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Foison Metal Provides Personalized Assistance for Your Pet Tag Requirements

Here at Foison Metal, our entire collection of high-quality pet tag custom is tailored to perfection by using premium materials. We make sure they’re one-of-a-kind, fashionable, and functional.

We take our service to the next level by making sure every customer is well taken care of. Guaranteed materials used are durable and lightweight for the end-user’s convenience. Our pet tags can be laser etched, embossed, stamped, or engraved for a clear and long-lasting print.

Your satisfaction rate, which places us at the top of the business, is what matters most to us. We make sure to perform well, serve well, and ensure that you get all the benefits that we offer.

About Our Service


We only hire the best people that are skilled and knowledgeable to handle your pet tag custom with Excellency


We aim to always do our best in delivering high-quality metal custom tags throughout the world


Here at Foison Metal, we acknowledge that every client is different and has different requirements for their pet tag custom


We are a team of hard-working people that assist our loyal customers 24/7 to ensure every concern is addressed on time


You can guarantee that all transactions are safe including payments and form processing


Our new and high-tech equipment ensures all products are manufactured and shipped promptly to meet client’s expectations


Here at Foison Metal, We offer high-quality custom tags made with premium materials that are guaranteed to be budget-friendly


We understand comforts and grief in terms of manufacturing pet tag custom. This is why we make sure to pay close attention to the needs and demands of our customers

Our Featured Products

Here at Foison Metal, Our Pet Tag Custom is Designed and Manufactured Uniquely for Our Clients

Custom Dog Tag for Pets

Our custom dog tags are made with durable materials that are designed perfectly with your style

Custom Pet ID Tag

Make sure your pets are safe with our custom pet ID tags that are sturdy enough to be removed easily

Custom Pet Tag Engraving

Engraved custom pet tags is famous for its clarity and lasting print

Pet ID Tag Custom

The numbers and characters to your pet’s ID tag can be customized for them to be easily recognized if lost


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Foison Metal is a leading metal manufacturing company in China that offers a wide selection of durable materials to produce a world-class pet tag custom. We never fail to meet our client’s demands and expectations in delivering premium class products.

Here, we value the time and money of our customers which is why we make sure that they receive individual assistance from our professional and hardworking customer service team.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?


We make sure that our durable pet tags are simple yet effective


Premium durable materials are used to ensure that they are easy to form and manipulate into different shapes and sizes


High-quality and economical pet tags are delivered for them to be easily obtained by customers


Our customized pet tags are zero to a low-maintenance product that guarantees to last a lifetime

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Foison Metal, in Keeping Up with the Latest Technology to Improve the Quality of Pet Tag Custom​

We acknowledge the needs and demands of our clients, which is why we are committed to improving the quality of our service and products. Here at Foison Metal, we make sure to provide premium materials at an economical price for your pet tag custom.  

The Pet Tag Custom FAQs Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

Pet Tag Custom
Figure 1. Pet Tag Custom

1.1 What is Pet Tag Custom?

A pet tag custom is a small thin metallic plate worn around a pet’s neck carrying important information about the pet and the owner. 

A pet tag is very useful in cases where your pet gets lost. In those unfortunate cases, your contact information will come in handy for the person who finds your precious pet.

Pet tags can be customized in different colors, shapes sizes using different materials such as: 

  • Aluminum 
  • Brass 
  • Metal 
  • Plastic 
  • Stainless steel 

Small pet tags are specially customized for dogs, cats, and other small pets. The pet tag custom contains the pet owner’s 

  • Name 
  • Address
  • Phone number 

Each pet tag custom has a hole at the far end used to hang the tag on the collar. In situations where your pet gets lost you rest assured of getting it back.

You cannot put many put tags on your pet, only a single tag would do to pass the required information. This is to avoid the tags ringing as the pet moves around.

1.2 What Should You Write on Your Pet Tag Custom?

A pet tag custom should contain the most important information that will communicate directly to a stranger who gets your pet wondering about it.

The following information on your pet tag custom will come in handy when your lost pet is found by a stranger.

