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Foison Metal, Creating Metal Products in an Infinite Variety of Ways

As the certified leading supplier of high-quality metallic nameplates in China, we implement the highest standards and innovation on providing custom nameplates as the perfect solution to permanently communicate important company information and instructions.

We at Foison Metal, make sure to know what type of environment the nameplates would be used in. This is to ensure that our products are durable and are engineered to withstand harsh conditions which will guarantee their highest performance.

When you work with us, you can expect the highest quality items that will meet and even surpass your expectations.

About Our Service

Lasting Solution

Foison Metal offers nothing but high-quality metallic nameplates that could last for decades.


We help you in designing and manufacturing intricate features for your metallic nameplates.


Our team strives to consistently deliver the highest quality products that you need for your business.

Customer Care

We provide you with exceptional client care by offering quality designs and manufacturing support from start to finish.

Fast Delivery

We make sure to deliver your high-quality nameplates as fast as 7 days wherever you are located.

Highly Sensible

Here at Foison Metal, we learned to produce nameplates that are sensible and money wise.

Quality System

Foison Metal is fully equipped with the latest machines and technology to manufacture high-quality products to serve you better.

Safety Control

We take responsibility for a better society. Regarding working conditions and, environmental sustainability in producing nameplates.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Delivers High-Quality Metallic Nameplates That You Expect, are Delivered on Time and is Low-cost

Customized Metal Nameplate

Strong especially in low temperatures, lightweight, high reflectivity with good electrical conductivity.

Engraveable Nameplate

These nameplates can withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to fluids and acids.

Metal Nameplate Engraving

The most durable and long-lasting, with several material options such as brass and stainless-steel.

Adhesive Metallic Nameplates

Quick and long-lasting way to easily attach your tags to any surface.

Know More About Us

We began our operations in 2015 and over the years, we have earned our reputation as a technically superior company that is committed to delivering highly functional metallic nameplates and other products in just 7 days.

We at Foison Metal have manufactured quality identification products, from innovative to try and tested products used every day. Our team has years of expertise assisting customers, and they will get to know your business and learn your specific requirements.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We strive to make our products achieve its maximum productivity with minimum expense.


There are just many things that can be done with metals, mainly because they can be cut into various shapes and sizes.


We take pride in our metal products that are not only manufactured with high-quality but also inexpensive.

Lasting Impression

Our products are very appealing to the eye that it makes a lasting impression on our clients.

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Foison Metal as a Highly-Developed Company in China that Manufactures Top-Quality Metallic Nameplates

We at Foison Metal strive to provide our clients with products that not only fulfill their identification needs but metal products that exceed their standards. Our goal is to continue to deliver cutting-edge, market-leading technology for the production of high-quality metal nameplates.

The Metallic Nameplates Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Metallic Nameplates
Figure 1. Metallic Nameplates

1.1 What are Metallic Nameplates?

Metallic Nameplates are a business and individual way of imprinting messages that are accustomed to using in commercial, industrial, and artistic applications. These metallic nameplates allow businesses to provide identification and simplification of products, logos, and many more.

1.2 What are your standard metals used in manufacturing nameplates?

Metallic nameplates can be manufactured by using a wide variety of metals that will serve as the foundation of your nameplate selection.

  •         Stainless Steel

This material is one of the most commonly used metals for manufacturing nameplates that is known for its durability, corrosion, and moisture-resistant. These tags can handle the harshest environments. 

  •         Aluminum

Aluminum is more economical, lightweight, and least dense than pure metal or metal alloys. It is ideal for custom nameplates where intricate detailing is needed.  

  •         Brass

Brass is very durable and malleable when heated, hence it is known for applications in plaques, mounted nameplates, awards, emblems, and many more. 

  •         Bronze

Bronze is a material that has one of the darkest natural substances that is beneficial to use when applied to aesthetic or branded features. This material is a copper-based alloy that is mixed with other metals to manufacture nameplates or any tags that are used for ornamental purposes.

