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Steel Bookmarks


0.45$ - 1.85$ / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

Are you looking for a custom steel bookmark wholesale supplier and manufacturer? Foison will be the best destination for you. Place your order now and get free delivery, and free samples.


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Foison Metal Is The Number One Designer And Manufacturer Of High-Quality Steel Bookmarks In China

Foison Metal’s standard production process can efficiently complete the production of each metal bookmark design on time and professionally ensures that every order received by our customers is perfectly made to their exact specifications. We offer different textures, styles, and plating depending on the client’s preference. 

As our client, you are free to send us your steel bookmark designs. In cases that you don’t have a design available, we offer free graphic designing and artwork done by our professional in-house graphic designers. 

We use different kinds of surface treatment processes that can make a huge difference in the final look of your steel bookmarks. Not only that but our printing process offers durability with high visibility and would not fade easily. With that, we ensure to meet your expectations every time!





Steel Bookmarks

Product Customization

To ensure unique designs of our steel bookmarks, our clients are given a wide range of customization options. When you choose to work with Foison Metal, we’ll offer you different steel plating from silver to nickel. You can also find the best steel texture including, matte, sandblast, or brushed which best fit your bookmark design.

The Most Profitable Steel Bookmarks By Foison Metal

Steel is the number one material to be used for manufacturing bookmarks because of its durability and flexibility.  At Foison Metal, we create the best steel bookmark that can offer you both longevity and style that can meet the diverse needs of the market. Regardless of its quality, our bookmark prices remain competitive and cost-effective.

Steel Bookmarks

Company Capabilities

We are a technically advanced supplier with over hundreds of talented and capable artisans that help clients create a product that they desire. No matter what shape, size, and style of the steel bookmark, we can assure 100% product satisfaction. With our years of experience, we are able to gain and supply clients around the world.

High-Light Product details

Mirror Surface
Colorful Printing
Colorful Enamel
Stamping Text / Logo
Brushing Surface
Laser Engraving
Diamond Cutting
Etching Text

Partner with Foison Metal to explore the right Products

Breaking the traditional paper bookmark, Foison Metal uses steel to fabricate high-quality bookmarks that are long-lasting and stylish. We do not provide false advertising, only results that make you happy! Send us your designs and requirements, we’ll guarantee to show you results in no time!


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