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Foison Metal Supplies Expertly Crafted Numbers from Metal Worldwide

Foison Metal has been producing metal numbers for many years. Our team uses only the best machines to create precise cut numbers. Our items are versatile and at the same time affordable, which are perfect for small businesses. 

We are known by many establishments around the world because of the modern and sleek appearance of our goods. We have high-quality metal door numbers that are rust-resistant and lightweight. 

Aside from that, Foison Metal can shape metals into numbers with different colors, sizes, and font styles. Allow us to work on your desired design of metal table numbers, business, or small shop.

About Our Service

Precise Cutting

Foison Metal follows strict rules in shaping metal letters and numbers. We ensure that our metal table numbers have clean sides.

Wholesale Price

We like to be part of your success. At Foison Metal, our metal numbers are available at wholesale price.


Foison Metal designs metal numbers depending on the font style, size, and color of your choice.

Weather Resistant

Our company manufactures metal numbers for mailboxes. Foison Metal uses a hard enamel finish to make our metal products resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Unique Designs

Get your unique designs of metal house numbers at Foison Metal. Our company creates your orders according to your needs.

Excellent Quality

At Foison Metal, we produce metal numbers according to global quality standards.

Quick Delivery

We deliver metal numbers in no time. Foison Metal partnered with the number one couriers in your area to deliver metal house numbers securely.


Foison Metal uses clear enamel coats to give our products a professional look without compromising their durability.

Our Featured Products

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Metal House Numbers

Foison Metal handcrafts metal house numbers using top-rated metal materials.

Metal Door Numbers

Foison Metal makes metal door numbers in different colors and finishes.

Metal Numbers for Mailbox

Our best-seller metal numbers for mailbox now come with freebies!

Metal Table Numbers

Check out our multipurpose, proficient, and durable metal table numbers now!


The world recognizes Foison Metal as the number one creator and supplier of metal numbers with top-notch quality. We can work on your orders within three to five days and ship them immediately.

Our company excels in making affordable metal numbers perfect for business and DIY uses. Our highly-skilled designers will give you a free blueprint of our items. We aim to complete your orders smoothly.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Worldwide Delivery

Receive your orders in less than a week no matter where you are.

Years of Design Expertise

Expect to receive quality and unique designs of metal numbers.

Fast Response Rate

In less than 15 minutes, one of our customer service team will assist your requests.

Innovative Machines

Foison Metal produces hundreds to thousands of metal numbers in an hour, thanks to our advanced machines.

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Foison Metal is the Leading and Most Trusted Manufacturer of Metal Numbers

Starting a small business and making an impact on your target audience is not easy. Allow us to help you achieve success in the industry you are taking. At Foison Metal, we give our full efforts in designing and shaping metal numbers. Visit our website for a seamless order transaction experience.

The Metal Numbers Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Metal numbers?

Figure 1. Metal Numbers

 Metal numbers are metals designed in the shape of different numbers to send a certain message, as a sign or for decoration. They are used in the house, gates, mailbox, clock, address, doors, signs, etc.

1.2 What materials are used in the production of Metal numbers?

 Foison Metal uses only high-graded metals and materials in the making of metal numbers. The materials mainly used include:

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is the most common metal used because of its resistance to corrosion and its strong hardness which ensures that we produce highly graded metal numbers. Stainless steel is also long-lasting and durable which enables the metal numbers to the is, last longer. The shiny mirror-like feature of steel gives the metal numbers a high aesthetic value and appealing look. 
  • Aluminum: oxidized aluminum when used to make metal numbers is corrosion resistant and can as well resist extreme weather conditions. Aluminum is also light in weight for easier hanging.
  • Copper: Copper is a soft, ductile, and malleable metal that is easy to shape and stretch without causing breakage. It is also recyclable, so it can also be useful even after the metal number is no longer in use.
  • Brass: it has high tensile strength. This makes it ideal for intricate and low-friction parts. Its high resistance to corrosion makes it best for outdoor use.

