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Foison Metal Creates Made-to-Order and Custom Letters for Outdoor and Indoor Signage

Foison Metal is the number one source of outdoor metal letters. Our well-trained artists can craft and shape metals into letters in different fonts and sizes. We are here to provide you with well-designed letters for business purposes.

Our company has several years of expertise in letters and sign manufacturing. Thus, expect to receive eye-catching large outdoor metal letters of top-notch quality. Foison Metal also perfected the technique to ensure that the items have clean and smooth edges.

Foison Metal is one of the few companies that offer you metal letters with unmatched quality. So, whenever you need unique signage for your business, you know who to call.

About Our Service

Lifetime Guarantee

All outdoor metal letters have lifetime guarantees. Thus, our large outdoor metal letters are an ideal investment for all businesses.

Water Resistant

Foison Metal uses water-resistant materials in making outdoor metal letters. Order our Outdoor Metal Letters for Signs now!

Custom Orders

Whether you need custom outdoor metal letters, Foison Metal is here to help. Our company manufactures personalized outdoor metal monogram letters.

Ships Immediately

Foison Metal will work on your ordered outdoor metals right away. We can send large orders to your location in seven business days.

Lower Market Price

Small businesses can avail the outdoor metal letters of Foison Metal. You can purchase our metal letter signs inexpensively.

Easy Installation

We are a team of skilled and professional graphic designers and product engineers that are experienced to provide high-quality metal letters.

Free Samples

Foison Metal offers free sample designs of our outdoor metal letters. Visit our website and fill up our sample request form.

Well-Written Instructions

Installing outdoor metal letters for walls can be done hassle-free. We'll send you detailed instructions on how to position outdoor metal letters properly.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal is the Leading Producer of Water- and Impact-Resistant Outdoor Metal Letters Available at a Reasonable Price

Large Outdoor Metal Letters

Foison Metal uses durable materials in making large outdoor metal letters.

Outdoor Metal Letters for Wall

Unique and custom outdoor metal letters for wall are perfect for any establishment.

Outdoor Metal Monogram Letters

Our company offers a wide array of outdoor metal monogram letters you can choose from.

Outdoor Metal Letters for Signs

Custom cut outdoor metal letters for signs available at Foison Metal.


Foison Metal has been producing lots of outdoor metal letters for several years. Our company makes sure that our clients are satisfied with the products we deliver.

We have several teams with creative skills in forming metal letters in a wide variety of font sizes, styles, and designs. Our products go through multiple quality checks to ensure that they will reach the destination in good condition.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Solid Materials

Our metal letters can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Best Deals

Low prices are waiting for you on Foison Metal’s official webpage.

Many Color Options

Foison Metal produces metal letters with unique and distinct color combinations.

Open for Bulk Orders

Thousands of metal letters are produced everyday, thanks to our innovative machines.

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Foison Metal is the Largest Distributor of Outstanding Outdoor Metal Letters

Many business owners are looking for a company that can provide them with top-rated outdoor metal letters. Are you one of them? If so, Foison Metal has your back.

Our company values the money and trust you give to us. Thus, we constantly aim for giving you only the best items on the market.

The Outdoor Metal Letters FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 1. Outdoor Metal Letters

Outdoor metal letters refer to pieces of art used to create a business brand, logo, or name. They are available in cast and flat cut options.

They are used in churches, schools, posh areas, on the roads for directions, in buildings, hotels, and companies. They are used to create awareness and promotions.

 They can be permanent or temporary depending on the need. They stand out to attract potential customers to businesses and can be used to add aesthetic value.

 Additionally, they come in different sizes, designs, and customization. The client can choose the type of printing, mounting, and finishing that will last long with unique properties.

1.2 What Is the Use of Outdoor Metal Letters?

The outdoor metal letters are important for any business owner as it creates awareness about its existence. It can also attract customers who like to be connected to smartness and style. 

