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Why Entrepreneurs And Brands Have Confidence In Foison Metal Items

Foison Metal has long stretches of involvement with giving top-of-the-line toughness items all throughout. We guarantee you the wide scope of metal words that is adjustable to accommodate your restrictive necessities. 

Our goal is to give top-quality assistance for incredible fulfillment to make trust in their business and bounce on the present pattern on the lookout. 

Foison Metal offers a wide scope of crude materials and supplies to add to the complete system and is planned by innovative experts to give you the items that you need. 

We have a specific imaginative plan group to give you 100% affirmation on the plans and designs.

About Our Service


Foison Metal offers free statements and free plans and formats from our expert group to make imaginative items.

Uniquely Fit

We handcraft what our customers need for their metal words. To have a unique item for their image or organization.

Brand name

We can make your metal words fit for recognizing your items on the market.

Top-Notch Administration

We generally focus on providing the best customer base help we can give constantly.

Custom Decisions

You have your own decision of picking the style and size and completing the cycle for the metal words.

First Class

Foison Metal is known for giving first-class items to its customers.


Foison Metal is known for having the recognition of giving elite quality items to their customers and having their name perceived on the lookout.


We offer you a few choices of metal kinds with extra defensive layers for your metal words.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Specially Crafts Metal Words To Match The Fulfillment of Your Brand And Company Image

Metal Words For Wall

These custom signs are made of measure metal and are made inside or outside. They can be hung with normal strips or some other choices.

Custom Metal Words

Basically on the grounds that you have a free rule; you have the words and we cut and paint it customized for you. Try not to keep down, play around with your words.

Galvanized Metal Words

Galvanized metal words are dainty metal with fine scratches that give it a modern or provincial look. Its shining metal bits delicately sparkle in the light.

Metal Art Words

Metal art word typifies genuine present-day farmhouse style. Produced using crude steel, each has a novel finish while making proclamation divider workmanship.


As metal words have been extending and being utilized more around the world, Foison Metal has grown its claim to fame in specially designing in various styles and wrapping up. 

We put forth the attempt of committing to meet our customer’s fulfillment with their solicitation while focusing on our administration to them. 

We produce metal words that are produced using durable materials that can withstand brutal conditions.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We generally prefer to pay attention to our customer's solicitations and thoughts on adding an individual touch to their items.


We achieve our work with one mentality and work together and progress our mastery together.

Fast Cycle

Our creation interaction has an exceptionally orderly cycle which makes it coordinated and productively basic.

Amount of Transportation

Huge amounts of orders can be attended to fit the needs of your company.

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Foison Metal Is The Main Manufacturing Plant In China Delivering Metal Words

Foison Metal focuses on giving the customers ensured fulfillment at its best. We make metal words to the best while utilizing the best materials. Our vision is to consistently convey quality items to the comfort of our customers and pay attention to every one of their thoughts and contributions.

The Metal Words Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What are Metal Words?

Figure 1. Metal Words

Metal Words are metals shaped and carved into letters to form words that are attached to walls or buildings for identification. Metal words can be used as ornaments and decorations in an indoor setting. 

1.2 What metals are used to make metal Words?

Metal words from foison metal are made from a variety of metals and materials. The metals we commonly use are: 

  • Stainless Steel: This metal is mostly used for making metal words since it has a high corrosion resistance which enables metal words made from it long-lasting and durable. Steel is also strong and shiny which makes steel metal words attractive and appealing. 
  • Aluminum: Like steel, aluminum is corrosion resistant which makes it durable and long-lasting. Moreover, aluminum metal is also malleable and lightweight therefore can easily be customized to make good-looking metal words. When oxidized, aluminum-made metal words are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions. 
  • Copper: copper’s malleability feature enables metal words to be designed into any shape. Moreover, since copper metal can withstand corrosion, it can be used to make high-quality, durable metal words. 
  • Bronze: bronze’s dull color makes it the perfect material for designing attractive metal words. In addition, bronze has the capability of standing against corrosions means that it can be used to design metal words that are long-lasting. 
  • Brass: Brass metal is perfect for designing custom shapes metal words since it is highly malleable. Therefore, it can easily curve and fold the metal words to any desired shape. Moreover, brass metal is also non-ferromagnetic, hence it is perfect for designing metal words that can be easily recycled even when no longer in use. 