1.3 Do you offer customization services for Metal numbers at Foison Metal?

Yes, we do.  Foison Metal will customize your metal numbers as per your design specifications and preferences to perfection. For customization, however, a client will be required to have already decided their preferred shape, color, size, and metal type they wish us to use in the manufacture of the metal numbers. We at Foison Metal ensure the following:

  • Foison Metal will customize every Metal numbers product to meet every customer and clients’ expectations and needs.  
  • Our customer support team is always readily available 24/7 to pick your orders and solve any complaints about metal numbers. All this is free of charge since we also have toll-free contact lines displayed on our website. 
  • Before the mass production of your metal numbers order, Foison Metal sends a client a sample of the product for you to inspect and verify the quality of the material of metal used and you as our client will also verify whether the design features you ordered were done as per your expectations.
  • We at Foison Metal also allow our clients to describe the design ideas for customization they would like us to feature on their metal numbers. This ranges from color, shape, metal, and size of the metal numbers. 

1.4 What is the making process for metal numbers at Foison Metal?

Foison Metal uses the latest technology and highly graded metals in the manufacture and production of metal numbers. Foison Metal assures clients of the production of well-designed, high-quality metal numbers. 

The surface for the metal numbers is also treated using the surface texture treatment processes ranging from sun blasting to brushing which ensures smoothening of the metal numbers for an appealing surface. We at Foison Metal also have high technology printing processes ranging from engraving, laser printing, and UV printing. 

As per the client’s preference, the metal numbers are manufactured and produced from high-graded metals and surfaces treated to perfection to make the metal numbers smooth, attractive, and durable. 

1.5 Why are stainless steel and aluminum best for my metal numbers?

Figure 2. Best Metals for Metal Numbers

 Foison Metal’s commonly used metals for metal numbers are stainless steel and aluminum since they best suit their manufacture and production. Stainless steel has an almost mirror-like feature that gives the metal numbers a nice, shiny, and appealing look. 

These metals also have high resistance to corrosion and extreme weather conditions which is due to the durability and long-lasting nature of stainless steel. Aluminum especially oxidized aluminum is resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions which makes metal numbers made from it durable. 

Aluminum is also very light in weight which is a go-to feature for metal numbers especially for metal numbers that are attached on clothes or accessorized.

1.6 Do you offer engravement of Metal numbers?

Yes, we do. Foison Metal involves high technology in engraving metal numbers, especially in the manufacture and production process. Our engraving methods usually involve laser engraving methods which we use to perfectly engrave the customer’s preferred design on the metal numbers. 

At Foison Metal, we provide a variety of engraving methods for you as our client to choose for your metal numbers. These include; etching, laser engraving, rotary engraving, etc. However, please contact our customer support team in case you have additional inquiries on Metal numbers engraving options. 

1.7 What are the uses of Metal numbers?

Some of the uses of Metal numbers are:

  • Metal numbers that are small in size can be used as an accessory by adding on a chain, attaching to a clothe or as a pin.
  • In business, Metal numbers are used as a brand identifier and as a rank recognition label on doors or a desk among the employees.
  • One can use metal numbers as a medium to pass across a certain message; as a sign.
  • Metal numbers can be used to show affiliation to a person, organization, or team.
  • Metal numbers can be used to label items in the house or at work. For example; gates, mailbox, address, etc.

1.8 What factors should be considered before ordering Metal numbers?

The following factors should be considered before making an order for your metal numbers at Foison Metal;

  • The Price: Foison Metal offers the best prices for metal numbers. With us, you are assured of high-quality metal numbers at an affordable price. We are as well always open to negotiation to ensure that our clients work on their budget.
  • Production material: Foison Metal, being a global brand, prides itself in using the best highly graded metals to produce and manufacture metal numbers. You can be assured of high-quality and durable metal numbers from Foison Metal
  • Production methods: Foison Metal boasts of having the best and standard production methods for metal numbers in China. Moreover, we give our customers and clients the liberty to choose their preferred method of production for their metal numbers. 
  • Customization process: For your customization needs,  Foison Metal will allow you to suggest and come up with the custom designs you would like us to manufacture the metal numbers in. If not, our in-house art team will help you get the best designs.

