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Foison Metal Leader Of Metal Manufacturing Products And Supplies In China

Foison Metal leads in exporting metal crafts and supplies in the market. Our organization has forever and a day of involvement of giving solid strength items in the business around the world.

With Foison Metal, we have a great creative team that will offer a variety of specialized designs and materials. We hear and see any of our client’s requests for personalized metal crafts like pet tag engraving.

Working with our team will guarantee a remarkable finish with your products made with our team that is expertise in manufacturing high-quality products while using the finest raw materials with pristine care and quality process.

About Our Service

Phenomenal Feedbacks

Finished products have phenomenal feedback from our loyal clients who have multiple transactions of pet tag engraving products.

Product Value

We value all products made with consistency and we make sure to incorporate all your needs and requirements for your orders.


Foison Metal custom makes what you want for your pet tag engraving, to have a one-of-a-kind product.

Quality Materials

For pet tag engraving, we use the finest raw materials while minimizing the cost for your business profit.

24/7 Support Access

Customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with all your concerns and inquiries.

Production Process

We take care of all your pet tag engraving needs to save you time with guaranteed 7 days delivery.


Foison Metal is known for having the recognition of providing top-notch products for their clients and having their name recognized in the industry.

Extensive Selection

A wide selection of materials are available for your engraved pet tag customization.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Pet Tag Engraving, Designed Customarily with Your Ideas

Customized Pet Tag Engraving

Custom-made pet tags can be engraved in any style or font you like and would fit your pet.

Anodized Pet Tag Engraving

Having the pet tag anodized gives off a shiny and luxurious finish whilst adding a protective layer to the metal pet tag.

Pet Name Tag Engraving

Getting the pet tag engraved can withstand any active work of the pet and can withstand any climate.

Metal Pet Tag Engraving

Some safe options to engrave on your dog tags emergency contact information and/or any other information about the dog.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

Pet Tag Production Process Fosion Metal
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Foison Metal achieves to meet the specification and requirements that our clients have requested. While being far into the industry, we prioritize what is best for you and showcase the finest quality that you need. 

We try innovations and technologies to use on pet tag engraving to boost the confidence of our clients’ business’ and brand, to mark up additional value on the metal product.

We will work around your spending plan outline and will convey it to your doorstep on schedule.

Why Foison metal Product is Trusted

Premium Quality

We custom made premium quality pet tags that ensures durability in the long run.

Production Process

Metal pet tags are manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste materials.

Bulk Order Shipping

Large quantity of orders are delivered within 7-10 business days.

Approving Reputation

Premium service is our priority, to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction all the way.

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Our clients

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Foison Metal is the Number One Trusted Manufacturer for Pet Tag Engraving

Foison Metal stringently conforms to the best expectations as far as quality, premium help, and items. Our vision is to convey top notch client assistance through our exceptional quality metal pet tags. Our group sees each conforms to effective time and applies advancements and imagination to each item inside our skill.

The Pet Tag Engraving Ultimate Guide
Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What is pet tag engraving?

Pet Tag Engraving
Figure 1. Pet Tag Engraving

A pet tag engraving refers to a process of making a special type of identification disc normally worn around the collar or harness of the pets.

 It is done by incising marks on metal to produce attractive pet tags. It is an ancient practice that has transitioned and been modified to bring out embellished engraving. 

Engraving is the most preferred method for making pet tags in the world today. This is because of its unique and many advantages like durability, efficiency, availability, and personalization.

Over time it has become widely used in the pet tag industry to provide a sense of identification to the owners. It can be seen through the extensive customized designs and shapes they come with.

Additionally, they have bold, bright, and easy-to-read fonts. It has a broad range of designs and colors to choose from making it more acceptable.

1.2 What is the importance of pet tag engraving?

Pet tag engraving is considered important due to its safety elements. Below are some of the reasons why:

  • For durability due to the high-quality materials used.
  • It brings out a personal look and a sense of ownership.

Licensing: the pets are required to be registered with your local animal control to help you to know the current status and the health information like vaccines.

  • Safety: the engraved pet tags are long-lasting and do not fade off. it ensures that the personal information of the owner is intact all the time.
  • Health: a lot of pet tags engraving will alert people of any medical need like sensitivities, blind or deaf, and their medication needs.

1.3 What is the material used for pet tag engraving?

We make our pet tag engraving from metals. This is because of their high resistance and durability. When placing your order, you are required to specify the type of metal to be used.