Additionally, they can be used to give directions to a particular building, hotel, or space. Also, they can be used to run a promotion or recognition of certain services and products.

 Due to their eye-catchy design, they create an aesthetic view that attracts potential clients to businesses.

1.3 Where Are Outdoor Metal Letters Used?

The outdoor metal letters can be used in many places for different reasons. They are found in churches, on roads for direction, in schools, buildings, hotels, posh areas, and companies.

1.4 Where Do I Get the Outdoor Metal Letters?

We are manufacturers concerned with the production of outdoor metal letters. You should choose us because we have affordable, quality, and durable products that have a lifetime warranty.  

We have been certified by the relevant bodies due to our professionalism and expertise in dealing with the manufacture of outdoor metal letters.

We give price reductions on huge orders and deliveries at no cost to our local clients. The ordering, payment, and delivery processes are smooth and straightforward.

1.5 Where Should the Outdoor Metal Letters Be Placed?

Figure 2. Placement of Outdoor Metal Letters

Before installing the outdoor metal letters check the surrounding area. Outdoor metal letters need to be mounted in a place that is noticeable and free from obstructions.

 Also, consider their designs and words which should be eye catchy to attract clients and create awareness.

1.6 How Durable Are the Outdoor Metal Letters?

We make outdoor metal letters using the most durable metals. We make certain to deliver excellent products that do not fade, wear off, and are resistant.

 They are simple to tidy and the material is recyclable.  To confirm this, we offer free samples and also allow walk-in clients to see for themselves.

1.7 Is There Any Cleaning Guide for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

As expected with any outdoor item, the outdoor metal letters need to be wiped once in a while using water and mild detergent. It helps to remove any dirt and debris to keep it looking elegant.

 For the ones that have lighting, switch it off and allow it to dry completely to avoid any shocks or circuit breakers.

1.8 Which Finishing Options Are Available for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Various finishing options can be applied to the outdoor metal letters. The client should consider one that is compatible with her surroundings and specify it during order placement.

The anodized finish is a condition where an extra layer of protection is added to the products. It is offered in gold, silver and black colors.

 The polished finish looks like a mirror due to its reflective ability. It gets dirty quickly making it prone to cleaning. The satin finish is cheaper and protects against rust and fading.

1.9 What Mounting Options Are There for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 3. Mounting Options for Outdoor Metal Letters

For outdoor metal letters, we have various mounting options. A client should be able to specify their selection when placing an order on our website. 

 The products come with a guide on how to install and remove them when necessary. We have:

  • Sturdy mounting: the holes are pierced on the back for studs to pass through. 
  • Projected spacers: It makes the outdoor metal letters look like they are from the wall.

 It is achieved by moving them onto the studs making them balance from the wall at the same distance.  

  • Jam nuts: they are used on rough surfaces and are adjustable. 
  • Pin mounting: here the pins are used to keep the outdoor metal letters in place especially in small-sized products.
  • Plain letters with adhesive: we use construction-grade adhesive to keep them in place. Here there are holes or drilling.
  • Double-sided foam tape: it is used for attaching them onto the wall by applying the tape and pressing firmly.

1.10 What are the factors I should consider before choosing outdoor metal letters?

There are various points a client should consider before choosing outdoor metal letters. They should act as a guide on what is appropriate for the environment.

 To begin with, consider the weather of the place. Windy and rainy areas will need a strong mounting feature to prevent them from falling and getting stolen.

 Also, check on the general costs involved in production to installing the outdoor metal letters in place. It should be cheaper but of high quality. Another option is cleaning and maintenance. 

Look for metals that can be easily cleaned when they get dirty due to debris and mud. The maintenance costs should be lower than the purchasing price. 

The lifespan of the outdoor metal letters should be a guide. For short-term usage or promotional adverts that need to be changed from time to time and others have a lifetime warranty. 

Additionally, consider the repairs and the replacements associated with your outdoor metal letters. You should also consider exposure to the sun.