1.3 Can you customize Metal Words according to a client’s standards?

Definitely.  Foison Metal can always customize metal words according to the client’s preferred custom design requirements and specifications. Foison metal requires our potential clients to give us their unique idea about the metal words of their choice for them to design metal words in the shape and design of their choice. To ensure your metal words are manufactured as per your set custom designs, we assure the following:

  • Foison metal will offer comprehensive and readily available customer support to all our customers and clients ensuring all their queries about the design of their metal words are handled promptly and properly.
  • Foison Metal assures our customers and clients of customizing their metal words to meet their custom design requirements and specifications. 
  • For any form of customization, foison metal leaves it to the client or customer to provide their metal words design requirements in terms of color, shape, materials, and other design features. 
  • Before we begin the mass production of your metal words order, we will make sure to share samples of the designed metal words with the client for approval before mass production for our client to verify the quality and design options. 
  • Foison metal has a variety of mounting styles for metal words which ensures that our clients get a variety of mounting features for their metal words. 
  • Foisonmetal will make sure to deliver your metal words order to your preferred location in the world through our reputable couriers ensuring you get your metal words order safely and securely. 

1.4 How do you manufacture metal words at Foison Metal?

Figure 2. Manufacturing of Metal Words

Foison metal uses the best modern technology to design and manufacture metal words ensuring that they are appealing and according to our customer’s design preferences. 

Such high-tech technology involves surface treatment processes aimed at achieving an impressive metal words surface texture. In addition,  foison metal also uses Ultra Violet, etching, and thermal heat transfer technologies on metal words as part of the surface finishing options. 

1.5 Do you engrave metal words?

Yes, we do. Foison metal uses the best metals for the manufacture of metal words which ensures they can support high-level engraving methods like laser engraving and etching. 

Foison metal will always provide our clients and customers with their preferred engraving method for metal words. In case you need further clarification on the different engraving methods at foison metal for metal words, make sure to contact our customer support and service team on this page.

1.6 How can I use metal words?

Metal words manufactured from foison metal can be used in a variety of ways, some of which include: 

  • Metal words can be a way of remembering a friend or a loved one who lost their lives in some troubling situations.
  • Metal words can be used to identify a person, business, or company. 
  • Metal words could also be used to express loyalty, love or to commemorate a special event like a birthday
  • Metal words can also be used to show your identity, especially when something bad happens to you yet people are not aware of who you are. 
  • Metal words are also an important fashion item in modern homes and places of business.

1.7 What do I need to consider before purchasing metal words at Foison Metal?

Foison metal usually requires the client or customer to consider a variety of factors before making a metal words purchase from us, some of which include:

  • Metal type: Foison Metal offers the best variety of metallic materials for the manufacture and design of metal words. The client can choose their preferred metal for the manufacture of their metal words and foison metal will use it. Our metals ensure that we produce high-quality and durable metal words.
  • Metal words price: Foison Metal offers the most pocket-friendly and affordable prices for metal words. Our clients and customers need to be aware of the price for metal words at foison metal before they order. We guarantee customers and clients of getting high-quality metal words that are uniquely affordable. 
  • Method of Production: Foison metal has a variety of production methods for metal words. Being so, we give our clients and customers a chance to choose their preferred method of production for their metal words. Visit our website, Foison Metal, to see the variety of production methods we use for metal words

1.8 Why should I Choose Foison Metal to manufacture metal words?

Figure 3. Foison Metal Best Metal Words Manufacturer

Foison is the best metal craft factory in china and has been in operation for the last 10 years. You should choose us to manufacture your metal words because we assure the following:

  • Foison metal guarantees and offers our clients and customers the most durable and high-quality metal words.
  • Foison metal also customizes metal words ensuring we design quality metal words according to a specific client’s preference.
  • Foison metal also offers our customers and clients the most affordable prices on metal words. 
  • Despite our metal words being designed and manufactured in China, foison metal does worldwide deliveries through our reputable courier partners who are determined to ensure you get your metal words at your preferred location and time.

1.9 How do I maintain my Metal Words?

Foison metal recommends a variety of ways you can use to maintain metal words. Some of those include:

  • You will need to frequently wipe/wash your metal words with mild dishwashing fluid combined with water to ensure it constantly stays clean and appealing. 
  • You will need to engrave and polish metal words occasionally to ensure it maintains its sparkling radiance. 
  •  Whenever you polish or wash metal words ensure you use abrasive materials so that you do not scratch against your metal words’ smooth surface. 