  • Primary contact number

This contact information should belong to a person who will be quickly available when contacted, a person who always has his or her phone.

This phone number should come first and if possible, you can include the person’s name.

  • Secondary contact number

This number should belong to a trusted friend or family member who will be able to get your pet in case contacted

  • Medical history

This is very important, the person who will find your pet needs to know of any unusual allergy or if your pet needs daily medication.

It’s not every day but pets do get stolen and this information on the pet tag custom will be of great help and keep your pet safe.

  • Personality quirks

This will inform the stranger how your pet behaves in different situations; maybe it might not like loud noises and gets very aggressive.

This will help ensure that if the stranger takes your pet to his home, they don’t leave him in an environment where the pet is not comfortable to avoid something wrong happening.

  • Reward offer

As we all know, not everyone loves pets so not everyone is willing to take your pet back home and try to contact you.

Offering some amount of money may soften someone’s heart to doing the right thing, by contacting you.

  • Pet’s name

This may not seem too important, but it helps when you try to identify your pet so that the stranger can give it back.

1.3 What Materials are Used to Make Pet Tag Custom?

Pet Tag Custom Materials
Figure 2. Pet Tag Custom Materials

When it comes to the manufacture of pet tag custom, we have a variety of materials that our customers can choose from according to their preferences.

These materials include the following:

  • Brass

Brass is a yellow metal formed when copper and zinc are missed. This type of metal is ideal for making pet tags custom as it is durable, solid, and can be engraved easily.

When well-polished brass gives a golden look making it elegant on your pet, a pet tag custom made from brass lasts you for a long time.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is made up of a group of alloys that contain approximately 11% chromium; this prevents the iron from rusting and improves the metal’s heat-resistant properties.

Pet tag custom made from stainless steel is rust-resistant and can last your pet a lifetime as you can polish it regularly to keep it shining.

  • Anodized aluminum

Anodized aluminum is aluminum that has been treated to develop a more durable finished product.

 To make anodized aluminum, an electrochemical process is used where the metal is exposed to different chemicals making an anodic layer grown from the aluminum.

This metal works perfectly for pet tag custom as it can be engraved, durable, rust-resistant and when polished it looks shiny and elegant.

  • Plastic

Though plastic pet tags custom may not seem the best, some people prefer them because they do not make ringing noises when the pet moves than metal pet tags.

They are also lightweight and visible making them ideal for all pets. The only problem is that the pets can chew the tags, and this can cause some problems. 

  • Wood

Pet tags custom-made from wood are easy to customize as wood is a soft material compared to the ones mentioned above.

Pet tag custom made from wood is not to last for a lifetime, they can be destroyed by water and high temperature. 

1.4 What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Materials for Pet Tag Custom?

When selecting a material for your pet tag custom it is very important to look at the following depending on how active your pet is.

  • Durability
  • Style
  • Engraving factor

1.5 What are the Different Types of Pet Tag Customs?

We offer a variety of pet tag customs that you can choose from depending on your preference, this includes the following:

  • Tube pet tag custom

This kind of pet tag custom looks like a tube; it has a lead that covers the top part. You can write all the information needed on paper and put it in the tube.

  • Digital pet tag custom

A digital Pet tag custom is powered by Pet; the system links the pet tag custom to an animal’s online profile.

This can be accessed through a mobile phone, a laptop, or a computer to track your pet’s location. 

  • Fashionable pet tag custom

This type of pet tag custom is designed in a stylish and personalized way only meant for your pet’s identity. It is made in a new and modern design.

  • Buckle pet tag custom

This type of pet tag custom looks exactly like belts, it has a metal plate that has all the pet’s owner information.

  • Embroidered pet tag custom

Embroidered pet tag custom looks exactly like buckle, but the difference is it does not have the metallic plate at the front and all the information is written around the tag.

  • License pet tag custom

A license pet tag custom looks exactly like an identification card; it contains a lot of information including whether the pet has been vaccinated.

This pet tag custom can be put on your pet’s collar.

  • Slide on pet tag custom

Rather than using any method to attach a tag to your dog’s collar, these pet tag customs have slits that slide into the collar and stays flat. 