1.4 How durable is the material used for pet tag engraving?

We make our pet tag engraving from the most durable metals. We ensure that we deliver quality products that do not fade, wear off, and are resistant.

 We have samples that we give clients on request just to ensure that we have the best products in the market.

1.5 What should I write on a pet tag engraving?

We allow our clients to write personalized texts on their pet tag engraving. This is because it will bring a feeling of ownership. Mostly the pet tags have the following words:

  • The telephone number of the owner of the pet. 
  • The physical address.
  • Medical alert if any.

1.6 Where do I get pet tag engraving?

We have a variety of pet tags engraving. Check our available designs on our website. You can proceed to place an order of your preference.

 We also allow custom-made designs and personalized pet tags. Visit us today for more information.

1.7 Is it legal to have a pet tag engraving?

It’s allowed to have pet tag engraving. There are no restrictions or specific rules to adhere to. Although you should note that it’s a legal requirement for all pets to have identification tags in public places.

1.8 Which pets use pet tag engraving?

Best Pet Tag Engraving
Figure 2. Best Pet Tag Engraving

There are different types of pets in the world. People keep birds, dogs, fish, and cats. Some of the pets that use tags are:

  • Dogs.
  • Cats.
  • Horses.
  • Rabbits.
  • Guinea pigs.

1.9 Are your pet tags engraving certified?

We are an internationally recognized company that deals with pet tag engraving. All our procedures are certified by the relevant regulatory bodies. We have licenses to operate and deliver quality products to our clients.

1.10 What factors should I consider when choosing pet tag engraving?

Before deciding on which pet tag engraving you will buy, consider the following factors:

  • The type of metal to be used.
  • The average cost.
  • Boldness: choose how distinct you want your words to be which will be determined by the fonts used.
  • Styling: some fonts are frisky and casual like that cannot be easily read unless at a closer range.
  • The durability of the metal to be used.
  • The type of finishing to be applied; you can select from hammered, stardust, sandblasted, mirror, and matte finish.
  • The type of engraving to be used: you can choose from manual, laser, rotary, and mechanical. 

1.11 Do you offer collar sizing guides for pet tag engraving?

Yes. You will find our collar sizing guide on our website. We also encourage our customers to take recent measurements of their pets’ collars using a tape measure.

 Visit our website today for more information.

1.12 Does pet tag engraving have any susceptibility?

Unfortunately, we have pets that react to metals and the chemicals used while processing the pet tag engraving. 

They can appear in the form of rashes on the skin, redness of the skin, and some peel-off. If you suspect any sensibility visit a veterinarian for further assessment.

1.13 How unique is the material used in pet tag engraving?

Unique Pet Tag Engraving
Figure 3. Unique Pet Tag Engraving

We use metals for manufacturing the pet tag engraving. We ensure that we come up with unique and lasting products to satisfy our clients’ needs. Some of the characteristics include:

  • Lightweight: the metals are light to avoid being a liability to the pets and for easy movement.
  • Superior results: the result is artistic with a sense of personal touch.
  • More choices: you have the opportunity to decide what you want and how you want it.
  • Better value: we do not charge additional costs on personal designs and fonts.
  • Affordable: they are cheap and can be in different places.
  • Readily available: they can be found easily and at all times.
  • They have a lifetime warranty except in cases of theft.

1.14 What are the safety measures for pet tag engraving?

Just like any other valuable item, the pet tag engraving needs to be handled with care. You should observe the following safety measures put in place:

  • Choose a metal that does not wear off.
  • Ensure to check for any sensibility and reactions caused by the pet tag engraving.
  • Choose a size that is well-fitting and will not choke or cause deaths.
  • Use fonts that can be read and seen immediately.
  • Don’t allow your pet to chew the pet tag engraving because metals are hard and can cause damage to their teeth.

1.15 What are some of the finishing methods applied before engraving?

We have various finishing methods that we use to bring out the desired look of the pet tag engraving. They include:

  • Mirror finish: it results in a reflective design with a mirror-like finishing on the surface.
  • Fine matte finish: the surface of the pet tag engraving is sharply rubbed to create a fuzzy look.
  • Coarse, matte finish: the finishing texture is coarse with an enhanced look.
  • Hammered: the finishing texture is a bolstered surface.
  • Sandblasted: this is a result of sandblasting.
  • Stardust: it gives a sparkling look where we combine a sandblasted surface and a glossy surface.