1.9 Can you offer customization for my Metal numbers?

At Foison Metal, we will always ensure that we produce metal numbers according to your preferred customization needs and specifications. We give a guarantee to you of the best-customized designs as per your suggested customization requirements at the most affordable prices. 

1.10 Why choose Foison Metal for the manufacture of my metal numbers?

Figure 3. Foison Metal Numbers Manufacturing Company

Foison Metal has been offering services for 10 years and prides itself in being one of the best metal craft factories in China. Being so, we assure you of using high-quality materials in the manufacturing of metal numbers. Moreover, Foison Metal : 

  • Offers the best customization services for your metal numbers and guarantees manufacture of the metal numbers to your desired and preferred specifications.
  • Offers the best and most affordable prices for metal numbers. Foison Metal also gives discounts on metal numbers ordered in bulk ensuring that our clients get high-quality metal numbers within their budget. Our high-quality Metal numbers come with the most affordable prices for our clients. 
  • Assures our clients of getting high-quality and long-lasting metal numbers from Foison Metal because of our high-graded metal and customization services.
  • Even though we manufacture and produce our metal numbers in China, we deliver our metal numbers products worldwide in your preferred time frame.

1.11 How can the Metal numbers be maintained?

Foison Metal  recommends a few ways on how you can maintain your metal numbers to serve you for longer, some of which include:

  • Frequently clean the tarnish off the metal plating of the metal numbers. This is to maintain the smooth and shiny look of the metal numbers’ surface. 
  • To prevent dirt and stains to pile up, make a regular cleaning schedule for the metal numbers to help maintain it.
  • Always use a smooth cloth, preferably cotton, and soap to wipe or clean the tarnish off the metal numbers.
  • Make sure to repair the loose and damaged backing posts of your Metal numbers. The repair could be done by using original glue and soldering especially for metal numbers with metal backings. 
  • Ensure that you store/hang your metal numbers in a safe and clean place where they are not prone to scratches and cannot be affected by extreme weather conditions that could result to tarnish pile up or damage of the surface.

1.12 What mounting accessories do the metal numbers have?

At Foison Metal, Metal numbers are produced with a variety of mounting ways ranging from using locking pin backs, mounting spacers, pull knobs, and using adhesives such as glue. 

Regardless, depending on the mounting ways you prefer, we can make metal numbers according to your specific mounting specifications. In cases where you may have queries or need more information about the different mounting methods we have, kindly contact us at Foison Metal. Our 24/7 customer support team is always happy and ready to help.

1.13 What is the price for Metal numbers at Foison Metal?

Foison Metal does not have a standard price but we have reasonably priced Metal numbers that are fair, pocket-friendly, and affordable. However, a variety of factors affect the different prices for the metal numbers including: 

  • The material used to make the metal numbers: At Foison Metal, we use stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. in making the metal numbers, each of which has different prices. 
  • Design choice: Depending on your design preference as well as metal choice, the price for your metal numbers will be different. Some designs are complex and need more time and materials and could cost more than ordinary designs. Kindly contact our customer care team for more information.
  • The number of metal numbers:  Foison Metal offers discounts on the prices for metal numbers depending on the bulkiness of the order. The higher the number of metal numbers ordered the bigger the discount. 
  • The customization process: A sophisticated customization process on a metal number will result in a higher price for the metal numbers. However, kindly contact our customer care team for more information about pricing according to your customization. 

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Metal Numbers

2.1 What kind of designs do you have for metal numbers?

Metal numbers from Foison Metal come in various designs from which you can choose according to your user preferences and requests. These designs are displayed on our Foison Metal website. 