The tag cannot get caught on anything because it does not move around; it can only be used on a type of collar that looks like a belt.

  • Double-sided pet tag custom

A double-sided pet tag custom is very simple but contains all the information needed on a pet tag both at the back and the front of the tag.

At the front, you might write the pet’s name or the owners, and at the back the contacts of the owner.

  • Silent pet tag custom

A silent pet tag custom is not very common to pet owners, this pet tag custom is made from materials like rubber that does not make any sound no matter how active your pet is.

  • Scannable pet tag custom

A scannable pet tag custom has a QR code that can be scanned using an application and the code will provide you with all the important information about the pet’s owner and the pet.

  • Stainless steel pet tag custom

This type of pet tag custom is the most popular and used by many pet owners because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

This type of pet tag custom cannot rust easily and maintains its shiny look for a long period.

1.6 How Long Can A Pet Tag Custom be Used?

There is a pet tag custom that can last for a lifetime that only depends on the type of material that the pet tag custom has been made from.

A pet tag custom-made from stainless steel, brass, and any other type of metal will last you a lifetime. 

The pet tag custom-made from materials like wood, plastic, and rubber will only be used for some time depending on how active your pet is.

To keep your pet tag custom for a long time, you are supposed to clean the tags at least twice a week. This will increase the tag’s lifespan.

1.7 Why Does Your Pet Need A Pet Tag Custom?

Use of Pet Tag Custom
Figure 3. Use of Pet Tag Custom

There are four reasons why you should make sure your pet has a pet tag custom, this is:

With a pet tag custom your pet is likely to get help from a stranger; the tag identifies the pet belonging to someone.

Not many people are willing to help a stray dog or cat. They will be hesitant as most stray pets tend to be aggressive. At this point, a pet tag custom will come in handy.

A pet dog custom is a fast way to get your pet back home, even though microchipping is a valuable way to get your pet back, but it must be taken to a vet to read the chip.

A pet tag custom makes it so much easier for someone to get in contact with you immediately after your pet is found.

If an unexpected event like an accident or fire outbreak happens the pet tag custom will give you an upper hand in finding your pet.

It is said that approximately 10 million pets get lost every year all over the world and about 60% are found and this is with the help of a pet tag custom.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 What Information is Needed on Pet Tag Custom?

Information put on Pet Tag Custom
Figure 4. Information put on Pet Tag Custom

When it comes to the information on a pet tag custom, it’s just the same as a normal pet tag.

Our pet tags custom is all about class and safety, this means our pet tag custom designs are fashionable and keeps your pet safe as well with the engraved details.

Making our customers happy and keeping your pets safe is paramount. The most important information on our pet tag custom is the names and phone numbers.

When a stranger finds your pet, the fastest thing they will want to do is to call you, this means it is very important to include at least two people’s phone numbers on your pet tag custom.

Your cell phone number should be the fastest one, followed by your place of work or home phone numbers; you can also include the phone number for a friend or a relative.

All the other numbers added should be of those people that can be reached through the phone easily. When it comes to names, your name is more important than your pet’s name, this makes it easier for the person who finds your pet to contact you.

If the stranger calls a number from the pet tag custom belonging to either your friend or a family member, they will ask for you to address them by your name. This will make it easy for your friend to know that the pet that has been found is yours.

Your address will also be of help to the person who has found your pet and just bring it back to you without calling.

2.2 What Sizes does Pet Tag Custom Come in?

Our pet tag custom comes in all sizes depending on the customers’ preferences. We can advise you on which size of a pet tag custom will be better for your pet.

Small pet breeds, puppies, and cats are small and have small necks as well, so you can get the tags that are half to one inch and not too thick in size. 

For larger breeds of pets, you will have three options: one inch, one and a half-inch, and one and three quarter an inch. It is important to ensure that your pet tag custom is not too bulky to your pet.