1.16 What is the process of engraving?

Engraving is the process of making a design out of metal. The metal is first polished to remove any rough surfaces and become smooth.

It is usually done under intense pressure to bring out the desired results. The marks will be inked with different colors to bring out a clear and stylish look.

 We use different types of engraving machines and methods according to our customer’s choice.

2.0 Design and Customization

Customization of Pet Tag Engraving
Figure 4. Customization of Pet Tag Engraving

2.1 Which colors, designs, and shapes for pet tag engraving are available?

Pet tag engraving comes in different designs, colors, sizes, and shapes. They also have different finishes according to your preference. 

We also accept customized and personalized designs and shapes from our clients. Note that complex shapes and larger than normal sizes will incur higher costs. 

Visit our website to find out our designs.

2.2 Which sizes are available for pet tag engraving?

We have a variety of sizes available for pet tags engraving. you should choose a tag that is visible and can be read. We have large, medium, and small. For accuracy, you will be required to measure the collar size of your pet. 

In case of any difficulties, you can take a picture of your pet and contact us for recommendations.

2.3 Can I preview my engraving?

Unfortunately, we do not allow our customers to preview their pet tag engraving before delivery is made. We have put in place a system where you can request a sample at no cost. 

This will enable you to know the kind of quality tags we make. Contact us today for more information.

2.4 What are the machines used in pet tag engraving?

We have different types of machines that we use to engrave our pet tags. The choice of machine used is determined by the types of marking. They include

  • Laser engraving machine: uses the laser to incise the metal. It works just like a printer.
  • Mechanical engraving machine: this machine uses a stencil to move the design to the metal.
  • Rotary engraving machine: this machine uses a motionless device attached to a computer-directed cycling rod to engrave the metal.
  • Manual engraving machine: it is used when the design needs a lot of metal to be cut away. 
  • CNC engraving machine: it uses the computer to engrave the pet tags by acting according to the command given.

2.5 What types of engraving do you offer?

Types of Pet Tag Engraving
Figure 5. Types of Pet Tag Engraving

We have major types of pet tag engraving: they consist of the following:

  • Etching: It is where acid is used to create designs in the metals. The remaining part is covered in wax that is unaffected by acid.

 The process is simple and cost-effective and there is no heat required. 

  • Laser engraving: it’s a process whereby material is vaporized by high heat to create marks on the is usually done by a laser machine. 

We have pulsed fiber lasers which are the best because they curve metals using high power. 

  • Manual engraving: this is done by making profound cuts onto the metal and the finishing is not so smooth.
  • Rotary engraving: this is where the cutting tool is rotated to produce an exact deepness at the same level as the cutter tip.
  • Mechanical engraving: the milling cutter moves on top of the surface of the workpiece.

Contact us today to place your order.

2.6 What fonts do you recommend for pet tag engraving?

Mostly we use the Times New Romans on orders that have not specified which font they prefer. It has a classic and official look.

 We also have over 3000 font styles on our website for you to choose from. It is cost-free and easily accessible.  The major fonts include: 

  • Roman font: it is the default font that we use. it provides an official look.
  • Helvetica font: it is a san serif font used mostly by people with eyesight issues.
  • Victoria font: it is used mostly in festivities and is preferred by women.
  • Script font: it is a refined and chic font that is mostly used in engravings given as gifts.
  • Avant font: it is a simple font that is definite and clear.
  • Dom casual font: it has a playful look usually used for immense designs.
  • Old English font: it is difficult to read and is used mostly on other gift ideas.
  • Greek letter font: it is mostly used on science-themed gifts and is difficult to read

 You can also upload your preferred font on your order form and we will custom make it. 

2.8 Do I need any information before placing an order for pet tag engraving?

You should be able to know the following before placing an order for pet tag engraving:

  • The metal to be used.
  • The average cost of the whole process.
  • The design, shape, and font.
  • The type of finishing to be used.
  • The type of engraving to be done.

2.9 What are the benefits of pet tag engraving?

We engrave our pet tags because of the following reasons:

  • It is affordable and readily available.
  • It is resilient and made of good quality.
  • The process can be repeated over time.
  • The client can personalize the design and text.
  • It is precise.
  • They have a lifetime warranty.

2.10 What material would you recommend for pet tag engraving?

Materials for Pet Tag Engraving
Figure 6. Materials for Pet Tag Engraving

We recommend the use of metals for pet tag engraving. This is because metals have high corrosion resistance and are easily available.

