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Aluminum Coasters


0.45$ - 1.85$ / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

Help your business in marketing and branding with the unique and high quality of products by the whole hot selling aluminum coaster trader.

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Hot Selling Aluminum Coaster 

The wholesale hot selling aluminum coaster supplier is offering you to make a great impression in front of your clients and visitors with personalized goods. Use it at your office space or gift it to your clients with your logo, business name, and/or any special texts or images to reflect your brand identity.


  • Optimum quality with fine finishing.
  • Hot selling aluminum coaster will come with round and smooth edges that make it easy to use and carry.
  • Comes with additional protective cover
  • The hot selling aluminum coaster manufacturer and supplier will use various surface treatment processes to produce high-graded products. The surface treatment will be sandblasting, mirror, brushing, matte, and more. 
  • The surface treatment can be chosen to fit with the etching, engraving, and screen printing process. 

Various available Customization options:

The normal size and thickness of the aluminum coaster will be 85x8mm or 86x53mm and 0.6mm or 0.3mm or 3.00mm respectively. However, you will have other customization options available. 

The hot selling aluminum coaster trader allows you to do customization with the colors, shape, thickness, and size. If you want you can add your logo, business, name, email address, contact number, any image, and any text to the aluminum coaster as per your choice.  

How do you get your order?

Your minimum order should consist of 500 pieces. You can expect it to be delivered by air via DHL, FedEx, etc., in a box or in a cartoon depending upon the number of the product you have ordered.

Benefits you will get through custom wholesale metal drink coaster traders:

  • Get free graphic designing on your products
  • Reasonable price at wholesale rate
  • Genuine and high quality products
  • Timely delivery


Aluminum Coasters Drawing

Customized Design

 Custom Black Metal Business Cards fully supports custom- specify your size, shapes, material, logo, artwork, name, email, address, and any information you need to add.

Perfect display of the texture of Aluminum Coasters Surface

Excellent metal simple sense, elegant and upscale. Surface finish: Sandblasting, Brushing, Matte, Mirror, and so on. Perfect for Etching, Screen Printing, Laser engraving, UV Printing, Thermal transfer process. 

High-Light Product details

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text / Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

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