1.10 Will my metal words come with additional features?

Yes. Foison metal has a variety of additional features that can be added to metal words. However, these additional features to the metal words are dependent on the client’s design preferences for their metal words in terms of shape, thickness, type of metallic materials on the metal words, the design, etc.

1.11 Do metal words possess any aesthetic value?

Yes, they do. Foison Metal uses the best metals in the manufacture and design of metal words. Moreover, our surface finishing options ensure that the metal words we produce have high aesthetic value. 

The metal words we produce are of high quality and beautiful and can be used as a present to a loved one or pay tribute to the loss of a friend. Customized metal words in homes can be personalized to family members’ names.

1.12 How much do metal words cost?

Figure 4. Cost of Metal Words

Foison Metal’s prices for metal words vary depending on a variety of factors. Regardless, our metal words’ prices are pocket-friendly and affordable. Some of the factors that influence the price of the metal words ordered include: 

  • The type of metal used to make metal words: foison metal uses a variety of metals to manufacture metal words which all have different price tags. The client’s choice for the metal to make their metal words will determine the price their metal words cost. 
  • The customization process involved in designing Metal Words: Clients and customers who suggest sophisticated custom designs for their metal words will result in them paying more for their metal words. Simpler custom designs for metal words will be cheaper compared to complex ones. 

1.13 What designs come with metal words?

Foison Metal offers a variety of designs for metal words. Make sure to check our official website to get a glimpse of some of the designs we have for metal words.

 For clients and customers having it hard to choose a suitable design for their metal words, our in-house team is always ready to help with designing something that perfectly suits your needs. To get a comprehensive list of design options to choose from for metal words, contact us on this page.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Can you customize metal words?

Figure 5. Design and Customization of Metal Words

Yes, we can. Foison metal can customize blank metal words according to the client’s preferred design specifications and requirements. For any customization requests for your metal words, make sure to contact our customer support and service team on this page. 

2.2 How do I make a customization request for my metal words?

The client or customer needs to contact us through the contact lines displayed on the official Foison Metal website to give us their design ideas for their metal words.

 The design ideas might be related to the shape, material, and size of metal words. Upon receiving the custom design specifications for metal words, we will proceed to make it a reality by embarking on the design process. 

After the customization, we will send you a sample customized metal word to verify the quality and design before embarking on mass production. Foison metal will contact you to inform you about the completion of your metal words and how they will be delivered to you.

2.3 What information do I need to provide before metal words customization?

Foison metal needs the client or customer to need to provide the following information when placing your request concerning metal words customization. 

  • The number of metal words to be designed and customized.
  • The metal words’ design e.g. the size, thickness, and material
  • Your name and address information 

2.4 What does customization of metal words entail?

During the customization of metal words, foison manufactured and designs metal words according to: 

  • The client’s metal words design.
  • The client preferred the custom color of metal words.
  • The client’s preferred printing aspects including graphical elements.
  • The client’s preferred metal type.

2.5 What surface finishing options are available for metal words at Foison Metal?

Figure 6. Surface Finishing for Metal Words

Foison Metal offers a variety of surface finishing options for metal words. Some of the surface finishing options available for metal words include: 

  • Laser Engraving: This surface finishing option entails using a laser beam to peel off the metallic surface of metal words material giving it a polished and smoothing effect. Laser engraving leaves the metal words shiny and attractive, raising its aesthetic value. 
  • Etching: This finishing option entails a favorable heat condition or active chemicals being used to inscribe graphical elements on the metal word’s surface. The heat or chemicals work by creating pores on the metal world’s surface. It is in these pores that the ink used for installing graphical elements is absorbed. 

2.6 How much do metal words weigh?

Foison metal manufactures and designs metal words of a standard average weight. If a client or customer wants their metal words to be of a specific weight, they should make sure to contact and inform our customer support and service team on this page. 

2.7 What shapes can metal words come in?

Foison Metal can produce metal words in any shape and design. The shape of your metal words, however, depends on your preferred custom design shape. 

Make sure to check through our official website to get a glimpse of the various shapes your metal words can come in. Make sure to contact our customer support and service team if you have a specific shape your metal words should come in on this page.