 Check our website to find out which metal best suits your pet tag engraving.

2.11 Can I share my design with you?

Definitely! We accept customized designs from our clients. when placing an order, you will be required to upload the design that you wish to be processed. 

We believe in customer satisfaction and listening to their thoughts. We work in making their visualizations become a reality by creating their personalized design and style. 

The design will be unique and the client will own it. Contact us to place your order today.

2.12 Which metals do you use for pet tag engraving?

We have several metals that we use in making pet tag engraving. We have stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. 

The client will specify which metal should be used as each metal has different capacities and advantages. They include:

  • Stainless steel: it is the most durable metal and is commonly does not rust, is corrosion-resistant, and has no engraved fading.
  • Aluminum: it fades and changes color.
  • Brass: it is a soft metal that changes color and tarnishes over time.

3.0 Order and Payment

Order and Payment
Figure 7. Order and Payment

3.1 What is the average cost for pet tag engraving?

All our pet tag engraving is sold at pocket-friendly prices. However, several determinants affect the average cost. They include:

  • The design, shape, and size of the pet tag engraving.
  • The distance to be covered during delivery.
  • The type of engraving to be used.
  • How soon do you expect it to be delivered?
  • The words to be written and the font to be used.

3.2 What is the procedure for placing an order for pet tag engraving?

We have designed our website in such a manner that it’s simple and easy to navigate around. After browsing through our designs and shapes there is an icon where you will proceed to place an order.

There is an additional box where you can upload your customized design and you will be directed to payment and address for delivery. Call us today to place your order.

3.3 Which payment methods do you accept for pet tag engraving?

As a company, we value diversity and inclusivity.  We accept all forms of payment methods that are used globally. they include:

  • Credit cards
  • Visa and MasterCard.
  • PayPal.
  • cash for our walk-in clients.
  • Alipay.
  • T/T.

3.4 What is the lead time for pet tag engraving?

The lead time depends on various factors in play during order payment. We have same-day deliveries that charge a little bit more. You will need to specify during order placement.

 In general, we take between 7-10 working days to deliver your pet tag engraving.

3.5 Do you accept partial payments for dog tag engraving?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any partial payments at the moment. you can save up for the pet tag engraving and place your order when you have the full payment.

Call us today for more information.

3.6 Does the pet tag engraving come with the split ring?

Pet Tag Engraving with split rings
Figure 8. Pet Tag Engraving with split rings

Yes. Apart from pet tag engraving, we add a split ring as a bonus to our clients. The split ring helps to attach the pet tag to the collar tag of the pet.

3.7 How do I contact you for any challenges while placing an order for pet tag engraving?

We have our customer care team who work 24 hours and 7 days a week. We ensure that we attend to your needs throughout.

 You can call us or send an email and we will get back to you promptly

3.8 Do you charge for samples of pet tag engraving?

We do not charge our free samples. We have ensured that we provide our clients with samples for pet tag engraving. 

The essence is that the clients can see the good quality of our products and how efficient our company is. Visit our website today to request your sample.

3.9 Do you have a hire purchase payment plan for pet tag engraving?

At the moment we do not have any hire purchase payment plans available. We advise our clients to come up with a saving plan. 

It will enable them to purchase the pet tag engraving once they have attained the required amount

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Figure 9. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 Which shipping companies do you use?

We have different companies that we use for shipping our pet tag engraving. We choose one that is cheaper and is available at your place of residence. They include:

  • DHL.
  • FedEx.
  • UPS.
  • TNT.
  • Shippo.
  • Shipstation.

4.2 What do I require to receive my pet tag engraving?

There are certain documents that we will require for a successful delivery. They are:

  • Payment receipts.
  • Identification card.
  • Order tracking number.
  • Delivery address.

4.3 How long does it take to receive my pet tag engraving?

After you make a payment for your pet tag engraving, you will be notified upon successful payment. We usually take between 3-4 working days before we deliver your order. 

In case of an emergency or any other arrangement please reach out to us for assistance.

4.4 Do I need to pay shipping fees?

Yes, you are required to make a payment for the shipping of pet tag engraving before dispatch is done. We will use a shipping company that offers a cheaper rate for shipping your product.

 The shipping costs are determined by the distance to be covered during delivery for pet tag engraving.

You will be notified of the total cost for shipping when placing an order on our website.