1.3 What is the intended use of metallic nameplates?

  •        Metallic nameplates can be used to make known the name of the equipment manufacturer
  •    These can express the brand and name of the company or equipment
  •      Metallic nameplates can add a decorative value
  •    These nameplates can be manufactured with serial and barcodes
  •   Metallic nameplates can also be used to signpost key areas and for added decoration.
  • Metallic nameplates can be used as a nameplate for houses

If you think you can benefit from metallic nameplates, you can check us out here.

1.4 What material is best to use in manufacturing metallic nameplates?

Materials for Metallic Nameplates
Figure 2. Materials for Metallic Nameplates

When looking for nameplates you have several materials to choose from. That is why we build a basic guide with our most popular materials to help you decide on what type of metal would meet your demands. If you need assistance on how to choose the best material for your nameplates you can always contact us

Aluminum – Aluminum is an all-around useful metal and is one of the best metals to use in making metal nameplates. It is a useful metal that is well known for its hardness and the ability to be easily hammered and pressed to form different shapes without breaking the material.

 Industries that use Aluminum are:

  •         Aerospace
  •         Industrial
  •         Transportation
  •         Energy
  •         Government
  •         Defense

Take notice of the use of aluminum in the Aerospace industry which has a very high standard specification. Aluminum has passed the durability standard while not adding much weight. The aerospace industry uses aluminum to sustain more weight and become fuel-efficient. 

Stainless Steel – This material is preferred over brass or aluminum especially when it comes to welding purposes since it is sturdy and is designed to handle harsh weather, tear, and chemicals. 

Industries that use Stainless Steel are:

  •         Aerospace
  •         Industrial
  •         Transportation
  •         Government
  •         Defense

In any industry that needs a tough identification solution, stainless steel is the way to go.

Brass – This material not only has a stylish look it is also very durable and is designed to withstand adverse conditions.

Industries that use Brass are:

  •         Electrical
  •         Plumbing
  •         Industrial

Unlike the silver look, the Aluminum and Stainless Steel gives, using Brass is one way to make your nameplates stand out. Some metal nameplates prefer the vintage look which makes brass the perfect material to use since the look of it will change dramatically over time and it develops a tarnished finish.

1.5 What is your product testing to ensure the quality of your metallic nameplates?

Five major categories when testing materials :

  •         Mechanical Testing
  •         Thermal Properties Testing
  •         Electrical Properties Testing
  •         Resistance to Corrosion Testing
  •         Non-destructive Testing

We are certified and passed the ISO9001 quality management system to guarantee first-class production and good market service. You can check our website to know more about us and send us a message so we can give you a free quotation and free sample for you to test the quality of the product.

1.6 What are the types of metallic nameplates?

  •  Corporate Metallic Nameplates

Company names can be mounted in locations where it will be more noticeable to grab the attention of customers and followers.       

  •         Permanent Safety Signs

Fire-exit signs, warning labels, washing stations, and traffic route signs are just a list of examples where metallic nameplates can be permanent and long-lasting.

  •         Operating Instructions tags and nameplates

Using metallic nameplates is an effective way to deliver instructions on tools and equipment. Especially for equipment that is used frequently, instructions needed to be intact and could last for decades.

  •         Machine Nameplates

Machine labels and tags are stapled applications for metal nameplates. Machinery that is high in use requires an equally strong branding.

  •         Engraved Metal Nameplates

When the data on metal nameplates are engraved it does not fade easily. This labeling process can be done in a range of metals or two-toned color picks to endorse your brand.

  •         Serial Metallic Nameplates

Serial metallic nameplates serve as a solution to identify items manufactured date and warranty control. With the use of serial numbers, these nameplates could carry more than just two identifiers. These nameplates also carry data regarding product brand, date of manufacture, and the address of the company.

