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Here at Foison Metal, our passion is to discover your brand’s perfume private label manufacturing needs to provide a luxurious experience for your clients. From packaging design through delivery, our staff is with you every step of the way.

We believe that what provides us a competitive advantage in this industry is our enthusiasm about our work and belief in providing our clients high-quality service.

Foison Metal is the place to go if you want to start your own perfume label. We take your ideas seriously and turn them into a fantastic product that you will undoubtedly like.

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Product Expertise

Foison Metal is a perfume private label manufacturing company that has well-trained experts that develops the most durable labels.

Fast Production

We make sure to meet your perfume label deadline while producing high-quality products.


Our team understands and value your every perfume private label needs and share passion to solve your labeling needs.


Foison Metal's perfume private label service strives to make unique designs that will surely help your company brand grow.

Direct Service

Our company lives from repeat clients that guarantee that our products are well delivered the way they were advertised.


Foison Metal's team is available 24/7 wherever you are in the word to assist you with your perfume labeling needs.


We provide perfume label manufacturing benefits, such as free sample and free quotation to ensure customer satisfaction.


We offer a wide range of perfume private label in areas such as medical, aerospace, military, industrial, electronics.

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The Most Durable and Classy Looking Perfume Private Label Manufacturing in China

Premium Private Label

We'll help you promote your perfume by creating the most luxurious perfume labels.

Metal Labels for Perfume Bottle

Metal labels gives you an edge to your competitors as it gives the bottle a more sophisticated look.

Customized Perfume Label

We customize perfume labels to make your perfume standout.

Perfume Labels with Adhesive

Adhesive labels serves as good option to customize perfume bottles.

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Here at Foison Metal, our passion is to discover your brand’s perfume private label manufacturing needs to provide a luxurious experience for your clients. From packaging design through delivery, our staff is with you every step of the way.

We believe in providing excellent service for our clients, which we believe gives us a competitive edge in this industry.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We make sure to only manufacture high-quality products that are made in durable materials.


All of our products ensures to fulfill its duty producing long-term results.


All of our products are cost-effective which will guarantee your money’s worth.


With the goal of use, we have a choice of materials that are highly long-lasting.

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Throughout the life of our business, we at Foison Metal have been and will continue to make every effort to ensure that our identification solutions will meet the demands of every client. For this reason, we are always expanding our offerings with new technologies and perfume label designs.

The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Perfume Private Label
Figure 1 Perfume Private Label

1.1 What Is Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Perfume private label manufacturing is the process where labels used for perfume identification, packaging attraction, and branding are done not publicly but privately where a client states his design and customization of the desired output.

1.2 Where Can You Find Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

You can find perfume private label manufacturing on perfume cans of different sizes, shapes, and colors. also, perfume private label manufacturing is found on designer bags and handbags.

1.3 Why Consider Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

It is important to consider perfume private label manufacturing because this is the label that gives perfumes it looks. The brand of the perfume relies heavily on the label. The marketing of the perfume relies heavily on the label design. Perfume private label manufacturing is important for perfume identification.

1.4 How Do You Ascertain A Symbol Is Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

You will know a label is a perfume private label manufacturing because of the information it displays to the client. the design it is made of, and the quality of material used on that label makes it unique.

1.5 What Process Does It Require In Creating The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

The process used for creating perfume private label manufacturing is more complicated than it would seem to appear. When it comes to labeling of perfume certain aspects are put into consideration such as;

  • the brand of the company.
  • The packaging.
  • What type of perfume you are labeling and the type of information to include on it.
  • The target audience is also a key factor in labeling.
  • The size of the label also matters a lot.

1.6 What Materials Are Used In Creating Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Some of the materials used in making perfume private label manufacturing include;

  • Steel

It’s anything but a solid consumption opposition, a metal inclination, and is exceptionally hard. The mirror impacts of treated steel give it a delightful look and cause the fragrance to feel rich.

  • Nickel

Perfume labels produced using nickel are adaptable and super flimsy and it is accessible in brilliant tones and dark silver. Perfume private label manufacturing with this material is not difficult to introduce and has smooth edges.

  • Copper

Perfume private label manufacturing using copper has a delicate surface, is climate cordial, is tamper-resistant, and is solid. They likewise have a wonderful appearance because of their creative nature.

copper label
Figure 3 copper label
  • Vinyl

Vinyl material is truly solid as they have a perpetual adhesive, are misty, and are cheap. It is utilized for fragrance packaging that needs tamper-resistant protection.