For those with no designs of their own, our in-house art team will help in coming up with a design that matches its use. In cases where you may have queries about the most popular designs, we have at Foison Metal, make sure to contact our customer support team.

2.2 Can you offer customization services for metal numbers?

Yes, we do. At Foison Metal we offer and do customization on metal numbers according to our client’s specifications and requirements ranging from their desired shape, color, shape, and metal thickness. 

We use laser engraving methods to carve out and define the client’s design features on the metal numbers. For customization, we just require you as our client to contact us directly through our customer support team to make your metal numbers order with your desired specifications. 

2.3 What is the customization process for metal numbers at Foison Metal?

At Foison Metal, first, we will need you to contact us through the contact lines displayed on our official Foison Metal website and give us the specific design ideas concerning Metal numbers. 

Your customization information should be related to the size, shape, material, color, and thickness of your preferred Metal numbers. Upon receiving the customization outline for your metal numbers, we will embark on the manufacturing and design process. 

We will then send you a sample of the customized metal numbers to verify your specifications then proceed to the mass production and customization of your metal numbers order.

2.4 What is the most important part of the customization process of Metal numbers order?

At Foison Metal, the customization of the metal numbers mostly involves the following:

  • The Design; the shape, size, and thickness of the metal numbers.
  • The Color is preferred by the client.
  • The metal numbers graphic elements.
  • Metal type.

2.5 What surface finishing options do you have for Metal numbers?

Figure 5. Surface Finishings for Metal Numbers

Foison Metal has a variety of surface finishing options for Metal numbers. As per the client specifications and requirements on their metal numbers for me, some of the surface finishing options they can choose from for their metal numbers order are:

  • Laser Engraving: This surface finishing option relies on a laser beam that peels off the metallic surface of the metal numbers material giving it a polished and smoothing effect. The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks. With Laser engraving, the metal numbers’ surface becomes good-looking in terms of appearance and aesthetic value. 
  • Etching: In this, a favorable heat condition or active chemicals are used to inscribe graphical elements on the Metal numbers’ surface. The heat or chemicals works by creating pores on the Metal numbers’ surface. It is in these pores that the ink used for installing graphical elements is absorbed. 
  • Thermal Heat Transfer: We also do surface finishing by passing a heat-activating material over a print head. The coating surface of a thermal paper or heat-activating material eventually turns black after heating. The metal numbers’ features are produced when the thermal material turns black. 

2.6 How much do the metal numbers weigh?

At Foison Metal, the metal numbers we produce have a standard average weight. However, in cases where a client needs their metal numbers to be of a specific weight then they can contact us to specify how we can customize your Metal numbers in terms of weight. Our customer support team is always readily available and happy to help.

2.7 What shapes are metal numbers produced at Foison Metal?

At Foison Metal, design shapes for metal numbers come in a variety to choose from. However, the shape in which the metal numbers come in depends on the client’s design specifications. For a glimpse of the different shapes, our metal numbers come in, kindly visit our official website on Foison Metal

2.8 What colors do the metal numbers come in?

 Foison Metal does not have a specific color in which the metal numbers are manufactured. The metal numbers come in different colors as per the client’s specifications. Contact us on Foison Metal and let us customize your Metal numbers according to the color that suits you. 

2.9 How long is the customization of metal numbers at Foison Metal?

Figure 6. Customization Period for Metal Numbers

At Foison Metal, customization and design time of the metal numbers is dependent on a variety of factors, which include: 

  • The shape of the metal numbers: Complex and complicated shapes take a longer period to manufacture and produce than simple shapes for metal numbers. 
  • Client’s preferred finishing option: At Foison Metal, some finishing options for the metal numbers require more time to carve out the design needed by the client.
  • The number of metal numbers: For a bulky order for metal numbers, more time is required to customize them to completion. 

