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Foison Metal Continues To Produce Industry-Leading Materials And Equipment

Foison Metal is a well-known provider of high-quality modified metal products and supplies. We are devoted to delivering outstanding service and exceeding your expectations.

With our pin identification custom through our administration, we are confident in affirming that we provide a consistent inventory of exceptional quality and sturdiness.

Pin badges for suits are professionally manufactured from a range of high-quality materials to better suit your specific needs and distinct designs from our in-house innovative creative team, who are constantly perfecting their skills.

We collaborate as a team to produce high-quality merchandise for your business or organization, supporting a growing market.

About Our Service


We place a high value on our products, just as we do on your company's growth and success.


Pin badges are inexpensive and ideal for small to large enterprises, according to Foison Metal.


We are a team of experts committed to providing you with high-quality goods and services.


Foison Metal creates pin badges for suits based on your company's branding.


We always conduct extensive inspections on our items before shipping them out to assure their long-term viability.


Pin badges for suits are available from Foison Metal in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials.

Complete Satisfaction

When our clients receive pin badges for suits, they all write great feedback.

Varied Coatings

Epoxy or acrylic coats are used to coat the pin badges for suits that you can purchase.

Our Featured Products

Foison Metal Creates High-Quality Pin Badges For Suits That Are Tailored To Your Specifications And Needs

Pin Badges For Suits

The backs of the tie pins are rhodium-plated, giving them a high-end look. These bespoke tie pins would be a one-of-a-kind gift for a birthday, or wedding to commemorate a milestone year or simply to complete your best suit!

Lapel Pins For Suits

Each product is packaged separately, protecting the order from mechanical damage during shipment and other external causes.

Customized Pin Badges For Suits

Personalize this popular pin badge with any name, monogram initials, date, coordinates, Roman Numerals, or symbols that are meaningful to you.

Brooches For Suits

To give it a vintage look, brooches might be crafted of brass metal. To achieve a larger-than-life effect, pair it with a suit or jacket at a wedding or on a casual trip.


Foison Advanced PIN BADGES Manufacturing technology

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Foison Metal strives to please you by providing well-designed pin badges for suits. With the support of our skilled team and contemporary techniques and technology, we continue to present you with creative styles and designs.

Our group has highly trained professionals dedicated to delivering the best service possible. For pin badges that are both stylish and useful, Foison Metal is the best solution.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Lowest Costs

Without sacrificing product quality or efficiency, we offer our products at the most competitive pricing on the market.

Essential Teamwork

Our organization is made up of a strong group of people who all have the same goal in mind: to offer you the finest service possible.

Production in Large Scale

To fulfill your growing demand, we mass-produce our metal items.


Foison Metal products are constructed from high-quality materials while remaining cost-effective.

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Foison Metal's Pin Badges For Suits Provides Exceptional Sales

Foison Metal is a forward-thinking corporation. Our goal is to meet, if not surpass, our clients’ demands and expectations. Pin badges for suits in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns are available from us. Foison Metal is here to assist you with your requirements 24/7. Get prices and design samples by contacting us!

The Pin Badges For Suits FAQs Ultimate Guide

Let’s dive right in:

1.0 Product Overview

1.1 What Does Lapel Rose Pins Imply?

Figure 1. Lapel Rose Pins

Lapel rose pins are small pins that are worn on official attires. These pins have a rose flower-like shape hence the name lapel rose pins.

Lapel rose pins bring out a good vibe especially when worn during events as it brings the personality and the taste preference.

We have a wide variety of lapel rose pins depending on size, color, and the kind of finishing that each one of our clients prefers. All these are evident from our sample designs that are readily available for the clients.

1.2 What Are the Uses of Lapel Rose Pins?

Lapel rose pins are eye-catching and you can be sure that someone will always spot them out. Unlike other lapel pins, the ideal use for lapel rose pins is for decorations. By attaching the lapel rose pins on your jacket lapel, brings a whole new look that wasn’t there before.

They can also be used to complement your outfit depending on the event or occasion you are attending. For instance, lapel rose pins do so well on anniversaries’ parties or even wedding parties.