 Lastly, select a finish that does not get damaged by UV rays making the outdoor metal letters dull and faded over time.

1.11 What Are Tips for Protecting the Outdoor Metal Letters?

As a business owner, you should consider some tips that will protect the outdoor metal letters from any dysfunctionalities.

 Ask the producing company to use ink that is sturdy to UV rays to prevent fading off. Consider the mounting area where they should be placed.

 It should be free from obstructions and put on awnings to provide cover. The place can get some shade during the day or add a costly cooling system.

1.12 What Is the Installation Process for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

Before installation is done, the client should have an idea of where the outdoor metal letters will be mounted.

 They come with an instructional manual and procedures for efficient installation. It should be an open place with good terrain and free from obstructions.

 Remove the outer cover to get the adhesive part and stick it on the wall. It should be visible from all angles and can be read from a distance. The placement level does not need to be too high nor too low. 

The place should be flat to enable drilling to fit the post. It comes with pre-drilled holes on request by the client keeping in mind that there are several mounting options.

Adjust the height to the recommended standard and attach it to the post. Make it firm to prevent it from falling in case of heavy rains or wind. 

 Some come with a base for support hence no need for posts.

1.13 What Is the Difference Between Outdoor Cast Metal Letters and Flat Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 4. Outdoor Cast Metal Letters

The cast metal letters are mostly used when it comes to the attachment on the wall. They have more deepness compared to the flat cut. They are heavy on the back meaning they use less material than the flat cut. 

They are available in many font styles and limited sizes, unlike the flat-cut flat-cut metal that is found in a variety of sizes to choose from. Both of the methods are resilient and durable.

1.14 How Unique Is the Material Used in Making the Outdoor Metal Letters?

We make our outdoor metal letters using high-quality metals that have unique properties. The metals are durable and strong to last for a long time.

 They are also recyclable to help the client reuse them whenever he wishes to change the design after a while. They can be bent in whichever direction without losing their shape.

 They are water-resistant which makes them conducive to all weathers since they do not fade or crumble. Also, they are readily available and very affordable.

 Lastly, they cannot be scratched by any item to prevent a dull and worn-out look.

1.15 What Printing Options Are Available for Outdoor Metal Letters?

We use different types of printing to bring out the preferred outlook of the outdoor metal letters. They include screen printing, digital printing, and flexography.

 The wordings should be readable from a distance and clear.

1.16 Is Engraving Carried Out On Outdoor Metal Letters?

Engraving is done on the outdoor metal letters to bring out outstanding looks and finishes. They include laser engraving where a slim coat of metal is vaporized. 

It brings a different look between the surface and the engraved areas. We also have a manual engraving that is done by making profound cuts onto the metal and the finishing is not so even. 

Lastly, there is rotary engraving where the cutting tool is rotated to produce an exact deepness at the same level as the cutter tip.

1.17 Do You Have Any Certification in Regards to Production of the Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 5. Certifications for Outdoor Metal Letters

Yes. Our company is ISO certified and has been regulated by the health and safety management system certification.

 We also have business permits that allow us to transact with our clients legally.

1.18 Which Factors Should You Consider Before Placing Outdoor Metal Letters?

As a client, some factors should be considered before purchasing the outdoor metal letters.

 Select a metal that is of high quality and durable such that it does not bend, fade, and is resistant to corrosion.

 Think through product sizes and its location. It should not be too big or too small to be seen. Also, the overall cost should be affordable and last for a long. 

Additionally, they should be flexible due to the variety of finishes, printing, mounting, and styles. Look at the time taken to deliver, the after-sales services, and the professionalism offered.

The metal used should be recyclable meaning it can be used after a long time to create other outdoor metal letters. It will help save costs in the future.

2.0 Design and Customization

Figure 6. Design and Customization of Outdoor Metal Letters

2.1 Which Sizes Do the Outdoor Metal Letters Come with?

We have small, medium, and large outdoor metal letters. It varies depending on how many words should be written on it and the design. We have samples on our website for you to check.

