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Foison Metal is a Legend in Mass-Producing Metal Business Cards

Looking for the best metal NFC business cards is quite tedious, especially for a starting business. Worry no more because Foison Metal is now here. Our team’s goal is to help you popularize your shop.

Each product you will find on our website is tailored to perfection by our well-trained artisans with years of expertise. Through this, you can ensure that our NFC business cards are of top quality that will boost the popularity of your shop.

With us, you can get everything you need for your business growth. Our company is here to help you efficiently start your company with confidence.

About Our Service

Fresh Designs

Our company features business cards with fresh and unique designs you can’t find on other companies.


We consider you as our partners. That’s why we offer personalized business cards.


Whenever you have questions about metal NFC business cards, you can reach Foison Metal any time of the day.


Foison Metal ensures that your metal NFC business cards are authentic and distinct from other products of the competitors.


Foison Metal has in-house employees with years of expertise in crafting metal NFC business cards.


Rest assured that the Foison Metal’s metal NFC business cards are made from 100% premium quality materials.

Fast Shipment

We only need 7 to 14 days to prepare and ship your metal NFC business cards.


Foison Metal aims to give you a consistent quality of metal NFC business cards.

Our Featured Products

 Discover a Large Selection of Metal NFC Business Cards that are Fully Customizable Brought to You by Foison Metal

"Pure" Metal NFC Cards

NFC Chip Invisible on the Card, Super Practical, 1 Side Full Metal, and 1 Side Full PVC

Brushed Steel NFC Cards Blank

You can engraving or printin any design, and you can write in any info on the chips.

Matte Black NFC Business Cards

Scan Easy & Always Recognised, Support Unique Link Write In

Custom Metal NFC Business Cards

NXP 213 / 215 / 216 Chip, Batch Unique Link Write In And Unique QR Code Printing.


Total Capacity (1)180 bytes540 bytes924 bytes
Available Memory (2)144 bytes504 bytes888 bytes
URL Length (3)132 characters492 characters854 characters
Text Length (4)130 characters490 characters852 characters
V-Card Fields (5)4-59-1010+
Data Retention(6)10 years10 years10 years
Read/write Endurance (7)100,000 cycles100,000 cycles100,000 cycles
Why choose (8)Great chip, very versatile. It is expected that will replace the predecessor NTAG203.Good memory, even if smaller than NTAG216.The latest chip, with higher capacity and high scan strength. Perfect for V-Card or other uses that require high storage.
Serial Number (UID) (9)Yes (7 bytes)Yes (7 bytes)Yes (7 bytes)
Password Protection (10)YesYesYes
Scan Counter (11)YesYesYes


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal is a large factory in China that mass produces metal NFC business cards with incomparable quality. Our company offers business cards in different designs, styles, and sizes.

Foison Metal has an unlimited supply of raw materials to ensure that we will meet your demands for quality business cards. If you need professionally designed cards for personal or commercial use, we got you covered!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Low Cost

We maintain the price of our metal business cards at a minimum.

Good Impression

Create an appealing brand image and gain more customers with our professionally designed cards.

Lightweight and Sturdy

We use sturdy materials while keeping our items featherweight.

Team Effort

Foison Metal’s professional teams work as one to complete the projects on time.

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Foison Metal is the Best Place to Order Metal NFC Business Cards

The main goal of Foison Metal is to provide you with unmatched quality of products. We are happy to see our customers successful and satisfied with our items. Creating unique metal NFC business cards is our passion. You can visit our website for your comments and inquiries.

Metal NFC Business Cards FAQs & Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is Near Field Communication (NFC)?

Near Field Communication refers to wireless communication that is done by electronic gadgets and smart cards. NFC Chips allow the transfer of preprogrammed data to a new device. 

Devices that use this form of technology include smartphones, iPad, tablets, and others over a distance not exceeding four cm.  NFC allows sharing of information by just one tap. 

1.2 How does NFC work?

NFC technology has become common nowadays from smartphones to door locks. NFC works by allowing the transfer of preprogrammed data to a new device. With a simple tap of your Metal NFC Business card to your smart, phone it prompts the receiver to visit your website and app without typing anything on your device. 

1.3 Does NFC work as same as Bluetooth?

With an NFC card, you do not need to connect it to an app or the phone to access the information, unlike Bluetooth, which operates by connecting it with two or more devices so that they can read the information on the other device.

1.4 Does NFC work Through Metal?

No. it is hard for NFC to work through a metal card. This is because metal tends to block the chip from transferring data. This is why we make the card in 1 side metal (steel) and 1 side pvc. Olny Pvc side available for NFC read, when using Metal NFC Business card you touch the back of your phone with the back of the card (PVC side) where the chip is and it works fine.