1.7 Are your Metallic Nameplates corrosion-free?

Corrosion-Free Metallic Nameplates
Figure 3. Corrosion-Free Metallic Nameplates

We use soft metals, or also known as red metals that are corrosion-resistant materials including brass and copper. We only use materials that are ductile and durable and can guarantee free from corrosion throughout the lifespan of the product.

1.8 What are the Advantages When You Use Metallic Nameplates?

  •       Metal Nameplates look to be more expensive than the other plastic counterparts.
  •         Metal Nameplates delivers a powerful message to your clients
  •         Metal Nameplates offer a low-cost solution to business identification needs.
  •       Metal Nameplates offer prime defense against environmental hazards.
  •         Metal Nameplates are extremely lightweight yet sturdy

If you think you can benefit from metallic nameplates, you can message us here.

1.9 How long do metallic nameplates last?

With metallic nameplates, you are looking at an effective lifespan of over a decade.

1.10 What are the maintenance tips on metallic nameplates?

Though metal nameplates are durable we build some guidelines on how you can maximize their life expectancy.

 Aluminum. This material is being used in industries that have high standards such as military, aircraft, and marine since aluminum is notable for being lightweight while keeping its resilience.

To keep this material in its top shape, make sure to remove grease and dirt from it with the use of a clean rag and warm water.

In some cases that the dirt or grease seems hard to remove, you can use a mild cleanser then polish it off with a clean cloth. Using a soft cloth is important to avoid scratches from taking place. If there are any discolorations on your aluminum plates, you can get rid of these by using a mixture of two teaspoons of cream of tartar and a tablespoon of warm water, then finish off by rubbing a clean soft cloth.

Here’s a link on how to take care of your aluminum nameplate:

Stainless Steel. This material is considered one of the best choices to use in a caustic and acidic environment. This metal is ideal for a wide range of applications since it’s free from corrosion, heat resistance, and chemicals. Stainless steel is perfect for outdoor use since it is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.

You need to remove dust, grime, and grease by using warm water together with a mild cleanser to keep this material in good shape and looking as good as new. Rub off the moisture using a soft dry cloth to avoid scratches. In removing stains, you can use the same amount of water and vinegar then wipe off the stain again by using a soft dry cloth. You can also use club soda as an alternative to this solution.

Brass.  This material is commonly used for decorative purposes primarily because it resembles gold.

Cleaning brass plates is the same as aluminum. Using soap and water can remove the greasy and grimy dirt from the metal surface. After removing the dirt you can wipe it off with a damp cloth and a dry cloth to start polishing.

2.0 Design and Customization

Metallic Nameplates Designs
Figure 4. Metallic Nameplates Designs

2.1 Do you offer a free sample?

Yes, we do offer free sample products just simply email us and we’ll send you generic samples for your closer inspection.

2.2 What are the important things to consider when designing a metallic nameplate?

These are the factors that you need to consider when designing:

  •         Function
  •         Environment
  •         Industrial Standards
  •         Branding
  •         Visibility
  •         Cost

If you can’t design your nameplate layout, we have in-house graphic designers that could design your nameplate for free. Just send us an inquiry here.

2.3 How do I specify color?

Color is one way to add interest as well as to transfer your color scheme to your branding efforts. It is very important to consider whether the color called out is to be used in the background or graphic decoration. Missing this part of your design can mean costly changes and delays in production.

You want to make sure that you understand how the color looks printed on the metal compared to paper or plastic. We suggest that you provide a color target regarding a specific Pantone color.

The decision on picking a color for your nameplate and how you want it to look is up to you. If you are still uncertain about the color that you want we have in-house graphic designers that would be very beneficial. We can help you pick the right color for your metallic nameplates by sending us a message.

2.4 Is artwork required?

Artwork or graphic layout is not required since we do have our in-house graphic designers that would help you. You can send an inquiry to our graphics designers and request a free sample.

