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Foison Metal Leading In The Industry Manufacturing Quality metal Crafts

Foison Metal has made its name and reputation in the industry for a long time now. Here at Foison Metal, we manufacture sources in producing metal supplies and crafts. 

The main concern is to give you the best client care in the business. We are certain that our customers have cosigned us with their pet id tag in our production line.

We offer a wide range of prestige quality materials and finishing processes like screen printing and laser cutting edge. Our company has an in-house specialized team to help you with great ideas for your metal product for your company.

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Exceptional Reviews

Foison Metal's finished products have good feedback and exceptional views from our keen clients who have multiple transactions with our company.


Custom makes what you want for your pet Id tags or other metal crafts, to have a one-of-a-kind product.


We are known for having the recognition of providing top-notch pet Id tag and having your company recognized in the industry.

Extensive Selection

Foison Metal puts forward a wide selection of different customization that you need.

Production Process

The needs of our clients are well taken cared off, to save time and efficiency in delivering their orders.

Product Quality

Passed ISO 9001:2015 certification, making our brand and pet Id tag well-known and trusted.

Accessible at Hand

24/7 customer support available willing to assist you with your concerns and inquiries.

Quality Materials

Only the finest raw materials are used to produce high-quality pet ID tags with minimal cost.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal’s Pet Id Tag Designs are perfect Solution for Your Pet’s Identification Needs

Dog Name Tags Engraved

Great choice to add a personal touch to your name tags and also a luxurious touch to it.

Silver Dog Name Tags

A perfect option if you prefer durable and lightweight also a cost-friendly pet ID tag.

Gold Dog Name Tags

A versatile option to have for your dogs and pets so they can be easily seen.

Dog Name Tags Custom

A great option for more creative ideas for your pet ID tags. Can be custom-made to any color, shape, texture, and finishing process.


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Foison Metal believes in reaching the requirements and needs our their keen clients. The company showcases the finest quality and beyond expectation products that you need, delivered on time and within your budget frame. 

At Foison Metal, our group creates finished product requirements efficiently while taking on multiple due times without a flaw. Our pet id tag are guaranteed made with high-quality materials served with premium quality service.

Why Foison Metal Product Is Trusted

High Quality

Foison Metal manufactures a high-quality selection in the market, customarily made to fit your pet id tags


We work on improving and doing constant research to cater all your requests and product requirements.

Huge Quantity Shipping

Our organization can give huge amount orders, fit for your business or working environment needs.


Our company is known for being 100% post-consumer waste company that develops high-quality metal tags for pets.

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Manufacturer for Pet Id Tag

Foison Metal focuses on giving you ensured fulfillment at its best. We redo pet Id tag to the best while utilizing the best materials. We secure the course of each progression until it contacts you. We vision consistently convey a-list items whenever it might suit you and pay attention to every one of your plans to include in your items.

The Pet ID Tag FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Are Pet ID Tags?

Pet Id Tags
Figure 1. Pet Id Tags

A Pet ID tag is a small flat tag worn on pets’ collars. They contain important information which enables someone who encounters the lost pet to contact the owner.

1.2 In What Circumstances Can You Use Pet ID Tags?

The pet tags are used to show that the pet is not a stray animal and the details on the tag can be used to trace its owner.

The tags can also be placed on pets such as birds that fly around and it’s easy for them to be tracked and identified.

1.3 What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Materials for Pet ID Tags?

The following are the factors to consider when deciding on the materials to use in making pet id tags Durability

  • Style
  • Engraving factor

1.4 Where Are the Pet ID Tags Found?

The pet ID tags are found in pet stores, veterinary clinics, and websites that sell pet ID tags and other stores that deal in pet products.

1.5 What Material Is Used to Make the Pet ID Tags?

Pet ID tags can be customized in different colors, shapes sizes using different materials such as: 

  • Aluminum 
  • Brass 
  • Metal 
  • Stainless steel.
  • An alloy of metals and chips for electronic tags 

1.6 How Should You Care for Your Pet ID Tags?

Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your tag. If the letters are faded you can use a permanent marker pen exposing the tags to saltwater will tarnish the metal of the tag.

1.7 Can You Add More Text to The Pet ID Tags?

Most pet id tags are made of different shapes and different sizes. The number of text that should be added entirely depends on the size of the tag. 

