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Weed Grinder Card


A weed grinder card has been used by many people who survive in towns situated at a higher elevation for grinding up cannabis. The ground elements of the cannabis are rolled and smoked. Of course, the weed grinder card comes with a specific graphic that is free and customized. The stainless steel has a surgical-grade that can give stock and a protective cover, too customized. Along with its reasonable price, it has a higher quality and the best service of its kind and can be ordered at a minimum of 500.

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Importance of Customized Weed Grinder

The Customized Weed Grinder card has full support customization based on the size of the label, adhesive, material, artwork, the type, and the sequence of Barcode. As a card, it is easily kept in a pocket or a purse, and it is a beneficial tool in shredding off the weed and the tobacco in the most effective manner possible. The only thing one needs to do is take it off from their pocket and use it manually, provided one ensures that their hands are painless. 

What are the features of a Customized Weed Grinder Card?

Using the Customized Weed Grinder card could also be considered difficult to use at first, as it requires practice. It will get more comfortable to use once one gets accustomed to its method of usage. It is the durability that separates it from the rest, and it is because it can facilitate the cutting and grinding of weed.

What is the Weed Grinder card made out of?

*The weed grinder card has a surface treatment of Sandblasting with its thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 3.0 mm .

* Comes in Black, gold, and many other colors that can be customized.

*It is shipped in 100 pieces in a box and 500 in a carton at its minimum. The size of the Customized Weed Grinding Card can in the range of 85*54mm and 86*53mm.

* You could also get a customized one based on your preferences. Originally made in China, it can be shipped by air via DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, etc.

Customized Design

Weed Grinder Card fully supports custom- specify your label size, material, adhesive, logo, artwork, barcode type, and barcode sequence.

Easy to use

Similar to a card that can be simply placed in a pants pocket or purse. You can use Weed Grinder Card to shred weeds and tobacco in the most effective way. Just take the Weed Grinder Card out of your pocket and it’s ready for weeding in seconds. Ensure that the fingers are painless.

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