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Foison Metal is Recognized as the Superior Manufacturer of Name Plates

For more than a decade of producing various crafts for all businesses, Foison Metal has been regarded as the best name plates manufacturer. We produce our items with commitment, dedication, and pride.

We continually strive for maintaining a good relationship with our clients and keeping the cost of our items at the smallest amount possible. Our professionals always consider the continuing interest of our workers and customers.

We acknowledge the essence of convenient ordering and quick delivery of our unique name plates. Thus, we have a constant supply of materials so that we can work on your orders right away.

About Our Service

Bulk Orders

Foison Metal accepts bulk orders and that is why we have been recognized as the leading name plate manufacturer.


We keep the personal details and order information of our customers encrypted.


Aside from being the top name plates manufacturer in China, Foison Metal is also patronized because of our budget-friendly items.

24/7 Customer Service

Whenever you need our assistance, Foison Metal, your name plate manufacturer, is just one call away.

Satisfied Customers

Foison Metal, the top-tier name plate manufacturer, has thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

World-Class Quality

By supplying superlative quality of products, many clients deemed us as the unrivaled name plate manufacturer.


As the supreme name plate manufacturer, choose what size, design, shape, material, or kind of finish you want for your name plates.


Aside from free quotations, Foison Metal also provides free sample designs so you can assess our capability in producing appealing name plates.

Our Featured Products

As the Superior Name Plates Manufacturer, Foison Metal Uses the Strongest Raw Materials to Prove the Long-Lastingness of Our Items

Aluminum Name Plates Manufacturer

We also craft distinct designs of name plates from aluminum materials.

Machine Name Plate Manufacturer

Explore our vast selection of machine name plates.

Metal Nameplate Manufacturer

Our metal nameplates are perfect for industrial and outdoor applications.

Wooden Name Plates Manufacturer

We are experts in constructing customizable wooden name plates.


Foison Metal has the ability to manufacture name plates to the right shape and size that your business needs. Moreover, we can also engrave your name plates with various designs, including your business logo.

As an established name plates manufacturer, we have in-house machines and engineers who will prepare your orders at the fastest rate. We are also an AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified company. So, expect to receive high-caliber items.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Fast Delivery

Foison Metal ensures that you will receive your orders in no more than two weeks.

Five-Star Ratings

We always receive positive feedback and high ratings from our previous clients.

Finest Materials

We use only the top-quality raw materials in assembling your name plates.


We have different designs of name plates that will catch anyone’s attention.

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Foison Metal is an Undisputed Name Plate Manufacturer for Years

Foison Metal accommodates the needs and demands of our clients around the world. As a long-running name plate manufacturer, we ensure to provide you with world-class service and product grade. We are your best option in terms of improving your business ranking in the competition.

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