for clarification.
  • Your email address for confirmation and submission of an invoice for your order.
  • The payment method to be used in purchasing your metal nameplate.
  • Your shipping address.

3.2 What Is Your Lead Time for Metal Nameplate?

Our lead time for the metal nameplate is 12-15 working days. You can contact us if you require a review of the lead time.

3.3 Is There a Minimum Order Requirement for Metal Nameplate?

Our minimum order quantity for the metal nameplate is 100 units.

3.4 What Are My Payment Options for Metal Nameplate?

Credit card
Figure 12 Credit card

You may pay for your metal nameplate using the following payment options:

  • Credit card
  • T/T
  • PayPal

3.5 Will Foison Metal Send an Invoice for My Metal Nameplate Order?

Yes, Foison Metal will send you an invoice for your metal nameplate. Kindly contact us or send us an email and we will promptly send you an invoice.

3.6 Is Your Website Secure?

Yes, Foison Metal’s website is very secure. We guarantee that all the activities that you may carry out on our website will remain private and confidential.

If you require assistance n how to navigate our website, please reach out to our customer support agent for help.

3.7 What Currency Are Your Metal Nameplate Prices Listed in?

Our metal nameplate prices are mostly listed in US dollars ($).  You may contact us if you require a listing of metal nameplate prices in a different currency.

3.8 How Will I Know If My Metal Nameplate Order Has Been Received?

Once we have received your order for the metal nameplate, we will send you an order tracking number.

Kindly email us or seek assistance from our customer support team if you have not received your order tracking number after placing an order.

3.9 I Ordered the Wrong Product. What Should I Do?

Foison Metal may consider taking the product back, but this may be subjected to restocking charge of the product plus shipping and handling costs. You should ensure that you send back the product within 7 working days, and we will dispatch the right product.

3.10 How Do I Contact Customer Service Concerning My Metal Nameplate Order?

You can contact our customer service using the contacts on our website for assistance on your metal nameplate order.

3.11 How Can I Track My Metal Nameplate Order?

You can track your metal nameplate order using the order tracking number which we send once you have placed your order.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery
Figure 13 Shipping and delivery

4.1 Do You Ship Metal Nameplate Outside China?

Yes, we do ship our metal nameplate to very many locations worldwide. You may contact our customer service agent if you need clarification on whether we ship metal nameplates to your country.

4.2 How Do You Ship Metal Nameplate Orders?

Our metal nameplate is shipped using insulated packaging materials to ensure protection from damage while being moved from one point to another. We ensure that your packages for metal nameplates are secure in a way that they do not meet extreme weather conditions like sunlight, rain, and humidity.

4.3 My Metal Nameplate Was Damaged Upon Arrival. What Is the Way Forward?

We guarantee that during the time of shipment of your metal nameplate it is safe from defects in the material and design. If your metal nameplate was damaged upon arrival, it is important to contact us and give us notification within 24 hours of receipt.

Once we have ascertained that there was a defect on your metal nameplate upon arrival, we will make a replacement at no additional cost. Alternatively, we may provide a full refund for your metal nameplate order.

4.4 Why Have I Not Received My Metal Nameplate Shipment?

Your metal nameplates shipment may be delayed due to several reasons, for example, traffic. In case you have not received your shipment for metal nameplate, check the status using your email or the tracking order number we provided.

In case the order tracking number for your metal nameplate indicates that it is delivered, kindly contact our customer support team. If there are delays in the delivery of your metal nameplate, we will inform you and state the time within which you will receive your order.

4.5 Is Rush Delivery of Metal Nameplate Available for Shipping Outside China?

Yes, we can offer rush production of your metal nameplate and ensure they are available for rush delivery to any location outside China. Kindly contact us today if you require rush delivery of your metal nameplate.

4.6 Do I Need Insurance for My Shipment?

Yes, you require insurance for your metal nameplate as it reduces the uncertainties of your shipment. Insurance also offers the safety and security of your metal nameplate against events like extreme weather changes and natural calamities.

You can contact us or email us if you require clarification on the available insurance policies or how to get third-party insurance agents.

4.7 What If My Shipment Goes to The Wrong Address?

We will ascertain if the address is what was specified in the contractual agreement. If the shipping address is what you had specified in the agreement, then you will have to incur the costs of shipping it to your suitable address.

4.8 Do You Advice on Taxes and Customs Required for Shipments?

Yes, we do advise on customs and taxes which you require for your metal nameplate shipment.  You can contact our customer service agent for our links that may assist in sorting out taxes and customs needed.

4.9 Will My Metal Nameplate Incur Extra Storage Charges If I Delay on Shipping?

In case of delay in the shipping of your metal nameplate, you may incur additional storage charges as they might have to be stored in our third-party warehouses.

4.10 Any Documents I Should Be Aware of When Shipping Metal Nameplate?

You require should be aware of the following documents when shipping your metal nameplate:

  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Import license.

4.11 Do You Offer Last-Mile Delivery?

You can contact us if you require last-mile delivery for your metal nameplate and we will organize at a given cost.

