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Metal Drink Coasters Wholesale Traders

Foison as a hot selling metal drink coaster trader offering you the best customization options for your order. Engrave your logo, business name, address and any other text or images to personalize your product.


Hot selling metal drink coasters

Get custom-designed hot selling metal drink coasters from Foison, a renowned wholesale metal drink coasters supplier. The matte black finish uniquely designed metal drink coasters can be customized according to your choice of graphic design at free of cost. The product will come with the surgical grade stainless steel to provide a protective layer. You can submit a bulk order for metal drink coaster with minimum order of 500 pieces.


  • The general size of the coaster will be 86×53 and 85×84 in mm.
  •  You can also order for the coasters with the customized size.
  • An excellent matte finished texture with elegant look. 
  • Surface finish will be Matte, mirror, Sandblasting, and brushing.
  • The surface of the end product will be perfect for engraving, etching, screen printing, and thermal transfer process. 
  • The edges will be two kinds- V edge and I edge. 

Various available Customization options:

  • You can customize your order for its size, type of material, shapes, logo, artwork, name, address, email, and any other text you want to add on hot selling metal drink coaster.
  •  The general color is black however you will have an option to choose colors from white, Gold, pearl, red, silver, copper, and any other customized colors as per your preference. 

How do you get your order?

The product is manufactured in China and made of anodized aluminum. The logo, text, and graphic designing will be processed by the printing process. The shipment of the order will be made through air via FEDEX, DHL, etc. You can expect your order in a carton if its quantity is above 500 pieces. 

Benefits you will get through custom wholesale metal drink coaster traders:

  • Product will have Customized protective cover
  • The price is reasonable along with the best service
  • The logo can be used on the product 
  • You can order for custom logo design
Metal Drink Coasters Wholesale Traders Drawing

Customized Design

 Custom Black Metal Business Cards fully supports custom- specify your size, shapes, material, logo, artwork, name, email, address, and any information you need to add.

Perfect display of the texture of Metal Drink Coasters

Excellent metal simple sense, elegant and upscale. Surface finish: Sandblasting, Brushing, Matte, Mirror, and so on. Perfect for Etching, Screen Printing, Laser engraving, UV Printing, Thermal transfer process. 

Metal Drink Coasters 4

High-Light Product details

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text / Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

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