1.3 Are Lapel Rose Pins Durable?

All the lapel rose pins we design and provide are of high quality and the durability of the lapel rose pins is guaranteed.

The durability of the lapel rose pins depends entirely on the type of material used while making the lapel rose pins. Our lapel rose pins are made out of metallic materials, which makes them less susceptible to harsh external.

Additionally, with proper maintenance, the lapel rose pins should last for a long time while still in the same right condition.

We guarantee nothing but the best when it comes to what we give to our clients.

1.4 How Do I Prevent My Lapel Rose Pins from Falling Off Constantly?

It’s hectic when you wear lapel rose pins that constantly keep falling off. When buying the lapel rose pins always ensure that all the backings are present.

The backings hold up the lapel rose flower into one position on the lapel of your jacket. One more thing, it also depends on the type of fabric of your jacket. It’s always advisable to go with heavy fabrics and those that have internal linen for a firm grip.

1.5 What Factors Should I Consider While Choosing Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 2. Buying Lapel Rose Pins

It’s always important to be aware of the kind of lapel rose pins you want and for what occasion. This allows you to select what lapel rose pins you need according to your preference.

Below are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing your lapel rose pins. They include;

  • The cost of lapel rose pins: You should first check on the cost of the lapel rose pins to determine if the lapel rose pins are within your budget. It also helps you determine if the lapel rose pins meet the value of your money.
  • Intended purpose: It’s important to determine how and when you want to use the lapel rose pins. For instance, lapel rose pins for weddings do not look the same as that of anniversaries.
  • The size of the lapel rose pins: you should be able to determine how small or large you want the lapel rose pins to be. You wouldn’t want large lapel rose pins; they will look a little off.

Choose a size that fits well on your jacket lapel and one that you will be comfortable wearing. We provide different sizes of lapel rose pins that allow you to choose what you want.

  • The material used in making the lapel rose pins: What type of material you pick for your lapel rose pins determines the durability and cost you will incur. Materials used to make lapel rose pins vary and so are their features and cost.

Our team is always at your disposal for any assistance you need in selecting the best material for your lapel rose pins.

1.6 Can Lapel Rose Pins Be Worn by Both Genders?

There are no gender restrictions regarding who and who cannot wear lapel rose pins. Both genders can wear lapel rose pins for the same uses of decoration and as a way of complementing their attire.

The only difference that you will note is the size of lapel rose pins. For women, the lapel rose pins are relatively small compared to the size of the male. The size of lapel rose pins for males is a little large to fit on the attire lapel.

1.7 How Are Lapel Rose Pins Worn?

Lapel rose pins can be worn on blazer jackets, men’s suits, or even on an overcoat. Wearing lapel rose pins is the easiest you can do even a few minutes to your occasion. It doesn’t have a procedural way of doing it, just attaching your lapel rose pins onto your jacket lapel. Use a backing to fasten your lapel rose pins.

More so, ensure that the attire you are choosing to put on the lapel rose pins are made from quality fabric with inside linen. 

To prevent making holes on your suit, have your tailor cut a hole that fits the lapel rose pins to allow firm holding of the backing and lapel rose pins.

1.8 In What Events Can One Wear Lapel Rose Pins To?

The fact that we have some of the best lapels rose pins in the market is proof of quality and up to standard lapel rose pins we produce.

Lapel rose pins are fancier and send a message to the audience of boldness and confidence in what you’ve worn. You can wear lapel rose pins in some of the events;

  • Wedding parties
  • Birthdays or anniversary parties
  • Burial ceremonies.

1.9 What Are the Different Types of Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 3. Different Types of Lapel Rose Pins

Ideally, lapel rose pins can be grouped into two about their texture. They include;

  • Soft lapel rose pins: soft rose pins appear like recessed ridges as a result of the uniform filling of paint using the air dryer method. It’s non-smooth and not flat; you can feel the ridges.
  • Hard lapel rose pins: hard rose lapel is smooth and flat since the enamel is filled through heat pressure. This results in a uniform filling of the enamel.