Our readily available customer support team will regularly update you on the progress of your Metal numbers customization. You may reach out to us at Foison Metal in case of any queries relating to customization. 

2.10 What metals are used during the customization of Metal numbers?

 Foison Metal uses metals of high grade to manufacture and produce the Metal numbers to enable a smooth customization process. High-quality metals and materials ensure that we produce metal numbers of high quality. Some of the common metals we use include: 

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel has a shiny mirror-like feature that makes metal numbers customization easy. It can as well be cut in different shapes, depending on the customer specifications for their metal numbers order. 
  • Aluminum: At Foison Metal, we use oxidized aluminum since it is light in weight and can be easily cut to any shape the client would like for their metal numbers.

2.11 What do I do if I do not like my metal number design?

Not to worry. At Foison Metal, we allow our clients to return their customized metal numbers for re-customization of your order. 

However, you are advised to contact our readily customer support team at Foison Metal immediately you notice that you do not like how your metal numbers are customized. Our customer support team is always readily available and happy to solve your queries about metal numbers customization issues.

2.12 What is the price for customization of Metal numbers at Foison Metal?

Foison Metal offers fair and pocket-friendly customization prices for metal numbers which are openly displayed on our official website. Regardless, in cases where you may need clarification about our customization fees for metal numbers, do not hesitate to contact our readily available customer support team.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 7. Order and Payment

3.1 Can I purchase my metal numbers wholesale?

Yes, you can. At Foison Metal, you can get your metal numbers at both wholesale and retail prices with the minimum order for wholesale being 500 metal numbers. In case of any queries about wholesale ordering and prices for the metal numbers, kindly contact our customer support team through our website.

3.2 Will I pay sales tax if I place a Metal numbers order at Foison Metal?

At Foison Metal, you will not pay any sales tax when purchasing your metal numbers order. In some cases, however, you may be charged Customs Duty and Value Added Tax (VAT). In case you need more clarification kindly Contact our support team for more information on Metal numbers additional charges on your order.

3.3 Do you secure the information I give when placing my metal numbers order?

Foison Metal has been in the metal craft industry for 10 years and we strictly do not share any information you give us when placing your metal numbers order with any third party. 

Whenever you as our client is not sure of how we collect, protect and use the information clients provide when making their Metal numbers order, contact us directly through our website using our toll-free number.

3.4 When can I make my metal numbers order with Foison Metal?

Foison Metal is always available and open for ordering your metal numbers 24/7. We have an easy and efficient online ordering system. We also assure you that whenever you make an order with us, our customer support is always in line to process your metal numbers order. 

Our official website at Foison Metal is also always up and up to date with metal numbers products, designs, and prices ready whenever you want to order with us.

3.5 What do I do if I ordered the wrong metal number product?

Figure 8. Wrong Order for Metal Numbers

Of course, you can. Foison Metal has an efficient online ordering platform that ensures you can easily cancel your Metal numbers wrong order with ease. Our fast order cancellation process takes less than 24 hours. 

However, when your metal numbers order has already been processed and produced, a client may incur some charges during cancellation. Always reach out and contact our support team for any issues relating to the cancellation of your Metal numbers order. 

3.6 What is the price for the Metal numbers at Foison Metal?

 Foison Metal does not have a fixed standard price for metal numbers. However, you can be assured of pocket-friendly and affordable prices for your metal numbers orders. 

We also allow room for negotiation ensuring that you get high-quality metal numbers that are within your budget. Clients can contact us directly through our service lines for additional information on the cost of their preferred Metal numbers products. 

3.7 How do I place my Metal numbers order with Foison Metal?

Clients can contact our 24/7 readily available customer support team through our official website at Foison Metal who are always ready and happy to pick your orders and solve all your complaints and queries regarding your metal numbers order products. 

You can also reach us at our official social media pages for more information concerning the placement of your metal numbers orders. Our customer support team is always willing to help you on matters regarding the placement of your Metal numbers order.