  • Zinc alloy

Perfume private label manufacturing made from this is of high-cost performance with maximum brightness. Because of this feature, it is so much used to attract clients.

1.7 In What Way Is Quality For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Ensured?

Yes, we can guarantee the quality used in creating perfume private label manufacturing because before the creation of the labels we take steps in choosing where and what we should use per the nature of the environment and fragrance produced.

Say if you want to put a perfume label on a brand of perfume or designer bag that needs to target reach people you have to use a steel label that is durable, shiny,  and can resist harsh conditions.                  

steel shiny labels
Figure 4 steel shiny labels

1.8 How Do You Warrant The Quality Of Material Used In Creating Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

As discussed above, we keep a keen procedure as to the type of material used and to the purpose of labeling, and to what surface to label.

1.9 Does Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Effective In All Weather Conditions?

We create perfume private label manufacturing per customer specifications and design, but throughout our production, we ensure the quality of the material is maintained. Most materials we used are metallic making the labels durable and can last for a very long time without fading.

1.10 What Information Does Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Have?

Perfume private label manufacturing contain information such as; 

  • The ingredients
  • Instructions
  • Warnings on an important and attractive way

1.11 Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Only Applicable To Perfumes?

Perfume private label manufacturing is not only applicable to perfumes but also the designer handbags, perfume carriers, clutches, and shoes.

1.12 Why Is It Important To Label Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

It is important to label perfume private label manufacturing because of the trademark of the company. Also, for the sake of differentiating product uniqueness.

1.13 What Are The Risk Information Being Portrayed By Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

The risk information portrayed by perfume private label manufacturing is;

  • The warning information of possible poisoning if the product is ingested.
  • The warning information of possible explosion if kept near the fire because the product is highly flammable.
  • Warning information of the possible expiration of the product because of a limited life span

1.14 How Available Are Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Perfume private label manufacturing is very much available in all perfume-related products, packaging, and cloth lines also. It is a mark so much seen in the fashion and design industry.

1.15 How Is Quality For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Ensured?

Figure 5 perfume metallic label

Quality is ensured in the making of perfume private label manufacturing through the use of durable, corrosion-resistant materials that include:

  • Copper.
  • Steel.
  • Nickel.
  • silver.

1.16 What Industries Use Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Many are the industries that use perfume private label manufacturing, and they include:

  • The fashion industry that consists of cloth line, fragrance, lotions, soaps.
  • Also, the textile industries consisting of handbags, shoes, and caps.

1.17 What Are The Importance Of Using Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

The significance of using perfume private label manufacturing is that it markets a company’s brand.

It gives a facet a fragrance or any other product in relation.

It acts as a mark of identity.

They make the product more attractive.

Also, labels are used to provide stern warnings to users of the hazards if not well used.

1.18 What Factors Are Put Into Mind When It Comes To Choosing The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Labelling a Perfume Label
Figure 6 Labelling a Perfume Label

Factors put into consideration when it comes to choosing to perfume private label manufacturing include;

  • The nature of the product about the perfume private label manufacturing being used.
  • The use of the product being labeled concerning the target audience.
  • The company is being marketed.
  • Customer specifications and satisfaction.
  • The durability of the product being labeled.
  • Storage of the product being labeled with the environment.

1.19 What Are The Steps To An Efficient Perfume Private Label Manufacturing System?

Steps to an efficient perfume private label manufacturing system include:

  • Identifying the type of perfume private label manufacturing and its category.
  • Establishing the type of perfume private label manufacturing that is required.
  • Assigning a unique identification number.
  • Fix the perfume private label manufacturing to the asset.
  • Implementation of the process of data verification.

1.20 Which Assets Should Be Labeled Using Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Majority of the assets that are labeled using perfume private label manufacturing include;

  • Clothes.
  • Handbags and clutches.
  • Caps and shawls.
  • Perfumes and brands.

1.21 Do The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Adhere To The Governing Rules?

Labels are divided into three groups: mandatory labels, which must be placed in the product package; restricted labels that cannot be used for the product; and additional tags that are not a must for you to put.

The main format that is followed during labeling is;

  • Product name and brand name.
  • What type of product is it?
  • The amount used.
  • Guaranteed analysis.
  • Statement of ingredients used.
  • Nutritional value.
  • Application instructions.
  • The manufacturing company or the distributor.