Additionally, lapel rose pins can be classified according to the colors. The available options include;

  • Black lapel rose pins
  • Red lapel rose pins
  • Blue lapel rose pins
  • Purple lapel rose pins
  • Green lapel rose pins.

1.10 Are Lapel Rose Pins Portable?

We design lapel rose wearable pins and you can comfortably wear them throughout the day. Also, the size of the lapel rose pins influences the weight of the lapel rose pins.

It’s therefore important to choose the lapel rose pins that are sizable to fit your requirements. But generally, all our lapel rose pins are portable and can be worn throughout the day.

1.11 How Can I Differentiate Between Soft and Hard Lapel Rose Pins?

The most distinguishing factor between these two is the texture and how the enamel is applied.

For soft lapel rose pins the enamel is not uniformly filled and you can feel ridges even from a touch of it. Moreover, enamel filling is done through air drying which results in the ridges.

Hard lapel rose pins on the other hand are flat and smooth because the enamel is filled through heat pressure. This method allows uniform distribution of the enamel all through the lapel rose pins.

2.0 Design and Customization

2.1 Do You Have Readily Sample Designs of Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 4. Design and Customization of Lapel Rose Pins

Yes, we do provide lapel rose pins samples for all our clients to review and sample from them. Our clients can choose our designs of lapel rose pins which we greatly appreciate.

If a client chooses our design for the lapel rose pins, we also provide a free quotation to make them aware of the costs. Whichever size, color, texture you choose we will deliver it in the final lapel rose pins we make for you.

2.2 What Are Lapel Rose Pins Made Of?

The most important aspect of lapel rose pins is the type of material used in making the lapel rose pins. Choosing the best material for lapel rose pins increases the durability of lapel rose pins which results in low costs of lapel rose pins.

Additionally, the different types of materials vary in terms of prices. Some are expensive while others are inexpensive. It’s therefore important to know your budget and always stick to it. There is always lapel rose pins that amount to the funds you have.

Below are the materials used for lapel rose pins;

  • Metals

These metals materials include brass, copper, iron, and zinc alloys. Both copper and zinc alloys are the most preferred metals for making lapel rose pins.

  • Enamel/Paint

Enamel is the paint used to fill up the different patterns formed on lapel rose pins. In our case, there are two ways that you can fill up these patterns by pressure heating and air drying.

2.3 What Color Options Do Lapel Rose Pins Come In?

We have different colors for lapel rose pins designed to suit our clients’ requirements. More so a client can present their choice of colors which we will sure implement on your lapel rose pins. Some of the colors we provide for lapel rose pins include;

  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green

2.4 Do Lapel Rose Pins Have an Exact Size?

No, lapel rose pins come in different sizes which gives our clients a wide variety to choose from. There is an instance where clients would want small lapel rose pins while others will go for sizable lapel rose pins. In this case, we have to produce lapel rose pins of different sizes to satisfy all our clients.

The following are available and recommended sizes of lapel rose pins. They include;

  • Small size lapel rose pins
  • Medium size lapel rose pins
  • Large lapel rose pins

This however does not mean we are limited to these sizes; we can customize lapel rose pins according to your request. This though does come at an extra cost.

2.5 Can You Customize Lapel Rose Pins According to My Specifications?

Figure 5. Specific Customization for Lapel Rose Pins

Yes, we do provide customization of lapel rose pins depending on the client’s specifications. We also appreciate that you can entrust us to try out new designs apart from what we have.

Whichever specifications you provide, we will surely include it on the lapel rose pins. The only concern we have, a client should provide clear, precise, and accurate information on the lapel rose pins.

Be specific on what color, size, quantity, material, and type of lapel rose pins.

2.6 Can I Get Different Colors All in One Design of Lapel Rose Pins?

Yes, it’s possible to combine different colors and come up with elegant lapel rose pins. The colors though should complement each other. For instance, on our page, you will find samples of lapel rose pins with red, green, gold platinum, and a polished shiny surface.

You cannot resist such lapel rose pins. This is just but samples our team can do this and much more all in one lapel rose pin.