1.5 What are Metal NFC Business Cards?

Metal NFC Business Cards are business cards that are made of steel that use NFC technology. This is done by incorporating an NFC chip into your metal business card. The Metal NFC Business Cards are embedded with a small microchip that allows them to tell a smartphone, tablet, and laptops what to do. 

1.6 What are the types of metal NFC Business Cards?

We make two types of Metal NFC Business Cards sticker Metal NFC cards and Full Metal NFC cars. We mainly deal with pure metal NFC business cards.

  • Sticker Metal NFC Chip card: the sticker chip is attached to the metal card surface. The thickness of the card is similar to that of the credit card. The card has a deposed area to allow the chip to sit flush with the card surface. The chip can only be read from one side of the card. The chip is usually located on the front or rear side.
  • Full Metal NFC card: with full metal NFC Cards we encode the NFC Chips within the card body then cover it with the PVC backing. The rear side of the card is flush with a metal body. PVC hides and protects the NFC chips.

1.7 How do you protect NFC Chip on the Metal NFC Business Cards?

Figure 1. Metal NFC Business Cards

 Embedding the NFC Chip in a recessed area of the metal surface protects the chip against any kind of damage during everyday use.

1.8 Which type of NFC Chip is used on Metal NFC Business cards?

The majority of our Metal NFC Business Card uses NTAG 213 (144 Bytes), NTAG 215 (504 Bytes) and NTAG 216 (888 Bytes).

1.9 What phones can scan NFC chips?

Most of the current smartphones can read NFC Chip technology. Therefore, you only need to tap your NFC card on your phone. 

1.10 What information is found on a Metal NFC Business Card?

The most important information on any Metal NFC Business Card is the URL to a website of the business, the website then contains more information such as:

  • Registered business name or official company name.
  • Your official  name
  • A professional title such as sales manager, director, etc.
  • Phone number
  • Business Website together with the email address.  Email addresses can either be personal or work email addresses.

1.11 What is the durability of Metal NFC Business Cards?

Since our business cards are made of quality steel, which does not bend easily and is not easy to break it is safe to say that Metal NFC Business Cards are durable. Using Metal NFC Business Cards guarantees endless service and therefore saving on the cost of replacement

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 3. Design and Customization

2.1 What are the Key Design Features of Metal NFC Business Card?

Our Metal NFC business cards are designed to create a luxurious impression. They do that because they are different and unique. Metal NFC business cards are stunning and functional since they have the NFC chips. 

They also bring about a wow feeling when you hold them since they look classy. With the sense of sophistication that comes with the use of Metal NFC Business card and how efficient it is to use it.  It makes it easy for the person holding your business card since information Is just one touch away.

These cards say a lot about you as the owner and also about the way you do business. Our Metal NFC Business Cards come in size similar to the American Black bank Card and Apple Credit card.  Metal NFC Business cards transfer your information directly to your smartphones by just tapping the cards onto them.

The quality of our steel is impressive and it will allow one to receive more information on a smartphone once the person taps the card. Our Metal NFC Business Cards are produced using the features below:

  • Printable Stainless steel for  both front and backside of the card
  • NFC chip attached
  • Printed color both front and back
  • NFC coding
  • Protective sleeves
  • Surface  etching both front and back
  • Laser engraved; every card is a custom laser – engraved guaranteeing satisfaction and value of your money.
  • We use anodized aluminum. Aluminum is unbendable and rusts resistible making it hard for it to experience damage.
  • Our Metal NFC Business Cards can be used by the majority of the smartphones in the market.
  • Our Metal NFC Business Cards come with Re-programmable chips. This allows you to change the contents of NFC chips as many times as you wish.

2.2 How do potential clients access your information on Metal NFC Business cards?

When one is using our Metal NFC business cards connecting is only a tap away. This means that since we have a phone number encoded on the NFC card it is easier for a potential client to get your phone number from your card to their smartphone by tapping your Metal NFC Business Card on their smartphone or tablet or any other electronic gadget that uses NFC technology.

2.3 what kind of Finishing is done on the metal NFC Business Cards.

When it comes to designing the metal NFC Business Cards one has the option to go with the durable premium finishes or go with the natural stainless steel finish. There are a few options that our clients can choose from, the following are a few options to choose from. They include:

  • Stainless steel,
  • White metal
  • Rose gold
  • Brass finish.

With each finish, we bring out a unique design on your metal NFC Business Cards

2.4 Can I get Customized Metal NFC Business cards?

Satisfying clients’ tastes and preferences is what we aim for as metal NFC Business Cards producers. We offer different designs for clients who want Metal NFC Business Cards from unique metal finishes, custom cutouts, options of round and square shapes on NFC chips on your card will make your cards stand out in the market.