Also, the number of text or images to be engraved depends entirely on the customer’s specifications and wants. The shape also of the tag can be a factor determining the number of words or images to be used.

1.8 What Is the Significance of Pet ID Tags?

Significance of Pet ID Tags
Figure 2. Significance of Pet ID Tags

It is used to show that a pet is not a stray pet and when found the owner can be contacted. It is also used to track pets that are mostly used in hunting and herding. 

Once your pet has a pet ID tag you don’t have to worry about your pet wandering as it will always have your contact details in case the pet gets lost.

1.9 Do You Have a Smartphone App for Your Digital and Electronic Pet ID Tags?

No as of now everything works on our website but we are working on an app to make it easier for the digital and electronic pet ID tags. The process is in motion to make sure by the end of the year we have a working app that can boost efficiency by just one tap away.

1.10 What Information Do the Pet ID Tags Contain?

A pet Id tag contains important information that usually communicates directly to a stranger who gets your lost pet.

The following information is usually written on your pet Id tags which is helpful in case your lost pet is found by a stranger.

  • Active contact number

An active phone number should come first and if possible, you can include the person’s name.

  • Medical history

The person who will find your pet needs to know the health status of the pet and if your pet needs daily medication.

 Pets do get stolen and this information on the pet tag custom will be of great help and keep your pet safe.

  • Personality quirks

This will inform the stranger how your pet behaves in different situations. Maybe it might not like loud noises and gets very aggressive.

This will help ensure that if the stranger takes your pet to his home, they do not leave him in an environment where the pet is not comfortable to avoid something wrong happening.

  • The pet store that it was acquired from.

This may not seem too important, but it may help the stranger in identifying the exact store in which the pet was acquired. 

1.11 Do You Need to Register and Set Up an Account to Shop on Your Website?

When you browse through our website it is not a must for you to create an account number. It’s just a walk in the park where you can view our products with a free will of mind. 

But when it comes to order and payment is when you will need to create an account

1.12 Are The Images of The Pet ID Tags Real Representation Of The Actual Pet ID Tags?

Images of Pet Id Tags
Figure 3. Images of Pet Id Tags

Yes, every image on our website is the actual representation of the actual pet ID tags that are on sale.

1.13 Since They Are Pet ID Tags Are They Found Only in Veterinary Clinics?

No. the tags can be found in pet stores, websites, and other commercial enterprises that sell pet products e.g., supermarkets.

1.14 Does The Pet ID Tags Cause Any Harm to The Pet?

The tags are animal friendly and are made to ensure no harm is felt by the pet and also ensure that the pet is comfortable while having the pet tag on. We try as much as possible to ensure the tags are comfortable and don’t cause any discomfort to the pet.

1.15 How Is the Owner of The Pet Alerted Once the Pet Is Found?

The alert option is available for the electronic and digital tags for an extra fee of $2. It provides the ability for the finder of your pet to contact us in the instance they cannot reach you directly and since we have your contact details, we can try to reach you.

1.16 Are Microchip Tags Better?

Using a microchip tag for your pet is a safe and effective way to ensure that you are the first person to be contacted in case your pet gets lost and is found.

1.17 What Happens When Your Pet ID Tags Is Lost Or Damaged?

For the collar tags, you will have to place an order for a new one. But to reduce the risk of damage we make the tags with material that is not easily damaged.

For the electronic tags, the damage is minimal but since you pay a subscription for it you don’t incur additional charges in replacing a damaged one.

1.18 How Can You Check If Your Pet ID Tags Is Active?

Active Pet Id Tags
Figure 4. Active Pet Id Tags

Sign in to your account on our website. You will see your pet’s profile. Activate the profile.

1.19 How Do the Digital/Electronic Pet ID Tags Work?

The digital/ electronic pet ID tag is a chip placed on the collar of the pet or any place as requested by the customer.

Once the tag is placed you download an app on your phone and scan the QR code on the tag and sync it with your phone. From the app, you can track your pet and the comfort of your phone and wherever you are even if you are not close to the pet.

1.20 Why Are the Numbers on The Pet Id Tags Different?

Every tag has a unique number; you will see that the tag on the neck is different. The codes are different so we can identify if your pet has been found when someone scans the tag.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Sizes and Shapes Do the Pet ID Tags Come With?