2.2 Which Thickness Are Available for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

The outdoor metal letters come in different thicknesses. The client needs to be precise when placing an order. They range from 1/8″ to 1″. The height also varies between ½ to 72″.

2.3 Do You Allow Customization of Outdoor Metal Letters?

Yes. We can customize the outdoor metal letters according to the clients’ choice. We encourage personalization as the design is unique and brings a sense of ownership.

 All you need to do is upload the design in the accepted file format for us to make it.

2.4 2What Is the Advantage of Customizing My Outdoor Metal Letters?

Customization of outdoor metal letters has many benefits. The message is clear, your business will be unique and noticeable. 

Additionally, it gives a sense of ownership since its original work. it brings inspiration to the employees and offers a productive environment.

2.5 Which Materials Are Used in Making the Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 7. Materials used in making Outdoor Metal Letters

The outdoor metal letters are made from different types of metals. There is aluminum, copper, cast, stainless steel, and bronze.

 The client should specify their preference when placing an order. Choose a metal that is good for your surroundings and the installation options.

 Each metal has exclusive characteristics that make it stand out. 

2.6 Are The Materials Used in Making the Outdoor Metal Letters Recyclable?

The materials used in the manufacture of the outdoor metal letters are recyclable and can be used over and over again.

 The products returned for replacement undergo a recycling process to make new metal letters.

2.7 Do Outdoor Metal Letters Have Any Mounting Features?

The Outdoor metal letters come with pre-drilled holes for outdoor mounting and adhesive tapes. They have studs for longevity and an expert look.

 The holes have space for easy mounting which is thick to withstand any climatic conditions. However, it is not obvious as some clients prefer using adhesives for mounting. 

2.8 Which Fonts Are Used in Making the Outdoor Metal Letters?

Due to our expertise gained over time, we have a wide range of fonts that we use in making outdoor metal letters.

 As a client, you will be required to choose which font you desire while placing an order on our website. They include:

  • Engraving fonts: it includes different types like Roman, Helvetica. Victoria and Avant fonts. Each of the fonts has a distinct and sole feature. 
  • Etching fonts:  they include the sucker, max initial, vintage, jengle junallery fonts. They give a stylish look from the old times.
  • Logo and graphics: the idea of the graphic is to add the aesthetic sensation to the weed grinder metal. We engrave logos and initials, especially for companies.

 Diverse designs are possible for different departments like aviation, IT, agriculture, and machinery.

2.9 What Accessories Are Used Together with The Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 8. Materials for Outdoor Metal Letters

The outdoor metal letters come with illuminating light that makes them visible during the night or in darkness. There are nails for mounting, adhesive tapes, color-matched screws.

2.10 Are My Designs for Outdoor Metal Letters Confidential?

We are guided by the spirit of confidentiality and protection of our clients’ details. Our company is not able to give out any information that breaches privacy. 

However, with the permission of the client, we share the designs on our website with copyright policies.

2.11 Can You Merge My Design with Yours to Come Up with Unique Outdoor Metal Letters?

This is a customization feature that we encourage our clients to practice. 

2.12 Are There Double-Sided Outdoor Metal Letters?

We make the double-sided outdoor metal letters on request by a client. This type cannot be fixed on the wall as it will not be visible from both sides. It is ideal for ones with bases or supported.

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 9. Order and Payment

3.1 How Do I Place an Order for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Order placement for outdoor metal letters is straightforward. Select designs, accessories, finishes, colors, mountings, and sizes from our library. 

We also accept customized orders where a client will need to upload the sample in drawing or picture form of any format. 

We will send an invoice to your email and start the production after payments have been done.

3.2 What Is the Lead Time for Outdoor Metal Letters?

It will be determined by various factors that are in play during order placement. It includes the availability of the material, number of outdoor metal letters, styles, and time of placing the order. 

We will ensure that delivery is done within the agreed time on the agreement.

