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Barcode Asset Tags


0.45$ - 1.85$ / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

Make your asset management process stronger with the modern asset tags manufacture and supplied by the most trusted barcode asset tag wholesale trader, foison.

Barcode asset tags for better asset management 

Barcode asset tag has become a new norm in asset management, inventory, and asset maintenance process. A company can use barcode asset tags for equipments to track, monitor, and manage them. 

 A barcode is a machine readable code in numbers and lines that stores visual data and information. It is used to give a unique identification to any asset or equipments that are not visible to everyone. It can store inventory data or pricing data of the asset that can be retrieved quickly and easily. 

Foison is a barcode asset tags supplier and manufacturer that offers you reasonable price at wholesale rate. Order in bulk with your own choice of customization and manage your asset without any hassle. 

The product is manufactured in China and trader promises you for an assured safe and timely delivery via air. The minimum order should be 500 in number. 

Customize your barcode asset tags:

The barcode asset tags wholesale trader gives you a range of option to customize your asset tags. You can get your asset tags in desirable size, shape, color, and printing text or images. The graphic deigning is free so you can also go for attractive printing options such as business name, logo, your contact details, or any image or text.

High quality of Surface texture and printing process

The surface of the barcode asset tags will be smooth with attractive look. The surface is made with the standard surface treatment process such as matte, mirror, brushing, sandblasting, etc. The surface texture treatment determines the quality of engraving, etching, laser printing, UV printing, and other printing process. 

Barcode Asset Tags Drawing

Customized Design

Our Custom Asset Tags fully support customized designing. Specify your label size, material, adhesive, logo, and artwork. Also, confirm the barcode type and barcode sequence.

Easy to Re-locate

The Metal Asset Tags come with premium 3M adhesives, holes, or magnetic-backed. Therefore, re-location becomes easy.

Asset Tag- Premium 3m Adhesive
Asset Tags Durability

Durable Material

There is hardly any product outside our capabilities. Thus, let us know if you don’t see the product you need.  To clarify, we always use the best materials for your needs.

High-Light Details Of Custom Asset Tags

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text/Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

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