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Wholesale pink dog tags of the highest caliber are what we specialize here at Foison Metal. We manufacture metal dog tags to your exact specification, with your custom logo/artwork. We worked with hundreds of clients that are satisfied with the services we offer like:

Combining High-End Machine & Premium Materials

Deep laser engraving and premium materials are used to create long-lasting custom pink dog tags.  Each tag is precisely and thoroughly engraved with personalized information using our powerful lasers. We deeply engraved tags instead of simply laser marking them by coloring the metal black.

Featured Products

With your precise logo and in the plating, size, and shapes of your choice, Foison Metal creates high-quality pink dog tags.

Pink Heart Dog Tag

Made of stainless steel that is electroplated with metallic pink color engraved with custom texts with a touch of charm.

Pink Bone Dog Tag

Personalized dog tag that is unique in shape and color, usually made of stainless steel.

Pink Dog ID Tag

Usually in circular shape made of durable material that withstand tear and wear which is designed to provide identification.

Pink Dog Tag With Name

Customized dog tag with a purpose of providing identification for pets with a combination of style.

Pink Camo Dog Tag

Small and flat dog tag with a pink camouflage surface pattern that is meant to give unique and visually appealing appearance.

Pink Military Dog Tags

Made of stainless steel or aluminum electroplated with pink color for added durability against corrosion and tarnishing.

Basic Production Processes

Below is the list of production processes that are used to create your customized dog tags.

Artwork Submission

Artwork Submission

Send us your dog tag design and the number of products required for an accurate quote. The initial quote only covers the mass production cost, excluding packaging and shipment.
Sample Approval

Sample Approval

After the design submission, we produce actual samples upon your request. We can produce customized samples with your logo/artwork with your chosen dog tag shape and size.
Large-scale Manufacturing

Mass Production

Once sample is approved, we proceed with mass-production right away. Our lead time for mass-production is 15-20 days that is subjected to change depending on your design.
Quality Checking

Quality Assurance

Each dog tag goes through strict quality checking to ensure no damaged product will be sent to shipment. We make sure that your dog tags are flawless with zero design errors.
Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

We provide standard plastic packaging or customized packaging with your choice of material to protect your dog tags during the transit. Custom packaging can also enhance your brand presentation.
Packaging & Shipment

Shipment & Delivery

Your orders are immediately sent through shipment after packaging to meet your strict deadlines. Rest assured, we prioritize timely delivery. Expect to receive your orders within 5-7 days if you choose express delivery.

Surface Finish Options







Consistent Product Quality

Here at Foison Metal, we allow you to fully customize your pink dog tags by choosing from a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures that are available to further enhance your design. Custom prints can be your company logo, customized artwork, or personal image which can be laser engraved or UV printed based on your chosen design. 

You can also experiment on color and textures for a more unique look. If you have no idea on how to elevate your dog tag design, we offer we assistance where you will be provided with several options on plating, textures, shapes, and sizes. We’ll make every effort to make your dog tag stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

Surface Content On Different Production Process

Screen Printing
Laser Engraving



Screen Printing
Laser Engraving


Hight Light Product Details


Screen Printing

It is used to apply vibrant colors to surfaces with dark colors. Thick colors are applied using this surface technique, producing a long-lasting print.

Laser Engraving

Permanent markings of custom logos, numbers, texts, and other graphics with corrosion resistance properties are engraved using this technique.

Laser Engraving


This surface technique is used to create a rustic look with a recessed texts or design. Stamping ensures your design can withstand corrosion and tarnishing.


Sandblasting creates a unique rough texture with increased adhesion. This surface finish ensures that the applied finishes adhere properly and last longer.



Electroplating process creates lustrous and attractive finish giving a range of metal coating such as gold, silver, nickel, chrome, rose gold, and more.

Foison Metal Makes Intricately Designed Pink Dog Tags

Foison Metal provides premium quality pink dog tags all engraved with the text of your choice. 

We ensure that your designs are imprinted permanently with long-lasting colors that are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions and harmful chemicals. We make sure that your dog tags are made with the exact likeness of your design imprinted on the most durable material like stainless steel and aluminum.


The list below demonstrates our credibility in producing custom metal products as we have been mass-producing high-quality metal products continuously since 2005:








IATF 16949

Our clients

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FAQs & Ultimate Guide

1. How long do the pink military dog tags last?

Our metal tags have extra surface plating to increase resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, and they can withstand tearing and wear. We warrant that the dog tags will be durable for four to five years. tags, we can make one for you. Just provide us with your product specification.

2. How are my pink heart dog tags packaged?

Your pink heart dog tags are packaged individually in an OPP bag to prevent scratches on the surface. If required, we can also create special packaging for you.

3. Are rush orders accepted?

We don’t take rush orders. For mass production, we typically need 15 to 20 days. The improvement of sample production and design is excluded from that.

4. What kind of Pink Dog Tag material is ideal for use outside?

Outdoor settings are best suited for brass and stainless steel. These two materials have a distinctive finish and excellent corrosion and tarnishing resistance.

5. Can I get pink dog ID tags with attachments?

Pink dog tags come with metal chains to attach them to items. According to your application, you can always select a different attachment.

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Foison Metal Offers Strong and High-Quality Black Dog Tags

Black dog tags with information permanently stamped, etched, or engraved on them are available from Foison Metal.  Usually, they are worn as a necklace on a chain. Dog tags are most frequently made of stainless steel. This metal is abundant, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion.

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