2.7 How Long Does the Production of Lapel Rose Pins Take?

The turnaround time of lapel rose pins mostly depends on the following factors;

  • The quantity of lapel rose pins have been produced.
  • The speed of production.
  • How soon a client makes the order for lapel rose pins.

On average the production time of lapel rose pins will take between 14 to 21 working days to come up with complete lapel rose pins. The final product of lapel rose pins is of high quality and durable.

2.8 Which Type of Paint/Enamel Do You Use for Lapel Rose Pins?

The recommended enamel for lapel rose pins is acrylic paint. This paint is normally water-based which makes it dry up so fast. With acrylic paints, it does not tarnish or fade so quickly making it the best for lapel rose pins.

The ridge-like designs are a result of the acrylic paint since it does not dry up so quickly even with an air dryer.

2.9 What Type of Finishing Do You Offer?

Figure 6. Finishing for Lapel Rose Pins

For quality and more attractive lapel rose pins, we provide surface polishing for all our products of lapel rose pins. Finishing normally involves painting the lapel rose pins with metal color. Plating the lapel rose pins enhances the durability and smoothness of the lapel rose pins.

2.10 Do Lapel Rose Pins Come with Its Backing or Are They Separate?

Yes, all the lapel rose pins we provide/make for our clients come with their backing at no cost. The backing is one of the elements that complete the making and enhances how you wear your lapel rose pins.

2.11 Why Come Up with A Sample Design Model Before Actualizing the Final Product?

It’s not logical to work or begin production without having a sample or prototype design. It makes it impossible to achieve the quality end product of lapel rose pins. It’s, therefore, important that we come up with a prototype of lapel rose pins we want to make to guide us through the final production of lapel rose pins.

Secondly, we also require our client’s approval on the prototype before we proceed with the production. We normally send these samples to our clients for review and approval and possible adjustments. This allows us to correct and make adjustments where need be.

2.12 How Far Can You Go as Far as Customization of Lapel Rose Pins Is Concerned?

We can go as far as our clients want with the lapel rose pins provided that the clients provide all the relevant details.

While still doing these we are keen at every step to ensure that we maintain all the protocols and that we do not lose the design ideas along the way.

Therefore, if a client presents a more complex design for lapel rose pins, we try to narrow it down while still maintaining our clients’ specifications.

2.13 Can I Share My Sample Designs of Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 7. Sample Designs for Lapel Rose Pins

All our clients are welcome to share and present new ideas or even improved versions of the lapel rose pins samples we provide. Make sure you upload using the correct file formats we have recommended for easy accessibility.

Our team will deliver exactly lapel rose pins as per the samples you have provided.

Visit our website to see which file formats are acceptable for sending the files.

2.14 Will the Final Product of Lapel Rose Pins Look the Same as The Samples Provided?

Absolutely yes, we do not compromise or take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of lapel rose pins. You will receive the same lapel rose pins as the samples you provide to us.

2.15 What Are the Available Backing Options for Lapel Rose Pins?

Backings are important elements of the lapel rose pins as the lapel rose pins cannot work without the backings. All our lapel rose pins come with backings at no extra cost.

Below are some of the backings we provide for lapel rose pins;

  • Butterfly clutch
  • Deluxe clutch

3.0 Order and Payment

Figure 8. Order and Payment for Lapel Rose Pins

3.1How Do I Successfully Place an Order for Lapel Rose Pins?

To place your order for lapel rose pins, kindly contact our customer care service. You can also write to us via the mail address we have provided.

The most common one is ordering lapel rose pins from our online platform.

3.2 What Information Is Required to Successfully Place Order for Lapel Rose Pins?

While placing an order for lapel rose pins, always provide accurate information which includes;

  • Personal information (name, location address, and email address)
  • Description of the lapel rose pins you want (size, quantity, and color)
  • The mode of payment
  • Mode of shipping.