Sizes and Shapes of Pet Id Tags
Figure 5. Sizes and Shapes of Pet Id Tags

Our pet Id tags come in different sizes depending on the customers’ preferences. We can advise you on which size of a pet id tag will be better for your pet and customize it.

Usually come in all shapes and sizes from small, large, regular, and large to make the pet comfortable.

They come in a standard size of 6cm to 3cms for collar pet ID tags.

2.2 In What Colors Do the Pet ID Tags Come With?

They come in all the vibrant colors that the customer requires. For metallic pet Id tags, we normally maintain the color of the metal.

The colored pet tag custom makes the reading of the tags very easy for the different colors used. 

Some of the lists of colors are;

  • Blue
  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Purple
  • Yellow 

And many more colors you would wish for.

2.3 How Durable Are the Pet ID Tags?

The time and period a pet id tags need to last entirely depends on the material it was used. But most pet id tags last for a very long time because the metal materials used to make them are resistant to very harsh conditions. Some have extreme resistance even in the worst conditions of corrosion. That’s how durable our pet id tags are.

2.4 Can You Change My Pet’s Information Whenever You Want?

Changing name on Pet Id Tags
Figure 6. Changing name on Pet Id Tags

Once information is engraved on the pet Id tag it makes it almost impossible to change it unless you order a new one.

But you can but this option is only available to the digital and electronic tags as they can change their information on the website and it would reflect on the tags.

2.5 Do The Pet ID Tags Have a General Design That the Tags Conform To?

Most of our designs are chosen specifically and with purpose. You should choose categorically because of your taste and preference. This taste and preference vary from client to client from different social classes and denominations.

2.6 Can You Share a Customized Design of The Pet ID Tags for You to Make?

Customization and design ideas are very much encouraged. Through sharing the client’s ideas and specifications we can come up with a perfect final product. 

But also, we are limited to the key ideas used to produce some of our perfect products to remain afloat in the market.

2.7 Can Both Sides of The Pet ID Tags Be Engraved?

When it comes to engraving, we do it according to the order and specifications of a client. But yes, both sides can be engraved. It’s very much advisable to engrave both sides of the pet id tag for clarity’s sake.

2.8 Are sample models of paramount importance before coming up with a real thing?

This is a very important part of the production. You can’t produce a perfect pet id tag without a sample, it is basic knowledge to produce samples first that guides us through the whole process.    

2.9 Do You Have to Buy Attachments to Connect onto The Pet ID Tags?

No. each tag ordered comes with a standard split ring. If you prefer a different attachment, you may find different sizes on our website.

2.10 Why Are Not All Designs the Same?

Different designs for Pet Id Tags
Figure 7. Different designs for Pet Id Tags

This is to ensure that the phrases and artwork have maximum exposure and looks great no matter the size of the tag. Also, designs can’t be the same because of the customization of various clients who want unique designs.

2.11 What Kind of Hardware Does the Pet ID Tags Come With?

We provide two types of stainless-steel hardware with every tag.

  • The first is a split ring which is easy to get on but not very secure if your pet is active. 
  • The second type is the s-hook which is the strongest.

2.12 Are There Any Limits When Customizing the Pet ID Tags?

There are no limits when it comes to customization and design. The floor is usually open and any client can table his idea for comparison for a better outcome. Customization cuts across so many designs, that’s why it is wise to seek cancellation before arriving at your conclusion.

2.13 Can The Pet ID Tags Be Customized So that It Can Be Electronic?

Yes, it can but for it to be customized you will incur additional charges as there are already electronic tags available. That is why we provide sample products to clients before concluding to avoid unnecessary costs.

2.14 Can You Add Special Characters on The Pet ID Tags?

Yes, you can add special characters but for the special characters, you will have to incur additional charges.

How much you can customize your pet id tags will depend on the size of the tag, the design, and how much text you would like.

We recommend you contact our supportive customer care to confirm that the instructions for the special characters have been received as per your order.

2.15 How Many Designs of The Pet ID Tags Are There?

Different Designs for Pet Id Tags
Figure 9. Different Designs for Pet Id Tags

There are three main designs for pet id tags:

  • Collar tags
  • Microchip tags
  •  Digital tags

2.16 What Do the Pet ID Tags Come With?

Each tag comes with a free fastener. Different tags come with different fasteners. Also, they come with cotton lining for comfortability and reduction of friction created during movement.