3.8 Is there a minimum order requirement?

At Foison Metal, our minimum order requirement is 100pcs. We recommend that minimum to ensure

manufacture and production of high-quality metal numbers. Adapt to the normal order and scale production, and reasonably control the price.

3.9 What do I do if I don’t like the Metal numbers delivered?

 Foison Metal’s customer support team is always available and ready to solve all our clients’ complaints and queries regarding any metal numbers order. Immediately you find a fault in your metal numbers, contact our readily available customer support team for further assistance.

3.10 Can I make my payments for my Metal numbers order partially?

Figure 9. Partial Payments for Metal Numbers

Kindly contact our support team at Foison Metal for any issues relating to your payment plans for your Metal numbers order. You can as well let us know if you’d wish to process your payment for your Metal numbers orders in an alternative method.

3.11 What payment methods can I use for my Metal numbers order?

We at Foison Metal recommend a variety of payment methods for your metal numbers which include: MasterCard, PayPal, T/T, Online Transfer, Western Union, etc. Kindly contact us if you have your preferred payment method for metal numbers so that we may advise you accordingly. 

3.12 What do I do if I miss my metal numbers’ delivery?

At Foison Metal, we assure you that at no one time will you ever miss your Metal numbers order delivery or shipment. We use the destination details you given to us during ordering, we at Foison Metal always make sure to keep you in the loop about your Metal numbers order delivery schedule, and process. 

Missing your delivery may mean that you gave us the wrong destination address when placing your metal numbers order. However, contact us immediately whenever you miss your Metal numbers delivery for further assistance and follow-up. 

3.13 Do you accept purchase orders on Metal numbers orders?

Yes, we do. Foison Metal allows purchase orders for every metal number ordered. For more clarification and questions on purchase orders, kindly contact our support team at Foison Metal for more information and clarification on Metal numbers purchase orders. 

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 10. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long does the delivery of metal numbers order take?

Foison Metal usually delivers the sample metal numbers within 7-10 days. Mass delivery takes around 12 to 15 days. The normal shipping time for the Metal numbers ranges from 4 to 5 working days excluding weekends and holidays. 

Kindly contact us in cases where you may get delays in delivery for your Metal numbers shipment.

4.2 Do you have a specific FedEx account for Metal numbers shipping?

No, we do not. At Foison Metal, we use our client’s FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS account numbers to process the metal numbers shipments. The clients are fully responsible for the freight charges for their metal numbers. 

4.3 Do you ship Metal numbers internationally at Foison Metal?

Yes, we do. Foison Metal manufactures and produces metal numbers products in China. However, through our trusted couriers and freight agents, we can deliver your metal numbers order to whatever part of the world you ordered from. 

4.4 What is your delivery process for Metal numbers?

First, you will be notified upon commence of delivery of your metal numbers order from Foison Metal. We will as well notify you of the metal numbers order reaching your destination. 

You will then be expected to scan the packaged Metal numbers to ascertain that it has not been tampered with and the process will end with you signing the delivery record book.

4.5 Where is the order for metal numbers shipped from?

Figure 11. Shipment for Metal Numbers

All orders are shipped from our Foison Metal factory warehouse in China. The address is alwaysattached on the top of the package being delivered.

4.6 Can I pay the shipment fee separately?

Foison Metal incorporates the shipping fee in the prices for the metal numbers. In some cases, you may be needed to pay the shipping fee before the start of the delivery. Make sure to contact our support center for more information and questions on your Metal numbers shipping charges.

4.7 Who do I contact during the shipment of my metal numbers order?

Foison Metal prides itself in having a 24/7 Customer Support Team which you can reach through the toll-free numbers displayed on our official website page for any complaints or inquiries about your Metal numbers order and shipment.

4.8 Can the metal numbers order be tracked in transit?

Yes, they can. Metal numbers package(s) being shipped from Foison Metal have a reliable tracking system that ensures you can keep an eye on the shipment as it is shipped to your location. Our freight agents will also ensure you are kept in touch regarding your Metal numbers shipment.