3.3 What Are the Various Modes of Payment Available for Lapel Rose Pins?

To make payments for the lapel rose pins, you can use either of the three payment methods that we use. These are the only payment methods that are acceptable in our company. They include;

  • T&T
  • PayPal
  • Mastercard

3.4 How Can I Ascertain Label Rose Pins Available in Stock Before Placing an Order?

Figure 9. Available Stock for Lapel Rose Pins

Before ordering lapel rose pins you must check on the status stock of the lapel rose pins. To confirm the availability of the lapel rose pins;

  • Check on our website for the stock availability
  • You can write to us; we will surely give you a confirmation if we have readily available lapel rose pins.
  • You can also contact us via the toll number we have provided. Our customer care will inquire and give feedback to you as soon as possible.

3.5 Is There Another Ordering Platform for Label Rose Pins Apart from Ordering Online?

Our company has grown over time allowing us to opt for the online ordering platform. Unlike coming to the company to place an order for lapel rose pins, an online platform saves you the time and cost of placing the order.

All orders of lapel rose pins, the orders should be placed via our online platform. You can also call or write to us to place your order for lapel rose pins.

3.6 Can I Change My Details During Order Payment for Lapel Rose Pins?

Normally, it depends on which details you want to change. Any credit card information, names, and content numbers cannot be altered at all. Therefore, ensure that all the information you provide to us is accurate and active, especially personal information.

3.7 What Should I Do If My Order for Label Rose Pins Is Not Confirmed?

If you do not receive a confirmation for order confirmation you should contact our team immediately. This could be you missed to include some of the required information which results in unapproved of the order.

Contact our team for a follow-up and for a possible solution that may involve placing another lapel rose pin.

3.8 Is Payment Required in Advance After Successfully Placing an Order for Lapel Rose Pins Order?

Figure 10. Advance Payment for Lapel Rose Pins

Yes, we require all our clients to deposit lapel rose pins after the approval of the lapel rose pins. The set amount is a quarter of the total quoted price.

We require the pending payments to be cleared a week before we dispatch the lapel rose pins for shipping.

For any inquiries regarding the payments please contact us, or you can check on our payment terms on our website.

3.9 Do You Provide Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Yes, we do provide discounts for our clients who buy lapel rose pins in bulk. The minimum order of lapel rose pins that a client can order is 50 pieces. Ordering in bulk saves you on the cost compared to just ordering a piece of lapel rose pins.

This does not mean we do not sell a pack of lapel rose pins; we do but at the normal quoted price. To see these discounts, visit our website for more information.

3.10 Is It Possible to Make Adjustments or Even Remove an Existing Order of Lapel Rose Pins?

It is possible to make adjustments to your lapel rose pins only before the production of lapel rose pins begins.

We also allow cancellation of lapel rose pins orders if you need to make changes.

4.0 Shipping and Delivery

Figure 11. Shipping and Delivery

4.1 How Do I Track My Lapel Rose Pins Shipment?

We normally provide a tracking link that is normally sent to you with your payment invoices. This link is normally activated once we dispatch lapel rose pins shipment for shipping.

From then you can comfortably check on the status of your lapel rose pins shipment.

4.2 What Is the Duration of Shipping Label Rose Pins?

This timeframe normally depends on where we are shipping. Where is our client based? This can be local or international shipping and delivery.

Also, it depends on the mode of shipping the lapel rose pins. Regardless of all these factors we always aim to deliver your package of lapel rose pins within the stipulated time.

For local deliveries, we take 7 days to deliver while for international deliveries it will take 2 to 3 weeks.

4.3 Am I Able to Alter the Shipping Address for Label Rose Pins?

Absolutely no, once the shipping process of lapel rose pins commences you cannot change your physical address. Just be sure of your address location details and if there is a need to change kindly let us know before we dispatch lapel rose pins for shipping.

You can also write to us on the few adjustments we will arrange for that.

4.4 I Have Received Wrong Sizes of Lapel Rose Pins. What Should I Do?

Once you inspect and find out the mismatch of the sizes of lapel rose pins, contact our team for further assistance. We will guide you on how to return the lapel rose pins for a replacement.