2.5 What kind of design customization request do you meet?

Our internal graphic designers are always available to assist you with customizing your products. We can customize any design you can imagine and make it to life. 

2.6 Do you have a format for submitting a design?

We highly suggest that you submit your design in a vector format. 

We accept designs in:  pdf, .ai, .dwg, .dxf, .cdr, and .eps files.

2.7 What are the processes for labeling metallic nameplates?

Metallic Nameplates Labelling Process
Figure 5. Metallic Nameplates Labelling Process

There is a wide variety of nameplate processes and when you are not familiar with nameplates this can be difficult. We created a basic guide of each labeling process for you to be familiar with before you place an order. Once you are done with the guide and are still confused with what labeling process you prefer, you can send us a message here and we’ll be more than happy to help.                  

  •      Embossing. Metal embossing is the process of conveying a message or design on metal sheets. An embossing tool is pushed through a metal creating a raised effect making the design more noticeable.

This is how the embossed process is done.    

  •         Stamping. By stamping into the material a custom character is required for the nameplate design to be permanently imprinted into the material. If a certain style is needed we can produce a special dye to make it. Kindly contact our team so we can accommodate your requirements.

This is how the stamping process is done 

  •         Etching. This labeling process works by printing an element design into a photoresist and is laminated or etched into the material.

This is how the etching process is done.

  •         Engraving. A small bar of hard steel with a sharp point is pushed along the plate to construct thin lines.

This is how the engraving process is done      

Know more about our Metallic Nameplates by visiting our website and request a free quote here.

2.8 Can You Provide Custom Layouts For Free?

Yes, by simply emailing us your requirements, we can provide free layouts for our customers at home and abroad.

2.9 How big or thick are the metallic nameplates?

Our metallic nameplates come in different sizes and thicknesses depending on your needs you can contact us so we can touch base on your product specification and requirements.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering Metallic Nameplates
Figure 6. Ordering Metallic Nameplates

3.1 How to place an order?

You can place an order by visiting our website, scroll down at the bottom and fill out the order form before submitting it. You also have an option to send us your orders here for your convenience. 

3.2 How much does a metallic nameplate cost?

A metal logo plate costs 0.45$ – 1.85$ based on the agreed solution with the company.

After validating your desired size and design of the product, we will come up with a product plan, together with the material used, manufacturing process, product details, and packaging without a minimum quantity.

3.3 What is the order procedure?

  • Get in touch with us with the contact  from the website
  •  Conversation for process, price, quantity, etc.
  •  Design making and revising
  •  Make jpg proof and approve
  •  Make the payment or deposit
  •  Start production
  •   Production feedback
  •    Shipping feedback
  •   Make the rest of the payment
  •   Tracking of shipments until the products are received

3.4 What information do I need to provide if I’m ready to place an order?

On the order form located on the website under “how to order” fill in your username, email address, and upload the file you wish to have produced and any other additional information regarding your product. We have our in-house graphic designers that can help and provide you with free layouts if you don’t have a product design yet.

3.5 What are your prices on metallic nameplate?

Metallic Nameplates Price
Figure 7. Metallic Nameplates Price

Prices may vary depending on the size and material used on the tag. You can send us an email and request a free quote now.

3.6 What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment through visa, master card, T/T, online transfer, apple pay, and western union.

3.7 What are my payment options?

The payment options we provide are cash, checks, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payment, and electronic bank transfers.

3.8 Do you have distributors in my country?

We partnered with several couriers to distribute your goods worldwide including DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT. Though by using freight, customers need to pay the shipping in advance.

3.9 What is your minimum order?

We recommend you to order at a minimum of 100 pcs to ensure the quality of products at a wholesale price.

3.10 Do you charge for custom layouts or designs?

Custom layouts are free of charge. We have our in-house graphic designers that will work with your desired layout until you are satisfied. Kindly email us with your concerns and requests and we are more than happy to accommodate.