4.9 What do I do to change my shipment destination address?

Foison Metal advises that you change or edit your shipping destination address for your metal numbers orders BEFORE shipping starts. You may incur some extra charges if the given information leads to the freight agent delivering your Metal numbers order to the wrong destination. 

Kindly ensure your give the right information before shipping your Metal numbers order commences from Foison Metal. 

4.10 Are there tracking numbers on my metal numbers package?

Figure 12. Tracking of Metal Numbers

Yes, they are. Tracking numbers enable you to track your metal numbers package during transit. You can as well scan the tracking number on the arrival of the package to ensure it has not been tampered with. 

4.11 What documents should I offer for the road freight shipment of my Metal numbers?

We do not require you to hold any documentation for road freight shipment of your Metal numbers because the freight agent is duly responsible for all the shipment processes. 

You only need to provide directions and any other important information that can help the freight agent to deliver your Metal numbers to your preferred location on the set time frame.

4.12 Do you offer custom warehousing services for Metal numbers ordered in bulk?

 Foison Metal does not offer warehousing services but we can connect you to some of the most reputable warehousing agents who can store your bulk Metal numbers’ shipment. Make sure to contact us in time for efficient arrangements.

4.13 What is the role of forwarding agents on my Metal numbers shipment?

Forwarding agents perform the following roles:

  • Forwarding agents assist shipping service providers by advising them on shipping routes and such-like information to enable your Metal numbers’ order to reach you in your preferred time. 
  • Besides documenting Metal numbers in transit, forwarding agents perform custom clearing services. 
  • Because forwarding agents are mandated to be in charge of all goods on transit, they hold the responsibility of providing insurance policies to freight agents. 
  • Forwarding agents also ensure the correct packaging of your Metal numbers’ order. 

4.14 What factors determine the cost of shipping Metal numbers?

Some of the factors that determine the cost of shipping your Metal numbers include: 

  • Amount of the Metal numbers being shipped
  • The weight of the Metal numbers being shipped
  • The size of the Metal numbers under shipment

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 13. Return and Replacement

5.1 What procedures must I follow when returning Metal numbers?

At Foison Metal some of the common procedures for returning Metal numbers that we follow include:

  • Examination of the Metal numbers’ packaging to ascertain its originality.
  • The Metal numbers are returned to the manufacturer after we have ascertained that the Metal numbers are unused and not tampered with. 

5.2 What time do I have to return my Metal numbers order?

An order return should not take much time, especially after delivery. You should contact us if you have any issues related to returning Metal numbers within 24 hours after delivery. 

5.3 Do you offer warranties on Metal numbers?

Foison Metal guarantees clients production of the most genuine and high-quality Metal numbers. Therefore, we offer warranties on all our Metal numbers products.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 14. Cancellation and Refund of Metal Numbers

6.1 Can I cancel the Metal numbers I have ordered?

You are allowed to cancel the Metal numbers you have ordered ensuring it is done before the start of the shipping to avoid extra charges. Our customer support team will assist you to cancel your order if you have some problems with the cancellation. 

6.2 How will I receive my refund after I cancel my Metal numbers’ order?

We will send your refund to the account number you used to process the order payment. Kindly contact us before the cancellation if you want to receive the refund in an alternative account. 

6.3 Is it possible to make another Metal numbers order after cancellation?

Definitely. You can easily place another order if you successfully cancel your previous order. Contact us if you have problems placing another order after canceling a previous Metal numbers order. 

6.4 How long does the refund of Metal numbers take?

You should contact our 24/7 customer support team if you want more information about the refund after the cancellation of your Metal numbers’ order. 

6.5 How much will I be refunded?

If the mass production product of metal numbers differs from the samples approved by both parties (the client and the company) we offer a 100% refund. Otherwise, a client may incur some extra charges. 

Contact us for queries or more information.

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