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Blank Metal Business Cards Wholesale

Looking for blank Metal business cards? Here is the Blank Metal Business Cards Wholesale that provides you with Stock and Customizes Shapes at the lowest price in high-quality and the best service. Foison Metal is China’s Best Factory manufacturing Metal Cards for more than 15 Years.

Standard Size 85*54*0.8mm. Custom Size also fully support. Anodized Aluminum, Matte Surface, and Brushed Surface Available. Perfect for Laser Engraving, Screen Printing, and UV Printing. Part of the item is also suitable for Sublimation.


OPTIONS of BlANK Metal Business Cards

8 Existing Colors Available

Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Copper, Orange

3 Surface Available

Brushed, Sandblasting (matte), and Raw Metal

3 Edges Type Available
 V-edged, I edge, and Pure Color Edges (edge color same with the surface color)

Does the cards are tough enough, resist daily scratches, and long time last no fading?

Yes, the cards are tough enough for this purpose. The surface has been sandblasted or brushed and anodized for a long enough time. The thickness of the anodized layer is about 15-20 μm. Normally, it will not fade within 3-4 years, but according to the specific use environment temperature, humidity, and saline-alkali corrosion Determined by factors such as degree, it can resist scratches. 

Features of BlANK Metal Business Cards

The business cards you a surface treatment with a sandblasted or brushed finish and a customize size as per your choice. Give a logo and text process with laser engravings. Also support serial barcodes, serial numbers, and unique QR Codes for property or product tracking. 


Each Card Single Opp bag packed, 100 pieces/box and customized package fully support. It is shipped by air DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, UPS, and so on. Free Samples are available.

What is the advantage of Metal Business Cards

The aluminum product comes in a lightweight, is easy to process, and can be method various special requirements. The product is oxidized in aluminum with maintenance corrosion, which is strong in the seaside or any other harsh climatic condition. Strong corrosion resistance at special all decorative effects and next vital and hardens in a strong metal feeling.

WHY do the edges add enhancement to the Metal Business card

The blank metal business card stands out at the edges as it has a diamond-bright 3 kind edge, V-edged, I edge, and Pure Color Edges (edge color same with the surface color). The Custom Metal Cards come in a perfect display of the text, which has an excellent metal sense which is simple yet elegant and has upscale. It has a finish on the surface, including sandblasting, brushing, mirror, etc. the product is perfect for fiber / co2 laser engraving, screen printing /UV printing thermal transfer process, and Etching

What’s the difference of Sandblasting and Brushed

Foison Metal Provides THe MOST dURABLE Blank Metal Business Cards

Foison Metal is an expert in terms of developing high-quality blank metal business cards. Products made by this company ensure that your business will lead the market competition. We established this company to serve you with unique business requirements.

Our agency is where you can find hundreds of skilled professionals who can produce the finest quality blank metal credit cards in no time. To ensure continuous production, our company ensures a constant supply of raw materials.

Thus, we can assist you with your bulk orders. New and large enterprises trust Foison Metal for their company needs. Our blank metal cards are customized with laser-cut, etched, and refined designs.

About Our Service

Guaranteed Great Deals

Foison Metal ensures that small and large companies can avail of our blank metal business cards by keeping the price at a minimum.

Get Free Samples

We offer a set of sample designs of blank metal business cards to our clients for them to check the quality of our work.

Low Shipping Rates

Foison Metal maintains a low shipping rate to customers based outside China.

We Ship Worldwid

No matter where you are, our couriers will deliver your ordered blank metal business cards within 7-10 days.

Secure Ordering

Foison Metal ensures that customer information and order details are encrypted and secured.

Made of 100% Metal

Our professional contractors use pure metal in preparing your blank metal business cards.

Contact Support

Do you have concerns regarding the products and services we offer? Our contact support team will assist you immediately.

Personalize Your Order

Foison Metal can create more personalized designs for your blank metal business cards.


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process
Play Video about 0000 Metal Cards Productioon Process


Foison Metal is the number one source of metal crafts in the market. We use rugged materials to ensure that our fabricated products can withstand extreme force.

We have been a leading metal crafts manufacturer for many years. This shows how our products satisfy the demands of our clients worldwide. Whenever you need unique blank metal business cards, you can reach us conveniently.

Why is Foison Metal product trusted?

Free Designs and Samples

We ensure customer satisfaction by sending our client’s free designs and samples of our products.

Quality Over Quantity

Although we have fast-working machines, our teams are hands-on in checking the quality of our products.

Secured Payment

We offer different payment methods you can use to send your money securely.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with our products, you can request a refund

What our clients are saying

Foison Metal Is A Reliable Trader Of Top-Grade Blank Metal Business Cards

We have an endless list of reasons why a lot of customers remain loyal to us. One of them is that Foison Metal produces blank metal business cards in varying sizes, colors, and shapes. With us, you can receive 100% fully customizable and business-friendly blank metal cards.

Our Factory Audit

Our clients

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High-Light Product details

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text / Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

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