4.12 Do You Have Any Working Partnerships with Any of The International Couriers?

Yes, we have partnerships with international couriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. Contact our customer support team if you require help in finding a suitable international courier for transporting your metal nameplate.

4.13 What Happens If I Lose My Shipment Due to Natural Calamity Such as A Shipwreck?

If you lose your metal nameplate shipment due to natural calamity, we will refund or replace it.

4.14 Can I Pick the Shipment Myself?

Yes, you can pick your shipment for the metal nameplate yourself from our warehouse. It is important to contact us and inform us on the day you would like to pick your order so that we may make prior arrangements.

5.0 Return and Replacement

5.1 Is It a Must That I Return Damaged Metal Nameplate?

Yes, it is a must to return a metal nameplate that is damaged to obtain a refund. You should contact our customer support team or email us for assistance on how to return your metal nameplate.

5.2 What If I Do Not Want to Return the Damaged Metal Nameplate?

In case you do not return the metal nameplate that is damaged, we will conclude that you have accepted your product and charge you for it.

5.3 Should I Expect a Full Refund on The Damaged Metal Nameplate?

Replacement and Returns Policy
Figure 14 Replacement and Returns Policy

This will depend on the nature and cause of damage to the metal nameplate. You should send us a picture or evidence of the damage so that we may ascertain if the damage was due to negligence of the carrier or a mistake on our end.

If the damage was due to our mistake, we will either make a full refund or replacement of the metal nameplate. However, if the damage was due to the negligence of the carrier, you will have to follow up with the carrier for a refund.

You may contact us if you need assistance on following up for a refund with the carrier of your metal nameplate.

5.4 Are the Replacements Free of Charge?

Replacements are free of charge if the metal nameplate requiring the replacement was due to a mistake of Foison Metal. However, if the damage on the metal nameplate requiring replacement was due to a mistake or negligence of the carrier, either you or the carrier will have to incur the cost.

5.5 What Number of Times Should I Replace a Faulty Product?

We can only replace a faulty metal plate once, but this may depend on the terms of the contractual agreement. If you need to replace a faulty order of metal nameplates, kindly contact us for assistance on the procedures to be followed. 

5.6 Can I Place a New Order After Returning Faulty Metal Nameplates?

Yes, you can place an order for a metal nameplate once you have returned those that are faulty. You can email us or contact our customer support team if you require help with placing a new order for the metal nameplate.

5.7 In Case of Faulty Items, Do I Return the Whole Consignment or Just the Faulty Items?

It will depend on the level of damage of the metal nameplate. If the whole consignment of the metal nameplate is damaged, then you will have to return the entire package.

At times, only part of the consignment of metal nameplates may be damaged and you will be required to return only those that are faulty.

5.8 Who Incurs the Charges on Returns and Replacement?

Either Foison metal, you, or the carrier may incur the charges of replacement and returns. These will depend on the nature of the return or replacement of the metal nameplate.

Kindly contact us if you have inquiries on who should cater for the charges of return or replacement of your metal nameplate.

5.9 Where Can I Find Your Replacement and Returns Policy?

You can find our replacement and returns policy on our website. Alternatively, you may email us or reach out to our customer service desk to obtain our replacement and return policy for the metal nameplate.

5.10 Do Your Returns and Replacement Policies Have a Legal Binding?

Yes, our refund and replacement policies have a legally binding policy according to the contractual agreement.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can I Cancel an Order Without Any Prior Notification?

It is important to email us or contacts our customer service agent before the cancellation of your metal nameplate order.

6.2 Who Incurs the Costs on Cancellation?

The costs of the cancellation of the metal nameplate order will depend on the stage at which you have canceled your order. In case the metal nameplate order is canceled during shipping, you will have to incur some charges.

Contact our customer service desk to get clarification of the potential costs on cancellation of metal nameplate order.

6.3 Do You Have a Standardized Refunds Policy?

Yes, we do have a standard refund policy for metal nameplate orders, and this will be clearly illustrated in the contractual agreement. You can contact us if you need more clarification concerning our standard refund policy for the metal nameplate.

6.4 Can I Cancel an Order and Make Another Order at The Same Time?

Yes, it is okay to cancel an order for a metal nameplate and make another order. Contact our customer service agent if you would like to place an order for the metal nameplate.

6.5 Do You Have Penalties for Cancelations When the Production Is Ongoing?

Yes, in case you cancel your order when production is ongoing, we will charge a given percentage of the amount stated in the agreement. You can contact us if you have an inquiry about the percentage that will be deducted upon cancellation of your metal nameplate order when production is ongoing.

6.6 Are Your Refunds Partial or Full Refunds?

Partial Refund
Figure 15 Partial Refund

Our refund can be either partial or full depending on the time at which the cancellation was made. You can contact our customer support agent if you have any inquiries concerning refunds for the metal nameplate.

6.7 How Many Days Should I Wait for A Refund After Cancelling an Order?

Refunds for metal nameplate orders take about 21 days for them to be fulfilled. You can send us an email or contact us if you have not received your refund within the stipulated time.

Send us a free inquiry request