4.5 What Should I Do in Incase Of Delayed Delivery of Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 12. Delayed Lapel Rose Pins Delivery

We always try to deliver all our lapel rose pins packages within the stipulated time. But this may not happen at all times due to unavoidable issues.

If you do not receive your lapel rose pins within the set time, kindly contact us. We will follow up and let you know how far our delivery team is to delivering your lapel rose pins package.

4.6 Is the Price Quoted for The Lapel Rose Pins Inclusive of Shipping and Custom Clearance Charges?

The price quotation we provide to you is only inclusive of the shipping charges. As per the custom clearance charges, you pay once the package arrives at your port of destination. More so, this custom clearance varies depending on which country you are based in.

You can inquire about these charges from the customs clearance office or if you are using a freight forwarder to ship, they are aware of these charges.

4.7 How Do You Package the Lapel Rose Pins for Shipping?

We use the best packaging options available to package the lapel rose pins to ensure safety during transit. This ensures that you receive your lapel rose pins package in one condition.

4.8 What Are the Probable Factors That Could Lead to Delayed Delivery of Lapel Rose Pins?

The following are some of the factors that can lead to delayed delivery of lapel rose pins;

  • Pending lapel rose pins payments. All our payments should be done as per our payment terms.
  • Delayed custom clearance processes.

4.9 Do You Provide Free Shipping of Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 13. Free Shipping for Lapel Rose Pins

We do provide free shipping of lapel rose pins if the client orders in bulk. Regardless of location whether local or international we will ship the lapel rose pins for you freely.

4.10 Do You Have Pick Locations Other Than Home and Office Deliveries?

We have not yet gone for international warehousing, most of the pickup locations we have are local-based. For international clients, we will do home or office delivery depending on the address location you provided to us while ordering lapel rose pins.

4.11 Can I Schedule My Own Delivery Time for Lapel Rose Pins?

We work as per our client’s schedule but we do not deliver during night hours or the weekends. Any other time of the day and within the 5 working days we will deliver the lapel rose pins to you.

4.12 Who Can I Contact in Case of Delay of Lapel Rose Pins?

We have active customer service that you can reach out in case of delayed delivery of lapel rose pins. Call us, we are more than glad to help.

5.0 Return and Replacement

Figure 14. Return and Replacement

5.1 What Is Your Company Return Policy?

All our clients should know, that is the returned lapel rose pins should be returned directly to the company for inspection. Our logistic team will inspect the status and quality of the returned lapel rose pins.

Our return policy only requires you to return lapel rose pins based on;

  • If the lapel rose pins are damaged. This especially occurs during shipping and the damaged lapel rose pins shipments are not noticeable.
  • We only accept the return of lapel rose pins that have not been used and they should be in the original packaging that we used.
  • The wrong lapel rose pins in terms of size or color of the lapel rose pins.
  • If the lapel rose pins shipment is not complete, maybe it’s missing a few pieces of the lapel rose pins.
  • All returns should be made within the stipulated duration.

This is how our return policy works which all our clients should be aware of and follow to the latter.

5.2 How Can I Get a Replacement of Lapel Rose Pins?

You can request a replacement of lapel rose pins through our website;

  • Go to your order status and select which lapel rose pins you want to be replaced.
  • Go to the return policy option and click on that option, which gives you two options for replacement or returns.
  • Click on the replacement option 
  • Include a reason for requesting the replacement
  • Submit the request to our team.

You also call or write to us via the mail we have provided.

5.3 Do You Charge for The Return of Lapel Rose Pins?

No, if there are any changes to be made, we are liable for them as long as you make the return of lapel rose pins within the stipulated time. If you do so then you will be good to go. Just keep time and leave the rest to us.

5.4 What Are Your Replacement Criteria for Lapel Rose Pins?

Figure 15. Replacement Criteria

We have a procedure or criteria that we use while issuing replacements for lapel rose pins. The replacement of lapel rose pins only occur if;

The lapel rose pins delivered to our clients were damaged during transit. We recommend that you contact us immediately if this is the case.

If we have included the wrong product. Hats are there is a mismatch of size and color that a client wanted and we placed different products of lapel rose pins.