2.3 What Shapes Can I Choose For My Pet Tag Custom?

Our pet tag custom comes in all shapes, whatever our customer might want will produce. The different shapes include:

  • Animal shape
  • Bone shape
  • Bow shape
  • Heart shape
  • Hydrant shape
  • Paw shape
  • Pendulum shape
  • Star shape

And many more that you can find on our website.

2.4 What Color Can I Choose For My Pet Tag Custom?

Different Colours for Pet Tag Custom
Figure 5. Different Colours for Pet Tag Custom

We have all the vibrant colors that you would need but these are normally applicable to plastic and rubber pet tag custom. For any metallic pet tag custom, we normally maintain the color of the metal.

The colored pet tag custom makes the reading of the tags very easy for the different colors used for the fronts to be more visible.

Some of the colors area;

  • Blue
  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Purple
  • Yellow 

And many more colors you would wish for.

2.5 What Fonts Are Used for Pet Tag Custom?

There are so many fonts that can be used for pet tag custom that we cannot start mentioning. Our customers have up to one hundred fonts that they can choose from depending on their preference.

The most common fonts used for pet tag custom Arial and Times New Roman.

2.6 How Do You Make Your Pet Tag Custom?

Our pet tag customs are very unique as they are handmade by our well-trained workers. Even though the plates are passed through a machine to get the right sizes, the craftwork is done by hand.

We also use machines in case a customer would like a machine-made pet tag custom. 

When it comes to materials like plastic and rubber all our pet tag customs are machine-made because it is very difficult to mold these two materials using hands.

2.7 Can Pet Tag Custom engrave on Both Sides?

Yes, we do engrave our pet tag custom depending on the customer’s description. Some may even request us to engrave on the sides of the pet tag.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment of Pet Tag Custom
Figure 6. Order and Payment of Pet Tag Custom

3.1 How Much Is A Pet Tag Custom?

All our pet tag customs vary in prices depending on the work that is put on it while customizing.

The materials used also matter as pet tag customs made from wood and rubber are chipper compared to those made from stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

You can visit our website for more information and the prices for all the tags available.

3.2 Which Methods Are Used for Payment?

There are many ways you can do your payment for your pet tag custom depending on your preference. We don’t limit our customers to one mode of payment.

The following are methods of payment that we use:

  • Cash 
  • credit cards 
  • debit 
  • cheque 
  • electronic fund transfer  
  • visa 
  • PayPal 
  • mobile money transfer

3.3 How do I Place an Order For Pet Tag Custom?

How to Order Pet Tag Custom
Figure 7. How to Order Pet Tag Custom

You can go through the categories with the help of the menu or simply type the product you are interested in.

Once you are satisfied with the product you want you can then click next then you will be taken to the next page. You can add a pet tag custom to the cart using two ways. Either when you are at the product page or the category page. 

In both, you will have to select the quantity you want and then click on the Add to Cart button. The products you are interested in will be saved by selecting Add to Wish list. When all the products selected are on the Cart, you will be able to see all the products contained in your cart.

Here you can be able to change their quantity or remove them completely; you can also calculate your shipping charges by entering the required information such as an address, postal code, etc. If you are certified with your cart, you can proceed to the Order Checkout page

On the Check, the page you can fill in your personal information to define how you want the order to be charged and shipped. Shipping and billing details may be different. Then you will choose the payment method you want, and you will complete your order.

If you choose to pay by card as a method of payment, when sending an order, you will go to the bank environment where you will have to fill in your details to complete the transaction. 

If the transaction is completed successfully, then you will return to our online store automatically. Your order will only be processed if the transaction is completed successfully.

If you choose to deposit in a bank account, you are supposed to deposit the needed amount before the pet tag custom is sent to you. Your order will be dispatched as soon as we confirm your payment was successful.

3.4 What details are needed during ordering pet tag custom?

There are a few details needed before we start any transaction, the following are very important:

  • Your ID numbers
  • Your full names
  • Your address
  • Your email
  • Your phone number

3.5 Can I pay by Cash on Delivery?

No, we do not allow payment on delivery for pet tag custom all our payments are to be done before the pet tag customs are shipped from our workshop.

The only payment that can be done on delivery is the shipping fee.