2.8 What colors will my metal words come in?

Foison metal can manufacture metal words in any color. The color for your metal words depends on your preferred chosen custom color. If you are interested in the metal word’s color that you cannot see on our official website, contact us and let us customize your metal words according to the color that suits you on this page. 

2.9 How much time will it take to customize metal words?

Figure 7. Customization Period for Metal Words

The customization period for metal words is dependent on a variety of factors, some of which include:

  • The shape of Metal Words: Complex custom shapes for metal words take more time to be customized to completion, unlike simple custom shapes. 
  • Finishing Options: The different finishing options at foison metal take different times to run to completion. The client’s preferred finishing option for their metal words will determine the customization completion time.
  • The number of metal words:  A large number of metal words will take more time to be customized to completion unlike a smaller number of metal words. The client’s preferred custom shape for their metal words will determine how long the customization will take. 

Foison metal’s customer support and service team will always update our clients and customers on the progress of the metal words’ customization. In case you have queries and need further clarification about the customization of your metal words, make sure to contact our customer support and service team on this page. 

2.10 Which metals are the best for metal words customization?

Foison metal uses the best metals to manufacture and design metal words ensuring that we customize metal words as per the client’s design specifications. The most common metallic materials we use to customize metal words include the following:

  • Stainless Steel: Besides steel being durable, it is as well very brittle, therefore, it can be cut in different custom shapes depending on the customer specifications for their metal words.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum metal is very malleable, therefore, it is very effective when it comes to customizing metal words in sophisticated shapes as per the client’s specifications.
  • Copper: The malleability feature of copper makes it appropriate for the customization of metal words in complex custom shapes.
  • Brass:  metal, like brass, is also highly malleable, therefore, it can be used to customize different metal words’ custom shapes. 

2.11 What happens if I do not like my customized metal words?

Foison metal allows our customers and clients to return their customized metal words for enhanced re-customization processes whenever they do not like it. Make sure to contact our customer support team immediately if you feel your metal words are not customized the way you’d want them to be. Reach us on this page.

2.12 How much will I pay for the customization of Metal Words at Foison Metal?

Foison metal’s pocket-friendly metal words customization prices are openly displayed on our official website. 

 On queries about customization fees for your metal words, contact our customer support and service team on this page. 

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment

3.1 Do you sell metal words wholesale?

Yes, we do. Foison metal sells metal words on both retail and wholesale bases. Makes sure to contact our customer support and service team to get the minimum number of metal words needed for wholesale purchase on this page. Foison metal assures our clients and customers of getting the best wholesale prices for metal words. 

3.2 Will I pay sales tax when I make a metal word order?

No. Foison metal will not charge you any sales tax if you place your metal words order with us. In some cases, however, you may be charged customs duty and value-added tax (VAT) for every successful metal words order. Make sure to contact our customer support team for clarification on charges you might pay for your metal word order. 

3.3 Is the private information I provide when making a metal words order safe?

Definitely. Foison Metal strictly does not allow the sharing of your personal information with any third parties. Since we value our clients and customers, we are always determined to ensure that your details are kept safe and secure with us. To get a comprehensive report of how we collect, store, and use the private information you provide when ordering metal words, contact us on this page.

3.4 How efficient is your ordering system for metal words?

Foison metal’s ordering system is always open and reliable 24 hours every day. Moreover, our online ordering and payment platform is very fast, seamless, and secure. 

Our ordering system saves all selected metal words to the cart before completing the ordering.  In addition, foison metal also boasts of an efficient online system that features price listings and all information about our metal words. 

3.5 What happens if I order the wrong metal words by mistake?

Figure 9. Wrong Order for Metal Words

Foison metal’s ordering system ensures that our customers can easily cancel their wrong metal words order. Our fast metal word’s order cancellation process takes less than 24 hours. 

The client or customer may incur some extra charges and costs if they cancel their wrong metal words order after it has been manufactured and produced.  In case you get errors while trying to cancel your wrong metal words order, make sure to contact our readily available customer support team on this page.

3.6 How do I make a metal words order at Foison Metal?

Foison metal’s ordering process is not only seamless but also fast. To get a glimpse of our efficient ordering process for metal words, simply visit the official Foison Metal website. We have a toll-free contact line through which you can always contact us if you have a problem related to placing your Metal Words order. 