2.0 Design and Customization

Quality of a Private Label in Manufacturing
Figure 7 Quality of a Private Label in Manufacturing

2.1 Are Your Designs Chosen Specifically Or Randomly In A Procedure To Make The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Our designs are chosen with specific precision of the procedure of utilization. You just cannot put perfume private label manufacturing label used to identify perfume on a machine used for other purposes. 

Also, the standard procedure required by the governing bodies must be strictly followed and observed as far as design is concerned.

2.3 What Are The Available Color Options For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Perfume private label manufacturing is available in several color options, and it is upon you to select the most appropriate one to suit your needs. Some of the ways used to get the required color for optimum specifics to include;

  • Communicating your perfume private label manufacturing needs for the sake of the best material.
  • Use of spot colors to achieve accuracy and consistency.
  • Use of CMYK colors for easy matching and design.

2.4 Do You Share Your Customized Ideas For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

There will always be enough room for personalization, which has helped us move to the next level of modern security.

Perfume private label manufacturing is commonly used, and you will need one or two ideas to achieve a perfect, flawless exchange spirit.

2.5 Can I Get Perfume Private Label Manufacturing In All Sizes?

Design and Customization
Figure 8. Design and Customization

Yes, you can get perfume private label manufacturing of all sizes according to the customer’s request.

We issue labels according to standard measurements and customer specifications.

2.6 Are The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing In Pictorial Form Or Textual?

Due to public demand and the need for customer awareness, most of our labels are in text and picture form. But most of us prefer a lot of text to images because it is understanding text easily than a symbol.

2.7 Do You Have Different Design Categories Of Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Different categories and designs of perfume private label manufacturing are used to achieve uniqueness in each product. A client may come up with his design and work together in seeing that the results are satisfying.

2.8 Can Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Be Used Again And Again?

So many perfumes private label manufacturing are recycled whereby the labels can be used from one company to the other provided they manufacture the same product.

Also, many of the perfume private labels are recycled because many are made out of materials that last for a very long time that is why they can be moved from place to place, especially the metal materials labels.

2.9 Where Is the Best Place To Put Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

The best place to put perfume private label manufacturing is on top of perfume packages. Most of the labels are put in front of perfume bottles, on the side of handbags. This is because of the face of the brand for proper display.

2.10 What Font Sizes Are Best Used In Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Necessary measures and hazards must be explained. Use an easy-to-read font: Use a sans-serif font style like Verdana because the security icon makes it easier to read every line of text. It is also important not to use capital letters in texts for perfume private label manufacturing.

2.11 What Are Your Standard Sizes And Are There Size Limitations?

Perfume Label manufacturing in all sizes
Figure 9 Perfume Label manufacturing in all sizes

Usually, there are no standard sizes put in place to use. Sizes most of the time vary with the product to be labeled. Also, size varies according to the customer’s specifications. Size cut across and vary from one product to the other.

2.12 What Is The Essential Design That Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Conform To?

For the sake of client attraction and brand awareness marketing, it is very necessary for specific designs to be used or else not achieve outcomes in the market. Keeping the labels simple and precise but so much is put into the face. The message should be clear and legible.

The rules governing labeling also must be adhered to. We used different colors with the product. We are consistent in our design, so our stickers are like our symbols. Design changes can be confusing and read and understood for a long time. The usual design of labels and stickers, the colors used, security labels, and the appearance of the original words help to convey an important message quickly.

2.13 What Printing Technique Is Used In The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Mobile heat printers are often used in the technology of printing perfume private label manufacturing.

In addition, the use of desktop and industrial TSC barcode printers is doing more to ensure that print labels are sustainable and do not disappear quickly.

2.14 Are There Any Temporary Designs Produced Or Just Permanent Ones?

There are temporary and permanent designs to produce personal perfume labels.

Designs generally differ in location, environment, quality, portability, and durability of the material used.

2.15 Are There Limitations To The Number of Customized Designs Being Made?

There are limits to the number of custom designs that can help a company gain control and accountability. This is very important for the company’s reputation and for maintaining competition in an active market.

2.16 Am I Free To Share My Designs Ideas To Get My Specific Requirement Of The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

We encourage customers to share their design ideas as this helps us create more unique perfume private label manufacturing projects. You may not like the products you produce, but you will like the ones that are created after sharing your design idea.

2.17 How Are The Labels Packaged?

The perfume private label manufacturing comes in several forms that include:

  • They come on strips.
  • The economic labels come in sheets.
  • The permanent and anti-theft labels come in rolls.

But again, if a customer desires it in a different form there is room for customization for specifics.

2.18 What Is The Sizable Amount Of Text And Image That Can Fit On One Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Label?

