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Anodized Dog Tags Wholesale


0.45$ - 1.85$ / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

If you want to get anodized dog tags wholesale traders, then it is the right place. The latest fonts and styles will provide the best look to the metal and steel plates. The anodized dog tags wholesale traders will produce customized plates wholesale. Different shapes and colors are available according to the desires and imagination of the clients. The custom dog tag supplier will fulfill the needs and requirements of dog lovers.

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The custom anodized dog tags wholesale manufactures will have the printing of the names and other details. The engraving of name, email, and phone number is possible at the dog tags. If the dog gets lost, then the name and other details will make the finding easy. The entering of the details is smooth with different fonts. You can choose the right font as per the expectations. 

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturer Factories are producing dog tags in the bulk of custom anodized dog tags wholesale. The use of the best quality of steel is possible to provide satisfaction to the customer. The dogs will get comfort and convenience to dogs in wearing dog tags. The process is safe and secure for the dogs to wear. The results are available the best with the manufacturing with quality steel. 

Product Highlights – Custom Anodized Dog Tags Wholesale

  • Different colors are available to choose from
  • Different fonts are available to choose from
  • Different styles are available to choose from
  • Different text lines are available to choose from
  • Engraving of the text with quality tools.

We will offer the best anodized dog tags suppliers to you within the budget. You can choose the right dog tags to provide comfort to the dogs. The style and fonts are unique and different. 


Comprehensive design support

Our experienced design team will help you complete the design work of Anodized Dog Tags Wholesale, even if you don’t have any design files available, don’t worry!

Any shape and design you want

You must have a unique idea about the Anodized Dog Tags Wholesale, please CONTACT US now, we will make it in reality.


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