3.3 What Is the Average Cost of Outdoor Metal Letters?

The cost of the outdoor metal letters will be affected by different reasons. It will vary due to where the product will be delivered, the size and the design selected. 

The type of finish applied and any accessories will make a difference. See our price range chart on our website for estimates

3.4 Is Your Platform User Friendly?

Figure 10. Friendly Outdoor Metal Letters Platform

Our website is simple and can be used by anyone. The commands are straightforward and very minimal. We have different languages to accommodate different ethnicities.

 We also have our customer agents to solve any arising matters experienced by the clients.

3.5 Do I Need to Have an Account Before Placing an Order for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

No. A client does not need to have an account before making an order with us. The client is obligated to open our website, check the designs, and put an order.

 In cases of customization, share your design with us and we will send an invoice via email. Make all the payments after previewing your product and we deliver within 7-10 working days.

3.6 Which Payment Methods Are Preferred for Outdoor Metal Letters?

We accept all the global payment methods to include all people from the world. There is a currency conversion table used by clients to know how much they are parting with. It includes:

  • PayPal.
  • MasterCard.
  • Credit cards.
  • Cash for walk-in clients.

3.7 Can I Preview My Design Before Making a Payment for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

It is our rule not to make any product before the client can give us a green light. It is usually done after previewing the outdoor metal letters, giving us any adjustments if any.

 The move ensures the clients are satisfied and give consent to our work.

3.8 Where Do I Get the Outdoor Metal Letters Samples and Are They Free?

Yes. We offer samples for outdoor metal letters to our clients. You are required to place a request on our homepage then we will deliver them.

 We also allow walk-in clients who get the opportunity to view them in person and get detailed information.

 Additionally, there are a variety of pictures uploaded on our library to enable you to view our designs. The samples are free of charge.

3.9 Do You Accept Bulk Orders for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 11. Bulk Orders for Outdoor Metal Letters

Yes. We can make as many outdoor metal letters as possible. Check the terms and restrictions as stated on our website.

3.10 Are Partial Payments Accepted for Outdoor Metal Letters?

We do not accept any partial payment plan unless agreed in our agreement or with our partner companies.

 All other parties need to make the payments before the manufacturing process.

3.11 Do I Make Payments for Outdoor Metal Letters Before or After Delivery?

We require our clients to make payments before the production process begins. The payment will cover the expenses and make a surety of the deal. 

However, we have an option of paying for delivery for our regular clients and our partner companies. The system selects automatically depending on the number of transactions done.  

3.12 What Is the Cap On the Number of Outdoor Metal Letters I Can Order at A Specific Time?

At the moment we do not have any limit on the number of metal outdoor letters a client is supposed to purchase. Note that the more the number the less the expenses incurred.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 12. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 When Will I Receive My Outdoor Metal Letters?

After the submission of the designs and the payments are done, we deliver the outdoor metal letters on the same day. It applies to local orders that come in before 10 am each day.

 For bulk orders, it takes more time because of the density. For international deliveries, we take 7 to 10 days to fulfill an order depending on the clearance matters. 

We will communicate if we have any challenges. 

4.2 Who Pays for The Shipping of the Outdoor Metal Letters?

All the costs incurred from the manufacturing to delivery of the outdoor metal letters will be catered for by the client.

4.3 Will You Be Able to Handle My Order for Outdoor Metal Letters Well?

We are a big company with immense experience in manufacturing and handling outdoor metal letters. We will deliver them in good condition and fast.

4.4 How Are the Outdoor Metal Letters Packaged for Transportation?

Figure 13. Packaging for Outdoor Metal Letters

The outdoor metal letters are packaged according to their sizes. For international deliveries, we cover them in polybags then put them in carton boxes that contain vacuum bubbles.

 It prevents movements and friction that can lead to dents and breakages. They are then put in wooden cases for safety.

4.5 At Which Stage Am I Supposed to Make a Payment for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

Payments are supposed to be done after the order placement for the outdoor metal letters is successful. An estimate will be conveyed which you need to go through carefully.

