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Foison Metal is the Trusted World-Class Manufacturer of Top Caliber Pet Tags Stainless Steel

Foison Metal provides you thousands of product choices to help your business grow. Whatever your brand needs, whether it is the color, material, or design, our team of skilled designers and workers can customize it for you and your business.

Our Pet Tags for Stainless Steel  are guaranteed to become one of the best sellers on your product line. Each product you order will undergo strict quality tests and international standards.

Foison Metal commits to providing you one-of-a-kind service so sit back, relax and watch your business brand grow with our world-class quality products!

About Our Service

Tailor Made

You may create custom designs for your business Pet Tags Stainless Steel at Foison Metal.

Fast Transaction

With Foison Metal, you can place bulk purchases with only three simple steps.


Our competitive pros are working hard to create a variety of Pet Tags Stainless Steel.

New Machinery

Foison Metal contains high-quality machinery that allows it to make metal items in the shortest amount of time feasible.


Because we only utilize solid metals, you can be confident that every product you get from us will endure a long time.

Business Friendly

Our economical yet high-quality metal goods are so popular to business owners like you because of the low rates yet quality product and service.


Foison Metal guarantees secure handling, free and on-time delivery, the best bulk deal pricing, and the greatest quality material.

Excellent Quality

Our Pet Tags Stainless Steel are thoroughly examined and verified before shipment.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Mass Produces Premium Pet Tags Stainless Steel

Engraved Pet Tags

Designed ideally for both established and starting enterprises and businesses.

Thick Dog Tags

Send us your designs or we can make your pet tag business branding needs according to your requests.

Double Sided Pet Tags

Made with high quality stainless steel to achieve a shiny and durable finish with adhesives on both sides.

Blank Pet Tags

Foison Metal guarantees your company requests for wholesale blank pet tags for your brand design and needs.


Foison Advanced Dog Tag Manufacturing technology

Pet Tag Production Process Fosion Metal
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Many businesses identify Foison Metal to be the leading manufacturer of eye-catching Pet Tags Stainless Steel. Professionals develop and manufacture our goods, assuring great aesthetic quality.

In addition, we allow our beloved clients like you to select your brand’s  design colors, widths, layouts, and materials. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day and will respond to your questions within minutes.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Quick Delivery

Standard couriers in your region will deliver your items in less than 10 days.


Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, you can anticipate order transactions to be seamless and quick.

Professional Touch

You may collaborate with our designers to create eye-catching designs for your Pet Tags Stainless Steel.

Lasting Materials

With appropriate maintenance, our metal tag bars will last for several years.

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Foison Metal is Known to Be the Leading Pet Tags Stainless Steel Manufacturer ​

Foison Metal has been focusing on providing customers like you premium products and services for many years. As a result, our experienced team is aware of and fully understands your business needs and specifications. Our Pet Tags Stainless Steel comes in a variety of classic and trendy designs. When your business needs a top-grade product line, Foison Metal is the only company you should call.

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