If the client is not satisfied with the design of lapel rose pins. You can return the lapel rose pins for re-designing.

5.5 What Is the Timeframe of Returning Lapel Rose Pins?

All the lapel rose pins should be returned within 21 working days. This guarantees a replacement or a refund for the lapel rose pins.

Visit our platform to check on the timelines.

5.6 How Soon Do You Process a Return of Lapel Rose Pins?

All the returned lapel rose pins have to go through inspection to test their quality and the status of the damages. This takes 2 to 3 days.

Upon inspection then we can initiate a replacement or a refund.

5.7 In case Of Delayed Return of Lapel Rose Pins, Can I Still Get a Replacement

Figure 16. Delayed Replacement for Lapel Rose Pins

Honestly no, if the time given for clients to return the lapel rose pins lapses, we do not replace them. This also implies that you do not get a refund for lapel rose pins.

To avoid all this hassle, always ensure that you return lapel rose pins within the stipulated time. You can confirm this on our return policy.

5.7 In Case of Damages Do I Have to Return the Whole Shipment of Lapel Rose Pins?

As much as we request a picture of the damaged lapel rose pins, we do recommend the return of the whole lapel rose pins package for further inspections. This inspection allows us to get hold of the smallest damages that are hardly noticed.

5.8 How Do You Deliver Replaced Lapel Rose Pins?

We use the same mode of delivery we used to deliver the original package of lapel rose pins. Additionally, we use the same packaging options to ensure the safety of the lapel rose pins during shipping.

5.9 What Packaging Option Should I Use to Package Lapel Rose Pins for Returning?

We recommend that you use our original packaging option. It’s therefore important to be extra careful while opening your lapel rose pins. For any assistance on how to package the lapel rose pins reach out to our customer care team, they will guide you on how to do it.

We also request that you do not tamper with seals or labels on that package.

6.0 Cancellation and Refund

Figure 17. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 In Case of Overpayment, Do You Refund Back the Money?

We value our relationship with our clients and the continued trust, therefore in case you make an overpayment you will be refunded. This only happens after we review your transactions to prove the claim.

We recommend if such a thing happens contact our customer care immediately for further assistance.

6.2 What Is the Timeframe of Canceling Lapel Rose Pins?

All the cancelation of lapel rose pins orders should only occur before the production commences. Cancelation at this stage guarantees a full refund of the payments of lapel rose pins.

6.3 How Long Do You Take to Refund for Lapel Rose Pins?

At first, we have to ascertain the condition of the returned lapel rose pins. This involves evaluation of the claimed damages, whether the lapel rose pins are unused and if the lapel rose pins are in the right packaging as indicated.

This process normally takes 24 hours, after that we will immediately release the refunds to our clients.

6.4 How Do I Know If My Lapel Rose Pins Order Has Been Cancelled?

Figure 18. Successful Cancellation for Lapel Rose Pins

If a client requests to cancel the lapel rose pins order and the right is granted, we do send confirmation for successful cancelation of the order.

The confirmation notice is done through the mail address that you provided while making an order for lapel rose pins. It’s therefore important to keep on checking for any updates on your mail.

We notify you within 48 hours therefore if you do not get this confirmation, kindly contact us.

6.5 What Mode of Payment Do You Use to Refund for The Lapel Rose Pins?

We normally use the original mode of payment that a client used while making payments for lapel rose pins. A client cannot suggest otherwise. For instance, if you used PayPal to make payments for lapel rose pins, we will use the same mode to refund back for lapel rose pins.

Note, no refunds are made in cash form.

6.6 What Should I Do in Incase of Delayed Refunds?

Once we initiate the refund process for the lapel rose pins, we do send a confirmation notice for the same. If you receive the confirmation, be assured you will receive your refunds for lapel rose pins.

Remember each of the three modes of payment that we accept has a stipulated processing period. Some like PayPal may take up to 4 days before processing the money to your bank account.

Sometimes we also experience technical hitches that may result in delayed refunds. You can contact us if you feel any doubts about the timing of the refund. 

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