2.5 Does the size of Metal NFC business cards matter?

Figure 4. Size of Metal NFC Business Cards

Different countries use different sizes of business cards since there is no standard size. Japan has the biggest size business card 91mm x 55mm; the United States and Canada share the same standard dimension of 89.0mm x 51.0mm. The majority of people do not know the importance of choosing the right size dimensions when designing business cards.

  Business cards can be strong marketing tools for any given business and it is important to make a very strong positive first impression. When it comes to Metal NFC Business cards, we ensure that the cards are of perfect size and can fit in in most wallets or a Rolodex. With their uniqueness, they can stand out from the rest and portray a strong brand image for your company.

2.6 Does the size matter when it comes to choosing NFC chips on Metal NFC Business Cards?

The size of the NFC chip does not have an impact on the card rather it is the memory capacity on the chip that counts.  Metal NFC business cards are designed with very small NFC chips but the memory on the chips is big enough to accommodate complex codes and URLs to ensure that the card works exactly the way the owner wants. 

One can choose a round or square-shaped chip for their business card.

2.7 Can you preprogram NFC chips on Metal NFC Business Cards?

Yes. NFC Chips can be preprogrammed. We usually make preprogrammed Metal NFC Business cards. We use the details given to us by our client.   Preprogrammed chips make it easy for you as the client to use our Metal NFC Business Cards.

2.8 Can NFC chip on Metal NFC business cards read unique codes?

Yes, we get to design for you Metal NFC Business Cards that can read unique code on each chip. This will help the business monitor the kind of people checking them out and even help the business work on members who are in a loyalty club.

2.9 How long does it take to Create Metal NFC Business Cards?

It will take two to three weeks for the Metal NFC Business Cards to be ready. This will be after the confirmation of the artwork.

2.10 What can one Program on Metal NFC Business Card?

Most NFC Chips allow 200 characters only. With this limit, our Metal NFC Business Cards are programmed with URLs to the website of the business. Most URLs use less than 200 characters.

2.11 When can I see the first design?

We have a house graphic design team that works tirelessly to deliver timely services, within 24 hours, this team will get in touch with the client by email and send the design as an attachment. The client can then respond to the email with a confirmation for production or revision. 

The response time depends on how busy the team is sometimes it takes a few hours. In case the client does not receive an email notification, they should check on their mail spam.

2.12 Is it possible to write on the NFC Chip later?

Figure 5. Writing on Metal NFC Business Cards

Yes, it is possible to program the chip on your business card later. There is a free app called NFC TOOLS that allows one to write on the NFC Chip.  You will be able to download this app on the play store and apple store. 

Once the client has installed the app on their phone, they only need to follow the instructions and they can easily write the URL they want and their Metal NFC Business Card can be operational.

2.13 What happens if a client has no design work?

Our competent in-house team will work on the design using the information given. The client can share the idea of what they are looking for and the purpose of the cards and our talented team shall work on a design that will meet the needs of the client. We guarantee to deliver as per the client’s expectations.

2.14 What are the advantages of using Metal NFC Business Cards?

Our Metal NFC Business Cards come with a lot of advantages. By looking at these benefits we get to see the many disadvantages that come with using traditional business cards.  Below are the advantages of using our Metal NFC Business Cards:


  • Our Metal NFC Business cards connect an instant tap. This makes them efficient and highly reliable. They are just one touch away and as soon as the metal NFC Business card connects with your smartphone or iPad, you are ready to get all the information you need.
  • Our  Metal NFC Business cards tend to have a ‘wow’ effect on the user thus creating a big impression for the business and this helps promote the image of the business. Businesses try so hard to make a very positive image and to maintain one. First impressions are very important especially when meeting a client for the very first time or closing a business deal.
  •  Improves the overall image of the company:

When one decides to use our   Metal NFC Business cards for their company they will see a boost to the image of their company. Our cards will show that the company values quality and this will make the client more interested in the company and what it offers.

  • Our Metal NFC Business Cards tend to be extremely durable compared to other types of business cards. This is because we use the best steel during  the production of Metal NFC Business Cards  
  • Our Metal NFC Business cards are unbendable and hard to be damaged. You can leave these cards in a wallet for years and still look good as the way you left them, this just proves how Metal NFC Business Card are durable and are way better than any other type of business card.
  •  Writing on the Metal NFC Business Cards remains readable even after the card gets wet from a liquid spill. This is because the cards are made of steel which does not get soaked in by fluids the metal NFC Business Cards remains as it was in case of the above occurrences.
  • Carry a lot of information about the business: Metal NFC Business Cards have an NFC Chip that is fed with a URL code that when read by a smartphone it opens a lot of information about the company or person such as; name, office location, phone number, social media handles, email address and even pictures.