 Make the payments using our preferred methods as listed on our website. We also have companies that we have a memorandum of understanding with who have a different payment plan. 

4.6 Are There Any Shipping Restrictions for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

We have no limitations involved when shipping outdoor metal letters. We distribute worldwide using efficient and fast means.

 Our website automatically picks your location during order placement.

4.7 What Are the Prerequisites for A Delivery of Outdoor Metal Letters to Be Successful?

As a client, ensure that you have placed your order for the outdoor metal letters with all the specific information. It includes the size, design, finishing, and shipping address. 

Additionally, make the payments as per the agreed invoice.

4.8 Which Shipping Companies Do You Use to Deliver the Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 14. Shipping Companies for Outdoor Metal Letters

We have various shipping companies that we recommend. We consider one that is cheaper and efficient to deliver the outdoor metal letters on time. They are:

  • DHL.
  • UPS.
  • FedEx.
  • Shippo.

4.9 Can I Open the Package During Delivery?

Yes. It is allowed to open the outdoor metal letters on delivery to ascertain its condition. Check all the parts before signing the delivery note. In case of challenges, we will be ready to help.

4.10 Do I Need to Pick the Outdoor Metal Letters in Person?

We advise our clients to collect the outdoor metal letters in person. It is essential because they are in a position to know if what they ordered is what was delivered.

 They can also request a replacement if any within the stipulated time. However, we allow a representative to receive on your behalf if they have all the documents needed for delivery.

4.11 What Happens If I Am Not Around During Delivery of the Outdoor Metal Letters?

We allow representation during the delivery of the outdoor metal letters. Ensure that the receiver has the transaction code, the payment receipt, and the original identification of the buyer. 

4.12 What If I Receive Damaged Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 15. Damaged Outdoor Metal Letters

When you receive a damaged package, do not sign the delivery note. Instead, log in to our website and apply for a replacement of the outdoor metal letters.

 Attach all the documents and we will deliver within 7 working days.

4.13 Do You Offer After Sales Services for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Yes. We are a diverse company that deals with solving our clients’ problems especially when it comes to matters outdoor metal letters.

 We have our team of professionals who mount them neatly at a small fee. They also install add ons like LED backlights. Let us install the outdoor metal letters today.

4.14 What Is the Process of Receiving the Outdoor Metal Letters Within the Same Day of Placing an Order?

We conduct same-day deliveries for the outdoor metal letters to our local customers. The orders should be placed before 10 am on the same day.

 Make all the necessary payments and give the correct address. In case of any challenges, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

4.15 Are There Any Tracking Services for The Outdoor Metal Letters?

Yes. We allow our clients to track the status of their outdoor metal letters using their order number on our website.

 It can help you know when the delivery will be done and at what time. 

4.16 What Do I Do When I Experience Challenges Concerning the Outdoor Metal Letters?

We have a team of professionals who work tirelessly to attend to our clients’ needs. Reach us via email or phone 24 hours every day of the week for any information or questions.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 16. Return and Replacement Policy

5.1 How Do I Place a Replacement Claim for Outdoor Metal Letters?

The procedure is simple and our website is user-friendly. Open the order form that is found on our homepage. Look for the replacement claim form located at the bottom left of the page.

 Click to open and understand all the details then click submit for approval. We will respond within 24hours.

5.2 What Are the Requirements for A Refund to Be Successful?

There are certain documents that we will need before processing the replacement for outdoor metal letters.

 The client should submit the transaction code, the payment receipt, shipping address, and the delivered package within 24hours.

5.3 How Long Does It Take for A Replacement for Outdoor Metal Letters to Be Successful?

Generally, we take 7 working days to replace the outdoor metal letters. Ensure that you provide all the needed documents to fasten the process.

 However, we will communicate if there will be any delays. We also have a tracking system on our website to help you determine when the replacement will arrive.