The perfume private label manufacturing can contain a lot of information depending on the design, shape, size, and style of the font. as well as the size of the text.

To the textile industry, the label is mostly in small sizes, so the information contained in them is pretty much little. But to the fashion and design industry, a label can be big and the information it carries can be pretty much.

3.0 Order and Payment

3.1 What Is The Highest Number Of Order One Can Place For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

There is no limit to the number of orders a client can make without any restrictions. We encourage you to order in bulk which is way cheaper and less susceptible to loss.

3.2 Must I Come To The Factory To Place An Order?

Standard Sizes
Figure 10 Standard Sizes

The world has evolved, and technology has been able to access our website over the Internet. go through various perfume private label manufacturing and accept what you ask for in the comfort of your home. You do not have to waste energy coming to us when all you can do is just click a button and all your orders are met.

3.3 Can I Check The Perfume Private Label Manufacturing For Authentication Sake Before I Place An Order?

All our product pictures you see on our website are actual representations of the real product we produce. If you are buying from our authenticity and quality are ensured. We value our customers. That is why we strive each day to maintain our taste of quality.

3.4 Does Online Platform Exist Where I Can Place An Order For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing And Get Support?

As mentioned above, we provide online services on our website. Works with the efficiency of online services all day long. Online payments are protected from malware and online fraud. Thus, making online options the best service provided at any place at any time.

3.5 Do You Provide Free Samples For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

Ordering from Factory
Figure 11 Ordering from Factory

In the years of constant professionalism and quality labels, we have developed a policy in which customers receive free samples based on the number and number of purchases, which is a small token of gratitude. Most free samples are given to bulk purchases and for promotional purposes.

3.6 Does Payment After Delivery Option Exist?

There is a policy of payment of interest before and after delivery of the goods. We usually charge 65% of the total cost before delivery and 35% after delivery if the client is satisfied with the goods she ordered. This has been our policy for a long time now and it has worked well with us together with our esteemed clients.

3.7 How Long Does It Take For Transit To Commence?

This lasts a maximum of 24 hours When you place an order. Note that this period was taken for an order to commence. transit only happens during the working days of the week whereby the final day of processing and order is Friday.

3.8 When I Change My Order Can I Be Charged For Doing So?

If you cancel or change an order, you will not be able to pay for it if you do so within 24 hours, but if you change your order after the item is in transit, you will pay a fair percentage. The total transit fee is usually 10% of the amount you paid.

3.9 How Much Does Perfume Private Label Manufacturing Cost?

The cost of perfume private label manufacturing varies depending on the specifications that you will need. Normally our price is between 0.50 to 1.00 USD per one bundle minimum order. Other factors that determine cost include:

  • The size.
  • Material used.
  • How thick is the label?
  • Durability also is a factor.
  • The designs also determine so much.

After getting your desired specifications then a quotation is drafted for the total cost.

3.10 Do You Have Readily Available Agents Who Can Be Reached Out Any Time Of The Day?

Readily available agents are available in the major cities that have our offices and docking points. But also, an agent can be dispatched to your specific area if the need arises and the situation at hand requires one.

3.11 Are Documents Needed During The Process Of Placing An Order?

Documents are not necessarily needed during the placing of an order. Most orders are placed through our website making it even simple for a client not to require any need of a document. 

The client provides the necessary information such as bank details, delivery address, apartment information, and personal information such as name, age, even signature, for various verification procedures, thus avoiding fraud.

3.12 Are There Any After-Sale Services That Are Provided After Placing An Order?

The after-sale services we provide after an order is made are client support, advice given to the use of various products, free consultation. Even the door-to-door delivery can access our offices where delivery is made.

3.13 What Happens When my Order has not to be Processed?

Samples of Perfume Labels
Figure 12. Samples of Perfume Labels

It is rare for a person to place an order through our site, and it fails to be completed. this only happens if our systems do not work or if there is a technical failure or during the system upgrade. 

Before this happens there is always a prior notice to all our esteemed clients through their emails. our technicians work tirelessly to maintain the system. In this case, however, we usually ask the customer to re-order.

3.14 What Are The Payment Methods Used?

Diversity has been and remains our mission and goal. To expand our target market, we have been able to create a variety of payment methods that have served our customers well over time.

The different mediums of payments we use include:

  • PayPal
  • Visa cards pay.
  • Cash
  • Debit cards

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Are My Orders Delivered?