 Metal NFC Business Cards do all this without making the business cards look over congested with information.

  • Metal NFC Business Cards are user-friendly. The majority of the population in the world uses a smartphone and all smartphones manufactured from the year 2016 are enabled with NFC Technology. You can imagine the number of people who own these smartphones and how many can use NFC Technology.

 Use those numbers to estimate the number of potential clients you can reach by using our Metal NFC Business cards. This is all possible without meeting these people physically to get your details.

2.15 Can color be added to the engraving of Metal NFC Business Cards?

With our Metal NFC Business cards, it is hard to add color.  This is because we use anodized metal. This will apply to all types of metal coatings. We use the laser to infuse this coating showing off the silver metal underneath which is the color of your custom text.

 All the images that you send us will be converted to greyscale. You can feel the engraved writing with your fingers.  

2.16 Can we engrave the back of Metal NFC Business Cards?

Figure 6. Engraving Metal NFC Business Cards

Yes, we can engrave the upper part away from the NFC Chip. There is also the lower part after the NFC chip.  Designed the back of our Metal NFC Business Cards in a way that there is room to put more details and graphics. Always feel free to go through our sample designs before deciding on which design to use on your Metal NFC Business cards.

2.17 How is the NFC Chip attached to the metal cards?

 We normally attach the NFC Chips into the metal body and protect it with PVC about halfway through the thickness of the card. The way the chips are encoded ensures that they cannot fall out from the card during everyday use.

2.18 How is the programming of the Metal NFC Business Card done?

We usually pre-program our Metal NFC Business Cards although the owner of the cards can decide to reprogram them. Our clients can follow the following steps to reprogram their Metal NFC Business cards:

  •  Using your phone Visit the Play Store and download an app called NFC Tool. The app is used to re-program NFC chips. 
  • Log in to the NFC tool app with your phone, a page will pop up showing the various options to choose from. From the options, we don’t want to select the ‘read’ option since smartphones do that automatically.
  • Click on the right side of the page, a page will appear  showing different things you can add to your card
  • You can select the custom URL or social media options. These two are the easiest to use
  • Click on either one of them, choose the social media app of your choice e.g. Facebook, telegram, Instagram to name but a few.
  • Enter your username and press okay.
  • A new page will appear on the screen click on the app you have added and you will receive a request to scan your Metal NFC Business card.
  • Make the backside of your card touch the upper back of your phone to complete the scan.

Therefore, the next time you tap your metal NFC Business cards on your phone it will directly open your reprogrammed app where and you can get to see all the information you want without typing.


Custom Metal NFC Business cards hold up to 888 bytes of memory, this memory is enough to hold links to various apps and websites. The company can program the chip on your behalf or you can do it yourself since it is not a complicated task.


 With our Metal NFC Metal Business cards, you can program the NFC chip as many times as you wish. when the Metal NFC Business Cards are delivered pre-programmed we normally send you an email with a link that automatically connects your phone to your business card and with just one touch your  Metal NFC Business cards will be operational.


Due to the thickness and density of metal, NFC chips only scan from the back of your business card.

2.19 How long does it take Production to be completed?

  After we confirm your artwork, production begins immediately. We also send you a message on Email informing you that production has begun. We also give our clients to choose the timeline they want. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 7. Order and Payment

3.1 Are There Wholesale Prices for Metal NFC Business Cards?

We do have a wholesale package deal for clients who want a large quantity of Metal NFC Business Cards. If you want to make a wholesale order there is a form that you get to fill indicating the exact pieces you need.

The form application will be reviewed by our team and if approved production will start and you will be given a price quotation.

3.2 How long does it take to send Proof?

During normal working days i.e. Monday to Friday within 24 hours, we will send you an email as proof of the design. You should know that we will keep on making changes and sending proof until you are fully satisfied with our work, once you are satisfied that is when we shall proceed   to production

3.3 How Should I Pay for My Metal NFC Business Cards Order?

We accept online Payments since they are more secure.  Online payment platforms that we use are the best for our clients. We ensure that our client’s data is protected to avoid online scammers. You can use the following payments options to make payments for Metal NFC Business cards.

  • PayPal

  • T&T

  •  Credit Card

All these platforms are user-friendly. As our client, you should always feel free to call our customer service in case of any difficulties

3.4 Do you allow a Third Party to Place an Order for Metal NFC Business Cards?

Our clients have the freedom to choose which means and who will assist when ordering the Metal NFC Business Cards.  