4.5 What do I do upon delivery of pet tag engraving?

When delivery is done you are expected to inspect your pet tag engraving on arrival. Check if it has any damages or has any omissions. 

Confirm that what you ordered is what has been delivered. This will help to determine if there is any replacement to be made or exchange of product.

4.6 Any shipping policies for pet tag engraving?

We have a shipping policy on our website. It states the average cost of the shipping for pet tag engraving. You will also find shipping companies that we use. 

We have included the average delivery time from the time an order is placed to the time it will deliver.

 The accepted payment methods, currency conversion information, and the cut-out time. Reach out to our customer care team for any support and help needed.

4.7 Do you have places you do not ship to?

As a company, we focus on diversity. We work with shipping companies across the globe to ensure that we deliver to everyone.

 Therefore, we do not have any countries we don’t ship to at the moment. Feel free to contact us for any technicalities you will experience when choosing your location.

4.8 How do you deal with damaged pet tag engraving during delivery?

There are uncertainties that we do not have control over. We advise our clients to inspect their pet tag engraving on delivery to establish any defects. 

We will inspect the damaged product to find out the source of the damage. This will be after you have filled the complaint form available on our website.

 If the damage was a result of poor packaging, we will take full responsibility for replacement. If the damage was caused by the shipping company, we will bill them directly.

4.9 How do I contact you with any questions about pet tag engraving?

We have our customer support team that ensures we attend to your needs 24hours a day 7 days a week. You can call us or send an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

We are also on social media platforms like Twitter.

4.10 Do I make payment before or on delivery for pet tag engraving?

Pet Tag Engraving Payment on Delivery
Figure 10. Pet Tag Engraving Payment on Delivery

We expect our clients to make payments for pet tag engraving before delivery. This will reduce any hitches between us and our clients. It is also a form of surety from our clients. 

Although for our usual customers, those who have made more than three successful transactions have a different payment plan. 

They have the option of choosing to pay for pet tag engraving during delivery or while placing an order.

 In case of any challenges experienced where a client is not able to pay, we will cancel the delivery.  They will be allowed to start the process all over again on our website.

Some clients will initiate a cancellation of payment so that they receive the pet tag engraving at a free cost. The client will then be blacklisted from using that option.

4.11 Can I track my order online for pet tag engraving?

Yes. We have a tracking system for our pet tag engraving. You are required to log into your order page and track your package using your order number.

You will be able to see which stage it is for example manufacturing, packaging, and on transit.

4.12 What are the requirements for shipping pet tag engraving?

Before shipping for pet tag engraving is done ensure that you have:

  • Payment of shipping fees.
  • Correct shipping address.
  • Payment for the pet tag engraving.

4.13 Do I need to pick the product in person?

We advise our clients to pick the pet tag engraving by themselves. This is because they will be able to know if the product delivered is what they had ordered.

 They can also be able to place a replacement or return a claim immediately. They can be able to identify any damages on the pet tag engraving.

 In case you are not available during delivery, you can ask another person to accept the product on your behalf. Ensure that you give them all the documents needed for a successful delivery.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Return and Replacement
Figure 11. Return and Replacement

5.1 Who should I contact in case I want to place a replacement or return a claim for pet tag engraving?

We have our customer care support team available 24hours and 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us today through email or call for any information.

5.2 What are the available types of returns for pet tag engraving?

We have different types of returns that vary according to our clients’ needs. They include:

  • Refund only: the client wants to be refunded his payment. We only refund a certain percentage of the total cost depending on the reason for returns.

 Visit our website for the terms and conditions.

  • Repairs: the pet tag engraving has a little damage that can be repaired by our experts and shipped back to the client.
  • Replacement: here the pet tag engraving delivered needs to be replaced.
  • Receive and refund: in this case, we will receive the returned pet tag engraving and refund the client part of his payment.
  • Reject and return: we also have this type of return whereby we reject the returned pet tag engraving and ship it back to the customer. 

This could be because the product returned was not what we had delivered.

5.3 What is your return policy for pet tag engraving?

Our return policy states that our clients should be able to fill the return claim form available on our website. It should be done within 7 days after delivery.

 We will charge the percentage incurred during shipping of the pet tag engraving if the product is in good shape. The remaining balance will be deposited back into your bank account. 

This will take a maximum period of one month. Contact us today for any clarifications.

