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Foison Metal Manufactures  Top-Caliber Quality Name Plates Metal, Curated Exclusively For Your Company Needs!

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Foison Metal is the Leading World-Class Manufacturer of Name Plates Metal

Foison Metal now trademarks as the leading brand supplier of metal products, trusted by clients all over the world. Our world-class quality products dominate the high-end market in terms of quality, service, and low production costs.

Our Name Plates Metal can be customized according to your needs and specifications by our professional team. Today, you can now avail of the exclusive designs for your brands and make your branding goals achievable!

Foison Metal’s services are nurtured by passion and commitment through the years. Our skilled and competent workforce will assist you throughout the ordering process. Your products are guaranteed to reach your hands in the best quality!

About Our Service

Highly Customizable

Choosing your own designs can now be achieved! Just send us the design you want and Foison Metal will produce it for you!

On-Trend Designs

Our design recommendations are guaranteed on-trend for your brand to relate more to your target clients.

Secured Transactions

We make sure your products are always secured throughout the order process, from placing your orders to you receiving deliveries.

Ships Anywhere

Our Name Plates Metal are now ready to ship anywhere in the globe!

Clean Cut Edges

Our Metal name plate has clean cut edges to avoid accidents on metal edges.

Friendly Rates

Our products are available at premium quality without hurting or blowing up your budget


Clients like you are treated as VIP, so the service you will experience is guaranteed five stars!

Bulk Deals

Foison Metal offers the best wholesale deals you can find online, discover them now!

High Quality Products

Foison Metal Produces High Volume of Premium Quality Name Plates Metal  Designed to Exceed Your Expectations

Metal Door Name plates

Families and companies love to put signages on their doors, so this is the perfect option to boost your sales when you target bulk client orders.

Name Plate Metal Engraved

Engraved details tend to last longer than those printed. Impress your clients now by offering these name plates at a very low price.

House Name Plate

House name plates are now in demand all over the world, as online deliveries and working from home became the new norm. Perfect option to spike up your sales.

Company Name Plate

Create a good impression on clients and business partners when you put our world-class company name plates without overdoing your budget.

Know More About Us

Foison Metal tops the charts as the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of Name Plates Metal. Our company is trusted by millions of clients all over the world as we produce the best quality products for your business.

Foison Metal is also the leading brand  and dominating name in producing world-class quality materials that will suffice your company deals. Our products are up for grabs at friendly rates, as we aim to help entrepreneurs like you to boost your brand!

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Unified Purpose

Our workforce has all the same purpose, which is to provide world-class quality products that will boost your sales.

Five Star Ratings

Every client we transacted with is beyond satisfied, and we can’t wait for you to be one!

Worth the Price

Our custom metal name plate rates are guaranteed to give justice to every product and purpose you have in mind.


Our customer service is 24/7 online, just give us a call!

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Foison Metal is the Dominating Manufacturer of Name Plates Metal

Five-star ratings are always received towards the end of every transaction. Our products are made perfectly because our workforce cares for your business as much as you do. Every client is beyond satisfied with our products and service, and we can’t wait for you to become one of them!

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