Therefore, if you decide on using a third party, we shall assist you with all the information you need.

3.5 How will I know that my Metal NFC Business Cards Order Have Been Successfully Submitted?

Figure 8. Successful order for Metal NFC Business Cards

We conduct reviews of the orders submitted by our clients so that to be sure that the client has provided us with every detail of information required for production to start. When we are done confirming that nothing is missing from your order we send you an email. 

Our team will do a confirmation email and send it to you. The message shared via Email will be used as proof of successful submission. This normally takes 2 to 3 days, and therefore should constantly check your mail. 

In case you fail to get an email from us kindly contact us so that we can be able to follow up on the problem and have it resolved.

3.6 Do I pay for the artwork?

For our clients who do not have designs for their Metal NFC Business cards we do not  charge extra for design, we are happy to provide the free art-work design help. Just Contact us Now. 

3.7 Is there a minimum number of pieces of Metal NFC Business cards one can order?

We do have a minimum number of pieces a client can order, this guides us in determining the prices we charge for orders.

3.8 Are Metal NFC Business Cards economical?

We do offer high-quality and affordable Metal NFC Business Cards. Since our cards are durable and of good quality, it helps the client in the long run. Once a client purchases Metal NFC Business Cards there will be no need to replace them.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 9. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Are Their Terms of Payment While Making Payments for Metal NFC Business Cards?

Yes, your payment option will be determined by whether your order is within the county or foreign. For local orders on the Metal NFC Business Cards, we allow clients to make payments on delivery.

For international orders, we require the client to make a down payment to cater to the production process. In addition, this down payment is necessary while shipping the metal NFC Business Card to different locations. The outstanding balance is payable before dispatching your Metal NFC Business Cards for shipping.

4.2 How fast does for shipment of my order of Metal NFC Business Cards?

We shall begin shipping of Metal NFC business cards the following day after completing production. International shipping could take a longer period.

 International shipping tends to take time since we have to make all necessary arrangements that guarantee delivery. This can take up to two weeks. In case you experience any delay contact us so that we can follow up. 

4.3 How Much Does It Cost to Ship Metal NFC Business Cards to My Address Location?

The cost of shipping Metal NFC Business Cards is determined by various. Some of the factors include:

  • The size of the package to be shipped. 
  • A physical location where the shipment will be delivered. 

For local deliveries, the cost is relatively low since we can do delivery for Metal NFC Business Cards to you using courier services or riders. 

For international deliveries, it will be a little more costly because we have to work with shipping agents. Additionally, a different mode of shipping costs differently. 

We put a lot of matters into consideration before charging our clients reasonable shipping charges.

4.4 What Are the Available Shipping Methods for Metal NFC Business Cards?

Metal NFC Business Cards can be shipped to you using the following means: 

  • Air By Express, such as DHL, FedEx or UPS. 
  • Sea To your cloest port or DAP sea to door. 

All the means offer utmost safety for the parcel and you will need not worry about your Metal NFC Business Cards. Air shipment tends to be the fastest for international deliveries compared to shipping by sea. 

4.5 Do You Have Local Pick-Up Locations for Metal NFC Business Cards?

Figure 10. Local Pickups for Metal NFC Business Cards

We have established a few shipping agent stores both locally and internationally. We deliver your Metal NFC Business Cards to these shops then you can collect them there. 

Check out our online platform if there is one of our agent shops around your locality. 

4.6 Can I Use My Own Third Party to Ship my Metal NFC Business Cards?

Yes, you can use a third-party agent to ship. Below are some of the reasons why people use the third party:

They are well aware of all routes that are possibly used during shipment.

  • Shipping can take a shorter period. 
  • They can negotiate the shipping cost on your behalf. 
  • They help clear your shipment at the customs office. 

let us know if you have a third party or an alternative more convenient way to have your Metal NFC Business Cards shipped and we shall use them to ensure that you receive your order on time.

4.7 Do You Guarantee Safe Shipping and Delivery of Metal NFC Business Cards?

Figure 12. Damaged Metal NFC Business Cards

We work with the best shipping agents in the world.  The safety of your Metal NFC Business cards is not an issue that should make you worry. We have a team that will deliver your shipment in one piece with no damages to your Metal NFC Business Cards. 

4.8 Can I reduce shipment costs?

The cost of making a shipment will be slightly lower for a client who is shipping a large quantity of Metal NFC Business Cards compared to a client making small shipments.

Send us a free inquiry request

5.7 What is one supposed to do in case the return is unsuccessful?

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