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Metal Book Marker


0.45$ - 1.85$ / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

Foison is a wholesale Metal Book marker supplier and manufacturer that provide cheapest and best deal in quality book markers with various customization options and free samples.


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Custom Metal book marker supplier and manufacturer

The best way to mark a page of a book is to use a book marker. Generally, a slip of paper can be used for this purpose. Have you ever wondered what if you could get a stunning piece of metal book marker? This kind of thing always amazes and attracts people. Also, this can be good for promotional activities as well. So if you want to make a perfect metal book marker, Foison, a great Metal book marker supplier and manufacturer will be your destination. With wide customization options, you can design a personalized book marker.

Highlights of Metal Book marker:

  • Products are made up of high quality of materials.
  • Tons of customization options are available. You can give an order with the customized options that will fit best in your requirement such as size, color, metal types, and shape. Apart from these, you can also go for artwork options as well.
  • The surface is made smooth with matte, mirror, brushing, and sandblasting surface treatment process.
  • You can personalize it with your artwork or texts that will be done by the engraving, etching, screen printing, UV printing, and thermal transfer process perfectly.
  • All the metal book markers will be manufactured in China. It will be delivered to you by air via DHL, FedEx, EM, UPS, and other logistics partners.
  • The minimum order should be 500 in pieces that will be safely packed and delivered in a carton.


  • Reasonable price rate
  • High-graded quality products
  • Products will be easy to use and carry
  • Fast and safe delivery of the products
  • Free Samples before order confirmation
Metal Book Marker

Customized Design

Metal Book Marker  fully supports custom- specify your size, shapes, material, logo, artwork, name, email, address, and any information you need to add.

Perfect display of the texture of Metal Book Marker

Excellent metal simple sense, elegant and upscale. Surface finish: Sandblasting, Brushing, Matte, Mirror, and so on. Perfect for Etching, Screen Printing, Laser engraving, UV Printing, Thermal transfer process. 

Metal Book Marker

Optional materials & Feature


Strong corrosion resistance, outstanding decorative effect, strong hardness, strong metal feeling, the finished product feels luxurious and high-grade,the stainless steel mirror effect is very beautiful.


It is light in weight, easy to process, and can meet various special requirements. Oxidized aluminum maintains strong corrosion resistance in the seaside or other harsh conditions.

High-Light Product details

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text / Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

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