Processing Perfume Label Order
Figure 13 Processing Perfume Label Order

Orders are mostly delivered employing shipping, which is by sea, transit by road, and the most efficient way and fast is by air.

4.2 Will My Orders Reach Me On Time?

Time and period were taken for delivery matter a lot. considering the length and time required to complete the transaction. However, we work day and night to ensure that the goods are delivered on time and without delay.

4.3 What Is Your Set Time Of Shipping And Delivery For Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

The set time of our shipment and delivery depends a lot on the time and distance of the shipment. In most cases, it takes a minimum of 2-3 days to make a complete shipment and another one day to complete delivery. But we usually work around the clock to make all deliveries happen within the working days.

4.4 Is Tracking System Put In Place During Shipping AND Delivery Process Of Perfume Private Label Manufacturing?

We typically use a cell-based tracking system in which our system reports from the operator’s machine and then reports back by use of cell towers.

When goods are being transported, we use the GPS of tracking that uses satellite technology to relay data to the status of shipment.

We also have activity tracking devices, which include small chips embedded in tools like electronics, household items, to track just about anything.

4.5 Are There Middlemen Involved During Shipping And Delivery?

There are intermediaries we trust in shipment and delivery.

Most freight companies offer good delivery and delivery services.

Brokers are primarily involved in ensuring safe delivery for our customers.

4.6 In Case Of Large Quantity Order Can My Shipping Requirements be Handled?

At Foison Metal, we can meet your delivery needs conveniently and easily, as we are used to encouraging customers to place many orders, we have long known the rules of the market and we know how to quickly solve such problems.

4.7 Do You Ship Worldwide Or You Just Limited To A Specific Country?

We ship the goods to any country by the requirements of the customer and the national laws of the customer specified in the order. However, due to the obligations of any country, the buyer may incur additional costs because of the taxes incurred by custom duties.

4.8 Is There Insurance for My Goods In Case Of Damage During Transit?

Goods insurance policies are well documented at the time of shipment or by our company.

If the goods are destroyed, stolen, or destroyed by fire, the buyer has the right to fully compensate his money or the goods he ordered. but when the client has the goods in his hands when the accident happens while in his possession, we do not compensate for such cases. the client is obliged to incur the losses.

4.9 Can I Pick Up My Order Directly from The Company?

You have every right and power to pick up your order directly from us if you have completed payment. This type of delivery only happens during working days or business hours. In case the goods are bulk there are after-sales services of free transport if your place of residence is reachable.

4.10 Are Storage Services Provided In Case Of Late Picking Of An Order?

You are entitled to a safe protection service for a maximum of one week for his products. This only happens when deemed to have been delayed due to physical, natural, or human reasons; if the picking does not happen within one week, it will be considered the U.S. $ 1 per week for each working day. When one month reaches the limit, the goods are returned to us.

4.11 Is Standard Pricing Available?

Payment Methods
Figure 14. Standard Pricing

Shipping cost depends on size, weight, mode of transportation, and country of active identification. You should see the exact price in our latest shipping costs of perfume private label manufacturing. so standard pricing only happens when the goods transported are only from one destination.

4.12 How Can I Get Free Shipping If I Do Not Want To Pay For Transit Charges?

The only free shipping done is for clients within or near our headquarters. But also, to clients with bulk orders can be made of inclusion to the free delivery.

4.13 Will I Be Notified After My Order Arrives?

Normally when a delivery arrives at its destination, a client is notified through email for pick-up point or contacted through the number he provided during order placement. Also, on our website, there is the tracking of shipment and delivery under and will be updated if your product arrives.

5.0 Replacement and Returns

5.1 What Happens When There Is A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

If the customer receives an incorrect order, the customer must report it immediately. so, you can make it effective by calling the hotline numbers on our site. If a client is near our offices, he can make a point of visiting our offices and present his grievances so that he can be helped.

5.2 What Is The Period For the Return Of An Order?

This list period covers 24 hours. to return the wrong order. Giving an ultimatum helps with the tracking process.  The process of initiating the right sequence with the right holder and of course helps to avoid further damage to the goods.

5.3 Whom Should I Reach Out To When My Order Has Not Been Delivered?

 You can contact our company directly if the product is not delivered as expected. The human resource manager will help you with the way forward. but the hotline numbers on our site can also help, where our customer service team will sort you out.

5.4 Any Hotline Number To Contact In Case My Order Has Been Delayed Or Undelivered?

On our website, we have two hotline numbers that you can contact when you need a solution as soon as possible. In the event of any complaint, canceling an order, changing the order, or having problems navigating through our website, the same hotline numbers can be of great help. The number is functional any time of the week.