2.17 What materials can one use in making custom dog tags for me?

As discussed earlier, materials are used depending on the type of order and customer wants.

  • Gold is used for the able clients who are rich and maybe want something unique and expensive.
  • Silver mostly is used for attraction because of its shiny nature but has very high corrosion resistance.
  • Bronze also is resistant to corrosion but very durable.

3.0 Order and Payment

Ordering Pet Id Tags
Figure 10. Ordering Pet Id Tags

3.1 How Do You Order and Pay For The Pet ID Tags?

To order the pet ID tags you can order through the website, you can go to our shops and make the order physically.

You can make your payments through PayPal, visa cards, MasterCard, or cash when you go to our store.

3.2 Which Is the Most Convenient Way of Ordering and Paying for The Pet ID Tags?

The most convenient way is by going to our stores and making your order and paying on the spot. For international orders, it’s easier as you just make your order via our website. So, to be clear we advise online ordering and payment which is convenient and fast.

3.3 Is It Safe to Use Your Credit Card on Our Website?

To ensure a safe payment procedure, our website uses a reliable and secure internet payment gateway.

This is the most secure way of payment where fraud is curtailed and your money kept safe.

3.4 Do You Require Any Documents to Make an Order?

For our online orders, you do not need any documentation as well as making the orders in our stores.

The only information we need from you is your details like year of birth and your real names. Also, your address of delivery is very important when giving out your information.

3.5 How Do You Get a Discount on Your Shipping Costs?

Discounts for Pet Id Tags
Figure 11. Discounts for Pet Id Tags

We offer different discounts depending on several factors.

  • Order size.
  • Frequency of orders from customers.
  • The cost of work on the purchase of custom dog tags for men.
  • Type of used material.

3.6 What are the terms and conditions in place for ordering and paying for pet id tags,?

The terms and conditions are that:

  • A client must give full information details before making any order.
  • A client must have played the agreed amount before any delivery is made.
  • In case of damage of goods or theft in the custody of the client, we will not be held liable.
  • In case of fraud by a third party while transacting we will not be held accountable.

3.7 How Will You Confirm That Your Order and Payment is Successful?

Once you make your order and the appropriate payments then you shall receive an email confirming your purchase of the pet ID tags. Without the email confirmation, you will know that our order was not successful.

3.8 Do You Have Free Samples of Pet ID Tags?

Yes, we do have free samples but you can only get them if you order in bulk which is much encouraged to customers.

3.9 Why Should I Order Online?

It’s advised to order online for it is easy and convenient and it saves time as you can make multiple orders at a time. The website displays all the varieties available.

3.10 Are There Any Limits to Orders of The Pet ID Tags Being Placed?

No limit for local orders as you can order a single tag.

For international orders, the minimum order you can make is 10 pet ID tags.

3.11 What After-Sale Services Do You Offer After Ordering and Paying for The Pet ID Tags Successfully?

After-sale services include free shipping for local orders

international orders there are shipping but at a fee of USD 15 for each order.

3.12 Do You Have Customer Care Service?

We do have customer care service. The contacts of our customer care service are on our website and also can be found in the emails we sent after making an order on our website.

3.13 What Are The Terms And Conditions For Ordering And Paying?

Terms and conditions for ordering and paying for your pet ID tags include;

  • Minimum order of 10 pieces of tags, payment in full including shipping fees,
  • For local orders, you pay 50% of the price of your order and the other 50% once the tags are delivered.
  • For microchips and digital tags, there is no international shipping but you can go to our designated shops in your country and place an order.
  • For customized pet ID tags, you need to ensure all details to be included in the tag are properly presented.

3.14 What Other Records Can Be Collected by The Digital and Microchip Pet ID Tags?

Records for Pet Id Tags
Figure 12. Records for Pet Id Tags

The data that can be collected include body temperature for the pet, distance covered by the pet, and other vital body data of the pet.

3.15 Are there any payment plans that can be accorded to customers that are favorable to them?

When it comes to matters of the relation between us and the client Is where we draw the line. We treat every client with almost dignity and fairness. 

We do not favor any client over the other one because everybody purchases per his reach. But again, we got membership subscriptions where certain services are not accorded to every client. But this membership option also requires charges.