5.4 Who Qualifies for A Replacement of Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 17. Qualifications for Outdoor Metal Letters Replacement

A replacement will be conducted if a client receives a wrong package and is willing to apply for a replacement. 

Also, those who receive defective outdoor metal letters are eligible for replacements. 

We have clients who decide to change their design during delivery by choosing another design that is within the same price range.

5.5 Do You Replace the Damaged Part of the Outdoor Metal Letters or The Whole Package?

As a company, we ensure that we offer our clients the best services. 

When a damaged product is delivered, we will replace the whole outdoor metal letters to avoid any miss functionalities. The client will not be charged unless he interfered with the product.

5.6 Who Will Pay for The Costs of Replacement for Outdoor Metal Letters?

The cost to be paid will be determined by the reason for carrying out a replacement for outdoor metal letters.

 If the damage occurred due to a manufacturing error, then we will assume full responsibility. If the defect occurred due to transportation, then we will bill the shipping company directly.

 If the client decides to make changes to the delivered outdoor metal letters they will be responsible for all the charges.

5.7 Do You Accept Returns?

Yes. We accept returns for outdoor metal letters that are not customized. It applies to clients who receive wrong packages and are not willing to apply for a replacement.

 In this case, we refund 50% of the total cost if a refund claim is placed within 24hours. Confirm that you have all the documents as per our agreement.

5.8 Do Your Outdoor Metal Letters Have Warranty?

Figure 18. Warranty for Outdoor Metal Letters

We make the outdoor metal letters using high-profile material. We guarantee our clients with 100% warranty for a lifetime. 

Our clients should keep their order number safe because we will need it for referral anytime we make a warranty. Try our outdoor metal letters today for greatness.

5.9 How Many Times Do I Qualify for Replacement of Outdoor Metal Letters?

There is no limit in the number of times a client qualifies for the replacement of outdoor metal letters. As long as the reason is valid then we must ensure that we serve them.

 In case of any questions let us know how we can be of help.

5.10 What Are the Conditions for A Replacement of Outdoor Metal Letters to Be Carried Out?

A replacement for outdoor metal letters will be carried out if the client qualifies for one. Also, he should be able to fill the replacement claim form that is found on our website within 24hours. The needed documents should be attached as proof of ownership. Refer to the sales agreement for detailed information.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 19. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Is the Procedure of Placing a Cancellation for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Placing a cancellation request is simple due to our user-friendly website. The client should open the order form found on our website.

 Look for the cancelation tab found on the right side of the page. Go through our explanations and submit them for approval. You will be notified within 24hours.

6.2 Will I Be Notified When I Cancel an Order for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Yes. A client will receive a notification upon successful cancelation of an order for outdoor metal letters via email.

 Due to a large number of clients, we take 24hours to respond on the maximum. Let us know if it is not done within the stipulated time.

6.3 Is Your Company Insured?

Yes. We have an insurance policy that protects our business against theft, replacements, returns, and refunds.

 It ensures that we don’t make huge losses and we can continue serving our clients fully.

6.4 How Many Times Can I Cancel an Order for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Figure 20. Multiple Cancellations for Outdoor Metal Letters

There is no limit on how many times a client can cancel an order for outdoor metal letters. However, we do not accept the cancellation of products that are in transit.

 You can make a request even after a previous cancellation.

6.5 What Are the Requirements for A Refund to Be Successful?

A client should ensure that they have filed a refund claim form that is on our website and attaches the necessary documents. 

They include bank details where the funds will be deposited and a copy of the receipt issued after payments. Also, include the transaction code and identification card.

6.6 How Long till I Get My Refund for Outdoor Metal Letters?

Generally, we take 21 working days to fulfill a refund for outdoor metal letters. The process is long due to the various stages it has to undergo before the final approval is issued.

6.7 Any Refund Policy for Outdoor Metal Letters?

As a company, we have guidelines to help us determine who and when to give refunds to our clients. 

Send us a free inquiry request