3.7 What information is needed before placing my metal words order?

The client or customer needs to be knowledgeable about the type of product they want to order for us to be able to get you the metal words of their choice. Moreover, the client or customer has to be aware of our various metal words’ prices before placing the order. 

3.8 How much are metal words at Foison Metal?

Although foison metal does not have a fixed price for metal words, our various prices are pocket-friendly. Moreover, we also allow room for price negotiations to ensure our clients get high-quality products that they can easily afford. To get a comprehensive quote for metal words, make sure to contact our customer support team on this page. 

3.9 Who do I consult on how to place my metal words order?

Figure 10. Consulting for Metal Words order placement

Make sure to contact us through our customer service lines openly displayed on our official Foison Metal website in case you encounter hitches when placing your metal words order. 

Moreover, you can also reach us at our official social media pages for more information concerning the placement of your metal words orders. Our customer support team is always willing to assist you on all matters regarding the placement of Metal Words orders. Reach us on this page.

3.10 How do I ensure I ordered the right metal words?

You can confirm if you made the right metal words order on our ordering system. We at Foison Metal ensure we design the metal words that you have requested according to your design specifications and requirements. 

We will also provide different kinds of samples to you to be sure of the metal words you want. You need to contact us whenever you fear that the Metal Words you have ordered are not similar to the ones you want on this page.

3.11 What if I am dissatisfied with the metal words I ordered?

Foison metal assures and guarantees you that the metal words we will ship to you are not only exactly the way you want them to be but also the right one. However, if you are dissatisfied with the metal words ordered, we are also very ready to listen to your complaints regarding your Metal Words order so contact our customer support team.

3.12 Can I make a partial payment for my metal words order?

Foison Metal is always ready to listen to our customers and clients about their preferred payment plans and methods for metal words. Always feel free to contact us through our service lines to let us know how you’d wish to process your metal words order payment on this page.

3.13 What payment methods can I use to pay for my metal words order at Foison Metal?

Foison metal accepts various reputable payment methods for metal words order payments. These payment methods include MasterCard, PayPal, T/T, Online Transfer, Western Union, etc. In case a client or customer has a preferred payment method for their metal words order, they should contact us on this page.  

3.14 Do I get a refund if I miss my metal words order delivery?

Figure 11. Getting Refund for Metal Words

In case you miss the metal words order delivery, you can contact our customer support team for assistance and trace your order. Reach us on this page.  

3.15 Does foison metal offer discounts on metal words orders?

Yes, we do. Foison metal always offers remarkable price discount offers on metal words purchases. According to the number of metal words ordered, you will always enjoy awesome quality.  

3.16 What are the payment terms for metal words orders at foison metal?

Make sure to contact our customer support and team for further clarification on payment terms for your metal words orders on this page. 

3.17 Does foison metal accept purchase orders on Metal Words?

Yes, we do. Foison Metal accepts and allows purchase orders on every metal word. Simply visit our official website page or contact our customer support team for more information on metal words purchase orders on this page.  

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How long will it take for me to receive my metal words order?

The shipping time for your metal words order is averaged at 4-5 working days excluding weekends and holidays. You are allowed to contact us if you have queries related to the shipment and delivery of your metal words orders on this page.   

4.2 What do I do if my metal words order does not reach my location?

The client or customer needs to contact us as soon as you realize your metal words order has not reached your location. Reach us on this page.   Foison metal will always keep you in touch with your metal words order shipment processes to prevent such occurrences. 

4.3 Does foison metal have a specific FedEx account for metal words order shipping?

No. At Foison Metal, we use our clients’ FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS account numbers to process Metal Words shipments. The client or customer, however, is responsible for the freight charges of the metal words order shipment. 

Regardless, you can contact us if you have your preferred shipment method for your metal words order for us to assist you accordingly. Reach us on this page.  

4.4 Does foison metal offer international shipping for metal words orders?

Yes, we do. Despite all our high-quality metal words being manufactured and produced in China, we deliver metal words to all parts of the world. Through our reputable courier partners, we ensure a timely, efficient and affordable delivery process for your metal words orders. 

4.5 What is the delivery process for my metal words order?

Figure 13. Delivery Process for Metal Words

The client or customer will be notified about the start of the metal words delivery process and shipment. In addition, they will be notified about the arrival of the metal words in the location they specified when placing their metal words order.

 They will then be expected to scan the packaged metal words in order to ascertain that it has not been tampered with. The process will end with signing the delivery record book. 