3.16 Can Someone Get a Payment Plan When Purchasing the Pet ID Tags?

Payment plans are available only for international orders and especially bulk orders. In summary, the payment plan for international orders is as follows:

  • For those dealing commercially in selling the pet ID tags, you can pay in three installments,
  •  For private buyers, your payment plan is in two installments (while you making the order and once you have received your order you complete the payment)

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 13. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Long Is the Shipping of The Pet Id Tags Expected to Take?

Shipping for local orders is expected to take 3 to 5 working days, shipping international orders depending on the mode of freight used takes from one week to a month.

4.2 How Secure Are the Pet ID Tags During Shipping?

The pet ID tags are packed in secure packages that ensure that they are safe during transit.

In addition to the secure packaging, every container we use during the shipping of your orders is insured to protect both our interests and yours as our esteemed customer.

4.3 What Are the Shipping and Delivery Options You Have to Offer?

For local orders, we offer door-to-door delivery with an option to pay on delivery. For international orders, we have the option of air or ship mode of transit. Each mode has a different fee.

For international orders in countries with our stores, you will find your orders to stores near you. For countries without our stores, we have a common warehouse where you shall select once you make your order and make the necessary payments.

4.4 How Do You Get the Tracking Number of Your Order?

If you are logged into our website, you have created an account, you can look up your order and view your shipment tracking information.

4.5 Will All Your Orders Be Shipped Together?

We ship all items together at one time where possible. If any items are out of stock, we will remove those items from your order and ship the remaining items.

4.6 What Do You Do If Your Order Does Not Arrive Within the Stipulated Time Frame?

You can contact our customer care via the contacts on our website or through writing an email to us if you complain and your order number.

4.7 What Are the Shipping and Delivery Options You Would Suggest to Your Client?

For local orders for a new customer, the best option is a door delivery as they have an option for payment on delivery.

International orders the best option is by air as it is fast and reduces the risk of damages to the goods in transit. Via ship is also safe as the orders are insured but it will take longer for the delivery. Though the delivery timeline is adhered to (24hrs to one month).

4.8 How Can Government Policies Affect the Shipping and Delivery Of Pet ID Tags?

Shipping of Pet Id Tags
Figure 14. Shipping of Pet Id Tags

We ensure that our products are within the relevant laws. In case of any infringement then you are allowed to cancel your order and your money shall be refunded to your account. 

But we are a trusted company that has operated over a long period. We usually operate according to the laws and pay taxes promptly as the audits can prove it.

4.9 How does the client track the progress of their shipment?

You can track your shipment via our website using the order number you received once you purchased the pet id tag.

The tracking system we used is internationally approved. It is activated once you make your order for a pet Id tag. It’s available only for international orders that are made by ship.

Local orders you only get the tracking option once your order is in the bulk of pet id tags.

4.10 What Shipping Carriers Do You Use?

We use the common and trusted carriers around the world. A good example is DHL that we use mostly for our international orders.

For local orders, tags mostly use our delivery trucks and vans.

4.11 What Hours Are You Open and When Do You Make Deliveries?

We know that not all deliveries are going to fall within normal business hours so we are conveniently open 24/7 and can take delivery any time of the day or night.

4.12 How Do You Handle Defective Shipment?

Since our shipment is insured in case of a defective shipment, we can reimburse your money (excluding shipment fee) or give you another dog tag and we cater for the shipment cost.  

If an order of dog tags for men is defective you get your replacement or refund and once replaced, you can be allowed to stay with the defective pieces at a price.

Local orders the defective pieces of pet id tag you can remain with your defective piece after replacement with no extra charge.

4.13 Do You Have a Distributor/ Warehouse In Our Country?

Yes, we do have agents in many countries. However, you can reach us through our website and also through our contact details. Our sales agents are available to take your orders any time of the day.

4.14 Can You Change the Delivery Address?

Yes, you can change your delivery address but it means you need to first cancel your previous order so you can order and ensure you enter the change the delivery address.

For international orders we have countries that have our stores hence you can pick your orders from them. While in countries we do not have stores we have designated warehouses that act as our designated drop and pick-up points.

4.15 What Do You Do to Ensure You Have Minimal or No Late Deliveries?

We have well-organized and backed-up shipping options to ensure we are efficient and deliver our products safely and fast to our clients.

4.16 Do You Need to Be Available at The Time of Delivery?

Yes, or someone over the age of 18 years must be present. If a person over the age of 18 isn’t available your items will remain in our custody till you come to, pick them up. 