3.6 Can I Change My Shipping Address For Pet Tag Custom?

Yes, you can change your shipping address only if the address you are changing to is in the same geographical area as the other one, they shouldn’t be far away like in two different countries.

 Additional restrictions and fees may apply when changing the direction of the pet tag custom. We are not able to change the original receipt attached to the shipment.

3.7 How Long Does It Take to Customize a Pet Tag Custom?

There is no specific time for customization of pet tag custom, this only depends on the number of pet tags to be customized. 

Because the pet tags are handmade, it will depend on the available number of works available on the day you made your order. 

The design of the tag that you need will also affect the time of customization. If it is too complex, then we will have to take more time to produce the best.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery of Pet Tag Custom
Figure 8. Shipping and Delivery of Pet Tag Custom

4.1 How Long Does it Take To Ship Your Pet Tag Custom?

When it comes to shipping it depends where your pet tag custom is being shipped to. International shipping takes a different time to reach the destination.

This also depends on the shipping method being used and the main destination’s address. For further shipping information, kindly contact us.  

For local delivery, shipping only takes 48 hours while across the border it takes up to 5 working days. For overseas delivery, shipping will take approximately 7-10 days.

4.2 What Should I Consider During Shipping Of Pet Tag Custom?

There are four things you must consider during the shipping of pet tag custom this include the following:

  • Price – many people would prefer going for the cheapest way to send pet tag custom within the borders or across. 
  • We offer the best shipping services at affordable prices as well when it comes to overseas shipping, we have trusted shipping companies that we work with.
  • Size of goods – when we are dealing with the size of goods we are mostly talking about the weight in case you are shipping your pet tag custom in bulk we would advise you to use sea shipping for it would be chipper compared to air shipping
  • How fast you need your goods – in case you need your pet tag custom within a short period, we would use the fastest form of transportation and that’s air. Even though it would cost you more, your pet tag custom will arrive in good time.
  • How easy you want the process to be – There are differences in services between these different methods. Courier services are easy to use and are delivered straight to your front door.  Sea freight and Air freight can be simple although you’ll need to be sure that the company controlling your shipment cleared through customs and delivered quickly and efficiently.

4.3 Which Methods of Transportation do You Use For Pet Tag Custom?

Shipping Methods for Pet Tag Custom
Figure 9. Shipping Methods for Pet Tag Custom

There are three modes of transport we use for our pet tag custom depending on your geographical location. Oversees or within the border we always deliver.

Those modes of transportation are:

  • air-can be used for both local and overseas deliveries
  • water –meant for overseas shipment, transportation of bulky goods
  • land transportation-mostly used for local deliveries

Air shipping is the fastest but the most expensive. Water shipping is the slowest but cheap and transports goods in bulk

Road shipping is relatively chip and can also transport goods in bulk but within a given area.

4.4 What Documents are Needed During Shipping of Pet Tag Custom?

There are 5 main documents needed by the government most especially when shipping the pet tag custom out of the country, this includes:

  • commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is the most important document in the shipping process. The invoice needs to detail who you are selling to or buying from. 

The invoice should also show that you are transporting your pet tag custom and the total amount of many you are selling or buying the pet tags. This helps in duty calculation.

You also need to include your teams and conditions. This will show that the buyers and the sellers agree as to who will pay for the shipping.

  • Packing list

The purpose of the packing list is to show how your pet tag custom is packed and give the weights and dimensions of each pet tag custom.

 The packing list becomes more useful when your goods are taken through inspection. This will save you both time and money when your pet tag custom passes through a checkup station.

  • Packing declaration

Even though it is not necessary when shipping to some countries, a packing declaration is only necessary when transporting your pet tag custom through the sea.

This document gives the type of material that has been used to pack your pet tag custom. These packaging materials include cartons, wood boxes, nylon paper, bamboo, and timber.

  • Certificate of origin

This is a declaration that your pet tag custom has been made in your county, it also shows if you have been paying duties on your pet tag custom.

  • General declaration

This document will only show you if your pet tag custom will require any further declarations rather than the ones mentioned above.