5.5 What Period Does It Take For A Replacement To Be Done?

It takes at least 22 business days to replace. During this time, we check that the goods are not damaged, and if the goods are damaged the client will have to incur charges for the damaged goods.

5.6 Do I Incur Extra Charges For Any Replacement Done?

If we prove that the product was of satisfactory quality when received and returned incorrectly, the customer will have to pay before replacement. However, in the event of a change of opinion and the buyer wishes to exchange the goods for some other item the client will only have to pay for the transit costs. 

However, if the customer stays with the product for more than 28 business days it may be difficult to replace it in such circumstances or rather not even be replaceable at all.

5.7 What Is Your Replacement And Return Policy Put In Place?

Within 28 days from the day of purchase of the goods, the buyer can return the goods purchased from our company and receive a full fee. But the item must be returned in its original condition because it was packaged without any defects. The buyer pays the return transit.

Returning over the product is only possible if the product you received is damaged or defective or if a product other than the one you requested is delivered to you.

5.8 In Case Of A Tempered Consignment Do, You Accept It Back?

In the case of an opened consignment, we will receive it back with the assumption that the client to counter-check the goods delivered had to open it. But again, we will receive an open consignment on the condition that the goods inside the package were left intact and damage or faultiness was done or happened.

5.9 Is A Document Required To Be Attached Before Any Replacement Is Done?

The only document you need to attach to the items you have received for the exchange is the original transaction income, receipts indicating the type of item packaged, and other documents specified in our exchange policy.

5.10 What Is The Possible Solution To Extra Product I Receive That I Never Ordered?

The only step that can be done in the case of you receiving an extra order that you never placed is returning it. This is where trust of the utmost good faith comes into play between you and me. Confusing sometimes does happen and man is to error.

6.0 Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation Policy
Figure 15 Cancellation Policy

6.1 Is There A Refund When I Cancel My Order?

Please note that purchased orders cannot be canceled if the shipping process has not started yet. If the order you want to cancel is in transit, the buyer will have to pay more.

However, if the order is canceled but not shipped for transit or money has not been processed, only then will a successful cancellation occur.

6.2 What Is the Period Taken for Full Refund to Be Done After Cancellation of An Order?

Under the User Agreement, your right to cancel an order begins with the date you ship it and expires 14 days after the product is delivered to you. Either through your neighbor or your designated security point. However full compensation will be paid after 28 days have elapsed.

6.3 Do You Have an Online Service That Offers Cancellation and Refund Services?

Yes, our website has an online cancellation service that operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is available anytime anywhere which is flexible and efficient without the risk of fraud or loss of personal data.

6.4 Does The Company Incur Charges On a Cancelled Order or Is It Me?

The cancellation and refund policy will impose a transit fee on the buyer, not a 100% refund because the applicable policies require a certain discount or realized deduction if the buyer wants to create additional costs for the new item.

Any returned item will be subject to a mandatory inspection and cancellation fee when the customer must choose between a refund or replacement of other items offered to him by the company at the time of delivery.

6.5 Can I Make an Immediate Order After I Cancel an Order?

An order can be placed immediately after a previous order has been canceled and a refund has been made. But another immediate fresh order can also be made without waiting for the final cancellation but will have to pay for the order again.

In some cases, this can be a bit confusing for documentation purposes, so we recommend that you place one order each at a time. If multiple orders are required, be sure to explore or formulate a way to track your orders.

6.6 How Do I Know My Cancel Order Has Been Successful?

You can only know that a cancellation was successful when a successful cancellation confirmation message has been sent to your email address.

But if you played for the order, you will know that the cancellation was successful only when the money was returned to you.

6.7 Who Gets to Incur the Charges That Arise When Goods Are Canceled On Transit or During Shipment?

As stated in the policy, any cancellation of goods in transit will be borne by the client in concern.

But if the cancellation is made before the transit, both parties are not charged, and the cancellation process is fast.

However, when the cancellation of the executed order is in progress and the buyer wants to replace the goods with another good offered by the company at a higher price than the one he ordered earlier, the company will bear the costs of transit.

And if the customer cancels the goods in transit in any case, they get damaged or stolen while on transit the company will incur losses. but the customer will pay the shipping costs, and a full refund of his money may be delayed until the missing goods for investigation are determined. If necessary, the company is not entitled to a refund.

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