After 3 days without anyone claiming the order, a refund shall be made to the account that made the order.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement of Pet Id Tags
Figure 15. Return and Replacement of Pet Id Tags

5.1 Will You Give a Refund If the Pet ID Tags Are Returned?

A refund will be given if;

  • The Pet Id Tags is damaged. 
  • It is as ordered.

5.2 What are the guidelines for replacement and returns?

In case of a replacement, you can put the dog tag in the shipment box it came in and place your replacement order via our website using the order number you used to purchase the pet id tags. 

In case of a return order, you place the dog tag in the box it was delivered in and place the return claim on our website.

Return and replacement orders for local customers can come directly to our stores

International orders can go to the point of delivery and return the pet id tags for replacement or return.

5.3 What Is Your Replacement Policy?

The item will be replaced only if:

  • If the pet ID tag is confirmed to have been lost during transit
  • If there is a lack of stock in the specific or similar product in an appropriate condition as requested.

5.4 How Long Does Your Replacement Process Take?

When you apply for a replacement on our website it takes only a few minutes for the replacement process to be done.

From the time of successfully placing the order to you receiving your item, it will take 15 working days.

5.5 In case of replacement do you get the same pet id tags that you ordered?

Handling of Defective Pet Id Tags
Figure 16. Replaced ID Tag

Yes. you get the same pet id tags you had ordered before.

If there are any changes in your order you can include the changes you want while you are applying for the return or replacement on our website.

If there are any changes to be made you shall wait a little longer for the order to be processed and the duration will be communicated to you via your email address.

5.6 What Happens If I Am Not Happy With The Quality Of Items I Have Received?

Since we are a company that values our customers, we ensure that our quality is as the client desires. In case the client is not happy, you can contact our customer care for a return or replacement.

5.7 How Do You Initiate the Return/ Replacement Process?

The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to our website and select the return option.
  • Select your reason for return/ replacement and confirm.
  • Then take the pet ID tags to our store or registered distributor.

5.8 What Happens If My Return Item Does Not Reach Your Warehouses?

If your return does not reach our warehouse but you have successfully applied for your return, then we will incur the cost of the lost return.

5.9 How Do I Return a Defective Pet ID Tag?

You are supposed to report within the time limit agreed in the terms and conditions section, from the date of delivery. This is within 21 working days from the delivery.

  • Package your return items in one box and make sure the items are secure to avoid further damages.
  • Go to our website and apply for the return or replacement of the goods. 
  • Finally, take the package to our store or warehouse for return/ replacement

5.10 Challenges Faced During the Replacement and Returns Process?

The main challenge we face for replacement and return is the cancelling of the order as most clients tend to feel that it takes longer.

In that case, we have remedied it by ensuring that our stores and warehouses have stock for replacement.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation Policy
Figure 17. Cancellation Policy

6.1 Are There Any Process to Be Followed While Applying For A Cancellation Or Refund?

Cancelling an order is very simple when you are buying your pet Id tags from our online shop. To cancel your transaction:

  • Log into our website and log onto your account that you made the order for the pet ID tags
  •  Go to the menu and press the ‘cancel request’

After you request cancellation, you will receive an email to confirm your cancelling of the order.

6.2 What Can Make You Cancel and Refund and Order of Pet ID Tags?

The following are the reasons why an order may be cancelled:

  • You can cancel your order any time you want provided the order is not in transit.
  • You can also cancel your order if the order of pet ID tags was made wrongly.
  • You can also cancel your order if the expected delivery date has changed and the new date isn’t good for you.
  • If the product is being delivered at a different address.
  • We can cancel the order if you take too long to provide details or if your payment methods have a problem then we can cancel the order and send you an email confirming the same.

6.3 How Long Does It Take for The Process of Cancellation and Refund to Go Through?

Refund Policy
Figure 18. Refund Policy

It usually takes up to 5 working days for a refund to be credited back to you after we have canceled the transaction.

How Do You Ensure That Your Clients Have Knowledge About the Cancellation Option?

When you access our website, you will see the terms and conditions button. Which you are expected to read before doing any transaction of ordering our products.

Our quality control team carefully checks every order before it’s manufactured and they will fix any formatting errors to ensure that the product you receive is perfect.

Send us a free inquiry request