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Asset Tag

The Customized Asset tag is fully supportive of a customized design, where every label, size, adhesive and logo, and other information can be added. Also, we can confirm the type and sequence of the Barcode.

The Metal tags come in 3M adhesives, magnetic bags that are easy to relocate.

Because of the durability of the material, it can easily be used as an asset tag.

It can enable cutting holes, and its serial number is in the form of Bar code, QR code, or serial number. It will ship to other air via DHL, FEDEX, EMS, TNT, UPS, etc. Being available at a lower price, it does come in the best quality and service. Additionally, the logo can be customized and is available in 500 pieces. Graphic customization and emblem have a minimum of 500 pieces.

Features and process

The thickness varies from 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm, and it mostly comes in Black and gold colors. In addition to that, it can also be customized based on your preferences. Originally from China, it goes at a package rate of a minimum order- 200 pieces in a bag and 500 in the carton. Also, the Customized Asset tag is made out of Anodized Aluminum. Its logo and printing process is mostly laser engraving.

The Customized Asset tag for equipment has a surface treatment of Sandblasting. There are so many types of customized asset tags like in which you can also change the manufacturing material. In addition to that, the mirror effect of stainless steel provides a beautiful look. You can also witness a luxurious look to a finished product.

We work our best to get your Asset tag made out of Aluminum, which meets unique industrial requirements. It will also maintain strong corrosion-resistance. Most people use oxidized Aluminum for their personal use. Apart from many customized asset tags, it comes in steel for its strong corrosion and resistance and a good metal feeling.

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