3.11 Can I receive an invoice after I place an order?

Invoice for Metallic Nameplates
Figure 8. Invoice for Metallic Nameplates

After we confirm the size and the design of your product request we will provide the most economical quotation based on the agreement.

3.12 How do I contact customer service?

You can contact our 24-hour online support here or email us directly at 


We respond within 12 hours

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping of Metallic Nameplates
Figure 9. Shipping of Metallic Nameplates

4.1 What is the shipping process?

We have several couriers to deliver our products worldwide including DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT, and freight is paid by the customer in advance. If a customer has a FedEx account that they prefer to use they can send us the information through our sales representative at [email protected].

What are your shipping options?

We partnered with DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT on our shipments. You can contact our sales representative at [email protected] If you have a UPS account that you would like to use. If you have other shipment requests kindly call us at  +86-185-6560-2031 to see if it’s possible.

4.3 Do you ship nationwide?

Yes. Our courier partners can get you the products to wherever you are.

4.4 How soon can I get the items after I place an order?

Every product is made to order, the standard delivery time is two to three weeks upon placing the order. Please note that complicated designs and the volume of your order can also affect the production time. 

4.5 How much does shipping cost?

This varies with the size and amount of products being shipped.

The larger the number of products being shipped to you will mean that there will be a slightly higher cost involved to get the products to you.

4.6 What are your shipping rates?

Metallic Nameplates shipping rates
Figure 10. Metallic Nameplates shipping rates

Samples and prototypes cost around $30-$35

100 pcs cost around $60-$70

500 pcs cost around $90-$120

It also varies to different sizes, weights, and destinations of your order. You can request a free quotation here.

4.7 Is free shipping possible?

As per our policy, the freight charges are covered by you in advance or through your courier account number.

4.8 How long does delivery take after shipping?

Usually, the delivery takes 7 – 10 business days to reach you.

4.9 Can my order be shipped in less than 7 days?

Shipping time for Metallic Nameplates
Figure 11. Shipping time for Metallic Nameplates

Unfortunately, our turnaround time for shipment is 7-10 days but you can contact us directly at +86 185 6560 2031.  

4.10 During weekends and holidays are you able to ship my items?

Unfortunately, our courier partners are only able to deliver your orders Mondays-Fridays, also holidays are not counted.

4.11 What are the options for receiving a package when I’m not available?

If you are not available when the package arrives you will be able to choose the most convenient option for your product to be delivered to.

4.12 Why was my order shipped via sea?

When you order your items in multiple shipments you are likely to encounter a partial shipment.

4.13 How do I calculate international shipping?

We recommend for you send your inquiries here or call us at:

Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031

Landline: +86-755-2308-9667

We respond within 12 hours

4.14 I think the tracking number I receive is not working, what can I do to resolve this?

Tracking numbers need to be recognized and registered first by the shipping courier and it usually takes up to about 24-hours. Usually tracking number doesn’t work because the courier has yet to pick up the item or has yet to scan it.

4.15 Can I change my delivery address or billing address after the order was placed or shipped?

We understand that there might be some mistakes in placing your order but once it is confirmed the billing address cannot be changed. 

4.16 What are your partner distributors on shipment?

Metallic Nameplates Shipping Partners
Figure 12. Metallic Nameplates Shipping Partners

We deliver products by using DHL or FedEx, UPS, or TNT only. If you have any special request on the shipment of your items please contact us and see if it’s possible.

4.17 My order was delayed, how can I resolve this?

In case of delayed delivery, kindly contact us at:     

Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031 / Landline: +86-755-2308-9667

Or send your inquiries or concerns here.

We respond within 12 hours

4.18 Can you help me track my order? I did not receive the item but the status was already delivered.

f the tracking information shows as delivered and the package has yet to arrive within 24-48 hours, immediately contact us and we will help you to locate the package.

4.19 Is bulk shipping on a single ship address available?

Yes. Kindly contact our support team to further assist you with this information.