4.5 How Do You Safeguard Your Pet Tag Custom During shipping?

Shipping Safety
Figure 10. Shipping Safety

You can protect your pet tag custom during shipping by ensuring that they are well packaged in boxes depending on the material used in making the tags.

When we do the shipping for you, we always keep track of the vehicle that is transporting your pet tag custom just to make sure that it arrives at you safely.

All the pet tag customs are well packed in waterproof boxes and all our shipping vehicles have a tracking chip.  

4.6 Are Your Pet Tag Custom Insured During Shipping?

So long as you use our shipping services then be rest assured that your pet tag custom is 100% insured from both losses and damages.

In case you use a different shipping company then the pet tag custom will be off our hands hence you will form an agreement with the shipping company.

4.7 Can I Use A Third Party When Shipping My Pet Tag Custom?

Yes, you can use a third party when shipping your pet tag custom, they will be able to handle all the shipping processes for you.

In case your pet tag custom gets lost or damaged they will cater for the expenses.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement of Pet Tag Custom
Figure 11. Return and Replacement of Pet Tag Custom

5.1 What should I do in Case I Receive a Damaged pet tag custom?

In case of any damages to your pet tag custom, you should follow the following guidelines.

In case you notice any damages, you must report them in writing. You can send the information through email or fax,

You are supposed to report within the time limit agreed in the terms and conditions section, from the date of delivery. This is within 21 working days from the delivery.

You are supposed to write a statement of loss or damage showing pieces and values of the original bill where the goods were signed by the supplier’s invoice as proof of the value of the shipment.

Damages and losses must be carefully noted on the transporter’s receipt and the bill of lading or at the time of delivery. If not so it will be difficult to get the carrier liable.

When you realize any damage, stop unpacking and notify the carrier immediately so that your pet tag custom can be inspected. It is very important to stop unpacking to avoid any misunderstanding.

5.2 Who Is Responsible for The Damaged Pet Tag Custom?

During transportation or pet tag customs a lot of things can happen on the road. It is important to know that you must complain to us if your pet tag custom is damaged. 

It is our responsibility to rectify the situation only if you use the carrier that we had advised. This is whether it was the courier or delivery driver who caused the damage.

In case your pet tag custom gets lost or destroyed when using a different shipping company, you will be on your own.

5.3 What Should You Do When You Receive a Pet Tag Custom You Did Not Order?

Incorrect Order
Figure 12. Incorrect Order

Even though this doesn’t happen frequently it does sometimes. You can identify a wrong delivery if the address and name on the package are not yours. 

In many cases, you might find some close similarities in the addresses, but this pet tag custom is for someone else. 

You can call us through the customer service number of our company. You will then be given instructions on how you will return the delivered pet tag custom.

5.4 How Long Do I Have to Return the Pet Tag Custom?

We have a fixed time limit for returns of damaged pet tag customs. You have a right to reject a damaged pet tag custom within 15 days from the day they were delivered. 

If this is done you are most likely to get a full return or replacement on your pet tag custom.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund
Figure 13. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Do you Offer Refunds on Pet Tag Custom?

Yes, we do offer refunds on pet tag customs in case any of your tags are damaged. But in any case, if you try making or repairing the tag yourself no refund will be given.

6.2 How Can I Track My Pet Tag Custom Refund?

Once your refund has been processed you will have to wait for at least 4 to 5 working days for it to reflect in your account.

 We will keep you updated by sending you emails informing you of the progress of your refund. You can as well call time and again checking up on how far your pet tag custom refund is.

6.3 How Much Can I Be Refunded On Pet Tag Custom?

Refund for Pet Tag Custom
Figure 14. Refund for Pet Tag Custom

Refunds normally vary depending on the agreement between us and the customer. You should go through the policy of cancellation before canceling your order.

6.4 What Are the Terms of Cancellation on Pet Tag Custom?

All our cancellations should be done by email or through writing. The email is to be sent to us within 9 working days.

For more information, you can visit our website or call our customer care number. You can also ask all you need to inquire from us through our email.

Send us a free inquiry request

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