4.6 Does foison metal charge the shipping fee for the metal words order separately?

Although Foison metal’s metal words’ prices incorporating the shipment fee, you may be required at times to pay the shipping fee before your delivery commences. Make sure to contact our customer support team about the shipping fees on this page.    

4.7 Who do I contact concerning my Metal Words shipment?

You can contact our customer care team through the toll-free numbers on our official website page. Reach us on this page.  We are always ready to listen to your concerns on your shipment and delivery of your metal words orders. 

4.8 Should I be worried about my metal words order that is in transit?

No. Foison metal’s reliable online tracking systems ensure you can keep an eye on your metal words order as it is being shipped to your preferred location. Our freight agents will also ensure you are kept in touch regarding your metal words order shipment. 

4.9 Can I change my shipment information after shipping the metal words order?

A client or customer needs to be sure that they have provided the correct shipping information before shipment commences. The client or customer may incur some extra costs if they provide the wrong information that leads the freight agent to deliver the metal words order to the wrong location. 

To prevent such occurrences, please ensure you give the right information before the freight agent starts the shipment process of your metal words orders. 

4.10 Will my metal words order shipment come with tracking numbers?

Figure 14. Tracking Numbers for Metal Words

Definitely. The tracking numbers ensure you can keep an eye on the progress of your metal words order shipment progress. 

4.11 What documents do I need for the road freight shipping of my metal words order?

You do not have to hold any documentation for road freight shipment of your metal words order since the freight agent is duly responsible for all the shipment processes. 

You only need to provide directions and other important information that can help the freight agent to deliver your metal words order to your preferred location. 

4.12 Does foison metal offer custom warehousing services on metal words ordered in bulk?

No. Despite not offer warehousing services, we can connect you to some reputable warehousing agents who can store your bulk metal words order. 

4.13 What is the role of forwarding agents on my metal words order shipment?

Forwarding agents perform the following roles:

  • Forwarding agents assist shipping services providers by advising them on shipping routes for the metal words orders.
  • Forwarding agents document metal words orders on transit.
  •  Forwarding agents perform custom clearing services of all-metal words orders.
  • Since forwarding agents are mandated to be in charge of all goods on transit, they hold the responsibility of providing insurance policies to freight agents. 
  • Forwarding agents also ensure the correct packaging of your metal words orders. 

4.14 What factors determine the cost of shipping metal words orders?

Some of the factors that determine the cost of shipping your metal words orders from Foison Metal include:

  • Quantity of metal words being shipped.
  • The weight of metal words orders being shipped.
  • The size of the metal words order under shipment

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 15. Return and Replacement

5.1 What is the procedure for returning my metal words order?

The following are our common procedures for returning metal words:

  • Examination of the metal words order packaging to ascertain its originality
  • The metal words order is returned to the manufacturer after we have ascertained that the metal words are unused. 

You might incur additional charges for returning metal words to cater to production costs. 

5.2 Is there a time limit for the return of metal words?

Definitely. You should contact us if you have any issues related to returning metal words order. A metal words order return should be done 24hours after delivery. Reach us on this page.  

5.3 Does foison metal offer warranties on metal words orders make?

Yes, we do. Since foison metal guarantees our clients the most genuine and high-quality metal words, we offer warranties on all our metal words sold.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 16. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Can I cancel my metal words order made?

Definitely. You can cancel the metal words order whenever you feel like canceling. Our customer support team will assist you to cancel your order if you have some problems with the cancellation. Reach us on this page.    

6.2 Where will I get my refund after I cancel my metal words order?

Foison metal will send your refund to the account number you used to process the payment. You must contact us before the cancellation if you want to receive the refund in an alternative account. Reach us on this page.  

6.3 How do I cancel my metal words order?

Foison metal’s online platform features a cancellation option that you can rely on if you want to cancel your metal words order. You are allowed to cancel your order 24 hours after placing the order. You may incur extra charges if you attempt to cancel your order past the 24hours time limit. 

6.4 Can I place another metal words order after cancellation?

Yes. You can swiftly place another order if you successfully cancel your previous order. Contact us if you have problems placing another order after canceling a previous metal words order. 

6.5 How long will it take to get my refund for the canceled metal words order?

You should contact our customer support team if you want to know more about the refund of your canceled metal words order. Reach us on this page.    

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