5.4 What is your replacement procedure?

Our website is user-friendly. We have put in place simple steps that help our clients solve their issues without a hassle

. Our replacement procedure includes filling a replacement form that is available on our website and attaches the necessary documents. They include:

  • The delivered pet tag engraving.
  • The payment receipts.
  • Any modifications if any at an additional cost.
  • The delivery address.
  • The delivery note.

5.5 Will I incur additional charges for the replacement of pet tag engraving?

Yes. It will also be determined by the reason for the replacement. You will be required to pay shipping fees for the replacement of pet tag engraving. 

When filing the replacement claim form, you will be required to pay for the shipping fees. This will guarantee a successful replacement for pet tag engraving.

5.6 How long does it take to receive a replaced pet tag engraving?

The average time taken to replace a pet tag engraving is 21 days. You can track the progress of the product on our website to find out when it will likely arrive.

5.7 Do you accept returns for pet tag engraving?

Yes. We accept returns for pet tag engraving in case the ones delivered do not match your order. You are allowed to place another order within the price range of the initial payment.

 You can also select another pet tag engraving of a higher range and top up the difference. However, you should note that we do not refund any cash.

Contact our customer care for any negotiations

5.8 What is your warranty process?

Warranty Process
Figure 12. Warranty Process

We have a cashback policy in place that helps us to solve cases, where the pet tag engraving delivered, is of low quality.

 We also have pet tag engraving that has a lifetime warranty. Contact us today for any clarifications.

5.9 For a successful replacement, what do I need?

For a replacement to take place we will need the following documents:

  • Payment receipts.
  • The pet tag engraving that was delivered.
  • The transaction code.
  • The order tracking number. 
  • The delivery address.

Contact us via email or phone in case of any problem.

5.10 Can I track the replacement status of my pet tag engraving?

Yes. You will be able to track the status of your replaced pet tag engraving online. It will undergo a series of stages before it finally reaches its destination. It includes:

  • Fresh: the status is fresh when the delivered pet tag engraving has been received by our company and the necessary documents.
  • Awaiting review: the returned pet tag engraving will be reviewed by our experts to find out the nature of the default or damages if any. 

We will refer to the reason given by the client for replacement.

  • Anticipating for action: here the decision has already been made and the returned pet tag engraving will be replaced.
  • Underway: the new pet tag engraving is being processed as the client’s might take longer if there are modifications added.
  • Ready for shipment: at this point, the product has been processed and is ready to leave our company for delivery. 
  • Dispatched: it happens when the pet tag engraving has been dispatched to the shipping company to be delivered.
  • Complete: it occurs when the pet tag engraving has been successfully delivered and the client has signed the delivery note. the status will be complete.

Contact us for any queries regarding the status of your replacement for pet tag engraving. 

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Figure 13. Cancellation and Refund Policy

6.1 Will I be notified when I cancel an order for pet tag engraving?

Yes. When you place a cancellation order on our website you will receive a confirmation email upon successful cancellation. 

You can reach out to our customer care team if you don’t receive an email so that we can resend it.

6.2 Do you have any refund policy?

As a company, we have put in place strategies to ensure our customers are satisfied. We do not refund any cash once the pet tag engraving is delivered. 

When a cancellation is made before dispatch, we have put in place a refund policy. We will assess the cost of the pet tag engraving and deduct 15% of the total cost.

 The remaining balance will be credited to your bank account in 30 days. The terms and conditions are available on our website home page.

6.3 What are the requirements for a refund to be successful?

Money Back Guarantee
Figure 14. Money Back Guarantee

For a refund to be made we will need the following:

  • A duly filled refund claim form is available on our website.
  • Your bank account details.
  • A copy of the payment receipt.
  • The transaction reference code.

6.4 Is there any refund for a canceled pet tag engraving?

Yes. We will refund 15% of the total cost of pet tag engraving if the cancellation is made before dispatching the product. Note that products canceled during delivery do not qualify for a refund. 

Please refer to our terms and conditions on our website. You can also call us for any clarifications.

6.5 How do I cancel my order for pet tag engraving?

When you want to cancel an order you will be required to log into our website. On placing an order tab there is a cancellation option. 

You will be notified via email upon successful cancellation of pet tag engraving.

6.6 Is your company insured?

Yes. We have put in place insurance that covers all parts of our business. It includes losses, accidents, refunds, and thefts.

 It prevents our company from incurring losses and ensures the sustainability of our business.

6.7 How long does it take for a refund to be made?

After submitting the required documents for refunds, we will take 30 days on average to credit your bank account.

Send us a free inquiry request

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