4.20 Is there any minimum order to avail of the free shipping?

Yes. You can reach out to our support team here and discuss how you can avail free shipping.

5.0 Returns and Replacement

Replacement of Metallic Nameplates
Figure 13. Replacement of Metallic Nameplates

5.1 What is your policy on returning an item?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product after 30 days, you may reach out to our online support team and we will help you investigate and resolve your claim, we can also reimburse your payment if needed.

5.2 I placed an order incorrectly, can I still replace it?

If you order an incorrect product please contact our support team to request a replacement. You are liable for the replacement of products sold by Foison Metal only.

5.3 I want to return the product, is the address on the label valid for return?

Yes. The address on the label is our factory address.  Make sure however to contact support or your salesperson to ensure that the company knows that you are returning the product.

5.4 Do I need to use your packaging or can I use my own?

Products being shipped from our factory always have Foison Metal packaging. However, you can still contact our support here to discuss this further.

5.5 I received an item by mistake, how can I return the package?

The product comes with our address which you can return the package to.

Kindly contact our 24-hour online support team here. We make sure to respond to all inquiries within 12 hours.

5.6 Some of the products I ordered were damaged in shipment, can I still return these?

Return of Metallic Nameplates
Figure 14. Return of Metallic Nameplates

If some of the products are damaged in transit, the first thing you need to do is take a photo as evidence and liaise with our support for further handling.

Most courier services offer insurance services so you need not worry too much.

5.7 How can I return the extra product that I received?

Immediately contact our support or sales personnel and inform them of this.

Sales: [email protected]

Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031

Landline: +86-755-2308-9667

We respond within 12 hours

5.8 What documents should be included before shipping it back?

The order slip has to always be included just as a list confirmation of the products you ordered.

5.9 How to track my placement order?

Our support is always keen to communicate to the client when their order is ready and processed.

5.10 Will I be notified of my replacement product?

Yes. We have our 24/7 online support team that will contact you once your product replacement is on its way. 

5.11 How to track the status of my replacement product?

To track your product replacement you can use the tracking number that our support team provided. You still have an option to send us an inquiry here if you failed to track the replacement using the tracking number.

5.12 Can I get a replacement if I’m not happy with the product?

If your order does not correspond with the quality of the sample we sent you in the order processing stage, feel free to contact us to be assisted accordingly. You can also call us directly at Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031 or Landline: +86-755-2308-9667.

5.13 What is your turnaround time on replacing an item?

You can be assured that we will process your replacement within 7 business days after you report to us.

5.14 Do you have any handling fees when returning an item?

Our trade assurance covers return fees to us from you. We will contact our courier partner to facilitate this.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 What is your policy on refunds?

We usually need confirmed samples before mass production, once you approve, we will start mass production.

 If the mass production product differs from the samples approved by both parties we support a 100% refund. Otherwise, it will be a process dependent on the actual situation. 

By any chance that the item is damaged or defective in shipping, kindly email us your order number and you will receive your refund authorization.

6.2 How do I request a refund?

Refund for Metallic Nameplates
Figure 15. Refund for Metallic Nameplates

You can contact our online customer support here and you are also free to contact us directly at +86 185 6560 2031.  

6.3 I placed a refund request, can I get an update?

Contact us through our 24-hour online support team or send us a direct email here : 

6.4 How much will I be refunded?

If the mass production product differs from the samples approved by both parties (the client and the company), we support a 100% refund.

6.5 What are your terms of cancellation?

We request that if you cancel your order please contact us and provide more than 24-hour notice.

6.6 I’m not satisfied with what I ordered. Is there any way to cancel?

Kindly reach out to our customer support using the information provided below to assist you with your cancellation.

Telephone numbers

  • Tel Phone: +86-185-6560-2031
  • Landline: +86-755-2308-9667


6.7 Can I get a notification once my order is already canceled?

Kindly contact our 24-hour online support team here or email us directly at :

Send us a free inquiry request