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Matte Black Business Card

We may live in a digital world, due to which communication is a must. Communication could be digital. Networking plays a significant role, and many organizations will share business cards. It is a reality that a dilapidated Business card would not get revert back, except when it is made out of a special kind of metal or any related material, which is why a Matte Black Business card is what most premium organizations use. It has a free graphic design with a surgical grade of stainless steel. It gives stock and a customized protective cover with a reasonable price and good quality material and service.


Features of a Customized Matte Black Business Card

The Customized Matte Black Business card is quite supportive of being customized and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and one can also adjust the logo, name, email, and any other information that needs to be added.

The Customized Matte Black Business card is available in Black and comes in other diversified colors like Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, etc. These colors could conform quite evidently with the company’s theme making it quite an eye-catching business card.

What makes the Customized Black Business card more alluring is:

* The texture, which determines its style and quality

*The sensation of touching the material is awe-inspiring

 *It has a surface finish of Sandblasting, laser engraving and is also considered perfect for Etching, UV printing, and Thermal transfer.

How does the Texture help in the enhancement of the Customized Matte Black Business Card?

The texture is a sensation on the palm, but a sensation of grip is felt by the fingertips holding its edges. The edges of the card come in two kinds, which are V -edge and I -edge and every corner has smooth rounded corners that make it safe to make a more friendly business exchange card.

Customized Design

 The matte black business card fully supports custom- specify your size, shapes, material, logo, artwork, name, email, address, and any information you need to add.

Choose a Color for the matte black business card the most from Various Colors

8 Standard Colors in Stock for the matte black business card. Pearl White / Matte Black / Gold / Silver /Copper / Red / Green / Blue. Customized colors acceptable. 

Perfect display of the texture of the matte black card surface

Excellent metal simple sense, elegant and upscale. Surface finish: Sandblasting, Brushing, Matte, Mirror, and so on. Perfect for Etching, Screen Printing, Laser engraving, UV Printing, Thermal transfer process. 

Diamond Edge Make the matte black business card Stand out

The edge is like diamond bright, 2 Kind edges V edge and I edge. Each card has smooth rounded corners, safe to make business card exchange more friendly!


Foison Advanced METAL CARDS Manufacturing technology

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High-Light Product details

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text / Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

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1 review for Matte Black Business Card

  1. Warfield

    Produced using marine grade stainless steel, our exclusive matt black metal business cards are truly exquisite.

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