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Foison Metal Manufactures Premium World-Class Quality Pet Tag for Collar

Foison Metal is the best manufacturer of premium quality materials you can find. With thousands of products available, the growth of your business can be easily achieved, as well as maintaining your brand image.

Our Pet Tag for Collar is designed by our team of skilled workers, passionate and innovative as you in treating your business. This product is guaranteed your next asset on your product line.

Each item you order from us will undergo strict quality tests and standards. Foison Metal is the best company you can rely on when it comes to your products, because we only aim to render great service to clients like you.

About Our Service


We selected materials that will not degrade over time. Materials of Pet Tag for Collar are both strong and light.

Simple to Use

We designed a user-friendly product, with a specific objective in mind. We created a basic yet attractive design that is evident in its use.

Huge Options

Stainless steel and aluminum, brass, have special properties that will definitely fulfill your Pet Tag for Collar specifications.

Professional Support

Don't be concerned about having your orders handled by Foison Metal; our online support team is organized in creating the greatest services.


We provide innovations and/or solutions that will function well with your customized Pet Tag for Collar.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We promise that our product will meet your expectations and deliver the results you anticipate.

Customer Perks

Foison Metal guarantees secure handling, free and on-time delivery, the best bulk deal pricing, and the greatest quality material.

Excellent Quality

Our Pet Tag for Collar is thoroughly examined and verified before shipment.

Our Featured Products

 Foison Metal Mass Produces Premium Pet Tag for Collar

Personalized Dog Tag

Add up some details to highlight your brand business with these personalized items

Gold Dog Tag

Shining with elegance, this gold colored tag will surely amaze your customers.

Quality Engraved Dog Tags

Impress your clients with this sleek design choice, laser engraved to perfection

Stainless Dog Tag

If you’re looking for durability that will last for years, stainless base is perfect for your product line!


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

Pet Tag Production Process Fosion Metal
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Steel or aluminum are the most popular materials used to make Premium Pet Tag for Collar. Both have a long lifespan that enables them to withstand severe degradation. It’s compact and easy to sell, and it’s designed just for your company’s identity.

Foison Metal offers a wide choice of items that your company will require. We have quality and security for you. We ensure that your information and orders are kept private and that they are created using high-quality materials for your company.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Quality Assured

Our products are tested through trials to verify that it is of great quality.

Good Value

We employ high-quality materials at a reasonable price for our goods in order to give the best final outcome.


Please let us know if you'd like a personalized product made to your specifications.


We have similar perspectives and are devoted to collaborating to attain your objectives.

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Foison Metal is China's Leading Pet Tag for Collar Manufacturer.

We are committed to growing eco – friendly manufacturing operations and operating in a sustainable manner. We at Foison Metal believe in supplying the highest quality Pet Tag for Collar to you. We ensure that we meet your business and branding needs by providing great customer service, safe transactions, and the best prices for our items.

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